Black & Decker D2030 Auto-Off Digital Advantage Iron
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Product Description

1500 Watts / LCD Digital Temperature Display / Stainless Steel Sole Plate / Variable Steam Control / Soft Grip Handle / Auto Clean

  • 1500-watt iron with digital-display temperature and fabric settings
  • Easy-to-read mini LCD monitor; stainless-steel soleplate; soft grip
  • Variable-steam control; vertical steaming; burst of steam; auto cleaning
  • Temperature ready tones; motion-sensitive auto off with audible alerts
  • Measures approximately 5 by 11-1/2 by 6 inches; 1-year warranty

Customer Reviews:

    I bought this iron for my wife who is an avid seamstress. She loves this iron and states that it is much better than her Rowenta iron that seems to leak alot. This was a great deal!...more info
  • good at first......
    Like my other Black & Decker iron it started off well, 2 years later it is leaking and leaving water spots, even after following the cleaning instructions. I clean this iron every couple of months so it is not neglected. I am going to stop listening to Consumer Reports on the irons. I will go with a Rowenta this time...we will see!...more info
  • Not bad while it works
    Decent Iron, but failed just out of Warranty. Water leaks when used even if the steam is off.

    When it works, it warms quickly, and produces lots of steam.

    The steam dial (control) is easily bumped while in use, so you need to keep adjusting it.

    The sole plate builds up burned starch and is very hard to clean. Next time I'll go for a non-stick sole....more info
  • Excellent - Consumer Reports rated it #1, and now I do too!
    While I don't claim any brand loyalty, my last (and over 6 years old) iron was a Black and Decker Steam Advantage. It's forced steam function finally died, so I went trekking for something new.

    I was quite surprised to get my first issue of Consumer reports and see that the D2030 Digital Advantage was #1 above several other $100+ Rowenta's. Their total score given was 74/100 but don't let that fool you. The second place contender was 62/100!

    Just for reference, here's their take on the D2030:
    Performance: 4/5
    Durability: 5/5
    Steaming: 4/5
    Ease of Use: 4/5
    Weight(lbs.): 4.1
    Water Tank (oz.): 12

    I am... well I WAS used to dial-turn type irons when it came to heat level adjustments. Seeing a high rating on a "digital" iron made me nervous, but hey - why not?!

    There's one turn-style knob that adjusts steam output to your preferred level, and when it's fully open it puts out an impressive amount of steam. Not so much as to drown your clothes, but more than any iron I have encountered.

    On top there's a digital display that displays the numbers 1-7 as you press the button. Each level is accompanied on the digital display by a fabric type, so if you have it at level 7, the display has a LARGE "7" and below that it reads "cotton". The display, by the way is backlit and large, so it's very readable for pretty much anyone who would want to.

    The swivel built into the back end that keeps you from getting cord-entangled is excellent. It moves smoothly, not chunkily. It twists as well as pivots, so there's no annoying sudden POP that makes your iron shoot across that shirt you were ironing. It's the little things like this that make the D2030 impressive.

    The water fill opening is near the front of the Iron, and when the iron is standing up - the hole to fill it up is 100% upright. This was a biggie for me. My previous iron needed to be held a certain way to avoid the lid and you always ended up spilling some. The lid/door on the D2030 gets WELL out of the way for filling, and the little filler cup that it comes with is absolutely PERFECT for it. No effort required here, just pop it open and pour. Ok, I COULD complain that it takes 2.5 fills of the filler cup to fill the D2030 up, but I'm not super lazy, so I won't; I'll just point it out in case that's a concern for you. =)

    What else.... The steam output, again - amazing. The adjustment from little to fog machine is very precise and it's easy to make slight steam in- or de-creases. It shuts off after 10 minutes if you walk away from it - whether or not it's upright or face down. The weight is slightly heavier than most I have seen, but I can't say it's any less easy to move than any other iron I have used. 4.1lbs isn't much when most are in the 3-3.6 range and I tend to think that the weight helps with those tougher, thicker cottons.

