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Speedo Aqua Fit Training Swim Gloves
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Product Description

Speedo's Aquatic Fitness Gloves provide increased resistance in water for greater toning and strengthening of muscles and cardiovascular exercise for your heart and lungs. Made from neoprene, the gloves feature webbed fingers, a rubber palm, and adjustable wrist closure. You'll get smoother movement in water for a more comfortable upper body workout and increased propulsion through the water.

About Speedo
In 1914, Speedo was founded in Australia by Alexander MacRae, a 22-year-old Scottish immigrant who arrived in the country in 1910. The company began when MacRae Hosiery manufacturers, established by Alexander in 1914, extended the manufacture of underwear to swimwear and became MacRae Knitting Mills. A naming competition was held by the staff in 1928 and won by a Captain Parsonson, who coined the slogan, "Speed on in your Speedos." In 1929, the first swimsuits were in production and it didn't take long for Speedo to successfully establish itself. World War II caused the brand turn over 90% of it's manufacturing to war production, providing the armed services with vital equipment such as mosquito nets. After the war, Speedo opened a new factory and was able to re-establish itself, due to increased demand for swimsuits. In 1951, Speedo Knitting Mills (Holdings) Ltd, was incorporated and became a publicly traded company on the Sydney Stock exchange.

Speedo hit the international stage in earnest, at the 1956 Melbourne Olympic Games, and a few years later the brand grew on a more global scale. Export sales to the USA began and an international division was set up to monitor trade in New Zealand, Japan and South Africa. The expansion of the brand continued, and in 1976, Speedo was appointed as the official swimwear for the 1976 Montreal Olympics, where 52 out of 54 countries wore their swimsuits.

Speedo continues to make its mark in the pool and on the beach today. Many world class athletes who wear Speedo include U.S. phenomenon Michael Phelps, legendary Australian swimmer Grant Hackett, world record holder Kosuke Kitajima from Japan, and Holland's Inge de Bruijn.

What's in the Box?
Two neoprene Speedo Aqua Fit Training Gloves

A Neoprene glove with webbed fingers and a rubber palm with adjustable wrist closure and ultra flexible webbing for use during water resistance training. Helps create smoother movement in the water for a more comfortable upper body workout. They also add propulsion through the water. Ideal for water aerobics and pool workouts.

  • Neoprene gloves for water resistance training
  • Helps tone and strengthen muscles
  • Webbed fingers, rubber palm
  • Adjustable wrist closure
  • Get increased propulsion through the water

Customer Reviews:

  • Aqua fit gloves
    I do waterfit six days a week and need a pair of gloves that will with stand the chlorine in the pool. I have always used the brand Water Gear and thought I would try Speedo but after several weeks using them I will go back to Water Gear for my next purchase. Speedo will hold up in the chlorine as well but for my hands which are very small the Water Gear feel more comfortable. These are a great price and well constructed but this is just my personal preference....more info
  • So far so good ....
    I chose the Medium size glove and I am glad that I did .... they fit perfectly ... the gloves are comfortable and really help you get more from your workout....more info
  • they work.....
    I bought the gloves to add to my swim workout experience. They work. They look kinda goofy, bright yellow and webbed and fingerless, but unless you forget to take them off and try and drive home in them, you can probably handle the odd looks. They provide for a challenging workout that you feel as you are swimming, and on the drive home from the pool. Just remember to take them off. ...more info
  • A bit stiff, but better than other gloves
    I am on my third pair of these gloves. I wouldn't keep buying them if I didn't like them. They are made of a thick neoprene, making the gloves a bit stiff, but also providing good resistance in the water. The sizing on these gloves is generous, so if in doubt, order the smaller size. The velcro closure stays secure along the wrists, and the gloves are easy to put on and remove. They dry fairly quickly. I use them almost every day and have no problem with soggy gloves in my gym bag. If these gloves were a bit more flexible - allowing me to comfortably grasp water weights while wearing them - they'd be perfect. As it is, I can hold the weights, but it's a little uncomfortable. ...more info
  • I ordered a medium
    I have largeish female hands. The webbing was fine to bwide and the finger holes were tight when wet, of course.
    All men should get large and women small or med, as i did. About being small-dont htink so-they are just tght when wet-thaats how the material is. I like them - the feel of them swimming through the water - your arms do more. They could have been a bit shorer on the fingers, perhaps. No, definately not small running, as others felt....more info
  • swim gloves
    swim gloves. I use them to increase water exercises for my arms. It is like using weights but easier to use. ...more info
  • Excellent training item
    Speedo Aqua Fit Training Swim Glovesare the best fit of training swim device for arms, as compared to other types I heve used before.
    Material: durable, easy to put on. Adjust wonderful, smoothly, tight to your hands with closing a easy magic zip (providing you choose right size for your hands)
    Mantainance: easy.I only water them with tap water after training and hold them in clothing line to dry.
    Training: this is the only difficult part: they get really heavy as they get wet; plus the flaps between fingers; it makes me to push and pull harder. You feel the effort in your upper arms and shoulders but that is what you are looking for: is it not?
    After you wear them for some couples of hundreds meters and you take them off and keep swimming you will understand what I am trying to explain.
    Important: you maintain your regular stroke as they fit as a natural glove to your hands. It is not like paddles that are hard material and force you (without you notice) to change the way you should keep your hands, angles, elbow, forearm, and so on in each step of your stroke.
    At the end, you really strengthen the muscles you need for a harder and more effective stroke.
    I do really recomend this product.
    Rafael (Master H) Caracas - Venezuela
    ...more info
  • work great
    My mother wanted a pair for christmas, she hated her old pair. When she used this pair she loved them said it was like night and day difference, they worked great and asked me to get her another pair!...more info