CyberPower High-Speed 7-Port USB Hub
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Product Description

USB 2.0 - 7 Port Powered Hub. Easily connect up to seven USB devices change peripherals without rebooting ultra compact space saving design. Includes front flash drive port. LED status indicators easy Plug and Play installation. Works with all USB 2.0 and USB 1.1 devices.

  • 7-port USB hub
  • Works with all USB 2.0 and USB 1.1 devices
  • LED status indicators for each individual port
  • Plug-and-play installation
  • Lifetime warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Works great!
    Works great! LED on the front is a bit brighter than I'd like, but the unit itself is excellent....more info
  • Very satisfied
    I researched many USB hubs and this one sounded most suitable for my needs. It has it's own power supply for such devices as the iPod. It was, of course, USB 2.0 compatible. Finally, it had a minimum number of ports that I would need.

    I thought I would need a four-port hub but my CyberPower has five devices connected to it most of the time. I really like having the expandability that seven ports offer. It's true what people say about the bright blue light on the hub and my solution to that was to face it towards the wall. Now it backlights my monitor - cool.

    Very happy with the CyperPower after two months. Works perfectly with all my devices on my Power Mac. This is a quality product....more info
  • Poor Quality Control
    I bought this Hub because I always have difficulty since I must switch back and forth between Mac OSX and Windows XP. Certain hubs work better with some and not the other and, even though self-powered, had difficulty when external pocket drives were attached. Two out of seven ports on this hub were defective out of the box so I'll be returning it before I even own it a day. My search continues. ...more info
  • CyberPower CPH720P USB2 Hub
    Received this product very fast which was excellent news. I have 4 external HDD, Wireless Mouse and Keyboards (with USB wireless sensors), my Treo HotSynch cable and Flash drive all hooked to this Hub and to my laptop. Purring perfectly without any interruption or loss of connectivity. It is great to go to explorer and find anyfile on my HDDs anytime without having to pull or insert USB connectors.
    Its size is a lot asmaller than in the picture and the LEDs are not much of distraction.
    I purchased three cheap USB2 Hubs in the past and all have failed to work satisfactorily. It is true that you get what you pay for. I have had this for two months and believe it is one of the best purchases that I made....more info
  • CyberPower High-Speed 7-Port USB Hub
    The best! This is the only hub I've been able to use with Vista. It runs consistently for hours with absolutely no problems. I've got 4, and I've also bought them for my family. They're worth the price.

    My other-brand hubs refused to recognize my peripherals (I have a lot of external drives + burners, cooling pads, printers and a scanner) when connected to my Vista laptop. The configuration is fine on WinXP, but when I took the USB connector out of the old comp and connected it to the new (more powerful) one, suddenly it was reporting dead ports all over the place. So I tested each hub by itself. The other brands showed dead ports. When I got to the CyberPower, everything was working.

    A no-brainer. I bought 3 more without even thinking about it. I haven't had a problem since. I won't even look at another brand of hub....more info
  • Better as a decoration than a hub
    If you want a hub to provide a great light show, this is the one. It works, but after one day I bought the Kensington Dome hub--much more useful and better designed....more info
  • It's what I needed
    My my new Logitech G11 Gaming Keyboard (Black/Silver) did not work when I plugged it onto my D-Link DUB-H4 High Speed USB 2.0 4-Port Hub. After researching a bit, I bought the CyberPower one and now the keyboard works fine. In fact, lots of other usb things now work without being plugged directly into the computer. I'm quite happy with it....more info
  • 7 port powered usb hub
    CyberPower CPH720P USB Hub, 7-Port, USB 2.0, 480Mbps, 1.1/2.0 Compatible, PC/MAC PlugNPlay - Lifetime Warranty Good looking, takes minimum space, works beautifully as soon as plugged in....more info
  • Work Great!!! This is better than D-Link DUB-H7.
    CyberPower High-Speed 7-Port USB Hub
    Everything you can use any USB device. You know that D-Link DUB-H7 does not work well at all devices & D-Link "Does not Recognized" on all devices.
    On the front side with one USB port that does not work with Flash Drive & other devices, so, you can use USB mouse that is work very well!! This product is wonderful than D-Link DUB-H7.
    I will buy this product again!!
    I run Windows Vista Ultimate 32-bit. CyberPower Hi-Speed 7-ports USB Hub does work well on Windows Vista....more info
  • 7 port usb hub
    CyberPower CPH720P USB Hub, 7-Port, USB 2.0, 480Mbps, 1.1/2.0 Compatible, PC/MAC PlugNPlay - Lifetime Warranty...more info
  • CyberPower High-Speed 7-Port USB Hub
    CyberPower High-Speed 7-Port USB Hub
    This hub is easy to use and has a small footprint. I like the fact that it has a front facing port for my USB drive and that its power adapter is narrow enough not to block adjacent outlets....more info
  • Great USB hub!
    I have never purchased a hub before, but read the reviews about this one. I bought one, and I love it!! I have a 320GB hard drive, an ipod touch, and a keyboard attached to the hub. We also plug in flash drives and a camera. Everything works well! The only thing I don't like is how bright the blue light is. We have it plugged into our new iMac and we are very pleased with the performance. ...more info
  • Cyberpower High-Speed 7 port usb hub
    This a grand product.I was able to get rid of all the USB plug-is to one place. A great product for a great price. The free shipping was great also....more info
  • Great Product--Would Buy Again
    I am very pleased with this product. I've had it for several weeks now and love the design with six of the ports on the sides and out of the way. The single port in front is also very useful for quick access for jump drives or other hardware you use only periodically. My only concern (and it's a small one) is that it is so light weight, it can be knocked over if you put it in a vulnerable spot. I've thought that a suction cup base or something else to better secure it to the desktop might make it even that that much better. I wouldn't hesitate to buy this again. An even larger version would also be wonderful....more info
  • For the mac user.
    Brevity is the soul of wit. Powermacs are by nature a little USB light.

