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Krups FBC4-13 6-Slice Convection Digital Toaster Oven with Preset Cooking Functions
List Price: $300.00

Our Price: $179.95

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Product Description

This Digital Convection Toaster Oven in black and metal from Krups is ideal for limited kitchen space. Its baking function circulates heated air around food for a faster, more evenly distributed cooking result. It runs on 1600-watts of power to produce maximum heat. This toaster oven also features an illuminated LCD control panel with easy-to-use controls and high quality soft-touch buttons, six controlled cooking presets for one-step cooking and a reflective crumb tray to produce the best toasting results in a toaster oven. In addition, there is a precise temperature control, defrost function, and a digital clock. Its nonstick interior surface is easy to clean. The toaster oven includes a nonstick bake pan, broil tray, and thermal resistant tongs for safe removal of hot pans or food. It is constructed from a premium stainless steel housing.

  • 6-slice toaster oven with large 0.59 cubic-foot capacity and nonstick interior
  • 1600 watts of alternating power for convection baking, plus reflective crumb tray
  • 6 preset cooking functions; 9 levels for toasting; defrost; LCD display; auto shut-off
  • Accessories include non-stick bake pan, broil tray, and thermal-resistant tongs
  • Measures 20-1/2 by 14-3/4 by 10-3/8 inches; 1-year limited warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Total garbage
    How bad was this item? It died 11 months after purchase and I could not bring myself to pay $10 in postage to ship it back to Krups for the warranty replacement that I was entitled to get. It takes forever to toast bread, the outside gets extremely hot, and the user interface is down right annoying. And this is not to mention that it was not durable, as it died in less than a year of what could only be described as light use....more info
  • excellent product
    I've only had this for about 3 weeks but, so far, this oven is great. Easy to use and easy to keep clean. The sides and top do get hot but it is afterall an oven. It heats evenly and the oven shuts off when the timer reaches zero. I would absolutely recommend this product. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because I've only had it a short time....more info
  • Love it, but hate the beep...
    I love most things about this oven.

    Size - excellent.
    Fits enough cookies for the family
    (TIP: buy a silicone mat and cut to fit;
    the tray it comes with is not flat)
    Any frozen pizza
    Most of my medium casseroles

    Functions - excellent.
    I actually use them all.
    The timer is the greatest (since I sometimes get distracted...)
    The convection works well
    (TIP: I apply my -25deg for toaster oven and
    -25deg for convection rule ADDITIVELY when using convection
    -50deg for cookies on convection, for instance.)
    The rack positions are important because of the way
    the upper and lower elements cycle. Read the manual.
    I did not believe that the presets (pizza, bagel, etc.)
    were worth $50, but I USE THEM, so maybe they are...

    Style/size - good.
    It does eat up a fair bit of counter space,
    but I pretty much never use my real oven anymore.

    Beeper - not good.
    I almost took the thing back because of the beeper.
    It beeps when it starts, stops, even when you stop it early
    It beeps multiple times (3 or 5)
    It beeps REALLY LOUDLY... 6:30 AM when I am the only one up
    There is no way to turn it off
    There is no schematic to find the circuit and disable it
    ...the oven is so good, I've have been worn into accepting the beep....more info
  • Sweet oven, only a few complaints
    Overall this roomy beast is easily able to make perfect toast, bagels, waffles, cheese sticks, chicken fried steaks, pretzels, ... once you know (and remember) the 'magic' number to set on the toaster. For example, once you've discovered the perfect browning number for your toast, there is no method for the toaster to remember this. Ya have to arrow around the default each time you make toast. A common question in the house becomes, "What number should I set the toaster to?"

    The convection baking is quiet and faster than the conventional baking.
    Baking times and temps are both reduced when using the convection setting. Convection must be chosen, it is not a default.

    Two things I found annoying about this oven:
    1) The cooking done beeper repeats (5 times and is loud) making it easy to wake up sleeping family members. There is no option to disable or configure the number of beeps or volume.

