Sony 15 Minute Battery Charger with 4 AA Ni-MH Rechargeable Batteries
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Product Description

Sony's worldwide reputation for creating unique, attractive, high-quality, advanced technology products rests on a long line of innovations embraced by people from all walks of life. With a diverse product lineup serving a variety of lifestyles and industries, Sony continuously strives to introduce new products and technologies to meet changing market needs.

Keep your high-capacity AA rechargeable batteries fully juiced with this Sony battery charger, which renews up to four NiMH batteries in a mere 15 minutes. The device monitors both the voltage and the temperature of the current charge, while also offering an automatic charge cutoff to conserve energy. The charger comes in handy anytime you need to restore batteries in a hurry, such as before a rushed digital photo shoot or when preparing your portable CD player for a long train trip. The device also comes with four 2,500 mAh AA batteries, so it's ready to use right out of the box.

What's in the Box
BCG-34HUE4 charger, four 2500 mAh AA batteries.

  • NiMH battery charger for charging up to 4 high-capacity 2500 mAh batteries
  • Brings batteries back to full power in roughly 15 minutes
  • Voltage- and temperature-monitoring functions
  • Automatic charge cutoff conserves power
  • Includes 4 rechargeable AA batteries

Customer Reviews:

  • Battery are useless
    The charger is OK but the batteries that come with it are useless. The batteries get drained very fast. The batteries get drained in a day even if they are not used....more info
  • 5 star for the first week, 0 star thereafter
    I may gave this product 5 star if I wrote this review in its first week for its amazing charging speed, however after a year's usage, I am not hesitate to give 0 star, for the endless trouble it bring to me.

    First of all, this charger has a huge adapter which is not displayed in the picture, what make it even worse, it is only 110V capable, which means it is not working in other country which has 220V voltage. So travllers be aware, this is definitely not what you want.

    Then I found these batteries discharge very quickly, leave the battery a couple days unused, you will found they are empty in just several shoots in my digital camera.

    My latest find is this charger greatly shorten the battery life. Now all of the 4 AA batteries are died in just 30 cycle recharging, comparing ordinary rechageable batteries have 500-1000 recharging cycle.

    I finally decided to buy a new one to get me out of these troubles since I do not wish to miss the precious shot any more....more info
  • Works fast and well.
    I've only had to use it once, but it changed the batteries in less than 15 minutes, and they have worked for weeks....more info
  • Fast charger with high capacity battery
    It does complete charging in 15 minutes. Unfortunately, I received the charger on the eve of an overseas trip. The charger does not work with 220V power. The saving grace was that the fully charged four cells allowed me to take 400 pictures in my new digital camera without having to recharge. The alkaline cells came with the camera only lasted fewer than 50 shots....more info
  • Nice and quick charger
    Got this charger and battery pack 2 years back and still works really cool
    Though voltage says 100-250) its not working in India (250V) but it didnt broke too so when i came back to US it works perfectly.
    Charges within 15-20 min (with the supplied pack and Jessops UK battery 4yrs old) overall its nice with a silent cooling fan.

    I can charge my AAA batteries also ...more info
  • Seems to do what it says
    The batteries that come with this set work great. I was really happy with the longevity, though the Canon S2 IS I used them with purportedly has good battery usage. The charger is a bit large, and hence when I was trying to pack efficiently for a big holiday, I opted to take my smaller 6 hour charger instead. I supppose that the charger needs to be big since there is a built in fan to help cool the batteries as they charge. It is convenient to know that I can get fresh batteries quickly. Now, I only have to charge them within the 30 minutes before I leave instead of all night. I prop the charger against the wall at an angle to get better air circulation around the batteries....more info
  • Definitely worth it!
    I use this charger for 6 months now. Works like a charm. Excellent quality, quick charger (batteries are really full after 15-30 min of charging). And the batteries coming with it are also very good quality and last for quite long. The only draw back with this charger: the power adaptor only support AC 100-120 V 50/60 Hz, meaning that it will not work in Europe. If you're planning on using it for a digital camera and you are traveling a lot, you might want to consider another option (although there are 240-120 V converters around)....more info
  • Excellent charger
    Compact and well made charger that charges batteries in 15 minutes when you're on the go....more info
  • Excellent Product!
    This product really works as advertised. I never had a battery charger that charges in such speed (around 15 minutes for 4 AA NiMH batteries). I couldn't ask for anything more....more info
  • Great batteries and charger at a great price.
    I got this package to use with my Sony DSC-H1 Digital Camera. The camera came with a six hour charger and 2100mAh batteries.
    This new charger came with 2500mAh batteries and really does charge them in fifteen minutes or less. What a great improvement over what came with my camera. Not only do the 2500mAh batteries last longer than the originals, but charging in fifteen minutes helps immensely. Who wants to wait six hours for batteries to charge?
    The only drawback of the BCG-34HUE4 is that the batteries are very hot at the end of the cycle and must cool for a few minutes prior to use. Not a big deal, but worth mentioning.
    Overall I love this charger and batteries and recommend it to anyone wanting longer battery life and faster charging....more info
  • Excellent Product!
    Excellent! Works the way it is described! No more waiting for your batteries to be charged! 15 mins is all it takes for a 2500mAh battery. Upto 25 mins for lower capacity batteries. Still better than 8-12 hours!...more info
  • Too bad 0 stars isn't an option...
    This charger does not work, either it or the batteries are defective. The batteries are dead after 48 hours even when not used.

