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Product Description

Silicone material provides great stretch to create optimum fit. Lightweight and durable. Quick and easy to take off without snagging hair. 100% PVC free.

Keep your hair under wraps when swimming with Speedo's silicone solid-color swim cap. Silicone allows head to breathe for a more comfortable fit, and this durable, pliable cap can be stretched to more than double its original size. Featuring a soft texture, this cap can be quickly removed and won't snag your hair.

About Speedo
In 1914, Speedo was founded in Australia by Alexander MacRae, a 22-year-old Scottish immigrant who arrived in the country in 1910. The company began when MacRae Hosiery manufacturers, established by Alexander in 1914, extended the manufacture of underwear to swimwear and became MacRae Knitting Mills. A naming competition was held by the staff in 1928 and won by a Captain Parsonson, who coined the slogan, "Speed on in your Speedos." In 1929, the first swimsuits were in production and it didn't take long for Speedo to successfully establish itself. World War II caused the brand turn over 90% of it's manufacturing to war production, providing the armed services with vital equipment such as mosquito nets. After the war, Speedo opened a new factory and was able to re-establish itself, due to increased demand for swimsuits. In 1951, Speedo Knitting Mills (Holdings) Ltd, was incorporated and became a publicly traded company on the Sydney Stock exchange.

Speedo hit the international stage in earnest, at the 1956 Melbourne Olympic Games, and a few years later the brand grew on a more global scale. Export sales to the USA began and an international division was set up to monitor trade in New Zealand, Japan and South Africa. The expansion of the brand continued, and in 1976, Speedo was appointed as the official swimwear for the 1976 Montreal Olympics, where 52 out of 54 countries wore their swimsuits.

Speedo continues to make its mark in the pool and on the beach today. Many world class athletes who wear Speedo include U.S. phenomenon Michael Phelps, legendary Australian swimmer Grant Hackett, world record holder Kosuke Kitajima from Japan, and Holland's Inge de Bruijn.

What's in the Box?
Speedo Silicone Swim Cap, zippered carrying bag

  • Solid-color silicone swim cap; includes zippered carrying bag
  • Designed to securely hug the head to reduce drag
  • Silicone allows head to breathe for a more comfortable fit
  • Can be stretched to more than double its original size
  • Resistant to hair snagging and tearing

Customer Reviews:

  • Speedo Swim Cap
    Save your money and don't buy this. I ordered it early for a May vacation. There was not one dry strand of hair on my head. This is totally useless as a swim cap. Since I didn't use it until May it was past the April 30th return date. Total waste of money and I would not recommend anyone buying this. I had to give it one star because it wouldn't accept the review without it but it deserves NO STARS!...more info
  • soft swim cap
    The Speedo Silicone Swim Cap will keep your hair dry. I have longer hair and wet my hair first then put a slick conditioner on. I should have left the slick conditioner off because it will make the cap want to slip off. Just wet your hair and put the cap on carefully. It will work fine. I bought several just in case I accidentally put a finger through it because it's thin. So much better than the older bathing caps used to be! ...more info
  • Great for protecting hair
    I learned to wet my hair completely with water (from shower) before putting on the swim cap from other reviewers. This method was great because it ensures the cap to stay fitted and not to slip off. I have long hair that reaches my mid-back, and this swim cap keeps them well-protected during swimming. (By the time I'm done swimming for an hour, my hair that was previously wet become partially dry!) Now I enjoy swimming almost daily without having to worry about the hair damage caused by swimming pool water....more info
  • Silicone Speedo Silicone Cap
    My daughter swims competetivly and she wears this cap 4 times every week. It has lasted so far! Silicone is thicker than latex. Great for people with latex allergies! Doesn't pull long hair near as bad as latex....more info
  • The best cap
    Bought this cap over a year ago. I swim laps 3 times a week for an hour. It keeps water out better than any of the other materials. It's easy to get on, does not pull out hair, keeps the ears dry, and is very durable. For the money you can't beat it. I will buy the exact same cap if mine wears out, but who knows when that'll be?...more info
  • Too tight!
    This cap is so tight that I cannot wear it because it gives me headaches. ...more info
  • Holds up well!
    After I let my very thick hair grow out to my waist I kept breaking almost new latex caps. Initially I bought a lycra cap, which fit but my hair was getting full of chlorine and the cap did not stay on well. I tried this silicon cap which fits, stays on very well if you wet your hair before putting it on and try to "squish" out air bubbles. It helps with keeping most of the pool water out of most of your hair. I've had my Speedo silicon cap for 8 years now and it's still fine!...more info
  • gold swim cap
    My son just loves his speedo swim cap.
    easy to get on. It does not hurt like his other latex one....more info
  • A good swim cap
    The speedo cap is good. One of the reasons is that it really streamlines the head and also its shape fits in the eye wear perfectly!...more info
  • Sooo comfortable!!
    I bought one of these because my thick hair gets annoying while I'm swimming! I bought a black one (my absolute favorite color) and it turned out great! They have alot of colors to choose from which is great.

