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MVP Baseball 2005
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Product Description

MVP Baseball 2005 offers serious baseball fans an unprecedented level of control and variety. Whether you want total control of your at-bat, read the pitch, or try your skill sas an owner, it's all here. Make your run for the pennant in a fully featured Spring Training mode, playing in unbelievable 3D stadiums. With all-new unlockable legends and gear and head-to-head online play, MVP Baseball 2005 is the most fun, polished, innovative, and authentic baseball simulation ever created. Hitter's Eye visual indicator picks up the pitch as soon as it leaves a pitcher's hand Take your game online and track fantasy baseball stats in-game with the latest MLB news and live scores

  • Enhanced Big Play controls - Make your players stretch and dive, beat pickoff throws and more
  • Precision pitching lets you paint the corners, or own the plate by moving in the batter's box
  • Become an Owner and control every aspect of your team's lineup, building players during Spring Training and other mini-games
  • New tools for creating your own ballpark - Build a pitcher's paradise or a hitter's dream
  • Advanced Single-A squads and new stadiums to expand the Minor Leagues

Customer Reviews:

  • Surprisingly fun
    I bought this game for my husband and much to my surprise, I started playing it and actually got pretty good at it. I ended up playing it more than my husband after a while! ...more info
  • It's fun
    best baseball game ever period!It has the best graphics EVER and very challinging! very fun...more info
  • I Deeply Enjoyed It!
    This was a great game and out does a lot of other baseball games out there. It did have a challenging Franchise mode. It had great graphics and even better game play. It is enough to keep you addicted. ...more info
  • good baseball game
    I haven't purchased a baseball game in years, but after I seen a game played at a party I was hooked on the graphics alone. Its one of the better baseball games that I have ever played. The home run derby was fun in itself. My only complaint about the game really is the fielding has some issues, but other than that this game for the price is worth the money....more info
  • MVP- the best overall buy
    If you are in the market for a baseball game, this is the one you must buy. I am going to quickly overview it for you here.
    Gameplay- By far the best gameplay of any baseball game out there. EA Sports rules gameplay on almost every game that they produce, and that is why they are number one in games. Every thing is real life and the pitch meter is awesome. The hitters eye is a little ridiculous because if you watch to much for the color and dont focus on the pitch itself you will miss the pitch itself. The screen that pops up after your swing is incredibly helpful to see where you are missing on the pitch.
    Graphics-the graphics are pretty average across the board especially the fans, who look like a wooden stick figure, but the stadiums themselves are in flawless detail. The players are as real as modern gaming systems can get.
    Play-by-Play- This is where EA really falls behind. The play by play is terrible. Especially the color commentator who, when your number nine hitter is up says, they have their big stick in the batters box. Please. The announcers are so bad I sometimes turn them off. But, of course where EA lacks in play by play they make up for in gameplay. Overall, a very, very good buy....more info
  • AWFUL!!!!
  • Very Fun
    it is a great game. the graphics are beutiful and the mode, Owner mode is awsome. u should buy this game over all the baseball games out there...more info
  • Response to K. Burlock a.k.a. vadolfan
    This is funny...Valdofan's review proves Daniel Elmaleh's point...Red Sox Fans have no class!...more info
  • Missing Players
    I noticed a review discussing that a few players were missing in the lineups on MVP 2005.

    Barry Bonds and Kevin Millar are in the game. They have different names and appearences though. Bonds is called Jon Dowd and is the left fielder on the Giants. Millar is Anthony Friese and is the first basemen on the Red Sox. You can change and save their names and appearances in CREATE/EDIT PLAYER. If you look at the info for those two players, they are clearly meant as Bonds and Millar. They have the same dates of birth etc. as the real players. Others I have found are Edwin Encarnacion of the Reds and Frank Menechino of the Blue Jays. Each of those guys are minor leaguers with different names. You can figure it out by their DOB's. Look them up on a roster to check. I'm sure there are others if you look hard enough. I don't know what the explanation is for why certain players were given different personas.
    ...more info
  • MVP falls short
    Having been loyal to the now defunct All-Star Baseball series, I took my time deciding on this game, seeing as how the last time I played this series in 2000 I ended up tossing the disc in the garbage. MVP 2005 has it's pros and cons. The pros being the The pitching engine and the graphics. However, the randomized batting engine leaves MUCH to be desired. Many of the top hitters in the game's homerun and contact ratings are way undervalued (Sice when is Sammy Sosa rated as an 84 homerun hitter?) and the batting engine is utter crap! Since when do you hit the ball right on the nose with Mike Piazza and have him ground out weakly to short? Owner mode makes you start in a brand new ball park with only 20,000 seats!, which means teams like the phillies and padres have their new ball parks thrown out. Also, crappy no-name players get upset about their contracts and they affect team chemistry, which translates into losses when you SIM games. Overall, while the Pitching engine is probably the best I've ever used, the batting will frustrate you even on rookie mode. I believe the developers had their hearts in the right place, but ended up taking a lot of the fun out of the game....more info
  • Made me fall in love with the game again
    I had forgotten how much I loved baseball until I picked this game up. I can't really compare it to others, but I really thought was very realistic. I played an entire season and frequently things happened in the game that happened in real life (e.g. injuries). I was always amazed. I especially love the fielding - being able to choose how hard to throw and the accuracy trade off is very realistic, as is the difference between a guy with a cannon and a popgun. I loved watching plays at the plate, which are shown in closeup.

