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D-Link DGL-4300 Wireless 108G Gaming Router
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Product Description

Enjoy playing games online? Push the limits of basic networking technology and experience the evolution in networking. Wirelessly share broadband Internet, boost network performance, stay competitive in your online games with D-Link's new cutting-edge GamerLounge Wireless 108G Gaming Router, powered by GameFuel Priority Technology. Enhanced wireless technology for optimal range and connectivity - up to 108Mbps - when used with comparable D-Link AirExtreme products High-Performance CPU to support thousands of concurrent connections - ideal for P2P applications and multiplayer interactivity Enables multi-tasking between other applications without degradation in game connection Pre-configured ports to accommodate up to 256 policies for games and applications Customizable settings to add or modify new applications or game configurations Firmware upgrade notification feature keeps your new D-Link Gaming Router up to date One Fast Ethernet 10/100 WAN port which supports virtually all broadband Internet connections Four Gigabit Ethernet 10/100/1000 auto-sensing LAN ports 5dB high-gain antenna for exceptional wireless signal coverage Fine-tuned web GUI enhancements for seamless device management Protect your wireless data with support for both Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) and 128-bit Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) Integrated Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI) firewall and Network Address Translation (NAT) firewall help protect against hackers, wardrivers, and other unauthorized users Create versatile Access Control policies to control network access based on time, date, websites, and/or applications Disable SSID Broadcast and MAC Filtering features protect against unauthorized access from your wireless network Supports Virtual Private Network (VPN) pass-through to create a secure connection to office networks

Push the limits of basic networking technology and experience the evolution in networking. Wirelessly share broadband Internet, boost network performance, and stay competitive in your online games with D-Link's new cutting-edge GamerLounge Wireless 108G Gaming Router, powered by GameFuel Priority Technology.

GameFuel technology optimizes your network for gaming performance.

See the DGL-4300 in detail; front and rear.
The D-Link DGL-4300 Wireless Gaming Router intelligently manages and automatically prioritizes network traffic to better execute bandwidth-sensitive applications including VoIP and multimedia applications. It also features enhanced wireless technology for optimal range and connectivity--up to 108Mbps bandwidth, pre-configured ports to accommodate up to 256 policies for games and applications, and customizable settings to add or modify new applications or game configurations.

Other features include multi-tasking between other applications without degradation in game connection, high-Performance CPU to support thousands of concurrent connections--ideal for P2P applications and multiplayer interactivity. Meanwhile, a firmware upgrade notification feature keeps your new D-Link Gaming Router up to date.

What's in the Box
DGL-4300 Wireless 108G Gaming Router, detachable antenna, CAT5 ethernet cable, power adapter (5V, 2.5A), mounting kit, vertical stand, CD-ROM with manual, and installation guide.

  • Optimized Gaming Experience with GameFuel Technology
  • Up to 108Mbps* 802.11g Wireless Connectivity
  • 4 Gigabit Ethernet Ports
  • Customizable Settings for Games and Applications
  • High-performance CPU supports thousands of concurrent connections--ideal for P2P applications and multiplayer interactivity

Customer Reviews:

  • Get this one for Xbox 360 Live
    First, I want to thank for providing a web site that allowed me to review what others said about this router, and others, before I made my purchase. This info is invaluable.

    I just installed this router today to replace a D-Link WBR-2310 on my home network. We have two computers using Ethernet connections to the router, a wireless notebook PC, and the Xbox 360 which is connected via an Ethernet cable. With the WBR-2310, despite hours of screwing around with the configuration, the Xbox live connection would disconnect frequently; so, most of the time we had it connected directly to the modem, thus preventing simultaneous use of the internet on our PC's.