    Trying to contact Sony customer support? Good luck!!! I guess this product doesn't exist in the Sony product database. For that reason, it is impossible to send them an email regarding this product. And, trying to get a real person on the phone at Sony is impossible.

    I would not recommend this Sony product and because of the very poor customer service, would not recommend any Sony product.

    I will avoid Sony in the future period....more info
  • Not very impressive.
    It is more than a year since I bought this. I was excited at first to have a battery charger to quickly charge in 15 minutes. There were several times that we were about to go for a trip and that I remember I do not have any ready AA batteries for my gadgets. If I still have 15 mins, then it is not too late.

    -It works OK with the Sony batteries it came with

    -It does very poor charging with other batteries other than Sony's. (Even if the fan and the light has turned off. Batteries are still far from fully charged). Particularly batteries that has lower than 2500mAh ratings.
    -Usually you have a retractable prong on the charger itself to plug it on the wall. This one has a separate power supply that is as big as a brick! What's with that?
    -You need some muscles to place and remove the batteries from the charger. This part of the design is strange and baffles me.
    -A little loud (it has a built-in cooling fan)

    Check out the new low discharge batteries from Eneloop (Sanyo), Rayovac, Kodak, etc. before even thinking of buying this....more info
  • Is Excelent
    I have a Sony Digital Camera and charge my battery in 15 minute.
    Is Excelent...more info
  • FAST!!
    This charger does exactly what it says it will (how refreshing!). Charges batteries extremely quickly and thoroughly. I was quite happy I had it Christmas morning when my batteries died. in 15 minutes I was ready to go again! ...more info
  • sony 15 min. charger
    This is one of the best items on the market for rechargeable batteries...more info
  • Not upto expectations
    I bought this charger after reading all reviews but I would say this charger disappointed me. When I initially put the new batteries to charge, the charge only lasted 4 1 hour in my personal cd player. I read the manual, it was specified that batteries may require 2-3 cycles before attaining full capacity. I tried that too and was of no avail. So finally I called Sony and they told me to return the charger and batteries....more info
  • Need + 12 minutes, sometimes the led will blink (in a new bat)
    Well, since I've bought this device, I became enchanted by the ability to recharge for only 15 minutes, however my batteries became 75% of a full capacity ones. After you recharge your batteries, you need to let them 'rest' (remove the plug from the outlet) for ~12 minutes.

    For AAA batteries, some will BLINK (like they were broken), so you need to turn it off (pushing from the outlet), remove the batteries and start over again. 2 of my 8 AA batteries also showed this behavior, so I use a normal '6 hour' recharger for them, as this Sony recharger is not 'so friendly' sometimes.

    The duration of the recharged battery is awesome. In my camera, normal '6 hour' recharger let them useable for 20 minutes of movie recording. With 15 (that is, 27 minutes) it lasted 18 minutes, almost the same for me.

    Well, after using the recarger, they became hot after using it, so be careful, before inserting them into your camera or whatever.

    I could use two different kind of batteries and types. 3 (GP) AA ones with 1 (Sony) AAA....however the BLINKING effect occurs often that way. You have to be patience in these cases....more info
  • Very large, US only charger
    Just got my charger. While it works fine,

    1) It is HUGE - 6 ounces, and has a HUGE 9 ounce power supply - 15 ounces total weight between the charger and supply. You will NOT want to travel with this charger.

    2) It is the only portable electronics product I've seen recently that only takes 120 volts - you can't take it to Europe without a power converter, which would add even more size and weight.
    ...more info
  • Very satisfied
    I would reccomend this charger to anyone looking for a quality and fast NiMh charger.
    The charger is expensive, but you get what you pay for....more info