Elmo EMC-03D 10-foot Camera Cable
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Product Description


The Elmo EMC-03D 10-foot Camera Cable is the camera cable for Elmo's UN411E ultra-micro cameras. The UN411E is a small bullet-head camera that will not function without this cable. This three-meter camera cable connects your UN411E camera to a compatible CCU (camera control unit), as well as carrying the camera's video feed and power. The EMC-03D, also known as Elmo code number 9810-1, is black in color and 3.5-millimeters in diameter. Users should note that the UN411E is a discontinued item and no longer in production by Elmo.

  • Elmo model EMC-03D camera cable
  • Designed to connect Elmo UN411E ultra-micro camera to a compatible CCU
  • Three meters in length (approximately 10 feet)
  • 3.5-millimeters in diameter, black in color