    The DGL-4300 was a dream (comparatively) to install. I couldn't believe that it sniffed out the Xbox and the other computers automatically. I didn't have to do a thing on the Xbox. And, we have been able to play the Xbox live and use the internet on our PCs all day without any problem. ...more info
  • Hung in there, but clunky, error-prone
    Not so great, support not that great. Contivity VPN didn't work until I reconfigured the router. After that, the error rate and dropped packets were astronomical. Support had nothing for me to troubleshoot, except a new way to scratch my head. Wireless coverage in my two story house was average, and my rather robust wired home network (10 PC, 2 Mac, network printer, VOIP phone, Tivo) just clunked along.

    I personally checked all wired connections for continuity, and even installed gigabit D-Link switches. This thing did NOT do a very solid job of routing data.

    After two years, the thing finally died. I reinstalled my old D-Link 2.4 wireless router, and the network is as happy as it ever was.

    BTW, this is old technology. Don't buy it, even with the rebate. The last firmware update is also a couple of years old....more info
  • Overrated Junk - DO NOT BUY
    I have been using routers since 802.11b and this is the biggest mistake I've ever made, buying this router.

    1) The price is not great. This costs 50% more than other 108G routers.
    2) Router dies 1 month after purchase.
    3) Before router died it would constantly drop connection
    4) Browser interface is terrible. Features are useless. It's a plain router like any other when you realize that all of these features are just useless junk and are just there as selling points.

    Do NOT buy this router....more info
  • D-Link DGL4300
    I had a wirless network router (linksys) I had problems with it dropping out. I would have to reset it often. I have windows and apple systems and with this new router I have not had any trouble and it is great. I have even hooked up the Wii to it and it runs great....more info
  • Good router
    While this model been out for awhile, it's still a worthwhile investment considered the gigaport connection. Firmware 1.8 is not available from Dlink's website anymore due to user's feedback on wireless performance issue. However, I have 2 of these routers connected and 1 of them with firmware 1.8 and no problem with it. Firmware 1.8 put the router into bridge mode easily....more info
  • DGL-4300 Gamefuel Router
    I could not disagree more with the comments about turning off the Gamefuel option. Even if you are not a gamer, make a rule that places your browser and your movie downloads first and they will work better. We have seven computers, a Wii, and an XBox on line in our house. Two of the computers and the Wii are wireless, the rest hard wired. My wife and I play Everquest, our kids play World of Warcraft, Starcraft, Halo, and a whole bunch of other things. Since we installed this router our ping times have been lower, lag less, and disconnects have been entirely elliminated due to network lag. We are on AT&T DSL extreme with am 8m connection and even my download times improved with this router. We use PPPOE and have it set to keep the connection "always on" with a disconnect delay of Zero.

    I found the wireless version for $20 less than the wired. ($99 new)...more info
  • Must have for gamers who play online/over newtork!
    My ISP is Verizon, and I have FIOS (Fiber-Optic Internet @ 15 MBPS Down/2 MBPS Up). I play ALOT of games over the internet, mostly with my Xbox 360 and some PC. Half the time there are 1 or more 360s hooked up playing on Xbox Live through this router. All I have to say is that this router makes a tremendous difference if your playing video games, because the Gamefuel technology built within the firmware of the router prioritzes connections and data transfer for games (when Gamefuel is turned on). Very easy set up right out of the box; I just connected an ethernet cable from my fiber line to the DGL-4300 and set my PPPOE settings for the router and set up my WPA-2 wireless security settings all in less than a minute. Quick and easy. This router has a very fast wireless connection and over the wired newtowrk there is always ZERO lag because of the gigabit speeds over LAN. I notice a big difference online in games from when I used my normal 10/100 D-link four port switch. I highly recommend this product if you are a gamer; though there is no need for a product like this if you don't play games online or over a netowrk. There is a reason why every gaming magazine gave editor's choice awards for this piece of hardware; this is a must have for gamers who don't need lag in there lives. There is only 1 minor gripe that I have for this product, and that is the LEDs on the unit are very bright, hopefully you don't set this router up in the room of a person that sleeps there. I actually just turned the router towards a wall. Other than that, this is an A+ router with the gamerfuel tech.D-Link DGL-4300 Wireless 108G Gaming Router...more info
  • One Of The Best Routers Out There!
    The DGL-4300 has to be one of the best routers on the market. This router has it all and with the $25.00 rebate it's a total no brainer. Gigabit, 108g, and GameFuel really make a HUGE difference. I'd definitely say that GameFuel is the best feature. No more problems d/ling a few things while playing a game. No more annoyling lag if a family member is downloading something. In fact this handles multiple games being played at once. I have 5 computers hooked up to mine and all have ZERO issues with this router. 3 Dells and 2 home grown I built.. All the Dell's are wireless and the 2 I built utilize the Gigabit ports. All work flawlessly and the range on the wireless is perfect at any corner in the house. I liked this router so much I purchased one for my parents to replace their ancient D-Link DL-614+.