    2) The bake time (convection or conduction) defaults to 30 mins. I dislike this choice very much. I rarely cook anything beyond 15 mins. I find myself pressing the down arrow 20-25 times prior to every baking use. Holding the down arrow to auto-decrement is so slooooooow. The 30 min value was a poor choice on Krups as a default. I would recommend 10 min or make this configurable....more info
  • First class toaster
    My daughter gave me a toaster for Christmas. It lasted 14 months. I reviewed every toaster out there and after a lot of research I bought the Krups FB-C4-13 6-slice convection digital toater. Toast comes out perfect. Not burned and not too light. I've baked, toasted and broiled in this toaster. It is a little more expensive but you get what you pay for. I love this toaster....more info
  • Quality Control
    We purchased this toaster on 9/19/08. The first time we used the unit, we burned the toast because the following occurred. After the countdown started (usually with about 30 seconds remaining), the digital screen no longer showed time of the countdown and was replaced by squiggly lines. The toaster continued toasting and there was no way to regain control of the toaster, i.e., pushing "STOP" did nothing. After about 2 minutes the countdown resumed with 16 seconds on the screen. When it reached zero, the unit beeped five times. Needles to say the toast was burned by then. In order to get unburned toast, one must watch the toast constantly. The unit continued to operate in this manner.

    We called customer service. They asked that we send the toaster in at our expense ($18.36). It will take 4-6 weeks to be returned. In the meantime, we purchased an inexpensive toaster($21.54) until this unit is returned. So far we have $39.90 invested in the repair of a new toaster oven. Quality control is not KRUPS strong point. I would never buy another KRUPS product. We purchased this toaster oven based on good reviews on this site. We got a lemon. In hindsight, we should have returned it to Amazon....more info
  • Initially Great Until Design Defect Starts
    I purchased this toaster oven about two months ago and was initially thrilled at its performance. Since then I have noticed that after the convection fan takes a long time to start spinning (during the critical pre-heating process.) Normally with convection cooking you can start cooking immediately without preheating because the convection fan evens out the heat while the burners are on.

    When I spoke with a customer service rep named Nick on the phone, he tested the company cafeteria's oven, and he told me it behaved the same way as mine, and he insisted that this is how the convection fan is designed to operate. I asked him why it was designed this way, and he told me that the air only needs to circulate after the oven heats up.

    Nick called me back a week later and told me that in fact the convection fan is supposed to start immediately. However, he told me I would be responsible for paying the shipping to have the unit repaired, and he could not give me any assurance that they have solved this apparently chronic problem.

    For a $200 toaster, I expect better service when a design problem is encountered. Try another brand!...more info
  • Finally - A REAL Toaster Oven
    After reviewing a couple of websites and numerous reviews that insisted this was the best toaster oven on the market, I took the plunge. I was so tired of the little cheap units that I've owned in the past.

    Now, I am so pleased with this purchase. It is a heavy unit - built rock-solid, and it looks really sexy in my kitchen - that's what my wife said when she came home and saw it. So far, everything I've cooked in it has turned out perfectly. It heats up quickly and cooks evenly. It cooks quickly - just as advertised, so you have to keep an eye on things at first until you get used to it. I love the tongs that are included - they are really handy for pulling out the racks and food. The controls are intuitive and easy to use. While I still have not used all of the features that this toaster oven has to offer, everything I have used works well and, so far, it is a gem.