    I also loved the use of old time uniforms and stadiums, as well as the All Time All Star teams. All in all, tremendous fun! I'm not sure I'll buy another baseball game until EA Sports gets back into MLB if the reviews of other games are accurate....more info
  • I Almost Didn't Buy This Game...
    I almost didn't buy this game because of some of the bad reviews and people complaining about the games difficulty. All I can say is that it is a Huge Step Up from MVP Baseball 2004. It is basically the same except you have additional old timers, stadiums, and uniforms to unlock. I haven't had any trouble gaining enough points to unlock these items as of yet. Also the Mini games are much better this year and I think that the addition of the A Teams is a great addition. To answer the question about more than one player in dynasty or owner modes the answer is no you can still only have one player in control of one franchise in each. You can however control your team and have a friend play against you as another team. Maybe next years MVP Baseball 2006 will have that feature but in my opinion overall this game is well worth the $35 total price that I paid for it. I would have even been happy paying $50... but then again I'm a die hard baseball fan. Hope this helps you all figuring out what to buy....more info
  • The Closing Act?
    This is EA Sports MVP Baseball 2005 and possibly the last MVP Baeball ever due to the fact that ESPN has a 3 years contract with the baseball player's association.
    Pros: At points i could see a players face on the jumbotron. It is harder to hit homeruns. Thne teams are accurate. They don't have annoying ESPN jingles. It is a challenge. It has the spring training mode. The batting stances are good. The stadiums are good. I can see virtual fans faces. They have music for a batter. The deliveries are different.
    Cons: No Barry Bonds. Many made up players. Announcers aren't well known. No pre or post game show.
    Bottomline is MvP Baseball is still the games to beat and it won't be back for a while. ...more info
  • Not so much
    Big fan of MVP 2004. This year's game feels like a mess. Homeruns don't have the same snap crack pop as last year's. While some of the graphics are improved, you'll notice that some players have heads that are disproportionedly smaller that their bodies, you'll notice an occasional lag in the pitching meter, you'll notice an overall disconnect in the flow of the gameplay. Improvements -- there's a cool mini batting game that's new this year, you have to be a little more alert defensively, bat swings are more realistic. Overall, much to do about nothing. If the game is going for $50, I'd wouldn't recommend it. If you can get it for $30, give it a ride....more info
  • Great game
    Hell of a game, alot better than last years. the best part of it is the owner mode. great faces on the players. Go Cardinals!!!!!...more info
  • Best baseball game ever made
    Where to start? Maybe with a great sound track, one of the best owner modes you have ever seen, or with the new farm teams? I got this for the holidays and haven't stoped playing it since! Great game, great deal. Go Binghamton (and New York) Mets!...more info
  • Average
    This is an awesome ball game. But a few things aren't. The comentarie Stinks. Really it does. And fielders never get a jump on the ball so youre always runing. don't get me wrong, because besides that its asewome...more info
  • Its A Toss Up
    So Ive played almost quarter of a season in both MVP 05 and ESPN 2K5. I have to say Im leaning towards ESPN more. First Ive been playing with the Mets in both games and in MVP my record is 21-4. I fin the game extremely easy even at the hardest level. The pitching is simple if you place your pitches right. Hitting homers is pretty tough this year though. My game usually wind up 1-0 or 2-1. The graphics are very simliar to last year and the I think the commentary has taken a dive. All the announcers talk about are mowing the grass. No player history or anything like last year. To me the announcers are what makes the game. All in all I give MVP a 4 out of 5.
    As for ESPN, its a more realistic baseball experience. The gameplay isnt that bad, but John Miller and Joe Morgan make up for most of the faults. The pitching and hitting are one the same level, but I think the biggest downfall is even when you download the roster updates you still dont have all the guys you should have on the team. I'll give ESPN a slight edge and give it a 4.5 out of 5.
    Still waiting on 989, but it looks promising...more info
  • EA Sports continues to improve gameplay
    MVP 2005 gives consumers a great gameplay experience. As all of you know Mlb 2k5 and MVP 2005 have been in a compition with each other. Each with their good ways. In additon, MVP has lowered their price to from 49.99 to 27.95. MVP has very vivid graphics. The gameplay is smooth and live. This gives MVP great graphics. On the other hand the presentation of MLB 2K5 is much better than MVP but MVP has a better Menu and is more organized. The problem that faces MVP is the price. MVP is seven dollars more but in exchange you get better graphics. MLB 2K6 is 20 dollars.In my opinion the price is fair since MVP gives better Gameplay and is seven dollars more expensive.

