Lorex DVM-2051 Digital Video Security System
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Product Description

Single-Port Video Grabber with Weather-Resistant Color Camera

The Lorex DVM-2051 Digital Video Security System with Color Camera lets you easily turn your PC into an advanced video monitoring station. The DVM-2051 uses a video-grabber, which is compatible with existing analog cameras as well, to connect the included color camera to your PC, and includes certified DVS application software. With the DVM-2051 system, your PC can help you protect your home or business, remotely turn devices on or off, record video evidence for security purposes, and more.

The DVM-2051's color camera is weatherproof, includes a 63-foot connection cable that allows you to install it virtually anywhere, and runs off of an included 12-volt DC power supply. The DVM-2051's video-grabber uses a standard RCA connector for video input, and a standard USB connector for output to PC. The DVS application software allows digital recording of live video to your PC's HDD (hard disk drive), remote viewing for DVR (digital video recorder) from anywhere on the network, and DVR image-print functionality to PC media. This unit features alarm notification via telephone, pager or email, and the ability to turn appliances on and off via X-10 protocol compatibility. The DVM-2051 is Windows 2000 and XP certified, and includes automatic notification of software updates.

Technical Features:

  • Video-grabber connection: RCA video input to USB output
  • Software application platform: Windows 2000 and XP
  • Minimum processor required: Pentium III or higher
  • Required memory: 128 MB RAM and 40 MB HDD (for application)
  • Additional device compatibilities: X-10 protocol compatible
Designed to upgrade your analog surveillance system, the Lorex DVM-2051 lets you view and record your camera-feed, as well as receive alarm notifications, from a remote computer location so you can monitor and protect your business or home from across the hall or around the world. This system requires a PC or laptop and that is not included in order to function. Also, this system requires an appropriate X-10 device to make use of the remote device on/off feature. User's should note that to use the DVS application software and video-grabber you must have at least: a Pentium III with 128 MB RAM and 40 MB of HDD space (for application), as well as 800 x 600 VGA color display or better, a broadband (high-speed, DSL or cable modem) Internet connection, and be running Windows 2000 or XP or higher. In order to broadcast video over the Internet, you require a dedicated IP address (usually more easily obtained via DSL than cable).

What's in the Box
Video grabber with USB cable, camera with 63-foot cable, power supply, software CD-ROM, and owner's manual.

  • Instantly turns your PC or laptop into a remote-surveillance station
  • Included color camera is weatherproof
  • Allows access to live or recorded video from any network-connected PC
  • Features alarm notification via telephone, pager, or email
  • Includes RCA to USB video-grabber and DVS application software
Customer Reviews:
  • One Star Is Way To Many
    This system is a joke. It does not work. Lorexs' tech support is a joke. When you get ahold of them, they do not know what to do. They refer you to a level two tech. He will call you right away. We are still waiting.

    What this system does do; is continually lock up our computer. It locks it up so bad, all you can do is reset it. Forget using the program manager. It locks it up so bad, nothing works except the reset button.

    The computer we have this system on is no slouch; by any means. It is based on an 845 Intel mother board; 2.67 gig, Pentium 4. Audigy 2 sound card, 2 gigs of 333/mhz Double Data Rate memory; 8500 ATI Radeon video card; running XP with service pack 2.

    This is the only program, or hardware we have a problem with on this computer. When the Lorex system works at all, it severely slows down the entire computer. After a couple hours, it generally crashes the system.

    We have at least 30 calls into their tech line. What a waste of time. Every time they say; well we will escalate this to a level 2 tech. They will call you this after noon, or tomorrow morning, etceteras... Yeah right. Were still waiting on the first call. The best their tech has done so far; is recommend we return the system.

    At this point we have at least twenty five hours invested in installing the cameras, wiring, etcetera.... What an absolute waste. But since the last time it crashed our system, we have no sound card; which up to that point, has always worked fine.

    Now we have to repair the sound card.

    Calling Tiger Direct & requesting a return authorization really looks like an excellent idea. At this point, we are dialing the phone, before this worthless piece of junk does any more damage to our system.

    Our condolences to anyone who was/is foolish enough to buy this system.


    Update: We finally got a RMA # from Tiger Direct. What a Blessing to be able to get rid of this system.


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