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Pet Gear Happy Trails 30-Pound-Capacity Pet Stroller, Medium, Cobalt Blue
List Price: $113.49

Our Price: $79.99

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Product Description

Promenade your pet around the park in our Happy Trails Pet Stroller. It's ideal for taking puppies, kittens, or small dogs or cats--and especially older, less mobile pets--just about anywhere.Convenient and easy to use, the Happy Trails Pet Stroller folds flat for storage and unfolds for use in seconds.Zippered compartment contains your pet in the stroller's berth.Front and back entry.Durable, breathable mesh allows visibility and ventilation. Mesh panel at top lets you easily monitor your pet while using the Pet Stroller.Nylon fabric construction is water resistant and easy to clean.Large 8" wheels give your pet a smooth ride even on rough terrain.Easy to operate brake mechanism on back wheels.Large storage basket and parent tray are great for toting accessories and necessities. Parent tray also includes two recessed cup holders.Padded handlebar.Heavy-duty construction.

  • 30-pound-capacity pet stroller made from water-resistant nylon fabric
  • Zippered interior compartment measures 24 by 12 by 22-1/2 inches
  • Breathable mesh for visibility and ventilation; storage basket and parent tray
  • 6-1/2-inch wheels; front shock absorbers; brake mechanism on back wheels
  • Measures 38 by 18 by 38 inches

Customer Reviews:

  • Kitten heaven!
    I have four kittens and they love this stroller! They look forward to their daily walk everyday. They jump up into the stroller as if it say "let's go". They sit and watch and smell the smells outside. They are all indoor kittens and they are so pleased to be able to get outside and enjoy some fresh air on nice days. At first I thought that this was too much money to spend on a pet stroller, but I researched others and this was a great deal! I am so happy that I bought this. It is really the greatest gift I have given my kittens so far! It even helps me get my exercise which is great:)...more info
  • My Cat Loves It
    I have a handicap cat and this is the only way he gets to go out into the world. After my "former" vet caused Sinjun to go deaf, he was then run over by a Fed Ex truck and now is sight impaired and has a limp. He is a dominant Siamese and very vocal. Before this he was king of our townhome neighborhood. But now he is confined to home and my little courtyard. He loves the stroller so much. He sits up there like the king that he is and away we go. He likes to go fast and takes bumps like a champ. If you stop, he lets you know that he wants to go. So we don't get to socialize for long. He even climbs in it while it is parked in my living room and lets you know that he is ready to go. When I cannot take him, I sit the stroller in front of my sunny french doors and he gets in and takes a nap in the sun.

    My normal cat isn't such a big fan of going for rides but she likes to play with Sinjun while he is in it or she will get in it and will bap him with her paw when he goes by or she will not let him in the it for the fun of it.

    My family got this for me last Christmas (kinda as a joke) and I cannot tell you the difference it has made in our little lives. He is happier (and a little quieter) and I am getting lots of exercise walking him 4-5 times a week.

    Even my cat sitter will take him for walks while I am away.

    And my neighbors are getting a kick out of it too. I am the lady that takes her crazy cat for walks in a "baby" stroller. But I just smile and wave. ...more info
  • My cats love their baby buggy
    This pet stroller is sturdy, very driveable, easy to assemble and a good price. Renny, my Himalayan, has adopted it as his personal little house. Whenever I can't find him, day or night, he is curled up in his stroller bungalow, fast asleep.
    I am very happy with this product....more info
  • cat stroller
    wonderful stroller, easy to put together, works well, no problems or issues, except that at 92bux, one would be better off going for something less pricey. ...more info
  • Great Purchase
    Great purchase: good price, quick delivery, easy assembly, well-made. The assembly directions must have been updated since some of the previous reviews. Only, minimal complaint, is as others wrote, the stroller has essentially no padding. I purchased a cage liner, which fits perfect....more info
  • Pleased with Pet Stroller
    We have a small dog who travels with us in our 5th-wheel camper. The stroller folds to a compact size and is easily packed and unpacked for use. It is sturdily built. The mesh screen handles clawing of an excited dog. The stroller allows for fresh air and provides adequate shade for the dog. We much prefer our dog in the stroller than on a leash in crowds. This stroller is a quality, useful stroller for that. We also like the handy tray and compartment under the dog's seat. We all love our stroller - including the dog!...more info
  • love it
    quality construction. attention to detail and really roomy for my yorkie. she loves it. we put our teacup yorkie in the basket on the bottom. a really good deal....more info
  • Fun & safe ride for my cats, helpful for me
    I've owned this cat stroller for over 3 years, & have used it with 5 of my cats during that time. For the cats who like to be outside when I am, it's been a great way for them to safely enjoy the outdoors. They'll sit in their stroller near me while I'm reading or conversing on the front porch or back patio, & they seem to especially like to be out in it when I'm gardening, & down near their eye level....! They will watch the neighborhood "wildlife" (bugs, birds, butterflies) with great delight, & then settle down for a nap in the sun. I originally bought the stroller just for this "sitting out" purpose, & it has fulfilled it very well.