    Why not 5 stars?

    D-Link stopped supporting Firmware 1.8. I updated from 1.7 to 1.8 anyway because it resolves log error issues with my Dell laptop's Intel 3945ABG wireless card. The upgrade went flawlessly I might add....more info
  • D-Link DGL 4300 Wireless Router
    I bought this to replace my 6 year old Linksys Wireless B router which finally stopped broadcasting. The D-link was recommended by the tech guys at our company. I had no problem installing it, which was a tremendous difference from my Linksys B and another Linksys G router I use elsewhere (not for long). Setting up WEP security was simple and our laptops in the house picked up the signal quickly. We have only used it about a month, but it seems quite good. One house member says it's a bit slow in his room, but the rest of us are happy. ...more info
  • Think twice before buying this router
    I bought this product based on all great reviews it got. However, I had to return it because of its terrible quality. First of all, installed firmware (version 1.7) is buggy. It can't load one of the setup pages due to an error in Java script. Router notifies you that there's a newer version 1.8 available, but when you go to a manufacturer's web page it's not there. Apparently it's been taken out without any notice because of being so broken! So, because of this error I was unable to change my internal LAN speed from 10Mb/s (default setting) to 100Ms/s.
    Furthermore, buggy firmware is not the worst problem with this router. It has some hardware problems as well, causing it to drop packets (I was only using wired connection, so it's not caused by problems with wireless network). Network error rate (according to router's statistics page) is over 1%. This is really unacceptable and greatly affects router's performance.
    Think twice before buying this product.
    ...more info
    This router gives an excellant direct connection but leaves a little to desire on the wireless side. With all of the presaved settings for bittorrent downloads, xbox live and other games i saw an immediate differance in performance. I am now able to connect to more seeds and far faster downloads with the proper ports open and my xbox has complete priority. The differance in the xbox is so noticable my roommates know im on when they try to access the internet in the other room. If your a serious gamer or even like to download torrents this router is perfect for you....more info
  • i wish i knew if this router was good READ>>
    DONT EVER ORDER FREE SHIPPING.. Amazon will send your package all over the country and in the end right when it sais your package is out for delivery.... it never comes... I ordered this router and it sais it was deliverd a whole 14 days later, and i never got it.. Amazon is terrible. They use the worst shipping method ever for the super save free. It would have came here quicker on horseback. BEST part about this ordeal is AMAZON hasnt responded to me about sending me another one or giving my money back, because once they have your money they really dont care what happens.... Beware; get quick shipping methods or DONT BUY FROM AMAZON!!!...more info
  • Reliable and easy to use
    Previous wireless routers I have owned would periodically drop their connection to my Apple laptops. The DGL gives me a consistently reliable wireless connection.

    The web interface is easy to use, but provides many configuration options for experts. I was pleased to see that it includes the option of acting as a bridge, so that my wired and wireless computers can see each other over Bonjour and use the same DHCP server....more info
  • I buy again if needed !
    Very good product, long range and faster speedy, cross 3 rooms and still got good quality of signal.
    I recommends....more info
  • D-Link Router
    This router does everything it was advertised to I run two laptops and an X-Box and it performs flawlessly. It was easy to set up, even for a beginner like me....more info
  • Great wireless router!
    This router has a ton of features and is a great option for the novice home user as well as the uber-geeky networking professional! I haven't messed around with the game fuel tech yet (not a big online gamer), but the router is easy to setup and runs great. Haven't had any issues with it since it's been configured.