    Final thoughts: Buy it. Buy it now! You won't regret this purchase. I would have paid $200+ easily if I had been given a 7 day in-home trial....more info
  • Finally a decent iron!
    I am so happy to have finally found a decent iron. After purchasing the less expensive Black and Decker irons (2) found at Walmart which overheated and scorched clothing and a more expensive Shark iron which continued to shut off even as I was using it, I was beginning to think that a reliable iron was a thing of the past. However, this Black and Decker digital iron is just what I was looking for. It stays on when I turn it on, it steams beautifully, it doesn't scorch clothing, and the price is definitely right. I am very happy with it, and I would certainly purchase it again. ...more info
  • Side by side, better than the Rowenta Professional
    So I bought the B&D Digital Advantage from Amazon, and the Rowenta Professional from Bed Bath & Beyond, to see which did a better job of replacing my old broken iron. I ironed creases into the back of one of my old dress shirt, set both irons to their highest temperature and steam, and passed them each over half of the creases for 10 seconds pressing down hard. The result was slight but clear - I asked my partner to say which side was better ironed. It was the Black & Decker. I returned the Rowenta, saved $60, and we'll see how things go....more info
  • black &decker D2030
    I sew professionaly. I have used many many irons. The past 15 years I have used the rowentas. An iron lasts me about 5 years. I consulted consumer reports, and purchased this black & decker 2030. I am totally pleased with the performance. It has an automatic off feature that none of the rowentas have. It is not heavy to lift yet presses like it. I recommend this iron to anyone. The ease of use, the steam feature, the water reservoir that holds plenty of water. This iron does not spit water onto clothing. I am sold on this product and did not have to break the bank to purchase it....more info
  • greatest iron ever for a yucky chore
    Ironing has never been in my list of favs, but if you have to iron, you might as well have good equipment. My hat's off to the Black and Decker D2030, Digital Advantage Iron. It heats up quickly, tells you when it's ready, and has yet to drip or spew water on my garments. The temperature settings seem true to the fabrics indicated, with no extra elbow grease required in achieving a nicely pressed piece.
    I highly recommend this product, especially if you hate to iron.
    ...more info
  • Great iron & lots of steam
    Love this iron. Really gives out a lot of steam and really gets nice and hot. I know that sounds stupid to say for an IRON, but I had to take 2 irons back before this because they never seemed to get really hot. Saw this rated on a consumer website as a great buy and totally agree!...more info
  • GREAT!
    The iron is great. The digital numbers are wonderful. It does not take a long time to heat up, and the auto shut off is good for me since I am normally in a hurry.
    The bottom is not as slick as I would like it to be but it is still a good iron....more info
  • Wonderful steam iron
    This iron produces more steam than any iron I have ever used!! I highly recommend it....more info
  • Good iron for the money.
    I bought this iron based on a consumer site's rating. It really does iron very well and is a bargain compared to more expensive (professional) models, which I have owned in the past. My first iron shorted out after only a couple of weeks and got so hot that it started smoking and scorched my ironing pad (fortunately not what I was trying to iron). The vendor I purchased from replaced it immediately, so I am giving it another try. Be sure to unplug any iron when you are not using it -- it's a good thing I was sitting there when mine overheated....more info
  • Excellent product with excellent price
    Amazing, my wife loves this iron and I get most of my clothes ready before the week starts. Moreover, we kind of stopped going to the Cleaners for regular shirts and pants. 5 stars for this item....more info
  • Excellent
    This is the best iron I have ever used! As a long time seamstress, quilter and now doing a lot of designing work, I have gone through a lot of irons. I have had Rowentas that were not as good as this iron!...more info
  • Best Iron I've Owned
    I love this iron. Unfortunately I knocked the first one I bought off the ironing board onto a tile floot and it didn't appreciate it. I immediately ordered another without hesitation. Stainless steel plate moves effortlessly, water resevoir is large and it generates loads of steam. Digital display and "ready" signal are terrific. Just don't drop it from four feet, it doesn't bounce. TH...more info
  • Works well while it works
    This is a good iron except for one major problem, it doesn't last very long. I bought this iron in January of 2008 and this morning it died, meaning it lasted only 16 months! We have owned several B&D irons and none of them lasted more than two years....more info
  • Nice iron
    This iron warms up very quickly and the display makes it easy to see & set the temperature. It's comfortable when using and has a nice long power cord. So far, we are very pleased with it....more info
  • Nice and big
    I have used this a couple times and so far so good. It is huge and the digital is pretty cool....more info
  • Great iron at an excellent price
    Finally I got rid of my old iron and I wish I had done it years ago after seeing how good my new B&D D2030 iron is. I am now much more efficient and do a lot more of ironing in the same amount of time. This iron is very well built and looks very fancy with its LCD scree. I still need to validate that the LCD is actually useful or just another bells and whistles not really needed. For the price and performance you will not get something better. ...more info
  • Too hot to handle
    We bought the B&D D/A 2030 about a year and a half ago following the throngs who read the Consumer Reports and Amazon reviews. We had the same experience as others with singed material staining shirts but cleaned the sole and kept going. About a week ago my wife set the iron to 2 for polyester/cotton blend and I guess the thing just kept heating up until it was so hot it vaporized her shirt sleeve the moment she put the iron to it. The next time I plugged it in it was stone cold and unresponsive - about the same as B&D customer service. I'm glad so many people have had good experiences with it but I won't be rolling the dice with B&D again....more info
  • happy ironing
    This iron is truly a "must have" iron for an affordable price. I love the handling and the digital display. It heats quickly and cools down quickly for delicate ironing. ...more info
  • Black & Decker D2030
    I purchased this iron based on a Consumer Reports recommendation. I previously owned a Rowenta and used it for many years. This is definitely equal or better than the Rowenta at much less the cost. It heats up within seconds. I've only had it a few months, but it seems to be living up to its CR review....more info
  • It broke in 3 months
    This was a great iron. Loved the self clean feature and I loved the digital temp set and the fact that it beeped to let you know it was ready. However after 3 months the iron didn't heat up anymore. The power was still on but no heat. Amazon agreed to take back the iron and issue me a credit with 0 issues. I'm not going to rebuy this iron considering the last iron I bought lasted for 6 years and I only got rid of it because the retractable cord wouldn't stay out....more info
  • Excellent Iron, easy to use
    This iron has all the features we need, is easy to use and does an excellent job. I would recommend it to anyone....more info
  • Sputters but does not spit!
    I replaced an incontinent Rowenta iron with the Digital Advantage and am very happy with my purchase. The iron does make a lot of sputtering noises but it doesn't leak!