    Presentaion: MLB 2K5
    Controlling: MVP
    Price:MLB 2K5
    Overall:MVP...more info
  • Best Baseball Game I have ever Played
    I have been palying baseball games since The NES and I have to say MVP is the best and Most in depth Baseball i have ever played.

    Lets start with the graphics- The graphics are probaly the best i have ever seen in a sports game. They are crisp and clean and the Player Faces look amazing. The stadiums are meticoulsy designed and beat anything I have ever seen in a baseball game. The player animations look flawless and are very well done.

    Audio- The menu music is okay, but some songs are extremley annoying. The announcers are ok, they do reapeat stuff but name one sports game taht doesnt. They have done something with the Audio in the Fact that they give u stats throughout the season.
    I.E: Hideki Matsui is batting .323 and has 14 HRs.

    GamePlay- It is probaly the best gameplay I have ever seen. The pitching is teh same as last year except instead of all or nothing accuracy there are different areas for accuracy. The green means perfect accuracy while getting it in the red will make your pitch be a strike but not as accurate.

    The Fielding utilizes the Big Play stick which lets you control diving, jumping and leaping. Also the cut off is very well done where as in many games it doesnt feel right MVPs cutoff man actually does his job.

    Batting has a new feature called teh hitters eye it is very useful and helps tremendously with batting.
    Running is the same as last year except the BIG Play stick used for sliding has been done a little better

    Game Modes- MVP 2005 offers a wide Variety of game modes.
    Dynasty Mode is basically the same as last year which is a good thing.

    Owner Mode is very close to Dynasty Mode except you have to build your own ball park. Also you must make money by adding seating, selling food and making promotional dates.

    HR Showdown- Its not HR Derby but it is okay.

    Mini Games- There are two mini games one for hitting and 0ne for ptiching. They are both real fun and are also used in Dynasty Mode for spring training much like maddens Training camp.

    All in All MVP 2005 is probaly the best sports game let alone baseball game.

    It is also only $30.
    ...more info
  • I have a question about this game. Please help
    Anybody who has played MVP 2004 knows that if you create a player or edit a rookie and give him awesome attributes (90's) that going into the second season in dynasty mode the attributes drop drastically. Does this also happen in this, MVP 2005? Please e-mail the answer to me at Thanks!...more info
    I am sorry to bash EA sports But this is the worst ps2 game i have ever played. I wouldn't even give it one star but i can't rate it any lower. Pudge Rodriguez looks like a monkey in gameplay! by the way it has horrible graphics and music soundtracks. I think EA could have done a way better job. -Koda from Michigan...more info
  • Overall, Good Baseball
    It looks like everyone else has pretty much covered all the bases (no pun intended) as far as detailed reviews go, so here are just a couple thoughts:

    -The computer fielding is freakin' amazing! This can get really aggravating at times, as some of the worst fielding teams come up with amazing catches every time. It's like playing against a team where everyone in the field, as you're trying to hit, is Derek Jeter. I hate the Yankees, but come on- the guy is amazing. That's how it feels at times trying to get an offensive drive going.

    -The dynasty mode is awesome. Gives you control over EVERY aspect of the game, and over a team for....120 years? How much do you have to play to complete a dynasty? Seems scary to me!

    -MVP points make the game really cool! It's earning the little things- the retro jerseys, old time players, and stadiums that no longer exist- that makes this game a real pleasure.

    -Graphics are great. Sounds are about the same as always. The announcing gets somewhat repetitive, but I always laugh no matter how many times I hear "Uno, dos, adios! Grab some pine, MEAT!" Gotta love it...

    -Controls: Easy to figure out. Some of the gameplay mentioned above factors into this. I've gotten only one pickoff thus far, and have been caught SO many times. Why do my guys just sit there and watch the other guy's move to throw me off? UGH...annoying!

