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Harbinger 364060 Core Balance Trainer 3" High x 13" Diameter (Blue)
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Product Description

Harbingers highly versatile Balance Trainer supports stability and posture, and can been used to improve upon a wide variety of training regimens. Made from comfortable and pliable polyvinyl chloride, the Balance Trainer isolates core muscle development in conjunction with other equipment, or with simple aerobic exercise. The portable Balance Trainer features two sides, one smooth and one nibbed, for easy adapting to different training surfaces.

Highly versatile, Harbinger's Core Balance Trainer can be used in a variety of exercises to enhance core muscle strength and development, as well as improve balance and posture. This compact, inflated disk is two sided - smooth and nibbed - to use on different training surfaces. You'll be amazed by its multiple uses and effectiveness.

What's in the Box?
Harbinger Core Balance Trainer

Manufacturer Warranty
90 days

  • Enhances core muscle strength and development by isolating specific muscle groups
  • Can be used standing, sitting, kneeling, lying down, and in tandem with exercise equipment such as balls or resistance cables
  • Made of soft, pliable PVC with a nibbed surface on one side, and a smooth surface on the other
  • 13 inches in diameter and 3 inches in height
  • Anti-burst, can withstand 500 pounds of pressure, and can be re-inflated using standard bicycle pump and pump adapter

Customer Reviews:

  • Just OK Balance Discs
    I've used several balance disks before, and these are pretty disappointing. The edges should be more rigid so it doesn't feel like stepping on an under inflated ball. The plastic material is too thin....more info
  • Core Trainer
    It is OK, I wish it was wider because I keep falling off of it and have to readjust my feet and I only wear a 5 1/2 shoe! But if you can get on it and stay on it for your full rep, it is a good workout tool. I do squats and lunges on it and I get sore!...more info
  • Use it Everywhere, for Everything, to Get More Results Per Workout
    Balance Disc and Bosu Balls are both essential tools for increasing proprioception, stability, and strength.

    You can do push-ups, squats, lunges, and other bodyweight exercises on these equipments to increase the intensity and versatility of each workout. Try doing the exercises with just one hand or one leg for an even greater challenge.

    I sit on my balance disc wherever I go: work, classes, meetings, movies, dates. These tools force you to have a great posture to stay balanced on them. You can slowly raise each leg up to get a nice core workout while you sit.

    The balance disc is great since it is convenient to carry and inexpensive. The bosu ball is a worthy investment as well, but you should master the balance disc first.

    If you don't feel the burn after 10 repetitions, you are doing the exercise wrong. In all exercises, it is the eccentric portion of the exercise that builds muscle. Do the exercise in a smooth, controlled fashion with a 3 concentric and 6 eccentric count. Squeeze at the peak of the motion to get that extra pump.

    As in all exercises, make sure to keep your wrists straight and check your posture with these seven vital points: feet hips-width apart and pointed straight ahead; knees slightly bent; pelvis at perfect middle, as if you are sitting at a bar stool; stomach tight, but not flexed; chest straight and aligned on top of ribs; shoulders parallel to ribs; and neck straight on top of body.
    ...more info
  • Great item. Fun to use
    Well made with nubs to massage the feet. Great to use while reading or watching TV...more info
  • An excellent and inexpensive tool for core strengthening and balance
    The Fit Disc can be used for balance and core strengthening (abdominal and lower back) exercises. Enhances the posture as well.
    I find the balance discs a great portable tool to help with a workout.
    Some exercises that can be done using the Fit Disc:

    -Standing single leg balance, core balance sit
    -Sitting on the disc to do crunches and other ab exercises
    -Standing on the disc while using dumbbells for arm strengthening
    -Standing on the disc while doing squats
    -Use the disc while doing lunges, step ups, push ups, planks...more info
  • Alternative use....stop squirming little one!
    My foster son has several behavioral and cognative limitations that causes him to squirm and move about in his seat. Suppertime was especially difficult. An in-school physical therapist provided a similar product for classroom use to encourage proper sitting during instruction. We researched the PT supplied cushion and found it to be well over $50 retail. This balance cushion is constructed from durable material and provides the perfect amount of stimulation. Each side of the cushion provides different stimulation allowing for changes due to the child's needs. We use the cushion during meals and anytime prolonged sitting is expected. The difference is AMAZING! Meals are no longer a constant battle. Our son noticed the difference immediately and often asks to take the cushion on short road trips....more info
    I ordered this on a recommendation from my daughter's cheer coach - she became a "flyer" where you need to control your balance while being lifted in the air. This little cushion forces you to balance and has helped her a lot. She really likes it. This would be a good tool for someone that needs to strengthen their balance for gymnastics, cheer, or other sports that require steadiness. ...more info
  • Cheap, useful, works....
    This is the same as the ones I used at the physio gym @ hospital. Works like it should (not rocket science!!), light, easy to carry if needed. I use it for balance, strengthening excerises.

    Recommend....more info
  • Excellent for Targeting your Thighs and Powerhouse!
    I purchased two of these after having left a gym where they were available for use. They're absolutely fantastic! I like to do squats with them, although they can be used for other exercises including lunges. When used regularly, you will notice a difference within a couple weeks! It's amazing how adding a little balance component to your regular routine will improve your tone.

    These are especially great for toning the back of your thighs, right below the buttocks where fat loves to go. But since you're also balancing yourself, they also work your core area, so you'll see and feel a difference in your "lower" abs as well!

    They're well worth the money, and very easy to store. The only reason I didn't rate them at 5 stars is because I have not compared Harbinger's to another brand of balancing disks....more info