D-Link DGL-4100 4-Port Gigabit Switch Broadband Gaming Router
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Product Description

D-Link GamerLounge Broadband Gigabit Gaming Router DGL-4100 offers an online game experience that's more natural, liberating, realistic, and fun. Proprietary GameFuel Priority powered platform reduces latency and boosts network efficiency and performance for smoothest gaming performance around. Firmware upgrade notification feature keeps your new D-Link Gaming Router up to date One Fast Ethernet 10/100 WAN port which supports virtually all broadband Internet connections Four Gigabit Ethernet 10/100/1000 auto-sensing LAN ports Fine-tuned web GUI enhancements for seamless device management Integrated Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI) firewall and Network Address Translation (NAT) firewall help protect against hackers, wardrivers, and other unauthorized users Create versatile Access Control policies to control network access based on time, date, websites, and/or applications Supports Virtual Private Network (VPN) pass-through to create a secure connection to office networks

  • Optimized Gaming Experience with GameFuel Technology

Customer Reviews:

  • Just a password issue, other than that.... flawless
    There is only 1 flaw with this router. It couldn't really accept complex passwords using symbols. Multiple times I have tried to use a complex password and it appeared to save ok. Then it does not allow me to login anymore, and I have to do a router hardware reset.

    Other than that, this is the highest performing home router I have ever come across. It more than doubled my WAN speed from a previous router of which I used speakeasy to test with. It handles the priority listing very well. It also allow you to watch in and out-going port numbers on the fly, something lacking in many home routers.

    To top it all off, it has a clean interface. Only expensive enterprise routers I have worked with could match this device. My only recommendation is to hook this thing up to a nice gigabit switch to maximize performance. ...more info
  • DGL-4100
    Very nice speedy router............The only problem I had, different from my older one, was that I had to add all of my computer, printer and NAS MAC's to the device list before my network would boot reliably in the morning. All is well now..........more info
  • Not Entirely Satisfied but its a Good Product

    I don't quite see the value in this router, especially because you can buy a DLINK DIR-655 wireless-n router which has automatic QOS (quality of service) for a few bucks more.

    I basically wanted to get a wired router so I could plug my modem and my voip systems in my basement away from my home office...reduce the clutter. Then use a wireless router to create an access point from another location. However, this router left much to be desired....my speed tests showed that it was slower then the D-LINK DIR-655 which is a wireless router. Also, it may be helpful to note that the 4 ports on the LAN side are the only GIGABIT ports...the WAN port is still 10/100. The DIR-655 has all gigabit ports, including the wan port...... Its not a big issue to have a gigabit wan port since our inbound bandwidth is probably at maximum on 10-16mbps (cable/Comcast power boost).

    None the less...this is a good router and the limited QOS it has is excellent for gaming. I would look at the DIR-655 also.
    ...more info
  • worked great for one day
    This router is easy to set up and works with playstation 3 nat type 2 with no problem -it was just plug it in and play....and it worked..I was so pleased....then the problems started..after the first day the router would not connect to the internet. i had to unplug my modem and all the wires and start from scratch to get it to run...and it would work without fail till the next time i started the computer or playstation ...i would have to disconnect the wires every time and start over again...to me this isnt a router...its a constant headache...got another brand that works great at half the price not from d-link ...please avoid this one..unless you dont mind starting from scratch each time you turn on your computer...or i guess never turn yours off......more info
  • its good
    I bought this for my xbox 360 and PS3 and it works great and is easy to install...more info
  • Excellent product...
    The device works as expected. When I used to have my Netgear broadband router, downloading file from my PC, my Xbox Live connection would suffer. With the QoS features of the D-Link DGL-4100, I no longer have lag time when my other machines are accessing the net. If you are a novice, this can be a daunting product.

    I would recommend this router for anyone that wants the best broadband router for internet gaming. Whether it be console (Xbox 360, PS3, Wii) or PC gaming....more info
  • Simple Easy Fast
    This Router was up and running 5 minutes out of the box. Playing WOW on two accounts at the same time no lag at all....more info
  • Excellent Router!
    I had this thing up and running in about 10 minutes! I don't currently play any online games such as WoW that require port-forwarding, etc. but the on-screen menu looks like it would be easier to do than my previous Linksys router. This is my first D-Link product and I have to say I'm very impressed! ...more info
  • Well done D-Link!!!
    Received it today. Easy to setup. Very fast LAN Gbs and WAN. With Comcast WAN connection delivered over 27Mbs on Speakeasy. My old Linksys BEFSX41 could only pump 14Mbs max. Upload speed is the same ~730Kbs. Also, some folks are tempted to verify Gbs speed with casual file copying from one PC to another. Not so easy: with modern hard drive you can only scratch Gbs bandwidth (~25% utilization max) simply because HD could only deliver about 30-35 MB/s sustained read/write rate (~300Mbs). Gbs LAN could push 125MB/s on both send and receive channels (full duplex). In order to saturate the link you will need to spend a big chunk of green for raid 0, or 10 array with 4+ disks on both PCs. Took some time to set time restriction policy for kids PCs. As usual, it takes two blocking policies: one for early morning and one for late evening hours. Unit interface is impressive and you can feel the quality of router software and linux OS heart is beating in this speed devil. Unit came with firmware v1.7, upgraded it to v1.8 right away as it was available. Just a note: do not forget to enable automatic time configuration, otherwise router will show some funny date/time stamps in the logs. Very surprised with features and unit build quality. Xbox360 works flawlessly on Xbox-Live. Would recommend this router ...any time......more info
  • Very flexible router
    I bought this router to replace a wireless router to become the main WAP and LAN interfaces on my network.

    I now run a wireless access point off the router, as well as a Linksys phone adapter-router, two gigabit switches, two print servers, several computers and a network hard drive.

