Q-See QOCDC Weatherproof CCD Camera w/30ft of Night Vision (Color)
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Product Description

QOCDC is an outdoor video Color CCD camera. With CCD technology, it delivers the most sophisticated technology into the most reliable and accurate quality picture in the security industry. It is ideal for monitoring or videotaping. The package includes a 60-foot cable to allow flexible installation. Connect the camera to any TV/VCR and start viewing or taping immediately.Q-See outdoor cameras are built to withstand all the elements of nature. Rain, snow or hot sun will not deter the camera from sending clear video. The design of the camera incorporates a weatherproof metal casing with an "O" ring seal to keep the high-resolution lens and the internal parts safe from nature.With the 12 Infra Red LEDs that light up at night, the camera will give black and white night vision for up to 30 feet in total darkness. With the 60-foot cable that is included in the package, installing the camera is a breeze.Use the camera to monitor an outdoor area or to watch areas where children play. Bird-watching and monitoring animals without intruding on them are all possible with the Q-See outdoor cameras. With additional cable you can even put the camera at a very long distance and still get clear video feeds.

  • 420 TV Lines Resolution
  • 6mm Lens
  • 1/4" CCD Image Sensor
  • 12 IR LEDs for 30 ft. of Night Vision
  • 60 ft. Cable & Power Adapter Included
Customer Reviews:
  • Q-See AOCDC CCD Camera
    For the pricing of these cameras I expected a little better picture. The overall picture is good, Night vision alright, but when it comes to details you can not even read a car plate 10 ft away. The motion sensor in this carmera works good also. I did try the lower priced camera(One Step Down) and did not like the picture at all. I wired and ran 8 cameras to my main computer using a Q-See PCI-E Card. After reseachering, to my amazement, that for the money this setup/cameras works good for home or business....more info
  • Good day/night camera for the price
    After a bad experience with the Q-See $50 low-end camera, I decided to purchase one of these to see if it was any better. And I'm pleased to say, that it is! Since the cheap camera didn't work out, I decided to spend a bit more and use them for video surveillance and even recording. This camera is being used with 2 of the Q-See 4 channel PCI capture cards.

    The camera includes a long 60ft cable for video/power cable all in one. So you only need to have power at the source (ie. PC/DVR). This uses a BNC video only connection instead of RCA cables you typically see on the lower-end models. This one does not record audio.

    While I don't believe you can effectively see anything at 30ft in night vision mode, it is still usable. Anything less than 10-20ft is still acceptable. Day time picture quality is also good, but not great. It does have some issues in certain lighting conditions where the image can appear washed out. In particular when you are at a point where it's between going from day to night vision mode. As with most day/night cameras, night vision is in B&W.


    * Good day time picture quality (420 lines of resolution)
    * 6mm Lense for wide viewing angle
    * Acceptable night vision quality
    * Better stand/mount than cheaper models
    * Thin video/power cable (60ft)
    * Small size


    * Has some issues switching between day/night mode in certain lighting conditions
    * Somewhat expensive if you buy individually
    * Works better indoors than outdoors (more consistent lighting).
    * Would like bettery night vision quality.

    At $100 each, they are a bit expensive. My suggestion is to get the 4 pack and save $100 to $150. I basically got them at less than $70 each. With that in consideration, they are a much better value, and get a 4/5 rating.

    However, if you want to step up to a better model, you know it's going to be outdoors, and you don't mind the size - go with the QS2350C (see my review). ...more info