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Monster AI ICLN-S iClean+ Screen Cleaner
List Price: $14.95

Our Price: $12.10

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Product Description

Monster iClean Screen Cleaner has an alcohol-free, ammonia-free formula that removes dust, dirt, and fingerprints without damaging your display's protective coating. The liquid gel will not drip into delicate electronics. Monster iClean Screen Cleaner contains a special polymer to protect your display, while reducing static electricity that attracts dust. The special MicroFiber cloth gently polishes your display without scratching it.

  • Alcohol-free, ammonia-free formula removes dust, dirt, and fingerprints without damaging your display's protective coating.
  • Liquid gel will not drip into delicate electronics.
  • Contains a special polymer to protect your display, while reducing static electricity that attracts dust.
  • Special MicroFiberTM cloth gently polishes your display without scratching it.

Customer Reviews:

  • Best laptop screen cleaner out there
    The cleaner itself is not simply a liquid. It's thicker, not quite like a gel, but somewhere in between. I sprayed my screen a couple of times (it did not run down the screen) and then used the microfiber cloth to clean. My screen looks the best it's ever looked. I previously would use a slightly damp washcloth, but that would leave streaks. No such problems with iClean. Highly recommended....more info
  • Fixed iMac Streaks
    I bought this product to correct the terrible streaking that occurred when I used a little bit of regular glass cleaner to try to get the water marks off my new iMac. Apple says just to use water and their cloth, but it still can leave streaks.

    Monster iClean removed all the streaking I created with the glass cleaner and made my monitor perfectly clean and clear. The cloth is superb compared to the Apple iWipe.

    EDIT: And 7 days later new streaks from the iClean covered my monitor! Apparently iClean only lasts about a week before it wears off, perhaps cooks off when used on monitors that run hot like iMacs, leaving a filthy mess that needs to be cleaned with iClean. It is too late for me, as I am addicted to iClean, but future buyers beware that this product lasts about a week on iMacs before you have to use it again (regardless of what else filths your display.)...more info
  • Perfect
    This product is excellent. I tried so many others to clean my laptop and they all sucked. This one is not messy at all and it cleans the LCD monitor pretty well without leaving any traces. I highly recommend it. I also clean the whole laptop with it, not just the LCD....more info
  • This stuff WORKS!
    I don't know exactly what is inside this formula, but it works great! I'm afraid to ask just what it is I'm putting on my screen, but it really cleans and lasts a long time. This stuff does exactly what it was designed to do and worth every penny paid. I just wear rubber gloves when applying and it leaves a spotless finish !...more info
  • Great product
    This is a great LCD screen cleaner that does its job on the first try. I HATE when people touch my LCD screens, so when I started my new job, was handed a laptop, and saw the million fingerprints and smudges all over the screen, the first thing I did was buy this product. It got rid of all the garbage without streaks or scratches. I would save the plastic packaging to keep the bottles and the cloth organized and clean....more info
  • Wow!
    Wow! That's all I can say. I needed something to clean my iMac's 24 inch screen and I bought this based on the recommendations of other amazon customers. It comes with two small bottles of screen cleaner and a special cleaning cloth.
    The iClean screen cleaner did exactly what it was advertised to do. It cleaned my iMac's screen, it did not leave any streak lines, and the cloth included did not scratch my screen at all and was very gentle. ...more info
  • It works
    My 22" monitors had spots. I used the cleaner and cloth. The spots came out. Can't really ask for more....more info
  • Great stuff !!
    This stuff does excactly what you expect from it. Leaves the sreens on my laptops, like new....more info
  • No Streaks! Sweet.
    Works like a charm. Everything else I tried didn't work or left streaks. This left no streaks.

    I just read online after ordering that you can make your own lcd cleaner by combining rubbing alcohol and distilled water, so you can probably save a few bucks and make your own, but heck, for $15 just order this and save yourself the trouble. Will last practically forever too for normal usage.

    ...more info
  • Excellent Cleaner. Very Safe for your laptop screen.
    Very effective cleaner. I used this on my HP Laptop and External Monitors. The solution is safe and gentle on the surface. I would definitely recommend this product!...more info
  • Works great with matte screen.
    I used this on my laptop's 15.4" matte screen. A couple of sprays and a wipe down with the microfiber cloth provided and the screen looks like new. No problems with streaks, either. Two bottles is enough to last me for a good few years. ...more info
  • Amazing
    I have a 19" LCD panel and a laptop. The LCD panel has been disgusting for a year about. Little spills and splatters from eating at my computer. This stuff had a year to build up and harden.

    I finally decided i needed to take of it but didnt want to damage either my LCD or my laptop. Then i found this.

    The microfiber cloth is amazing even without the cleaner. I cleaned my laptop's screen and around the keyboard without the cleanser. Then i sprayed my LCD down and used the microfibre cloth on it. It took a couple of passes to completely clean it but it looks better then the day i bought it now.

    The 2 bottles of cleanser will last forever and the cloth is machine washable. Cloth is slightly bigger then my hand when i extend and spread my fingers out, the perfect size for wiping things down.

    NO streaks, NO scratches. Im glad i paid a little more for this then some cheaper knock off....more info