    Overall, I would say this game is a 3.5 - 4 star game. The fielding is, and will get, super annoying. If you're looking for a good baseball game, look no further. I just picked up MLB 2006 today and will leave some info on that in the coming weeks. So far, this seems like the best baseball game I've played! If the price is right, I highly reccomend picking up a copy!...more info
  • Possible trip back in time.
    I really enjoy this game, going back to the "Triple Play" days. Granted, the play-by-play team, while professional broadcasters are given only a few lines of script are a little on the stale side after about 4 or 5 games. But all in all, it's a lot of fun. There are cheats out there that allow for the full compliment of awards (Throwback jerseys, HOF players, and stadiums); but part of the fun is to work one's way through the entire season and see how many points one racks up.
    I have noticed the "Classic Stadiums" are presented in an archival film footage style. Meaning newer "Classic Stadiums", like the Astrodome and the Expos' two ballparks (in Quebec and Puerto Rico) are as colorful as, say Yankee Stadium. However, Metropolitan Stadium and Cleveland's Municipal Stadium are presented as a faded, slightly yellowed night time scene. Shibe Park and the Polo Grounds are almost a sepia toned "worn out" film presentation. Which is understandable, considering the age of the ballpark itself...
    The "Owner Mode" is fun, but it's tough to keep interest after a few months of owning; "Create a Stadium" gives you basically 5 templates, nothing more, to start out.
    "Franchise Mode" is the best part. Not only does it give you the chance to make trades and send down/call up players, but also lets you try your hand at some single A minor league games; the Single-A ballparks are very small, and the crowds are you a definite appreciation for the long (or short) journey from high school to "The Show".
    Take Two is taking over the EA reigns for the next couple years, but I am sure it's going to be in good hands. ESPN 2K5 is good, but I prefer EA. ...more info
    I absolutely love this game, just as I loved the MVP's of years past. Nothing compares to EASports games, especially when it comes to baseball. The graphics are great and so is the gameplay. The pace of games is pretty quick, usually I can get through a game in Dynasty mode in under 30 minutes. I think the pitching is easier this year, but I think the hitting is a tad harder. Some good tips to keep the computer hitters off balance and fly through a game on Dynasty the corners, keep the ball down, and avoid the hot zones. GREAT GAME! ...more info
  • Why you should or shouldn't buy this game
    Okay. Let's start with the good things. This game lets you slide multiple ways, WHEN YOU WANT, which is a big plus. Second, you can preform LOTS of different fielding moves, such as: Slide, Dive, Jump, and Scale the Wall when you want with the right analog stick, like you can when you slide. You can also argue with the Umpire, and the graphics are good. That's it for the good things. Short, huh?

    The bad things are: Fielding, in my opinion, stinks. Batting stinks, because you can't really hit a ball that's outside of the strike zone, and you can't see where the ball is heading like in All-Star Baseball 2004, which is the most important part. Their pitching is good, but rather annoying with the pitch meter. Commentating COMPLETELY REEEEEEEKKKKKSSSSS!!!!! It's the most annoying part.

    Anyway, to make it easier, here's a scale.

    Batting: 3/10
    Fielding: 8/10
    Base Running: 5/10
    Stealing: 2/10 because you can't really steal. Maybe 1 out of 10 times.
    Pitching: 9/10
    Commentating: 0/10
    Graphics: 10/10 so real they made my sick.
    Other Features: 7/10
    Overall: 4/10

    I hope this review has helped you decide to get All-Star Baseball 2004 with this game because you'll want moderation between dull and exciting. Based on this review, guess which one's the dull one? You got it. This.

    Sincerely, RedHawk48. GO DESPERADOS, GO COWBOYS, GO WHITE SOX!! ...more info
  • The Elite of 2005's Lineup
    MVP Baseball 2005 is the closest game currently on the market to give you the most in-depth baseball experience possible. In my opinion, the only people not liking some aspects of this game will be New York Yankees fans. It's not only Manny on the cover, but also the intro video, cracks and comments throughout the games and even a song praising Boston's first title in 86 years. Well, all I can say is, if you can't overlook those things, you're missing one fantastic game. Let's break it down:

    Owner Mode:
    New this year is Owner Mode where you begin with picking a stadium (not one of the existing ballparks, but a starter stadium) and making a few upgrades (seating, lights, whatever you can afford before opening day). You can add a restaurant, set ticket prices, make promotional days and on and on.

