AudioQuest LP record clean brush
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Product Description

designed to safely clean vinyl records -- works great on LCD screens and keyboards too * contains more than one million conductive carbon fibers * eliminates static electricity while removing dust and fine particles * rotating handle on brush cleans the bristles *

  • Conductive Carbon Fibers

Customer Reviews:

  • Very good product!
    This brush is really very good for its price... it catches almost all the dust and helps improve the sound of your records. Very simple and effective! Highly recommended....more info
  • does the job
    I got this to clean my records prior to digitizing with a USB turntable. First I used a swiffer duster to get most of the dust off, followed by a couple of passes with the Audioquest....more info
  • The best brush you can get for clean records
    This little gem is a great bargain. No brush is more effective, but you need to use it correctly.

    Most importantly, if your record is dirty, do not contaminate your brush with it. You will harm both.

    This brush is for new and washed records between plays.

    First, hold the brush nearly perpendicular to the record surface, with a slightest of bends with the turn. Wipe the tips the long way GENTLY across a cloth. Do this with the record turning on the turntable and do not press. Twice around does the job. This pass removes any relatively large particles and cat hair.

    Then, point the tips of one row AGAINST the direction of turn at a someshat acute angle, as if you were shaving off a thin slice. This does the deep groove cleaning of dust that records attract. Clean the brush as before. Notice how much is left on the cloth.

    If you have dirty records, get a liquid cleaner, or at the least, purified water. But every record player needs one of these brushes. Highly recommended!...more info
  • LP enthusiast "must own" tool!
    This is a must have for LP enthusiasts. Sure I have a Nitty Gritty cleaning machine and a plethora of other equipment to clean and maintain my records. This little jewel, however, is a necessity for a quick dust off here and there before playing. It cleanly and efficiently wicks dust and small particles out of the precious LP grooves. If you otherwise maintain clean records this will keep that last second dusting from interfering with your listening pleasure. Somewhat smaller than I anticipated it is nevertheless a great size for sweeping the moving LP surface and the bristle guard/handle doubles as a very effective bristle cleaner simply by rotating it forward and back over the microfiber bristles themselves.

    At it's price there is no reason for anyone who plays LPs to not own this little beauty. ...more info
  • if you are not careful you can scratch your record
    If you are not careful the metal holder can scratch your record, the brush has very soft carbon fibers, if you apply too much pressure they will just bend and the metal will make contact with the record and you could end up scratching your record. I am giving it 3 stars because its not ergonomic, you have to hold it straight or else you will make metal contact with the record surface. ...more info
  • A decent purchase
    This brush does more or less what it says it does. It's useful for lifting stray fibers and dust off of your records, but not much more. It is certainly not a product for cleaning dirty records. The instructions are extremely vague, and one should expect to have to figure this thing out on their own. Even still, it isn't that difficult to use. The brush is a decent purchase in the end due to the fact that there isn't much else out there that could do its job. ...more info
  • Under performs for the money...

    At this price, I would have expected more from the product, especially considering it loses (micro thin hair like) bristles easily, which can be difficult to remove from the record using the brush itself....more info
  • good brush but can be found cheaper
    I bought this same brush under a different name at a local record store for 10 dollars. It works as good as any brush. Like it has been said you push it with the bristles facing towards the driection your pushing to get all most of the dust out. ...more info
  • A very nice, well priced product
    I never thought I'd own an AQ product, but here I am with this nice little brush. For the record, there is no magical ground cable to reduce static (though readers aware of AQ's cables with batteries wouldn't be surprised), just a useful carbon fiber brush to get surface dust off my records. I find 4 or 5 spins prior to playing a side removes most popping very well. Can't go wrong for the price!...more info
  • Belief is the key.
    The version I picked came with a grounding wire, claiming that using the wire in conjunction with the brush would discharge all of the electrostatic-producing snap, crackles, and pops. If you believe that, continue to do so, and maybe you'll imagine less surface noise than was the case before employing the device. Speaking more pragmatically, I've found some use for the item only when loose, conspicuous debris has collected on the surface of a vinyl disc....more info
  • Works very well but is over-priced
    This brush does what it is supposed to do. However, when compared to competing products I feel it is over-priced. I really prefer the older DiscWasher cleaning system. However, since the latest DiscWasher brush is now made in China from cheap materials it is useless....more info
  • Does what it needs to do but wish it was heavier
    The brush works fine, it does what it's supposed to do- although I wish it was heavier. While it works alright, the brush just doesn't feel like great quality, it feels light and plastic-y. It works though, a little tedious to get the dust off but it does the job....more info
  • Awesome brush... works wonders...
    As has been said, this brush is not for cleaning dirty records! If you have dirty LPs, you need to clean them first with something else. There are products for that, this isn't one of them. This is for your clean vinyl to brush before and after playing. The carbon fiber bristles are dust magnets and will pick up anything from cat hair to very small dust -- and it does it extremely well. This keeps clean vinyl -- clean. In that regard it's simply excellent! I am a very happy user! ...more info
  • AudioQuest LP record cleaner
    The AudioQuest LP record cleaner brush does an excellent job of dry cleaning records and also reduces static levels. Previously used the Discwasher brush and liquid cleaner system along with a pizo-electric antistatic "gun" to accomplish the same tasks. AudioQuest's brush is quicker and easier to use and accomplishes both tasks with one product. If your records have not been well maintained, you probably will need a product that includes a cleaning solution to get satisfactory results....more info
  • gets the job done
    There isn't much to say about this brush. It'll do what you need it to do. It's also great for cleaning off lcd computer monitors and tv screens....more info