    I've also found that it's a great way to take my cats to the vet from
    mid-spring to mid-fall. They will readily get into the stroller, but not into a regular carrier. I live just a few blocks away from our vet hospital, & walking one or two of my cats there in the stroller is less stressful on them and on me--& quicker, too--than trying to get them into carriers, getting them into the car, finding parking, etc. When one of my cats was going through chemo & she had to be sedated for each treatment, the vet staff would place her back into the stroller at the end of her treatment & let her wake up there; they said she was much calmer there than when placed in a treatment cage.

    As a person with deteriorating, disabiling conditions of both hands, being able to push my cats around in the stroller rather than carrying them by the handles of their carriers has saved me pain and even faster hand deterioration. Since the stroller rolls so smoothly, there's very little pressure on my hands, & that really helps me function and feel better. I can also carry home 10-15 lb. bags of dry cat food or a case of canned food by placing it in the storage area below the main compartment. This stroller is REALLY a workhorse! If I were to make any recommendations for improvement, they would be to make the drink holders deeper on the tray (I find water bottles tip out fairly easily just from regular walking) & to provide a rain cover as part of the basic stroller purchase.

    Our Happy Trails stroller is a favorite item at our house, & it carries kittens as well as very large cats (my largest is 25lbs.) comfortably. I highly recommend it. Should ours ever wear out, I will most certainly purchase another one! ...more info
  • Pet Gear Happy Trail 30# capacity pet stroller
    I love the pet stroller. I was concerned because it has plastic wheels and I expected rubber but I have been using it for 2 months and haven't had a problem. The handle extension is a little short and you have to get your pace right so you don't run into the stroller because you are a little too close. Also, I have to hold the stroller with one hand because I have two other dogs on a leash. There is some mechanism in the middle of the handle that makes it difficult so I have to hold it close to one side or the other. Neither of these issues has significantly affected our total enjoyment of the stroller. My dog loves it. She can be totally zipped in or I can leave the front wide open. She doesn't have any problem what-so-ever using the stroller. The stroller was actually delivered within about a day and a half of the order. My son put it together and didn't seem to have any problem doing so. I absolutely love it and would certainly order it again if I needed a new one....more info
  • Pet Gear Happy Trails Stroller
    I absolutely love this stroller. We have carriers, body slings, the wheelies(roll luggage type from Target), and strollers. Our 3 Yorkies are our children, and we like to make sure they are with us, and comfortable, and happy. Although the other things do work, they can become inconvenient, but the stroller is fantastic. We have the blue, and the larger pink. Our babies go everywhere with us, including restaurants with outdoor seating. If you are reading this to help decide if you should purchase it, I definitely suggest YES. I have not come across any problems what so ever, except one of my babies is a chewer, and she chewed through the mesh around the zipper, but I just sewed it up with a very thick black thread, and keep my eyes on her. My babies love these too, and if we even go near the strollers, they all come running, and try to jump in them. If I put them by the sofas, they will just get inside them, and lay down. This is a GREAT stroller. ...more info
  • It pleased the pooch
    I was surprised at the sturdiness of this stroller. It was easy to assemble and my pooch jumped in before I could finish putting the wheels on! It is rather sizable though, as it takes up most of the room in my car's trunk. I like the cupholder and the storage space beneath the bed, it's great for taking my pooch for a day at the mall. I also like that I can zip the flap so the dog is protected from overzealous folks that want to pet when he doesn't want to be disturbed. ...more info
  • pet stroller review
    I am very happy with this product. It is easy to use and perfect for it's intended use....more info
  • Very Good
    I was very pleased with how quickly I received the stroller. It was package well. It took a couple of minutes to assemble and it was ready to go. Plus it was affordable, very sturdy, easy to manuver, and get down stair. It is such a blessing to have one of these. My Westie is a bit overwieght (28lbs) and he loves it. He has room to stretch out, sit up. I can see him at all times because of the mesh veiwer. I can take him on the train, in stores, where ever I want, because he's secured and enclosed. I get alot of compliments and some strange looks because it looks just like a baby stroller, even better than some of them I was told. ****The only thing I would say bad about it is that the mesh cover has a toxic smell to it....BUT once I took it outside a couple of times it did air out, and the smell is gone. ****Also to make it more comfortable I did place a cusion lining inside. Otherwise I thought it was great, I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to travel with pets, have older pets, don't own a car and would like an easier way to take your pet to vet visits, parks, or where ever....more info
  • Lawsuit waiting to happen - Do not buy this
    I am absolutely shocked that this product ever made it to market. If a baby stroller with this design ever hit the stores, the company would have been shut down by lawsuits instantly. Take a good look at the picture and I'll describe the dimensions. The wheelbase (front to back) is 20 inches. The wheel width is 14 inches. The bottom of the basket (where the animal sits) is 16 inches off the ground. The basket itself is 24 inches long with 9 of those inches BEHIND THE REAR AXLE. If it's hard to picture those dimensions with a 30 lb. animal inside it, the deal is this - the center of gravity is way too high for the tiny wheel width and length. Any restless dog that weighs more than 10lbs can easily tip this thing over. Making matters far worse, and it is completely beyond comprehension how this happened, there is a full 9 inches of basket that sits behind the rear axle. If the animal simply shifts towards the back of the stroller, down it goes.