    You have a financial advisor for the season, budget reports, player contracts, etc. One note: Yes, you can be the owner and play the game just like you would in Dynasty Mode. You can sim, play individual games, manage the game or sit in your luxury box and watch it all take place. There is so much to this mode that I couldn't possibly fit it into this review.

    Dynasty Mode:
    This mode is essentially the same as last year. Keep the owner happy, the players, do contracts and play the games. It's been updated and tweaked for more user friendly experience. And I can't leave out that this year, you even have single-A teams in addition to AA, AAA, and MLB.

    Mini Games:
    Instead of just a Home Run Derby, EA has included a variety of features that can teach you different aspects of the game. There is batting practice, pitching practice and also a scenario editor. To me, I found it to be an enjoyable experience especially when hitting the cars and busses over the outfield wall. This seems like a throw back to Triple-Play 2000 when you had target practice.

    Simply amazing. Need I say more? The players faces and stances are mirrored to their real-life counterparts. Cutscenes, and animations are gorgeous. The only thing I found a proble with was the crowd...even in 2005, they are still wooden-looking. That's a sacrifice you have to make and it doesn't detract from the game experience.

    What a shift from last year! Pitching is now a lot more realistic with the way you use the meter. Instead on the old meter where you set power and tried to hit right spot, they have upgraded it to you having to stop it and exactly the right moment, if not, you risk and early or late breaking pitch. In rookie mode, it's not as big of a deal as it is in MVP mode. Make some mistake pitches in the higher levels and you're asking for trouble.

    Batting is great! When you foul off a pitch, a little screen comes up and shows you how you hit it. Fouling off a pitch is a mistimed swing, same as a swing through. Gone is the animation where you swung, missed the ball and it popped up the crazy box to show you missing it. Instead, this year, they have the popup box, yet include the ball trail so you see how you missed it.

    Fielding & baserunning is comparable to last years version with some great upgrades to visuals. There are plenty of dives, showboating grabs, wall jumps, and take-out slides.

    Ok, I could go on & on with this review because, like I said, this is the most in-depth baseball game I have ever seen. If you want the best out there, MVP Baseball 2005 hits a Home Run. ...more info
  • Average
    This is an awesome ball game. But a few things aren't. The comentarie Stinks. Really it does. And fielders never get a jump on the ball so youre always runing. don't get me wrong, because besides that its asewome...more info
  • MVP 2005 vs. MLB 2K5: Which is better?
    The big question for me this year was which baseball game to purchase: MLB 2K5 (to be referred to as MLB) and MVP 2005. Sure, I could have shelled out $50 for both games, but that didn't seem to be a good solution when I don't have the free time to dedicate to two seperate baseball games. Here is my own take on the matchup.

    Presentation: I give MLB 2K5 a slight edge here for a number of reasons. First, the commentary is better, hands down. The real-life commentators from ESPN blow EA's fakers out of the water. There is an issue with the booth guys calling every hit a rookie makes his first hit of his career, but that's not nearly as bad as the repetitive banter of the MVP guys, which is just rehashed from previous years' games. The ESPN presentation in general is just awesome and every game feels like a real ESPN broadcast. MVP's got its own good points. I really like the ability to check out previous at-bats to see how the pitcher is handling your hitter. Both do pretty well with the accessibility of pinch hitters, the bullpen, etc.

    Graphics: Again, I gotta go with MLB here, but only by a little. I like the style of the graphics in MLB better. MVP seems to be more cartoonish. Both have issues with players diving through walls or missing the bases, but such things are rare. MLB has some awesome animations for dives.

    Sound: The sound in both games is good enough for me. MLB is much better in terms of commentary, as mentioned before, but both are good with ambiant sounds. MVP has the advantage in terms of menu music, though it does not have very many songs, so it can get repetitive quickly. However, MLB's constantly looping Baseball Tonight tune gets quite annoying, especially since changes screens causes it to restart from the beginning.

    Gameplay (in game): Gameplay is really a toss-up and I'm afraid I'll have to declare it a push. MVP gets the edge with the hitter's eye, which comes in fairly handy, but I do like MLB's pitch-guessing. Slam Zone for MLB is kinda cool, though it can be unbalancing in gameplay and the computer is very difficult to beat in button mashing, at least for me. MVP's arguing calls feature is a neat little add-on, but not something I would have to have in a game I bought. As a veteran of MVP games, the K-Zone in MLB is a nice change-of-pace pitching mechanism, and the option of being able to use an MVP knock off pitching style is nice.

