The Weather Channel WS-9410TWC Indoor Comfort Meter
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Product Description

IN Temp (F)
IN Humidity Dimensions: Receiver: 4.26" x 4.64" x 0.67"
All Features:
Indoor Humidity (%RH)
Indoor Temperature (F)
Wall Hanging or Free Standing Specifications:

Indoor Humidity Range : 1% to 99%
Wireless Outdoor Temperature Range: -21.8F to 157.8F
Indoor Temperature Range :32F to 139.8F
Power Requirements: Receiver: 2 "AAA" Alkaline Batteries       ?

  • Indoor temperature display
  • Indoor humidity display
  • Graph of indoor humidity at top of display
  • Updated every eight seconds
  • Comfort icon that shows happy or sad face based on temperature and humidity readings

Customer Reviews:

  • Keep an eye on your heating costs....
    I've been using the Comfort Meter to evaluate the performance of a new heat pump system that we just purchased. It's helped us identify hot and cold spots throughout the house. (They were usually caused by closed or blocked heat vents or air returns.) It's sensitive and accurate and is great for putting an end to arguments about how cold your kids THINK it is....more info
  • Does what it is supposed to do
    It's not the greatest thing out there and I wanted to give this product 4 stars, but I ended up giving it 5 stars because there's nothing wrong with it and it is cheap.


    1. As far as I can tell, the reported temperature is within 1F of my digital cooking thermometer.

    2. The hygrometer is fairly responsive. If you pick up the device and examine it as you would any other item, the hygrometer will very quickly go up a few percent because you are breathing on the device.


    1. Like any other product from La Crosse Technology, you get the same fabulous plastic that looks and feels acceptable, but deep down you know it's probably some cheap plastic. You can't really complain though since it is only about $20.

    Other thoughts:

    Regarding the accuracy of the hygrometer, I will admit that I have not compared it with other hygrometers, nor do I know how to calibrate a hygrometer. But given the outdoor temperature of 32F, the outdoor relative humidity of almost 100%, and the indoor temperature of 72F, I am not surprised to see this device report an indoor relative humidity of 25% since air at 72F can hold a little more than 4x more moisture than air at 32F....more info
  • Works well. becareful with the batteries
    Nice design and seems to be fairly accurate. Biggest problem as mentioned by one of the reviewers is incorrect insertion of the batteries will fried the unit....more info
  • Big Digital Display That Is Easy to See
    The weather meter shows temperature and moisture level in a room. It has a large digital display that I can see across the room. I don't know about the temperature; but the moisture level number "seems" to kind-of match what is shown in my humidifier.

    The bottom line is that it is cheap and good, and I bought two of them -- one in each floor.
    ...more info
  • Batteries beware
    Well, it works pretty well... until you have to replace the batteries. I accidentally put mine in backwards (a pretty common occurance, I think) and I smelled a slight burning odor coming from what I assume was a circuit board inside the unit. Bottom line: The thing completely fryed when you put the batteries in backwards, nufff said....more info
  • Very Inaccurate
    The Weather Channel WS-9410TWC is a very nice looking piece of junk. It is very inaccurate for both temperature and humidity, but it looks nice....more info
  • Good Hygrometer
    I got 2 of these to give me an idea of the humidity in areas of our house where I didn't already have any indicator. I was looking for a cheap solution with decent accuracy that wasn't an eyesore. This product fits that need perfectly. It has an easel stand built in as well as a notch on the back if you want to hang it on a wall. There really aren't much in the way of directions, but the device is pretty easy to figure out. This is not something for anyone who wants pinpoint accuracy as I have found by comparision that both the temperature and the humidity tend to be off by +/- 1 degree and 1-3% respectively. This was not a big deal for me as I rely on my HVAC controls for temperature comfort and the range for comfortable humidity is @40 - 55%. As long as you are somewhere in that vicinity, things are fine and you don't get static shocks in the winter for example. If you are looking to accurately monitor a controlled environment - humidors, paper or other sensitive collectibles, special plants, etc. - look elsewhere and spend more $$. If you want a no frills device to give you an idea of the humidity in a particular area, this is fine....more info
  • Easy to read and flexable mounting
    This is a nice looking functional item. It has been in service for a month without a glitch. Stand on it's own or hang on the wall. ...more info
  • Poor Quality
    Worked fine for about 6 weeks, then the display started showing nonsense. Replaced the batteries, no change....more info
  • great produt!
    Actually, I'd like to give it 4.8 stars:P On one side, this is really a great product, you can hang it on the wall or simply put it on the table. The number on the screen is very easy to read--they are in huuuuuuge size. And the happy/sad face will easily tell you if the temperature or the humidity degree is in the comfort zone. Very very easy to use. And on the other side, I wish it had back night for the dark view. That's why I take the 0.2 point out.

    I will definitly recommend this product to my friends....more info
  • Good product.
    I purchased this for my daughter's room. So far it has been a very good product. It has a nice big display so it's easier to see at night. The read out seems to be pretty accurate. I have another brand and they both had the same reading in the room....more info
  • Be aware of the quality and customer service
    I bought it in February this year. It worked fine until this month. But suddenly it stopped working. I called their customer service several times but I never got the chance to talk to a live person. Instead I was directed to a voice mail and "hoping" someone will call me back. I also sent them an email but up to today no one contacted me yet. So if you buy one then good luck and hope it will work. Otherwise you will end up like me, waiting just to get any response from them. Their customer service really sucks....more info
  • Dead after one day
    This hygrometer acted strangely from the get-go. At first it wouldn't come on, then it flashed so quickly that had I been an epileptic I might have had a seizure. Finally it did work, but it got to a certain temp/humidity reading and never changed even though a humidifier was going in the room all night. I took it outside and set it in the sun for awhile and still nothing changed. Then I took the batteries out and put in new ones and it never would come back on. I am now waiting for a response to my email so I can get a return authorization....more info
  • I love it!
    It works great and I love it. Seems to be pretty accurate with respect to the temperature and the humidity level....more info
  • Not working properly
    I bought this over a different product because I liked the smiley face/frowny face options & they don't even work. The frowning face is on there all the time regardless of the weather. It's kind of depressing. Also I think it's off by about 1 degree in general.
    ...more info
  • Check humidity in the room
    This is compact and fairly accurate. I use it inside my bedroom to check humidity levels and it is quite helpful. Would recommend ti to anyone...more info
  • Does what is say it does- easy to read
    I am happy with this product. No defect, no surprises. Easy to read panel...more info
  • hygrometers
    I have 2 hygrometers. I like them very much, I have
    forced hot air heat, which is very dry. I need to
    keep the humidity up with humidifiers, and need
    hygrometers to tell how dry the air is and what
    temperature it is. These 2 work very well....more info
  • Very useful
    I relly like this thermometer/hygrometer. It is easy to read from across the room and very useful for our woodstove heated house, where monitoring the temperature and humidity is important for our comfort. The comfort level smiley face is silly and superfluous but easily ignored....more info
  • cool
    We have a new born baby and we wanted to make sure his room was not too cold or too hot so we bought this temp meter to better keep track of the temp in his room. It works great. We also know when to plug in the humidifier if it gets too dry. ...more info