    The iron heats quickly and produces a lot of steam. The digital display indicates when the iron needs to be cleaned, I find that reminder to be very helpful. Hopefully, with proper care this iron will not become incontinent. ...more info
  • Great Iron for a reasonable price!
    I wish I had bought this iron years ago. My old one leaked and stained my clothes if I wanted to use the steam function. This iron doesn't leak, isn't too heavy, has digital temperature settings and plenty of steam, an automatic shut off, and irons beautifully. What more do you want?...more info
  • Really Great Iron
    This is something I really hate - trying to find a new iron. The last one you liked is always discontinued so it's always a new search. My search this time ended with a great iron. It's not too heavy, great steam, a window that lights up to let you know it's ready to use, no question as to what setting you need because it tells you, and an auto-off - which I love! This is the best iron I've had in a long time. Black & Decker D2030 Auto-Off Digital Advantage Iron...more info
  • great product!!
    this iron was just what I expected after researching it on Consumer Reports website - GREAT!!...more info
  • great product!!
    this iron was just what I expected after researching it on Consumer Reports website - GREAT!!...more info
  • Excellent
    This is the best iron I have ever used! As a long time seamstress, quilter and now doing a lot of designing work, I have gone through a lot of irons. I have had Rowentas that were not as good as this iron!...more info
  • Disappointed!!!!
    I received the Black&Decker D2030 iron on 12/08. Today 4/5/08 after 4 months of moderate use, the iron would not turn on. I was concerned about the iron from day one because the "clean" message appeared the very first week, so I cleaned the iron according to the directions. The "clean" message was still there. From then on it would appear and disappear at whim. The past couple of weeks I thought the handle of the iron felt warm when I would turn the iron on, but still thought that maybe I had just not noticed it before. At times, I would go to use the iron and would find the "auto off" message on and I knew that I had turned the iron off. I am very disappointed because I need to iron white, cotton dress shirts and this iron produced a lot of steam. I am also concerned because I liked the iron so much that I purchased another one thru Amazon as a Christmas gift. I did much research before I purchased this iron and selected it because of the high reviews from Amazon and Consumer Reports. After reading the bad reviews, I am hesitant to send this back to Black & Decker because of the numerous reviews stating that B&D did not replace with same model and charged shipping. I am also disappointed that Amazon does not have guidelines for their customers who received merchandise that fails while still under warranty. I did not purchase this thru Amazon Marketplace, I purchased directly from Amazon as an AmazonPrime customer. I am waiting to hear from Amazon Customer Support now. I think my next purchase will be directly from a big box store so that I may just bring it back. I am keeping my fingers crossed that the iron I gave as a gift wont bite the dust too.

    Also, to one of the 1star reviewers who was told that their D2030 couldn't be replaced by the same model because it was out of stock, I purchase mine long after you....more info
  • Black & Decker Digital Advantage Iron
    This is a new product with easy to read digital information but with the heft and feel of older irons. To me it is far and away the best iron I have bought in recent years. No difficult to find controls and no uncertainty about just how hot the iron is getting. It has a substantial feel and my guess is that other manufacturers will be copying this product shortly....more info
  • So Far, So Good!
    I've only used this iron once and it is almost perfect. The temperature gauge seems correct, the bottom plate glides smoothly over fabric, and the steam actually works. It is a bit heavier than the 3-month old Sunbeam 4215 that I am replacing because it DIDN'T do the above. Both the Sunbeam 4215 and the Black and Decker D2030 have small water insertion holes that apparently require funnels and both have delicate looking hole lids. ...more info
  • Love this iron!
    This iron is absolutely fabulous. And inexpensive! I love the digital reading on it. I used to burn my clothes because i was too impatient to wait for the right setting to "kick in." However, this iron will let you know when it's "ready" when you change settings. I haven't burned any clothes since! It's so easy to use; it tells you what setting to use for what fabric. It's also just overall nice looking. My friend thought this was an extremely expensive iron! Our secret will be that it's rather inexpensive!...more info
  • Best Iron I Have Ever Owned
    I am very fussy about not having wrinkles in any of the clothes I I iron almost everything including jeans. The last iron I owned was twice the price of this Black & Decker model--and I probably worked twice as hard at ironing-out wrinkles and still had only about 70% of the result I get with this iron. I am very satisfied with this product....more info