    Gameplay (franchise/dynasty/career): For me, this is the most important factor in a baseball game. I'm a hard-core sim fan, and I want realistic stats from my franchises. This one was hard to call, but in the end all the little nuances of MLB won out over the extra features of MVP. For those who have played previous installments of MVP, I'll address some of the new additions, and then compare with MLB.

    MVP has added position player fatigue, which means that your guys in the field will tire the more games they play in a row. However, it did not appear that the computer would sub in bench players to give your every day starters a break. MLB, on the other hand, lets you set up depth charts with percentages of playing time for each player at that position. For instance, you can give your start 85% of the starts, and his backup(s) 15%. The computer will then actually make these substitutions in simmed games. One drawback to the depth charts, though, is that you cannot assign a backup to more than one position. However, you can get around this by setting your starters, and then telling the computer to auto-generate the depth chart, which leaves your starters in there but inserts your bench players into the chart as backups to every position the player is pretty well rated in.

    This leads me to another difference between the two. MLB actually has fielding ratings for every player at every position, whereas MVP only has a primary and (sometimes) a secondary position for players.

    Speaking of ratings, MLB has a very nice potential rating for players, indicating how good the player will become (at least, in the opinion of your scout). MLB's overall rating is also very nice since it is an actual number rather than a red bar that makes it difficult to compare players.

    Both games are pretty similar in terms of including injuries and suspensions, and neither game lets you have a pitching rotation of less than five players. If you want to pitch your rested #1 instead of your #5 (or even #4), you have to manually plug him into that spot and move the rest of your staff accordingly. Both games let you plug in a pitcher or spot start when going through game by game, but neither will then change who is scheduled to pitch the next game.

    When going through game by game, MVP is at the advantage. Its manager mode is a really robust way to go through games quickly, yet maintain some control over the performance of your team. MLB has Gamecast, which is similar but has far fewer options.

    MVP has brought back its Franchise mode, in much the same form as last year, but has added owner mode. This is a cool feature that lets you run the business side of a ballclub, but it has a big drawback in that it REQUIRES you create a stadium to start. This stadium is much smaller than any other in baseball, and does not really have all that many options for personalizing it, at least not at first. This seems to put your team at a disadvantage. MLB has two options for going through multiple seasons as well. One is very similar to MVP's Franchise mode, with team goals to reach, etc. The GM Career mode, however, is the one that I really like. You play as a GM (or up to 4, unlike MVP, which limits you to 1 in both modes), trying to take your team to the World Series while pleasing the team's owner at the same time. Your owner will give you certain objectives to complete, and if you fail, his mood will sour and you may find yourself on the chopping block. Succeed, however, and you'll find a lucrative contract extension in your future. If you build a powerhouse with your first team, or if you fail miserably, you can sign a contract with another club.

    Both games include an in-game e-mail system, neither of which is particularly dynamic. You'll find yourself receiving the same reports over and over, but in MVP at least you can change the filters to get rid of the seemingly endless stream of injury reports coming from other teams.

    Both games include minor league systems, though MVP is much ore robust in this aspect. MLB has AAA and AA, but you cannot play games. MVP has all three levels, 90 teams in all, and you can play games for all three. However, it can become rather tedious setting four lineups each for your three minor league teams. You can let the CPU do it, but who knows how well it can be trusted? MLB has fewer minor leaguers (which may or may not be a good thing), with handy arrows that tell you if the player is improving or suffering at their current level. This makes managing your own minor league rosters in MLB much less tedious.

    Stat-wise, both games are pretty robust. They have most of your basic baseball stats, but none of the in-depth splits. There is no way to know how Jeff Bagwell is hitting against lefties at night, in domes, on the second Tuesday of the month. However, all the most important stats are there and are kept for past seasons. MVP's season-by-season stats only go back five years, but the career totals are accurate. MLB keeps track of a players stats for as long as they have played.

    Both games also have a number of post-season awards to hand out, from the Cy Young and MVPs to Reliever of the Year and Rookie of the Year. MLB also has a hall of fame, which is very cool.

    In terms of menu layout and accessibility, MVP is the clear winner. It has brighter, cleaner menus that load without the lag time that MLB has. MVP also makes every bit of info about a player available every place you find that player. In MLB, you have to move constantly between menus to find out different info about your players. MLB does have a player card for every player, but this is not all-inclusive. For instance, it will tell you that your player has a C+ range, but does not say what positions (other than his primary) he is able to play well.

    Winner: MLB 2K5

    I hope that you have found this long and rambling review at least moderately helpful. Thanks for reading!...more info
  • Great game but...
    This is a great game, but like all other MLB games, Barry Bonds is not in it. But unlike all the other games, EA has created a ficticious player that has all of Bonds's characteristics.