    My only complaint is the router needs to be "rebooted" after most configuration setting changes. It sucks if you're experimenting with all the settings or trying to troubleshoot a problem. I suggest reading the help section for each option first, this helps eliminate the "oops" I forgot to check that box OR what does this do...moments! ...more info
  • Good Product
    Good Product, Full of Functionality, Takes a little while to tweak the config. Helps to have a IT background for advanced features. ...more info
    OK So ill make this short, if you play halo 3 and gears of war 2 online, this is the best router to get. Good price too. I can go online on my computer and play xbox live with a perfect connection now. THANKS D LINK!!...more info
  • Good router, once you turn game fuel off
    Ive only had this router for a few hours, so this is subject to change.

    anyways, ive gone through about 5 horrible routers in the past 2 years. some were hand me downs, some just sucked. after my brother destroyed the last one (which sucked btw) i figured we should splurge and buy this one. we play some games, but this one had some of the highest reviews out there. well it was a cinch to setup, took me about 30 seconds to do it, and wham, all was good. my brother started downloading a demo for a game, and holy moly the connection slowed to a crawl. like literally, i couldnt figure out why everything was going so insanely slow, even when you are downloading at max speed, sending and receiving packets for normal web browsing shouldnt be a problem, even with 3 people on at the same time. i got fed up and started searching the web to figure out why this thing is so damn slow. then it sort of dawned on me. they have this nifty feature called "game fuel" what it does is prioritize packet flow by giving priority to gaming and high bandwidth items first, and everything else second. but its a far second, like a far far far second, like it takes me 2-3 minutes to open up second.

    once i realized what that thing does, i decided to turn it off. how often do you play games? maybe an hour or 2 a week? and even then they run just fine, lag is never an issue. so i turned it off, and voila, what do you know, everything is back to working like it should. downloads are going fast, and i can surf at the same time.

    it also seems very stable, and the connection doesnt seem to drop. thats good, since i work from home and do a LOT of web related stuff.

    i recommend this router for everyone, but MAKE SURE to disable this game fuel thing, unless you plan on playing games exclusively on your network. anyone else who casually surfs will be utterly crushed by the speed degradation.

    trust me on that....more info
  • works.
    don't really feel like writing a review on this product, but I can say that this router just works and has a bit more of advanced settings than any other routers. ...more info
  • Advanced router, but it is totally worth it.
    This router is a very adavnced piece of technology, and although I hear that many router companies products die within months, I decided to take the risk. This product is great because it has good range ( router in basement whilst i am in 1st floor sometimes second floor) even though they are many walls the router can still pass a very good signal. Security is a must and this router has WPA and WPA 2 security features plus more like hiding your network name and Mac filtering( this denies other hardware that is trying to connect which is not on your allow list). Sure it is a bit pricey, but after you get this product you will learn why. My Xbox 360 connected just fine with WPA ( but if you want best perfomance you have to disable DNS in the gamefuel area and maybe select the speed in the menu instead of its defualt "auto") Their tech support helps but its is sometimes difficult to understand with poor voice quality and thick accents, but then again which router company doesnt have that? Oh, and of course, the blue led lights, yes they are very bright for it just being a router, looks very cool and sleek though. Hopefully this will convince you that this is a great router and has so far not disappointed me in the slightest. Reasoning with 4 star and not 5 is just their support and how the manual is on a cd instead of a booklet which makes it alot easier....more info
  • Easy to use
    I read some reviews where people said it took hours to get this thing working. It took me literally 1 minute to get it working. As long as you have basic computer knowledge this thing is easy to use. It works great, I am very happy with it. ...more info