    Some advice - because it is a REAL toaster oven, the exterior surface gets really hot and demands caution. You can't sit anything on top of it or let anything touch it while it's in use. After all, it is a REAL oven and I find myself using it and loving it almost daily....more info
  • good product
    still experimenting with this toaster oven. Makes great toast, but I would like to use it more as an alternative oven. Made brownies with the convection bake feature, they turned out very well but I also tried a pound cake and that did not cook very evenly. Overall, I am quite pleased with this product and will continue to learn more about how to use it....more info
  • Couldn't Be Happier !
    I ordered this product after a week long search of reviews and research with several different makes and models of toaster ovens. The Krups model FBC512 had great reviews on three to four different web sites and I decided to take a chance. I could not be happier with my decision! This toaster oven is very user friendly, is very attractive, is large capacity without taking up an entire counter top, and heats evenly with everything from toast to baking a dinner casserole. Our toaster oven is used several times a day at least six days a week; in the month and a half we have owned it, there has been nothing that I have been unhappy about. ...more info
  • This is the best toaster oven on the market today.
    This is truly a great product. With the digital timer there is no guessing about time and temperature. The 1600 watt quartz heating system is beyond any small oven that I have used. I don't even have to preheat. It reaches the set temperature within a minute. The convection feature is also very nice by reducing your cooking time on many products.
    I was disappointed with the size. If they had made it 2 inches longer it would have been large enough for a 9 x 13 baking dish, the most common size.
    There is one more issue that was disappointing. The baking pan is covered with a non-stick coating that scratches even from the food. It needs to be improved upon....more info
  • flakey electronics leads to intermittent functions
    while the toaster oven is wonderful when it works, the TOAST and START/STOP buttons are KNOWN by Krups to fail early in the life of the unit. Usually it's just after the warranty, so don't expect them to do anything about it. For awhile you can fiddle with the switches and bring the unit back to life, but eventually it's a frustrating battle and you will have to replace it. They COULD have used higher quality parts. These two switches are used more than any others on the printed circuit panel, and they simply are not designed to continue to operate for more than about a year, at most two. DON'T BUY THIS UNIT....more info
  • Great Toaster Oven
    I was happy that we read the reviews of all the toaster ovens because we were leaning toward the Cuisinart. This oven is the best! It cooks twice as fast as my last one and it, too, was a convection toaster oven. You need to set the timer when you turn it on and it turns the oven off at completion although you can extend the time while it is cooking if you think you need to. It is so easy to keep clean, which was one of the reasons we chose it over the Cuisinart based on the reviews. I know you will be happy with this purchase if you are looking for a dependable, easy-to-clean toaster oven. Reading the reviews made a difference in my purchase so I hope this will help someone make their decision. We use it every day and love it!...more info
  • Great except for the beeper
    Just toasted my first bagel and was impressed with how evenly and quickly it toasted (after the initial 30 minutes of cleaning, heating to burn off residue and figuring out the controls). As others have noted, the top and sides do get quite hot but the bumpers keep the oven from getting close enough to the walls to be a hazard. My only complaint is that it doesn't seem to be possible to disarm the beeper. It is quite loud -- too loud to sneak in an early morning bagel without waking the household....more info
  • Good toaster over
    This toaster oven has been great. Toasts comes out perfect! I bought this to keep from heating up the kitchen with our regular oven in the summertime. Just don't let anything drip onto the heating elements. It burns and smells horrible quickly. ...more info
  • Countertop oven
    This oven is awesome. It cooks our food evenly, is easy to clean, makes perfect toast. It is a very nice machine and worth every penny. We use it 2 or more time a day so it has already proven it's worth. After 1 month no complaints....more info
  • Faulty software/hardware
    This model has a faulty software/hardware.

    The problem developed after a month and a half.

    After the first toast it locked all buttons.

    Sometimes it did it after two toasts. Unpluged for 5-10 minutes - comes back, but then heats up and again doesn't work.

    Left home without breakfast a few times - couldn't make a toast.

    The rest seems to be very well done....more info
  • Great Countertop Oven
    After reading a million internet reviews on toaster ovens, I decided on this one because of the high ratings, cooking area and the color scheme. The oven is well built, cooks perfectly on any setting and does everything everyone else is raving about. A few pieces of information that may be helpful are as follows:

    1)In my opinion, an interior light is not necessary. Seeing the food cooking is easy just by the light of the heating elements. Besides, the oven cooks so well on its recommended settings, there really is no need to watch whatever you are cooking like a hawk anyway.

    2)The oven is large enough to cook any large size, frozen, rising crust pizza sold at the grocery store (most of these are just under 12 inches in diameter). However, if you make your own 12 inch pizza using a premade 12 inch crust or your own crust, it may be a little tight if the pizza isn't perfectly round. Anything larger than 12 inches will not fit.

    3)Yes, the non-stick coating on the included pan is terrible. The coating came off of ours by just hand washing the pan with a "scrunge" type plastic scrubbing pad after the first use, which we use on all of our other non-stick cookware without a problem. The actual pan is well made, but unfortunately useless after the non-stick begins to come off.

    4)The 6 quartz, alternating heating elements heat so quickly, there is no need for a timer to gauge appropriate preheating times. The oven can heat to a temperature of 450 degrees in about a minute or two. If you turn the oven on just before you complete the preparation of whatever you are making, the temperature will be fine when you start cooking.

    5)I would classify this appliance as a countertop oven that toasts, not a toaster oven due to the overall size. While the larger than normal cooking area is nice, the oven does take up some valuable counter space. We have always had ovens only a bit smaller than this, so we were used to it. If you have had normal size toaster ovens, you may want to consider the sacrifice in counter space before purchasing.

    6)The excessively loud beeping others have noted doesn't seem loud at all to me (yes, my hearing is good). It is just loud enough to hear the oven when upstairs doing something else while cooking, but not loud enough to wake up anyone sleeping upstairs. The beep also is not irritating while standing right next to it. All of our previous ovens beeped about equally as loud, if not louder. Maybe I am just used to it.

    7)The oven door handle does not get hot and the door design includes plenty of protection in the handle area to prevent burns, even though the handle has a hot surface warning label on it.