    The most unique part of this game is the pitching. The release point of the pitch affects where the ball goes. If you hang a pitch, it won't come back!...more info
  • Improved over MVP 2004
    I've been extremely happy with my experiences with the MVP Baseball series. Although I'm a little peeved with myself for compromising my 'EA Games Boycott'. I'm a big fan of the ESPN NFL series and was rather unhappy when I heard about EA's exclusive licensing deal with the NFL. Anyways...

    If you enjoy baseball console games, you can't go wrong with this and it's $30 price tag. Many things from MVP 2004 have been fixed...most notably the lefty batting bug. For any of you unfamiliar with MVP 2004, for some reason left-handed batters were severly underpowered. It was nearly impossible to hit home runs with lefties. This has been fixed. The outfielders also run and throw with more speed, so they've cut down on the wild number of triples you or the computer hits. You can also throw to the pitcher covering first base while he's on the run from the mound. In 2004, you had to wait until the pitcher reached first base before you could throw to him, occasionally allowing a runner to reach first safely. Let's do a pro-con breakdown, shall we?


    -- Additional player animations, over the abundant MVP 2004. Players now have their actual plate routines and react to home runs as their actual big league counterparts.

    -- As stated before, the lefty bug has been fixed.

    -- New game modes such as the batting and pitching mini games make for a more varied gameplay experience.

    -- The newly added Owner mode adds a gameplay mode that allows for much more depth than allowed in preveious releases of the series. You can now control nearly every aspect of your chosen organization from the look of your stadium to ticket and concession prices.

    -- The pitching interface has been improved slightly. It's now a bit more difficult to time your pitches perfectly, as the timing bar has been decreased in size. You won't be throwing perfect games like you could in last year's version.

    -- Hitter's Eye is an improvement to the batting interface. You can now read pitches better, as the ball will briefly flash a color after leaving the pitchers hand, making off-speed pitches easier to recognize. And those that want to increase difficulty and realism can turn this option off.

    -- Online mode allows you to download up-to-date rosters able to be used in owner and franchise mode.


    -- Not many to mention.

    -- In owner mode, your home stadium starts out with an insanely low number of available seats, 20,000. Seating improvements and such cost a fair amount of money. Team with higher player salaries will have trouble in the first couple of seasons financially, as you don't make crap from ticket sales.

    -- Occasionally on hard hit ground balls, your middle infielders are slow to react, even given the necessary input from the controller, allowing some easy base hits by the computer.

    -- There are a number of players missing, due to the fact that they are not members of the MLBPA. Barry Bonds is a notable name, along with Kevin Millar. Fortunately, EA included 'created' players that mirror these player's abilities, even though they carry a different name. Not really a con, as it isn't EA's fault.

    All in all, a great baseball game. Whether you like simulation or arcade style, you can tailor this game to suit your tastes. And with the different game modes, you can have the best of both worlds. ...more info
  • Still # 1
    Just a quick comment...still the best, hands down.
    This game can't come back quick enough....more info
  • Great Game!!!!!
    This is a flat-out awesome, ass-kicking game. The controls are easy, the graphics and gameplay are perfect. It is a huge and final great game in the MVP series. I was completely hooked! The player ratings are a little off, though. (Carl Pavano is dominating)! This game will be the best of the new milenium up to 2010, for sure!!!!
    GO YANKEES!!!!!!!...more info
  • MVP: Still the best
    trust me, mvp is the best baseball game. The load times are quick, owner mode is addictive, and the minigames are more fun than you could expect. I find my self spending an extra half hour to hour after finishing a game trying to beat my high score in hitting or knocking blocks out of the pitching strike zone. It also helps if you know baseball too. Im playing high school baseball and i find myself using plays from real life and scoring extra runs or getting that much needed extra out. The graphics aren't top noch, but unless you're playing on a very small screen it won't bother you, the gameplay will keep you glued. Note of advice: don't get mlb 2006. the game freezes almost all the time. Just look at the reviews. trust me, if you want the best baseball game, get this one. The unlockables are also fun, but if you dont have patience to get all the points, create a player with this exact name: Katie Roy. that'll give you all players, teams, and fields. They are kind of heavy on the redsox theme too, even having a whole song dedicated to them. Trust me, this game is one of the best baseball games around, who cares if its just like ast years, they're both awesome....more info
  • An excellent game, too bad this is the last year...
    The MVP series has always been known for its unique combination of simulation and fun. While hard-core stat-heads like myself still look at the incredible statistical depth of the High Heat series as the gold standard in action baseball gaming, MVP baseball does a good job of offering a fun-filled experience with many of the bells and whistles found in more statistically-oriented games.

