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La Crosse Technology WS-9013U-CBP Wireless Temperature Station
List Price: $44.00

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Product Description

Monitor temperatures with this easy-to read wireless temperature station from industry leader, LaCrosse Technology. Simple and sleek in design, the temperature station allows users to assess outdoor temperatures to plan appropriately for weather conditions while also keeping an eye on the indoor climate for energy efficiency and maximum comfort.

The temperature station receiver features an adjustable LCD screen, which relays conditions including the time, date, indoor and outdoor temperatures, and the minimum and maximum temperature recordings. Temperatures can be displayed by either Fahrenheit or Celsius degrees, while time of day can be viewed in 12- or 24- hour formats. To monitor outdoor conditions, a LaCrosse TX6U sensor is included. The sensor transmits information to the receiver from up to 80 feet at a 433.92MHz frequency. Transmission through walls reduces this range. While the sensor fares well in fog or mist, shelter it to prevent rain damage. The temperature system measures temperatures ranging from +32 to +140 degrees F. The outdoor sensor registers temperatures ranging from -21.8 to +157.2 degrees F. With a radio-controlled time and date function, the temperature station automatically updates for Daylight Savings Time or travel to a new time zone. The temperature station hangs or can stand upright on a tabletop. The outdoor sensor comes with a mounting hardware. Separate purchase of four AA alkaline batteries is required to power the temperature station and sensor. Replace batteries annually for best results. The weather station accommodates up to three outdoor sensors. LaCrosse encloses a thorough manual for setting up the weather station. This product is covered under a limited one-year warranty. The base monitor measures 5-2/3 by 3-1/45 by 1-1/4 inches while the sensor is approximately 5 by 1.5 by 4/5 inches. This item weighs 2 pounds upon shipping. --Jessica Reuling

Atomic Time Wireless Thermometer -- This Wireless Temperature Station displays indoor and outdoor temperatures in F or C with min/max recordings. -- The Atomic Time & Date is always accurate and will update Daylight Saving Time automatically. -- All MIN/MAX recordings show date and time received, and can be reset. -- The Temperature Station can take up to three outdoor transmitters. It features WWVB radio controlled time with manual setting option, 12/24 hour display, day, month and year display, hour and minute display with seconds indicated by a flashing dot, time zone option, 2 alarms with snooze function, calendar display, and low battery indicator. -- The Wireless Thermometer can be used free-standing on a desk or table or mounted to a wall. -- The large LCD allows for simultaneous viewing of time, date, indoor and outdoor temperatures. The outdoor transmitter sends temperature data to the Temperature Station via 433MHz signals. -- Indoor temperature range is 32 F to 139.8 F with 0.1 F resolution or 0 C to +59.9 C with 0.1 C resolution. Outdoor temperature range is -21.8 F to 157.8 F with 0.1 F resolution or -29.9 C to +69.9 C with 0.1 degrees C resolution. Indoor temperature is checked every 10 seconds. Outdoor temperature is checked every 5 minutes. -- The Temperature Station measures 3.22" x 1.10" x 5.70". The Outdoor Temperature Transmitter measures 1.57" x 0.9" x 5.36". Both units require 2x AA batteries. Battery life is approximately 12 months. -- Includes: weather station, remote temperature transmitter with mounting bracket, Philips screws, double-side adhesive tape, instruction manual. Required but not included: Philips screwdriver, 4x AA batteries.

  • Sensitive wireless temperature station from industry leader La Crosse Technology
  • Station's LCD monitor conveys indoor and outdoor temperature conditions and time of day; wall-mount or stand alone display
  • Included TX6U sensor transmits information to base from distances up to 80 feet
  • Requires 4 AA alkaline batteries (not included)
  • The base monitor measures 5-2/3 by 3-1/4 by 1-1/4 inches, the sensor 5 by 1-3/5 by 4/5 inches

Customer Reviews:

  • Easy to use and setup
    I have had this for a couple of months now and it works great. It was much easier to set-up than previous models as it sets the clock and senses the transmitter automatically with out any messing around.

    Easy to read and use....more info
  • Adequate, but not great
    The thermometer seems to perform as it is supposed to and although I haven't tested the extreme range of the remote sensors, they perform adequately, the outside sensor is located approximately fifty feet from the base unit and through two walls.

    My main complaint is that when it arrived there was a loose part inside. I installed batteries and it worked, but the part rattling inside was annoying. Being single and working long hours made it inconvenient to return. After about a month the unit would not receive the remote signals. I opened it up and found that the antenna for receiving the atomic clock signal had come unglued and was hanging by the leads. In my opinion it was poor construction and poor engineering to use only a dob of glue to hold a rod antenna in place. Other than that accuracy and ease of use seem reasonable....more info
  • Great Temperature Station for the Price
    The La Crosse wireless temperature station has met all my expectations. Although it took a few tries to set the correct time zone, the station has been running well ever since. Contrary to what some reviewers have reported, the clock seems to be correctly adjusting with the Boulder atomic clock every night. ...more info
  • I wish it had better packaging...
    I strictly purchased this as a gift, so this review is from the gift giver's point of view and is for buyers who might be considering this as a gift. I have no idea if it works. But, I was hoping, for the price, it would have been packaged better. It looks like I spent $5 in the clearance aisle at a home store. Hopefully, it works better than it looks in the packaging....more info
  • Great for the price.
    What more can I say? This is a great device for the price. I actually like the atomic clock! The stand works, but it's cheap plastic. Still, for $20.00, what do you want? I would think this would work better attached to the wall, rather than standing up, but either way, it's a good deal.

