Canon VB101 Network Camera Server
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Product Description

Create web pages with moving or still images and remote camera controls! The VB101 Network Camera Server transmits live images via the Internet or on an Intranet! It's never been easy to broadcast video or monitor remote locations, and control multiple cameras too. The VB101 makes web-based videos a simple reality for everyone. With the VB101, you view and control cameras remotely. Use your web browser to easily control the image display and camera.This VB101 Network Camera Server is compatible with the VC-C4/VC-C4R/VC-C3/VC-C1.

The Canon VB101 Network Camera Server is an easy way to provide remote monitoring of images over a network. Unlike traditional video monitoring, which requires dedicated monitors and expensive coax cables, the Canon VB101 lets you connect a video cameras directly to any Ethernet network, intranet, or even the Internet. Any surveillance application -- from intruder detection, process control, and industrial or public surveillance to visual security and image archiving -- can benefit from the low-cost functionality and versatility of the Canon VB101.

The Canon VB101 server is a network server that distributes live JPEG images, or DVD-quality video via Motion-JPEG over an intranet or the Internet. With a built-in Web and FTP server and a direct network connection, the Canon VB101 allows high-quality remote surveillance from any browser on the network for up to 20 simultaneous viewers. Also, as a stand-alone server, this unit can operate without a PC, and allows you to control camera features and functions remotely via your Web browser. By simply configuring the network server and plugging in the camera, you can begin webcasting. The Canon VB101 features Pan/Tilt/Zoom support for remote camera control, remote JPEG file upload via FTP, and other operations such as brightness control, shutter speed, video connection time and more. By attaching sensors to the VB101 through its In/Out device terminals, your camera can capture images on an event (such as a door opening) or a scheduled basis. Because the Canon VB101 is a self-contained Web server, it can be secured like any other Internet host. Using the unit's security settings, such as password protection and host recognition, an administrator can assign whether individuals, groups, a whole company or the whole world can access the server.

With M-JPEG compression, the Canon VB101 is capable of handling up to 640 by 480 pixels of resolution and delivering 30 frames per second (frames-per-second). NTSC or PAL configurable, this video server includes two BNC (Bayonet Neill-Concelman, RF-type), and two RCA image inputs, as well as three RS-232 serial ports. One of the more versatile camera servers, the VB101 also includes two PCMCIA expansion slots in addition to its Ethernet interface (RJ45, 10/100 Base T/TX auto-detect). Powered by an (included) 100-240-volt AC adapter, this server can operate in temperatures from zero to 40-degrees Celsius.

Technical Features:

  • Resolution: 640 x 480 pixels
  • Image inputs: 2 BNC and 2 RCA
  • Frame rate: up to 30 frames per second
  • Maximum connections: up to 20 simultaneous viewers
  • Operating temperatures: 0- to 40-degrees Celsius
  • Dimensions: approximately 9 x 6 x 2 inches (W x D x H)
In the end you'll find that the Canon VB101 is a reliable, economical and high-quality camera server system designed to be used over the Internet or internal networks. The Canon VB101 allows up to 20 viewers to watch simultaneously from different browsers. Users should note, however, that browser-based viewing requires fairly robust and up-to-date PC-hardware and software specifications. This device meets FCC part 15 Class B regulations.
  • Built-in web server and FTP server uses standard TCP/IP and HTTP protocols
  • Easily view video and control your camera over the web or LAN using a web browser
  • Captures up to 30 frames per second with motion-JPEG compression at up to 640 x 480 resolution
  • Transmits video to up to 20 clients simultaneously
  • Server allows up to four separate cameras to connect simultaneously