    At the center of any baseball game is the pitcher batter duel and MVP Baseball does a good job of recreating this aspect of the big-league game. Pitching is accomplished by way of a golf-game style "3-click" power meter. This offers the player more control over pitch accuracy/power than most other titles. However, with a little practice it becomes much too easy to hit the catcher's target every time. By the end of the season, all of my starters had fewer than 20 walks in over 200 IP...a little unrealistic, to say the least.

    Batting, on the other hand, is extremely difficult to master, especially at the higher difficulty levels. The player can direct his swing with the control stick either upwards or downwards, pull or away. What becomes difficult is recognizing pitches. I suppose the mixture of guesswork and intuition needed for this adds to the realism. In order to ease the learning curve, EA has added the "Hitter's Eye" feature where the ball glows different colors for a split second coming out of the pitcher's hand depending on what pitch is being thrown. This helps immensely, although after getting the hang of batting, you may want to turn it off.

    Fielding is also solid, with all throwing accomplished using a power meter. Put too much power into your throw, and the chances for an error go up significantly. The likelihood of an error also depends on whether the fielder has set his feet, or caught the ball off's really pretty realistic. All varieties of acrobatic catches can be attempted using the second analog stick, leading to endless possibilities. Baserunning is also deep. Pickoff returns, leads, and slides are all up to the player and can mean the difference between wins and losses in close games.

    The player also gets total control of the manager during games. You can argue calls for a morale boost (dont argue balls and strikes!), make mound visits (can have either positive or negative effects), and execute double switches with ease. I seriously can't think of anything that you can't do in this game short of inventing your own hand signals.

    The included owner mode gives the player even more control off the field. You can play through several decades using your favorite major league organization. Full A, AA, and AAA teams are included in the game (although the only real players are those off the MLB 40 man rosters). Contract negotiations, staff hirings, concession prices, stadium design, prospect promotion, bobblehead days: all are controlled by the player. While most of this is standard fare in sports games nowadays, it's nice to see all the bases covered.

    Rounding out the package are the minigames and online play. The minigames are OK and do help with learning how to play. Online play, predictably, only adds to the fun.

    This is an excellent pickup for anyone interested in simulation-style baseball gaming. The pitching does need some tweaks. Also, the stat-tracking could definitely take a page out of High Heat's book. I would like to have seen full stat-tracking for minor league teams, full left/right splits for batters and pitchers, as well as the littler stats that show up on all official boxscores (ie ground balls vs. fly balls). It's nitpicking, but little things such as this take away from the package.

    It's too bad this is the last year for the franchise as one more year of polish would really have pushed this title over the top. As is, it's a great little game

    9/10...more info
  • Disappointed
    We bought this for our son for Christmas. We were all surprised when we opened what was to be a Baseball game, which he loved playing at friends houses, and instead found a Basketball game!!
    We will be contacting Amazon to see if this can be replaced with the item we ordered, and paid for....more info
  • Here We Go Again...
    To start off, MVP Baseball '05 blew away the competition this year. ESPN was okay, and MLB 2006 was a little too ameteur for MVP calibur. In English, MVP Baseball is the best baseball game they are offering right now.

    To start off, the pitching meter returns. Last year, the pitching meter was very easy to master, and you would be painting corners with pitchers like Boof Bonser after pitching over 9 innings. As for hitting, it was a little easy. But this year, the pitching is not as easy to master as quickly, and if your pitcher is fatigued, you may have trouble spotting pitches. As for this years hitting, it is a little harder to score runs unless a horrid pitcher is pitching (a las Boof Bonser) and if your facing Mark Prior or Pedro Martinez, it can get a little difficult.

    They included an Owner Mode in which you own every aspect of your MLB team, from the giveaway days to ticket prices to what they are going to sell at the concession stands. You design your own stadium, (which isn't that great) and you can fire and hire coaches and scouts like real owners love doing. The old Dynasty Mode returns, and this is where we get to the bad part about the game...

    ...where is the creativity? I think the producers just popped in MVP Baseball 2004, added new players and improved little aspects. The game is too much like last years game, and if they would of included the small details, then this could of been a much better game then it already is. So, what should you buy... MVP!

    Now it comes to the rosters and online play. Last year roster updating was a pain, so they saved us some time by having roster updates online. As for online, it adds to the already great formula. If you want the best online game, get MVP Baseball 2005. If you want the best offline baseball game, get MVP Baseball 2005. This marks the second year MVP Baseball 2005 rules the baseball game circuit....more info