    These are just some answers to a few questions I had while conducting my research that didn't seem to come up in other reviews. This is our third high quality oven and definitely the best so far....more info
  • Best Toaster Oven By Far
    I've had plenty of toaster ovens over the years, and this one is by far the best ever. Imagine...a toaster oven you can actually BAKE with! Novel idea. The convection bake option keeps the heat "even" while baking, like traditional size ovens - which is a real plus. The unit comes with two baking racks, a two piece non stick heavy duty broiler pan and a pair of tongs to slide the rack out and grab your toast. It's big enough to toast 4 large slices or 6 smaller ones. It's not cheap, but considering the quality, I think it's worth buying....more info
  • Contains Defect Likely to Lead to Failure
    I purchased this Krups Toaster Oven on August 22, 2006 in hopes that it would be just as great as the Krups electric coffee mill I have been using daily for about 30 years. It was great, until this morning. All of the controls (timer, etc.) appeared to work properly, but it no longer produced any heat. Since it is out of warranty coverage and I am a curious electrical engineer, I removed the covers to see what had failed.

    One of the connections to the over-temperature protection device was burned off. I say burned because the wire strands were fused together by the heat when the wire melted through. Judging from the burnt and crumbling insulation and the burn marks at both terminals of the protection device, it appears that the second connection was faulty as well, and it was just a matter of which one was going to fail first.

    While apparently of sufficient mechanical strength, the connections are not sufficiently robust electrically to carry the necessary current.

    This is clearly a defect in design, materials, or workmanship - or perhaps all three.

    So much for "Passion, Precision, Perfection". When I pay a premium price for a premium product, I expect better.

    I sent my findings to Krups. In response, I got a "We regret to learn that you encountered any difficulty...", information about the one year warranty, and instructions for sending it in for repair. Not particularly helpful for a two year old product.

    Unless Krups will verify that they have changed the design of these connections, which I have no reason to believe they have done, I strongly recommend against purchasing this product.
    ...more info
  • convection oven digital toaster
    The product arrived promptly. It is more complicated that most toaster ovens. I bought it because I wanted my toast to be evenly toasted on top and bottom, which this toaster does very well.
    I have cooked frozen potato wedges and fries, using the convection setting, and they came out nicely browned and crispy.
    Overall, once you figure out how to use the settings, this toaster oven is a winner....more info
  • excellent product
    I've only had this for about 3 weeks but, so far, this oven is great. Easy to use and easy to keep clean. The sides and top do get hot but it is afterall an oven. It heats evenly and the oven shuts off when the timer reaches zero. I would absolutely recommend this product. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because I've only had it a short time....more info
  • The toaster is great
    This toaster replaced my 15 year old Black & decker toaster oven. I'm happy with the way the toasts come out. crisp on the outside and evenly toasted, still fresh inside.
    I tried the baking/con baking - it took longer than I thought since I was going by reviews that it takes much less time to bake. gotta play with it some more.
    I've had this for about a month and I still see smoke coming out during toasting. a little disconcerting.. esp since I've read others' experience with exploding Krups (different model). In any case, I do not stick around in front of the toaster, just in case....more info
    Upon first use, it stopped working. The LCD timer went off and the heating elements stayed on and it would not power off. The food inside began to ignite. It had to be unplugged. It was a MAJOR potential fire hazard. We returned it to the seller and received another one. The same thing is happening again after 7 months. The timer stops working, but the heating element continues to stay on. The heating element will not shut off unless you unplug the toaster oven. I want to send it to repair but they won't pay for shipping and handling. It seems unbelievable that this would happen twice to the same consumer and they not take responsibility for such a major defect. How can they even sell this product with this going on? Somebody should notify consumers about this safety hazard....more info
  • Best Toaster I Have Ever Had
    I am a bit picky when it comes to toasters - I like simplicity. Like my toast - toasted. However this toaster goes above and beyond. After hosting family recently I used the toaster as an oven to heat one of the side dishes and it worked flawlessly. As far as the toaster functions, I like the countdown - know exactly when to pour my coffee. I would highly recommend this product!...more info
  • You will be amazed!
    This oven in unbelievable! We cook everything in it. We replaced a toaster oven we had for 15 years and wish we had made the transition earlier. This oven is very user friendly and the settings are very easy to set/use. This oven cooks faster than the typical toaster be sure to monitor your food until you get used to cooking with it. The only negative comment I have is the door would not close after a week. I sent it back (on their dime) and it was a month before I got it back. We got used to using so much, we were lost without it....more info
  • Blows away all others
    No wonder most vendors have these on backorder. This is by far the best toaster oven I have ever used. Toasts very evenly, broils and bakes so well I seldom fire up the big oven. Digital controls are well designed. I even prefer the defrost function to my microwave. It's slower but defrosts more evenly. Love it....more info