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Cosco 11-120CBB1 Retro Chair and Stool, Black/Chrome
List Price: $79.99

Our Price: $49.99

You Save: $30.00 (38%)


Product Description

The Retro Counter Chair/Step Stool is an incredibly versatile piece for any home or small office! Featuring a padded vinyl seat and back with a stylish chrome finish, this piece can be used as both a convenient, counter-height chair or utility stool for those hard-to-reach places. The smooth tracking fold-out step stool for climbing is combined with sturdy leg tubing and molded step treads for added stability. Easy one-tool assembly.

  • Easy one tool assembly
  • Padded vinyl seat and back
  • Step stool slides in and out easily
  • Over molded step treads for security
  • 225-Pound weight capacity

Customer Reviews:

    ...more info
  • Great Stool!
    This stool was purchased as a "Booster Chair" for my grandson. Works wonderfully. Wasn't hard to put together....more info
  • Got one closer to home
    Found one at Ace Hardware online and ordered it to be delivered to the store. Paid about the same as if I bought it here w/ shipping. Great stool though. We have one from the 50's that is a simple one step w/ padded seat for our 6 yr old's dinner table chair and needed another one for our 2 yr old. Doubles as a great stool when trying to reach high shelves!...more info
  • Should be less plastic for the price
    It looks and works ok. Went together easily. They skimped in a couple areas by using plastic parts. One post in the seat stripped when I put in the screw. Hopefully it will not affect the chair. I almost shipped it back. Not close to the quality of the original. If you can find an original for a decent price it will be a better deal. ...more info
  • short and not the best
    This CHAIR is fine if you would like a small step stool with a chair. I though that it would have been stool height, as it appears taller in the photo and the word stool misled me. The quality is OK, but not the best. If you are looking for an inexpensive chair with a step to reach top shelves, then this is probably fine....more info
  • Retro Chair/Step Stool not quite what we expected.
    Our first shock was the price of shipping! The next came when we discovered a box full of loose parts and two kinds of bolts or screws. Instructions weren't clear about which screw or bolt to use and we stripped the threads with the first couple holes we tried to fill. It took us about 2 hours to assemble, though now that we've done it once we could repeat the task in about 15 minutes. The last surprise came when we put the chair on the kitchen floor. It's feet slid on the linoleum like the floor was ice. We have to put a throw rug or something under the feet to prevent them from sliding or someone is going to break their neck! The chair itself isn't bad looking, but isn't as useful as we'd hoped....more info
  • Don't Make 'Em Like They Used To
    The item meets our expectations, and thus rates 3 stars. However, our expectations are normally that something emulating the past is not going to be as well executed in current times. Apparently our poplulation doesn't support the same level of quality available as back when people where willing to pay for truly durable goods and capable labor had not yet priced itself above market value. Plastic vs. metal (cost reduction) and slides vs. linkages (safety threat or cost reduction?) are manifestations of the compromises. But it does look like the predecessor, if you squint. We were replacing a worn out classic, and were pleased that Amazon made this item available. Doubt you will do better....more info
  • Ump!
    Not sure how I feel about this. It looks nice but the seat is too small and the steps slide around. They don't fold out like my grandmother's did....more info
  • Easy Assembly, Great Chair Stepstool
    I read some of the reviews of people complaining about the assembly so I warned my spouse, who absolutely abhores putting stuff together. Putting one of our kid's bikes together at Christmas time years ago turned him into a monster. When I came home, the stepstool chair was all put together and he was in a good mood. No extra parts. Everything fit where it was supposed to go. He said of all the things he "had" to put together in the past, the instructions that came with this chair were the easiest to understand. The stepstool chair is great too! ...more info
  • good, but not great
    this step stool is pretty good, but it could be better. i bought this to use in my crafting area at a bar-height workdesk, and to gain access to the shelves that hold my supplies. it works great as a step stool, but is not quite tall enough to use for sitting at the desk. also, the seat of the stool is kind of shallow. i think it needs another few inches of seat depth to be comfortable sitting in it for any period of time. the padding is quite thin, too. my solution is to make a seat cushion, not only to make it softer, but to add a few inches in height. it is a nice-looking stool, and it's small enough to place in a corner for occasional use as seating or as a step. it was fairly easy to put together. the directions were clear, just make sure you're using the correct screws on the correct sections. also, it will seem wobbly as you're putting it together, but it will become sturdy once everything is fastened together. i am happy i bought it, but i don't feel it's worth the full price. wait for a sale or coupon before you buy this....more info
  • Teetering Stepstool
    Assembly instructions were easy to follow, and everything fit into place nicely. However, The four legs on the main stool are not even length. I thought I made an error in the assembly so I took it apart and reassembled it again, but to no avail. I ended up gluing a rubber pad to the bottom of one short leg to keep the chair from wobbling. ...more info
  • Just like my old 1954 model
    This wonderful Cosco stool seems just like the 1954 model that I had many years ago - maybe with some modern cost-cutting changes, but it looks the same, and will serve my purpose very nicely - and I was surprised how much chrome it has - and the price is phenomenal - I found them on the Internet for as much as $79.95, and more of them at $49.95, so this one for $39.95 was a real steal of a deal.

    Thank you, Amazon, for listing such a marvelous
    variety of things. My only complaint with you is your canned or packaged foods are very poorly packed, almost every time the boxes are partially crushed or broken and a couple of times the shipper service (UPS) had taped them up so the merchandise wouldn't fall out....more info
  • Nostalgic appeal but not built like the original
    The looks are great but the step stool portion does not lift and slide like the original models of this chair/step stool that I remember. The steps seem smaller to me, also. The system to pull the steps out has been redesigned/updated. It is a little clummsy, with the steps sliding out and back locked in a plastic track on each side with the steps able to wiggle side to side some. Perhaps if moved daily/frequently it would not hold up. All in all, I would still buy this chair again. I like that I have a useable charming kitchen chair with the option to use as an occasional step stool....more info
  • I've been ripped off!!
    I bought this chair with considerable excitement. When I unpacked it, it was immediately obvious that it was but a fraction of the weight, sturdiness, and quality of the original. (We had one of these in my home as a kid in the 60's).

    I assembled it hoping that though it was not as sturdy or durable that it would work well enough.

    Assembly was easy enough, but...when I sat in it and then leaned back on the back rest the bottom struts ripped loose. So, I disassembled and reassembled the chair; tried it again, and...same thing. I absolutely assembled it correctly. The problem is an engineering and design problem.

    Not only is this chair cheap and flimsy but it is DANGEROUS!!!

    For the record: I only weigh 180 lbs. I'll not let anyone in my family sit on this stool. It goes back to Cosco or to the dump tomorrow.

    In summary, this is the worse consumer product I've bought in years. This stool would be a rip off at $5. ...more info
  • Just what we needed
    I really like this chair. I was looking for an extra chair for the table as well as a step stool for the kitchen. Like another reviewer said, it's not as good as the old ones, but what is these days?

    My only complaint is that my children were able to make a hole in the vinyl in about four days. I blame that on the fact that they're all boys and they are rough on everything.

    Very satisfied with the purchase....more info
  • It'll do
    It's a little smaller than I expected, but it'll do okay. The black looks nice. ...more info
  • Chair with stool
    I like the chair very much; it's like one my grandmother had when I was a child and I remembered how comfortable and useful it was. It's nice to have the chair with an attached step stool....more info