    Now let me clarify one thing - I understand that it is a stroller and you're supposed to have your hands on the handles. But that's impossible. You have to put the animal in it and you have to zip it closed. Unless you have two people, you're going to have moments where you can't stabilize it yourself. Or if you let go for even a moment, let's say to tie your shoe, expect this thing to be sideways if your animal moves at all. If a dog gets up on his hind legs and puts his front paws against a side wall of the basket, it will go over sideways. If he moves toward the back, the front wheels come right up off the ground and the whole unit falls backwards over the rear axle.

    We borrowed this item from a member of our animal rescue group because one of our rescued dogs is old, overweight, and has a bad back. She has gotten to where she can't walk as far as the others so we thought we'd try this. We observed the dangerous flaw in the design the first time we tried it. I picked her up and put her in the basket and, with both hands on her and not on the stroller, before I could grab the handle she had moved toward the back and tipped it over. After several weeks of serious back pain and trips to the vet, we tried again, acknowledging that we had to be very diligent about stabilizing it at all times. Unfortunately, that kind of diligence is impossible. Sooner or later you'll need to momentarily let go and before you know it your dog has hit the pavement again. What's so incredibly stupid about the design is that there is a cargo basket underneath the animal compartment. All they need to do is get rid of it and lower the compartment. One other flaw worth mentioning - the handle needs to extend farther back. Unless you walk with your arms stretched way out in front of you, you'll find yourself constantly kicking the back wheels or the axle. This a minor issue compared to the injury you could inflict on your pet, but worth pointing out.

    In summary, I am just astonished that this product could have made it out of the test facility. Maybe a cat or a real small dog couldn't knock it over, but I wouldn't even bet on that. I have contacted the manufacturer, but have not heard back yet. Regardless of what they say, or if they'll pay my vet bills, this product needs to be taken off the market. Do not buy this. There are other strollers out there. Look for one with a low set basket.
    ...more info
  • Stroller gives you keys to the city...
    No need to go to Europe to enjoy access to restaurants and shops with your pet. My original motivation was to be able to walk with my dog, a Jack Russell Terrier who lost a leg to cancer. We used to walk miles and hours together. She's still very mobile and agile but can't walk comfortably more than 40 minutes.

    I was visiting Boston and was dreading having to carry her in a dog sling or in her case on an airport wheelie. I saw this on sale at Petsmart ($69).

    She loved it, I left the front screen unzipped and she rested her head on it as she lounged, riding in comfort.

    The best surprise perk--when the screen is zipped, I can bring her into restaurants, Starbucks, and the supermarket. Many shops didn't mind the screen unzipped. It was like having a key to the city, we could go every where and anywhere. No being tied up outside with me worrying that some kook might take her or do something to her.

    I'm tall and I was worried maybe the handle wouldn't be high enough, but it is, I can comfortably stride out when walking. It's also a quiet smooth ride. You can load it up with your shopping, the cup holder is solid and handy.

    It's solid and well made.

    Two wish list items if anyone from the company is reading this:
    1. Hook to hang your purse off the parent tray.
    2. Hook to snap safety lead so that you can walk around with screen open.

    If you like to walk, tour, dine out, with your furry companion this is money well spent. I wish I found this years ago.

    ...more info
  • Pet stuff
    This little stroller makes my inside cat very happy. I live in a third floor condo with a small deck. One day my cat took a tumble off the railing and landed on concrete. That was his lucky day, and he only lost one life. But he wants to go out SO badly: and when I saw this stroller in a "pet" magazine, I thought this would be a good way for both of us to get outside. This stroller is easy to assemble (just put the wheels on) takes 10 minutes tops. And it is VERY well made. Your animal is securely contained and easily removed by way of sturdy zippers, and he/she has a 360 degree view. It is large enough for animals up to 30 pounds. We both feel better, and he really loves sneaking up on birds who don't know there is a CAT in that stroller.
    It has two cup holders and a large basket below the animal compartment for people to carry their stuff, large quiet wheels with brakes, padded hand grips, and smooth pivoting front wheels make this nicer than most person strollers. One button folds it flat for storage....more info
  • Outdoor Cat Safety Wins!
    The stroller for my cats is great. I take it outside when I'm gardening in the yard, and they can hear the birds and watch the squirrels without my worrying they'll run away. We also have large hawks in the area and that was always another concern as one is very small. I tried a leash early on, but they feared the outdoors too much. I hope to use this as a training method as well to get them more used to the outdoors and then try the leash method as well. ...more info