    One thing I didn't appreciate, is that the sensor that comes with the device needs to be placed outside. I thought the device would be able to pick up the outside temperature, or receive a signal from a sensor in the area. This made things interesting for my high rise apartment, but I simply opened my window & placed the sensor between the window and screen and it works fine....more info
  • Good, but missing features
    It works, does what it says it will do. But doesn't have features like temperature memory/history. Also the fact that the outdoor receiver isn't waterproof just doesn't make sense to me. ...more info
  • Great Product! Slightly Finicky Setup Procedure......
    Overall, I am very pleased with the temperature station. The setup procedure is a little finicky and I think this is where many people are having problems because if the setup instructions are not followed correctly it will NOT work with the remote sensor. The key is to establish an initial communications link between the remote sensor(s) and the base station. Here's how:

    1. Make sure all batteries are out of the remote sensor(s) and base station.

    2. Install batteries "first" in the remote sensor (being very careful to observe proper battery polarity) and place it on a table.
    If you have more than one remote sensor (up to 3), also install the batteries in those at this time and place them all on the table separated about 3 inches apart.

    3. Next install the batteries in the base unit (again being careful to observe plus and minus) and place the unit 3 to 5 inches apart from the remote sensor(s) on the table. Be sure NOT to push any buttons on the base station for at least 15 minutes. During this time the base is establishing communications with the remote sensor(s).

    4. After the 15 minute period, mount the remote sensor in the desired locations being careful to pick a spot that will not be too wet or the remote will become damaged by water.
    (You would think they could make a sensor that was at least rainproof, wouldn't ya?)

    It is very important to remember that when it is time to change the batteries, the entire setup procedure will have to be re-initiated all over again. This is also true if you add sensors at a later date; take all batteries out and go through all of the above steps again....

    I would also add that I had no issues with the display being too dim as one reviewer wrote; I think maybe that particular unit may have been defective.
    ...more info
  • Good value ... seems accurate.
    Was hesitant at first to purchase this product after reading a few early negative reviews. I've had the unit 2 months now and am happy with my purchase. Indoor/outdoor temp readings agree with other measurements. Clock synced to WWV works fine....more info
  • Excellent Tool for knowing what is up for the day.
    We have this installed in our bathroom. Not only does it give us the accurate time (always), but lets us know what the outside temp is when preparing for the day.
    I like it's size, not to big and not to small. The color scheme goes well in our bathroom. I do wish the display had a back light so I could see it in the dark, but other than that I'm really happy with it, especially for the price. It's also seems to be fairly accurate on the outdoor sensor....more info
  • Good Value
    Overall, it is and excellent product and we consult it evey morning when we get up. The atomic time update works well. I have only two concerns: It should have a backlight function so it could be better seen in the dark and, for whatever reason, the outside temperature display blanks after a few months (6-7 months) - either the battery runs down to fast (in my opinion) or the range if the unit is less than advertised ... annyoing, but not a major problem....more info
  • great device ... but watch those little phillips screws.
    I love this device. It's sleek, easy to use and helpful. The ONLY thing that I found problematic was the #$%@#% little screws the the company provides to set the bracket for the outdoor transmitter. They are the really lousy kind of little phillips screws that start to lose their threads as soon as you begin to screw them. Very annoying. And, of course, I finally got the first two set and then the third only halfway, but the threads were stripped such that I could not get the screw the rest of the way in and could not remove it either. Which prevented me from being able to put up the transmitter till I could figure a way to remove the dang thing. Be prepared to use your own screws....more info
  • Great device!
    The La Crosse remote temperature gauge is a fantastic device! First, I bought the same type of item from L.L. Bean (known for their high quality). The gauge was defective right out of the box. You also couldn't close the battery pack area very well. It was cheaply made and made in China. I returned it.