    Compatibility is not an issue, It's powered, so every device gets enough juice without drawing anything from the machine itself. It's built solidly and takes up no space. Cable management is simplified. It's plug and play on every Mac I've installed on on....more info
  • cyberpower cph72op usb hub
    Excellent product, works well with everything you plug into into it, it has ample lights that go well with your pc....more info
    THIS PRODUCT SHORTED OUT MY DEVICES. not only my 16GB flash drive that i used to back up my files, not only my hp wireless keyboard/mouse, but more importantly, my license key for my expensive music software. FRACKING A. if you're stuck on getting a powered usb hub, be very careful. don't buy cyberpower....more info
  • Works as described, but not aesthetically appealing
    This usb hub works exactly as the manufacturer describes.
    i only have 5 ports used at this time (keyboard, mouse, printer, thumbdrive & webcam)...i kept the heavy load items (2 Huge external harddrives) connected to the main ports in the pc because i didn't want any possibility of the hub overloading/oveheating.
    The lights/LED's (7 green and 1 BRIGHT Blue) aren't as bothersome to me as some have described, i don't even really notice them, maybe because the hub is not directly in my line of view.
    The concern i had was how it would stay upright with so many cables plugged into it, due to it being so Very small, but seems to be no problem.
    The only complaint i would have is that it is not aesthetically appealing to look at due to the cables plugging into both "sides" of the unit...a better idea/design (IMO) would have been to have the cables plug into the rear of the unit so that it wouldn't look like some kind of injured spider with all the wires sticking straight out from both sides.
    All in all, was definitely worth the money.
    *side note*
    i usually get alot of my pc products somewhere else (Amazon is usually very close to being the lowest and gets alot of my business, but NE gets more of my puter parts business due to lower prices), but this time Amazon had them beat hands down!
    WTG Amazon!...more info
  • Awesome!!
    It is great. If you own a USB powered external hard drive it is perfect for it. Each of the ports are powered by the hub. I would definitely recommend this to any one that wants to free up there desk space. Its also reasonably priced, 30 bucks for a powered hub you can't beat that....more info
  • Excellent little hub!
    Finally I've located a powered hub that actually supplies up to 500mA/5V per port! I've been using it for about a week now, no problems. In fact, I'm ordering another to replace a couple of 4-ports.

    It's very small and compact and it has a nice design. There are a couple of things I'm not so keen on:

    * The bright LED's - I wish manufacturers would start including a pushswitch to disable LED's, I hate them.

    * It seems that somehow power from the PC goes through the hub and out to the adapter - weird! When the adapter is not powered the little LED indicator on it still has power so long as the PC is on. That seems a little bit strange in terms of design to me.

    All in all a good product....more info
  • Very happy with this USB hub
    Have been using this USB hub for several months now. I am using all the ports and have had no problems with this hub. I use it in the vertical stand and it is very stable and takes up very little space....more info
    Works well and provides lighted indication of it being in work mode. The 7 ports give me more ports than usual for attaching accessories. The upright version also conserve space on my desk....more info
  • Works like a charm - highly recommended
    I replaced a four port USB powered hub with this one and it worked flawlessly right out of the box. I'm using every port with two hard drives, a mouse, a printer, Lightdrive DVD burner, a Canon USB powered scanner and a camera. Saves a lot of time and trouble not having to unplug one accessory to make room for another....more info
  • Excellent Product
    The CyberPower High-Speed 7 Port USB Hub is the best powered hub I have found. This product has my highest recomendation....more info
  • Works perfectly with all my devices
    I bought this to work with my iMac. All my devices work with it perfectly. I keep cables to a camera, iPods, a printer, and an external drive connected, and I can easily plug in a flash drive to the special port on the front of the device. It has been a great value for me.

