Elmo 9250 T1675F f1.6 7.5mm Micro Camera Lens
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Product Description

With ELMO you can present images of virtually anything, to anyone, anywhere, at any time.

The Elmo 9250 T1675F f1.6 75mm Micro Camera Lens is a micro-mount lens for use with 0.5-inch CCD image sensor cameras, specifically Elmo's MN43H, ME421E, and ME421R micro cameras. The T1675F has a 17mm lens mount, with a 2.2mm fixed lens that allows this unit a maximum 78.2-degree horizontal viewing angle. With a f1.6 maximum aperture, this lens can capture images in semi-low-light conditions. The T1675F has a MOD (minimum object distance) of 20 millimeters and is only 55 millimeters long with a 17-millimeter diameter, making this lens perfect for analysis or monitoring of factory processes (especially in industrial machine-vision and robotic environments), or ultra-discreet surveillance.

  • 7.5-millimeter fixed lens with 17-millimeter mount
  • Only 17-millimeters in diameter and 55-millimeters in length
  • f/1.6 maximum aperture, suitable for semi-low-light conditions
  • 0.5 CCD image sensor type
  • Designed for use with Elmo's MN43H, ME421E, and ME421R micro cameras