    The La Crosse gauge was great. Made in the USA, it was designed well and I love the atomic clock addition. The temperature is very accurate outside and inside. I was very pleased with my purchase. The color is neutral and I have it hanging on the wall near the thermostat. While it was $10 more than the L.L. Bean model, it was well worth it and looks better, too. ...more info
  • solarman
    I have several of these and they all work as advertised. The last one I bought is used in our equipment barn. Mostly I just wanted an atomic clock, but for about another five dollars I got a pretty good in/out thermometer as well. If I could modify one aspect of the unit it would be to allow the inside temperature range to go below 32F, since this is used in the barn. I even have one of these on my John Deere tractor to show the outside temperature, but again, mostly for the atomic clock. ...more info
  • Loses connection
    I have had this unit for about 6 months and have had to pop the battery on the remote to regain connectivity probably 12 times. I am tired of it. It just doesn't seem to work very well. It does a good job telling me the time and internal temp, but I really don't care. I bought it to tell me the remote (outside) temp and it is doing a poor job....more info
  • Outstanding! Very accurate
    The squirrels had just eaten the sensor of our last unit, we decided to get one with a remote that we could place out of reach of the little rodents. Ours arrived about seven days before the expected arrival time (great). We set it up in about 5 to 10 minutes, very user friendly if you can read. We tested the temperature both inside and out with other thermometers, very accurate. The atomic clock is a real bonus (also very accurate), as we were looking for an inside and outside thermometer. I would recommend to anyone. ...more info
  • Enjoying this item
    Have had this item for two weeks, and it works great. Easy to set up and install. Actually has been giving a rather accurate forecast, and the temperature appears to be right on. ...more info
  • Sensor quit working
    I gave this as a Christmas gift, the sensor (placed in a protected area) quit working within 3 months of the gift. Unrealiable product. Of course as it worked when it purchased I didn't keep the receipt, add to that the fact that Amazon will not accept returns on anything older than 30 days even if it is a gift....more info
  • Unreliable - No answer at the support line
    I ordered this along with several other temperature sensors. Although when it works, it works, but the problem is that every several days (randomly) a sensor quit sending a signal. So every few days, according to the manual, all I have to do is remove all the batteries from all the sensors AND the base station to reset it. Now once in a while I can live with. Several calls to a couple of their support numbers went unanswered and voicemail messages were not returned. Sent it back....more info
  • outside temp did not work
    Remote thermometer did not work. Interior temperature okay but bought it to measure outside....more info
  • More than what you expect

    This is sleek but easy to read, comes nicely packaged and is nice-enough for a housewarming gift (have the batteries ready to put in!). It took mine 12 hours to set itself, and is much nicer than what I expected to get.

    pat chapin...more info
  • Don't waste your money...

    Inaccurate: with the remote (outside) unit sitting next to the main (inside) unit on the kitchen table, temperature readings differed by almost two (2) degrees C. That's unimpressive... and there is apparently no way to trim or adjust this difference.

    Unreliable: the remote unit stopped working after 6 -- 8 months outside. (The remote was mounted in a shady and completely dry place.) Tried replacing the batteries -- no luck. By the way, the startup procedure is cumbersome and completely unintuitive. One might expect that it would simply be a matter of removing the old batteries and inserting the new ones, but no. You replace the batteries in the remote, then power-cycle the main unit (to reset it, I guess), then wait 15 minutes without touching anything (why?), then reset the time and date on the main unit.
    Then, of course, repeat several times, since the remote isn't working...

    Summary: attractive piece of junk.
    ...more info
  • nice
    nice product with a wireless sensor included
    I made a mystake and ordered an other one
    so it's not necessary...more info
  • Works beautifully!
    I bought this weather station as a Christmas gift for my wife, who wants to know every day when she wakes up what the temperature is. Now she can know the exact outdoor temperature at any time. It works just as advertised, and it's cheaper than most of its competitors. As a bonus, it gives the exact atomic clock time -- I can set my watch by it....more info
  • Great Temperature Station for the Price
    The La Crosse wireless temperature station has met all my expectations. Although it took a few tries to set the correct time zone, the station has been running well ever since. Contrary to what some reviewers have reported, the clock seems to be correctly adjusting with the Boulder atomic clock every night. ...more info
  • Thermometer or Clock?
    Last I checked this is advertised as a wireless outdoor thermometer, then why is the outdoor temp on the bottom???

    Pros: Works well. Reasonable wireless range. Love the clock linked to WWV, never a worry about the daylight/standard time change. Uses AA batteries, I typically won't purchase a product which uses AAA's. Excellent battery life for both sender and receiver, more than a year.

    Cons: The display: all four lines have the identical font size for all chacters. For most days of the year and times of the day, the four lines will look nearly identical, hence almost impossible to glance and read which line tells what info. Bad human engineering. As mentioned, the LCD is gray on gray, not black on white as the photo depicts.

    Overall a good product with a less than optimal display....more info
  • Don't buy it
    I bought this item from Fry's about 6 months ago.... it already doesn't work. Of course, it never really did in the first place, except at night. If there was any sun outside, it would say the temperature was well over 100 degrees... And before you say it, no, it was not in direct sunlight. The outdoor sensor was placed in the shade and apparently caught a reflection from somewhere.

    This is all irrelevant anyway, because after about 4 months, it stopped receiving data from the outside sensor and instead just displayed --- even with new batteries...more info
  • No readout on remote.
    This looked like a good product but I returned it unopened. The remote temperature sensor did not have a readout. I use the remote on a patio table so I like to know the temp. when I am there, as well in the house. I don't think the description said anything about the remote having a readout or not. My current unit, which is failing after 5 years (different brand) does have the remote readout. So I'll give it 3/5 since I looked good but I did not use it....more info