    It is small, not stable, and so it is lying on its back, but even so it takes up very little room for all that it does....more info
  • USB Hub works great but doubles as my 7 port USB charger!
    I bought this initially to use as a standard USB Hub since my laptops only have 2 USB ports. Works flawlessly as such but one other thing I noted that is awesome! I have been looking for a multiport USB Charger Adapter for all my USB charged devices like my phones, gadgets and such but suddenly realized that since this unit comes with its own AC wall adapter...even when your laptop is powered off, the USB Hub is on from its own AC power and charges all my devices!

    I looked everywhere but only found apple style usb wall chargers that plugged in one usb at a time...ugh. Recently saw one that offered 2 plug in slots but was like $30. With this USB Hub/USB Charger, now I can charge 7 USB devices at once, without requiring my laptop! Love it! ...more info
  • Lightweight and Needs Design Tweaking
    I bought this several months ago after reading all the Amazon reviews. It works well with my 20" iMac and all the peripherals and cards I attach. I use it powered, and everything works all the time. I'd give it 5 stars except that it could has some minor issues with my desk and peripheral configuration. I know this would vary depending on how you're set up. I also run a Compaq Workstation and have a shared printer. Because of limited space, the USB hub has to sit edgewise to me. The power adapter fits into one side and the computer connection into the other. That means the hub is edgewise, and I have to do some bending over it to put cards in the edge that is now in the "back." Because it's next to a scanner, it has to be slid away before I can insert anything into the front slot. I know this a result of my personal set up, but if you wish the hub to face you, it must be positioned either to the right or left edge of your desk, depending on where your power source is. The weight of the base isn't all that great either, so if you have any stiff or heavy USB cables that are kinked, the base won't hold the hub on the table. I can live with it, I'm happy with the performance, and I didn't waste my money, but you may want to consider a hub with the power and computer cables going out the back, one that lays flat on your desk with all, or most of the ports facing you. I suppose none of these hubs are perfect for everyone. The main consideration is that everything I plug into it works....more info
  • Great Powered USB Hub (Especially for creative/green power configurations)
    This USB hub is of VERY high quality and from everything I can gather it has been engineered to a much higher degree of compatibility and performance.

    I had some very specific needs that I needed this USB hub to meet. I run it on an older computer with only two USB ports (BIOS from 2003/04) that I needed to run two external hard drives on (one for backup and the other as a music server). I've configured the computer to hibernate during the day so I needed the USB hub to work well with my external hard drives coming out of hibernation (on older computers it's not always that straight forward to make this scenario work well). This USB hub had no issues at all, worked great.

    I also connect the computer, USB hub, and two external hard drives to a "smart power strip" that cuts power to the external devices when the computer goes into hibernation to reduce power consumption, so I needed the USB hub to work in this configuration as well. Everything worked flawlessly, which was not the case with some other USB hubs I tried.

    I did have one issue with this USB hub but I was able to resolve it. After shutting down my PC and powering it back on the boot process would halt after the BIOS loaded when this USB hub was attached. I needed to change setting in the BIOS to tell my computer not to boot from a "removable device" (i.e. floppy, usb, etc...) and that fixed the problem.

    My boot order setting in the BIOS now reads:
    1st Boot: CD-ROM/DVD Drive
    2nd Boot: Hard Drive
    3rd Boot: None

    Simply changing the boot order did not work for me. Just an FYI in case this helps someone else.

    Highly recommend this USB hub if you are trying to be a little creative on how you use power!...more info
  • Works as advertised
    Not much you can say about it, it's just a USB hub, but so far it works, and it works fast enough for me to plug USB hard drives in and not get a dramatic performance issue. It looks nice, and it's functional. I do like the side port for a thumb drive - that's good design thinking (lots of these hubs forget that some usb devices are fatter than a standard plug and therefore one device ends up using 2 or 3 ports)....more info
  • Small, works great
    Just got this product a few weeks ago. It's good. Some have complained about the blue light being too bright - not sure I understand the criticism, but in any case, it's not too bright for me. The thing works great, and is very small (which is good), the pictures make it look larger. No complaints, glad I bought it....more info