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Sportline 340 Strider Pedometer
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Product Description

Lot of 100 Sportline 340 Step and Distance Pedometers. Brand New. Each Peodmeter comes with 19 page walking book

Simple yet effective, the tiny, ultra-lightweight Sportline 340 Strider pedometer is great for all walkers and hikers. The 340 accurately measures steps you take, and it features both automatic and manual stride measurement (adjustable from 1 to 5 feet) to assist you with accurate stride length setting. This pedometer records 0.01 to 1,000 miles on the large electronic digital display, and it takes a single press of a button to reset back to zero. It features pendulum movement and a tough belt clip. It's powered by an LR44 battery.

What's in the Box?
Sportline 340 pedometer, printed instructions

Manufacturer Warranty
1-year limited warranty

  • Accurately measures walking, hiking distance
  • Ultra-compact design
  • Records from .01 to 1000 miles on large electronic digital display
  • Stride length adjustable from 1 to 5 feet
  • Tough belt clip

Customer Reviews:

  • Getting Started
    The pedometers where what we needed to get members of our congregation started on a 12 week Exercise Challenge. We looked at several pedometers and found this one to be economical and easy to use. People who signed up for the Challenge were given a free pedometer to track their progress. The 4 Challenge teams are monitored by the 4 Parish Nurses in our congregation with weekly progress updates posted for teams to keep track and compare....more info
  • dont buy this one.
    First, I bought it because the size was so small. but the clip was loose. it always fell down to the floor. then, it wasn't accurate after 3-month use. i suggest to buy $20 one and made sure that it is made in Japan....more info
  • Major quality control problem
    This was completely inaccurate - the first hour I wore it on a long walk, it counted a reasonable number of steps. The following day it registered 200 steps for a 2 hour walk. I'm going to ask for a refund - but I advise readers to get an Omron, I've had good experience with at least one of those (2 years accurate use before it died). I've had 6 different pedometers so far, there is a really widespread quality problem - one of the Omrons was the only reliable one....more info
  • Surprisingly Accurate, Excellent Value
    After having little success using a $250 Timex Bodylink GPS watch (see review) in Manhattan, I decided to try this $15 pedometer. At first I was quite skeptical. However my tests showed the Sportline 340 Pedometer having astounding repeatability (better than 1%) and accuracy.

    Most pedometers, including this one, are very basic instruments. Inside the device, there is a balanced weight that is very sensitive to vertical motion. When clipped to your belt, it increments the counter as you step driven by the translation of one side of your waist.

    In order to test and calibrate the Sportline 340 Pedometer, I walked a very straight stretch of six Manhattan blocks. In the first group of tests, there were few sidewalk obstacles and minimal pedestrian traffic that impeded my movements. In order to be moderately scientific, I was certain to start and stop on the proper side of the street so the distance included exactly six stretches of cross street and six stretches of sidewalk.

    After four trips of walking the same path, my step counter showed an amazingly small range of 588 to 594 steps. When one considers the variables imposed, such as not always being able to walk completely straight, the results are even more impressive. As you can see from the data below, the accuracy was quite amazing. The difference from the mean never exceeded 1%. Given the simplicity of the pedometer, I didn't expect this level of repeatability. Moreover, I didn't expect my stride length to be so uniform.

    My hypothesis was that the exceptional accuracy may have been fostered, in part, by the shoes I was wearing. The Kenneth Cole Building Block shoes (see review) have very heavy soles and large heals. These may insure that the impact is harsh enough to always trigger the movement of the weight.

    On a second grouping of tests, I walked precisely the same path wearing my New Balance 620 cross trainers (see review). The conditions were not the same as the first group due to far more pedestrian traffic and other obstacles, which made it very difficult to walk in a straight line. In fact, one test had to be scrapped as I was nearly run over by a taxi. As you can see below, the second group produced a step count about 2% greater than the first group. Yet this was probably due to the unavoidable path changes.

    Considering that the pedometer is only calibrated in whole inches, the accuracy truly limited by the precision of the calibration settings. This means there is no difference in the two calibrations as both stride lengths would round to 32 inches.

    For the price, the Sportline 340 pedometer is an excellent piece of fitness equipment. If you enjoy low-impact exercise by walking, consider this device as an excellent tool for tracking your efforts.


    Lack of speed, time or other measurements
    Requires user to look down while tilting the device upward
    Possible inaccuracy caused by movement other than walking
    Needs greater calibration precision


    Experimental conditions:
    1) NYC Avenue N/S: Amsterdam from 73rd to 79th
    2) Measured distance on MS Streets and Trips 2005: .301 miles/1589 feet
    3) Calculated distance based on NYC grid: .300 miles/1584 feet

    Group1 - Wearing Kenneth Cole Building Block Shoes
    ________steps____diff from mean____calculated stride length
    Test 1____592____0.04%________32.22
    Test 2____593____0.21%________32.16
    Test 3____594____0.38%________32.11
    Test 4____588____-0.63%________32.43
    Std Dev____2.6

    Group2 - Wearing New Balance 620 Cross trainers
    ________steps____diff from mean____calculated stride length
    Test 1____597____-0.75%________31.95
    Test 2____614____2.08%________31.06
    Test 3____595____-1.08%________32.05
    Test 4____600____-0.25%________31.79
    Std Dev____8.6

    ...more info
  • Good little meter for walking or jogging
    It keeps a good record of you walk or jog. Keeps track of your daily exercise to help monitor your distance and speed and etc, very easy to use . ...more info
  • Works fine, but durability is a problem
    The Sportsline model 340 was my second pedometer this year. I was pleased with the accuracy and ease of use. It was accurate as far as I could tell, as long as it was in a horizontal position on a belt, waistband, or pocket.

    However, I am replacing the pedometer after approximately only five months of daily use. The hinge for the belt clip is broken and cannot be glued or repaired. I realize this isn't a top-of-the-line model, but it should have lasted longer than five months. My first pedometer, a different Sportsline model, broke in almost the same place after two months. The spring-based belt clip seems to be a weak area in the design....more info
  • Totally Inaccurate Pedometer
    Although this pedometer is cleanly designed with its buttons easy to use and a clear digital display, it is worthless because it is inaccurate. I left it on for several hours while walking around doing normal tasks, and it registered only a few steps. I had clipped in on my belt just as the instructions described.

    I think the problem is that this pedometer is just not sensitive enough. If you are walking normally, it doesn't register the steps. If you are pounding the pavement, it does better....more info
  • Accurate, even in your pocket.
    I got this for my wife who goes through a lot of belt-mounted pedometers which break before too long from being exposed on her belt. She used this the same time as her old one to test the accuracy and it matched readings. Being able to keep it in your pocket to use it is a great feature. Other nice features are that it tells you calories burned and total steps taken, breaking them down into aerobic and non-aeroblic, so you can leave it in your pocket all the time and measure how much you walk around the office, home, etc., as well as how far you do aerobic walking/running....more info
  • don't buy this
    I just bought this sportline 340 pedometer today. I walked 20 steps, and it gave me a reading of 58 steps. I reset it, and tested it again. The next 50 steps I took resulted in a reading of 69 steps. I reset it, and tested it again. With my next 50 steps, it gave me a reading of 18 steps. I was very careful to use it properly; the problem was not human error. Don't bother with the sportline 340. ...more info
  • Dont bother with this one
    This pedometer doesn't clock every step. I walked around the city for hours and it only clocked 12k steps while my sister's clocked 20k. It's a nice, tiny size that doesn't bulge from my belt but it doesn't do the job it's supposed to....more info