    The router was simple to configure and had many, many options to enable my Vonage internet phone router to access the internet without interfereing with my other computer tasks. I was also able to easily make several configuration adjustments for my network.

    ...more info
  • D-Link DGL 4100
    Easy to install, & maintain. However I do not like the strong blue lights on the front of the panel...more info
  • Does exactly what it says and is a quality peice.
    This is a very nice product. It does everything that it promises and it is very stable and does not need to be reset. the led's are just plain to bright. there is no reason for them to be this bright. this thing doubles as a night light in my office.
    ...more info
  • D-Link DGL-4100 - A great game router
    We have been using this gaming router for nearly two months. It works great. It was a snap to setup and offers the features we needed to play various online games without loss of connection or lagging. Our prior Linksys router just did not measure up to the DGL-4100 in its default mode. For the first time we can have three of our computers playing Battlefield 2 with little or no lag. If you are a gamer, you need to get the DGL-4100 or its wireless brother the DGL-4300....more info
    I bought this router because I was trying to get (2) X-Box 360's running on my single cable internet connection. This was something I could never do with my previous router. It works flawlessly Setup was as easy as plugging it in Done! I can now run (2) X-Box 360's on the same connection, host a match and be downloading music on my computer at the same time with no problem at all! I WOULD HIGHLY RECCOMEND TO ANY SERIOUS GAMERS!!!!...more info
  • Great Router
    I purchased this wired router after returning a defective Linksys router. It has a 4-port output switch that supports 10/100/1000 bps speeds. It worked well with my Netgear GA311 1 Gigabit NIC cards, although it doesn't support jumbo frame mode. I was getting an average of about 9 MBytes per second transferring files between computers through this switch. The setup was easy through the IE7 web client interface. The router supports firewall configurations for many popular games, although I haven't used this feature yet. The quality control appears good. I had two interactions with D-Link customer service to investigate a problem that turned out to be a defective cable modem - one bad and one good....more info
  • Fast Router
    I bought this router to replace a Linksys. The Linksys was good but after about two years, it would lose connection. This D-Link so far keeps the connection and is definitely faster. Setup was super easy, actually easier than the Linksys. I read some people complaining about the LEDs being bright, but I think they look normal. I'm very pleased....more info
  • Great Modem!
    I purchased a Linksys router to use with my Xbox360. When I plugged it in, all it ever did was consistently dropping my connection everytime I played a game. So I ended up returning that one and went with this router. It is the most amazing router i've ever seen. First off the design is a very sleek looking design with all the LED's on the unit. Also the most important thing is that it does not drop my connection when sending large amounts of data to the web. It has a 266 mhz processor regulating all the data and considering it's a router, 266 is insanly fast.

    This is a very good product. Well worth the price....more info
  • Cool Router for Gaming and Internet Phoning
    This seems to be a great router! It was easy to set up initially, with enough bells and whistles for savvy people to go ahead and improve they're security later when they're ready.

    The default setup is quite secure, then, if you want to poke a hole through the protection, you can fine-tune it more, and set it so someone could access a specific port on your system from the outside.

    Speed-wise, it seems to be doing what it's supposed to do, which is to arrange for gaming packets to pass through in the minimum time. Vonage packets are being well routed, also.

    The logs show how many attacks are being thwarted... you won't believe how many "messenger" attacks there are, plus attempts at hacking into every port you can imagine. This gives you a good sense the router is doing its work admirably.

    Add to this the pretty lights, and you have a really great router! ;-)...more info
  • CCIE VoIP Certified says this thing rocks!
    This router hands down is a solid performer that beckons to be on radar. Configurability, performance, stability, firmware updates, D-Link has made a huge statement in a world of cheap routers that freezes, frustrates, and basically ridicules users that demand more out of their internet connection. Not sure if my Cisco CCIE VoIP certification makes any difference to this review but I can honestly say with what I do both at work and at home, I expect network device to perform to their specification and more. I also play hardcore online MMORPG with 5 accounts running through this router, no lag, no hiccups, performs like a star. A Router's first priority is stability, this thing is so solid, I wonder if there is something wrong with it. Without stability, nothing matters. With stability non-issue, next comes performance. When I prioritize my MMORPG traffic to 1 (highest priority possible), regardless of how many Torrent traffic in the background, or the 10 or so desktop/laptops that running in my home, this BEAST can take it. Functionality? I bought the LAN only version, no wireless, and I hook up my old Linksys Wireless-B router, disable DHCP, and this D-Link automatically detects, AUTOMATICALLY re-routes its network path internally, and can broadcast wireless network as an extension. READ: ease of use. Other functionality includes being able to lock down every MAC address easily, and assign easy to understand NICK NAMES to every individual laptops/desktops MAC Address with great organization and quick lookup for network troubleshooting. I like the ease of setting up Static IP assignments for key Gaming PC/Laptops that can be easily tracked, monitored, and configured for QoS applications. Though not as robust as professional software but I am able to track all TCP connections with their corresponding ports all in one convenient page. I am able to see if my little brother is downloading/uploading porn and shut it down if I pleases. Last but not least, the last update allows the router to update ANY/ALL changes WITHOUT requiring the router to REBOOT. THAT shot my rating up to the stars....more info
  • Reliable Affordable QoS router
    This is a great router for the price. It's easy to configure and the documentation is pretty good. It explains the routing pretty well. What sets this router apart from others is the quality of service settings (QoS) that allow you to prioritize ports for bandwidth usage. You can set your streaming music or game ports to use a high priority and thus never get cut off by maxing out your bandwidth. This alone makes it worth the price.

    One thing to note: if you're on a Mac and try to configure this router through safari (It's web page configuration) it won't work because of a bug in safari. Use Firefox and you'll be golden.

    (Yes it works on Macs.)...more info