    The wonderful thing about this specific cap, is that its extremely comfortable!! It doesn't dig into your scalp and feel to tight.
    I was pleased with this product, of course speedo (in my opinion)is the best brand for sport products.
    ...more info
  • Fits nicely
    I have very long and thick curly hair. This cap held my hair in nicely and the cap did not move about my head. It was not tight fitting to the point of discomfort either. It took a while for me to put the cap on but I think with practice I'll get the hang of it. I've only used it once, so I cannot speak of it's longevity. ...more info
  • Fits great, doesn't stick to hair...
    I just got back into swimming a few months ago. And even though I'm not of Olympic caliber, and neither do I have long hair I need to harness, I felt getting a swim cap would help eliminate some drag, but mainly protect my hair from eventual chlorine damage. (It feels so stringy even after showers it must be harmful, methinks).

    Anyway, the cap fits fine, even for someone with a big noggin as myself. it feels awkward, of course --and I can't quite figure out where the tops of my ears fit into the whole equation-- but other than that it slips on and off smoothly, and the material is firm yet smooth in texture. Dries quickly, doesn't go moldy with moisture, etc, like wet clothes, and has a nice variety of colors from which to choose, if that's your concern.

    Overall, I got this `cause folks had good things to say about it, but it wasn't high-end in cost like the ones racers wear.

    4 solid stars...more info
  • best swim cap
    I swam competitively for most of my life, and this was the only cap that I enjoyed using. Latex caps snagged my hair and gave me allergic reactions. Cloth caps feel nice but they're not for competitive swimmers, as they slow you down. The silicone caps are a breeze to put on and even held my waist-length hair....more info
  • good enough for now
    does a pretty good job of keeping the hair out of my face. does a lousy job if you want to keep your hair dry. it just won't happen. the cap does slide up while swimming. I have had to stop several times for readjustments. did pull at my hair a bit but not quite as bad as some caps I have had....more info
  • Good Cap
    The hat fits tight. I wear ear plugs so keep it above my ears. First cap in many years. Keeps my hair dry on top....more info
  • 100% Silicone Swim Cap
    100% Silicone Swim Cap. Nice swim cap. I have to wear it really low on my forehead or it wants to slide up and off. This was the only one that said it was 100% Silicone, (not latex). ...more info
  • swim-tastic!!!!!
    This cap is much better than I expected !
    It is comfortable, and has so much stretch ability.
    Even for my big head!! :) I love it.
    Lightweight and comfortable. I may need to get another one!...more info
  • small Child sized/ or extra small head and or no hair
    I guess if you have a tiny head and no hair this might fit. Otherwise this is too small. But, If you have no hair, then why would you need this? It hurts getting it on and off, and is simply too small....more info
  • Works well
    So, this cap works well. It stays on and helps keep my ear plugs in place. :P I have shortish (a couple of inches below my chin), thick hair, and I would guess a normal-sized head...and it fit with no problems. The only drawback (and this is inevitable, I guess) is that you get a huge crease across your forehead from the cap...so don't plan on going out right after a swim. You'll scare people with your goggle eye rings and forehead crease. ;) ...more info