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Harbinger 1250 Training Grip WristWrap Glove (Black/Charcoal)
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Product Description

For frequent lifting and all around training, the Harbinger? Training Grip Wrist Wrap? weight lifting glove provides the maximum in cushioning and comfort.

  • Patented WristWrap stabilizes the wrist joint with adjustable but gentle pressure, keeping the wrist in the proper position while training, while the extended finger length maximizes hand protection
  • Unique Comfort Tech fabrics remain supple, while the innovative curved finger design offers a natural, flexible and comfortable fit
  • Palm features Harbinger’s TechGel Comfort Pads, that mold to your hands, protecting them from the stresses of active training
  • Hand washing and air drying removes salt and oils, maintaining suppleness, original fit, helping gloves to last longer
  • Provides the maximum in cushioning and comfort for frequent lifting and all-around training, while the NoSweat lining wicks moisture away from your skin

Customer Reviews:

  • Comfortable and Secure
    I have been using Harbinger wrist wrap gloves for inline skating for over a decade. The new gloves are more comfortable than the last pair. They were a little snug out of the box, but broke in within 3 uses....more info
  • Excelent pair of gloves
    Harbinger 1250 Training Grip WristWrap Glove (Black/Charcoal)

    These are my favorite weightlifting gloves. They are perfect. Good stretch, enough padding, nice fit. A great value for the money.
    ...more info
    I got these gloves as a gift in October of 2006 and started using them in November 2006. In September of 2007 with only 10 months of use they developed a hole by the seem where the thumb meets the palm of the hand. I used them 3 times a week on normal relatively new Olympic weight bars. Same usage with Valeo and they lasted me 3 years. When I contacted Harbinger they failed to respond to me basically telling me tough luck. I would STAY AWAY from their gloves since they don't last and they will not back them if they don't. YOU WILL LOSE MONEY ON THESE IF YOU BUY THEM!!!!!! ...more info
  • Excellent weight training gloves
    I have bilateral carpal tunnel and I *love* these gloves. They really help keep the wrists straight and help you keep good form. I would thoroughly recommend them. I find the padding on the palm and fingers very comfortable. Definitely worth the money....more info
  • THE BEST gloves EVER
    I simply cannot believe how great these gloves are!

    I was sitting in my living room, and I felt something..something powerful. I looked out of my window and saw the USPS guy walking towards my house with a box in his hand, and it was then I realized that it was the gloves, and they were certainly something else...something divine.

    I tore the box open, and in the process, got a pretty nasty cardboard cut on my right index finger. It actually hurt quite a bit, but as soon as I put these babies on, the cut was gone, and instead of feeling mild pain, I actually felt euphoria.

    Something was peculiarly different. I felt so...strong, even though I just started weightlifting days before receiving these. I didn't want to stall any longer, so I made my way to the gym where I planned to show these off to all those beefy jerks.

    When I walked into the gym, everyone stopped what they were doing (one guy even dropped the bar on his neck when he was benching and had to be rushed to the ER). As I made my way through, everyone stood aside, speechless and staring in awe.

    I lay on a bench pressing bench and attempted to bench whatever weight was already on the bar without looking, confident in myself. It was effortless, and a little embarassed, I looked, expecting to see no weights on the bar at all. How wrong I was! There were 135.5 pounds on each side!

    I have never taken them off since, and I find that they are so comfortable (they weren't kidding in the description when they emphasized how comfortable they are).

    My life has really taken a turn for the best. I bought a scratchoff and won 10,000 dollars instantly wearing these gloves. My car ran out of gas, but went on for 25 more miles to the next gas station because I was wearing these gloves. Someone tried to spit on me, and the spit deflected right before my eyes and hit the lady that was walking next to me. And lastly, thanks to these gloves, I am able to slam dunk on a regulation-sized basketball hoop (I'm 4'9").

    I definitely recommend these to everyone!

    The only issue I have is that when I look into a mirror, I don't see my own reflection, I see Bruce Lee staring back. I realize this may be appreciated by most others, but I have a phobia towards orientals, so it scares me a little, but then the same security of the gloves makes me feel much better....more info
  • Fantastic wrist glove for women
    Having carpal tunnel in both wrists, the orthopedic dr. recommended these gloves for weightlifting and I'm thrilled. Used Valeo gloves before but, the fingers unravelled too soon, plus there wasn't enough padding in the palms. Worth the extra money....more info
  • Feels great
    These gloves are by far the best I've ever owned. The gel takes up much of the pressure and the wrist straps are very comfortable. If you are looking for a new set of gloves, these are it. The gloves run a bit small so I had to order another set from Med to Lg. These gloves you can tell were built to last. Very well made and easy to clean. These gloves do not shrink like others I've had. But these and you won't be disappointed. ...more info
  • Great for wrist support.
    I purchased these because my left wrist tends to hurt a little when i put a little weight on it. I can definetly tell the difference, my wrist is fine when i am wearing them and they are comfortable....more info
  • Good Grip
    For serious weight lifters that want a glove that is beefy enough to last tough work outs for a long time, don't settle for junk you get at Wal-Mart (I tried, and was disappointed).
    ...more info
  • works but wears out
    work real well but also wear out real quick. lasted like 6 months then fell apart....more info
  • High quality
    Very high quality/durability. This glove works well as it should. Only complaint (splitting hairs here) is that it gets pretty hot pretty fast, and your hand will sweat. If you are an extreme sweater, you may want to sacrifice the quality construction of this glove for one that is more well ventilated. ...more info
  • Training Gloves
    I purchased these Gloves for my husband,he's very pleased with them ,he use them for weight lifting ,five days per week 3 hours per day ,so far they are holding up very well,so he gives them a five star....more info
  • Good Working but a bit big
    The Gloves are nice and the padding is good and made well.
    Just the only thing is, they have wrist wraps and the wrist wraps can be a bit a hassle. You'll have to keep adjusting them sometimes cause you'll have to make them tight to stay on and make the gloves easier then it can get annoying.
    Overall this Product is nice. Very well made and everything I recommend this well....more info
  • An overall good product
    The gloves have a tight, solid feel, and are made of good materials. The manufacturer describes a new feature, "Innovative curved finger design that offers a natural, flexible and comfortable fit". That sounds good, but does not add any real comfort to the glove. You still have the excess padding when making a fist that makes it more difficult to grab the bar.


    Solid feel; good padding; good materials, overall design and craftsmanship; the "No Sweat" wicking system seems to work and there is no dark residue left on the hands after the workout, which is not the case with most manufacturers using cheaper materials.


    Excess inner padding affecting the grip; no "easy-off" feature offered by many other manufacturers; a wrist wrap that takes some tweaking to be comfortable....more info
  • Durable and comfortable
    Great gloves. I'm not a heavy lifter, but use my gloves on average 3 times a week and these have held up great for about a year. I recently ordered a second pair from Amazon as the others were starting to wear out, but they held up a lot longer than other gloves I've used. The wrist strap gives extra support and I can't imagine lifting with out it now. Great gloves....more info