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Conker: Live and Reloaded brings back Conker, the squirrel with a bad attitude, for a new round of crazy gaming -- this time with multiplayer options, so your friends can get in on the action. You'll lead an elite squadron to war as the Squirrels battle the invading Tediz. Players can compete as one of six combat specialists across multi-mission campaigns covering Old War and Future War, with all the non-stop action, humor, and innuendos Conker is famous for. Devastating weapons include camera-guided rockets, an acid thrower, and loads of grenade type -- Operate five types of vehicles including Sky Steed, Mule Bomber, R-Hog, Toad, and Tankus Also includes the critically acclaimed Conker's Bad Fur Day, completely recreated for the Xbox -- with all the hilarious situations, movie pastiches, off-the-wall puzzles, and crazy characters, from horny bees and voluptuous sun flowers, to singing piles of poo

  • Choose from a variety of scenario-based missions featuring two unique campaigns-Old War and Future War-with each mission featuring its own distinctly challenging gameplay mode
  • Six character classes, each with its own signature weapons and abilities -- Skyjockeys, Long Rangers, Grunts, Demolishers, Thermophiles and Sneakers all have tactical advantages and implications
  • Online players strategize, cooperate, and communicate as a team in Campaign mode, or venture out solo against buddies in Deathmatch
  • Multiple missions played progressively, for a fresh approach to team-based shooters and Xbox Live
  • Players can earn war medals, rise through the ranks, secure unlockables, and download new map

Customer Reviews:

  • Conker's Live and Reloaded
    This is a great game for anyone who has a sense of humor. The single-player in this game is exactly like the N64 version, but the multiplayer is completely different. Altough I think that the multiplayer for the N64 is alot more consistent with the singleplayer gameplay, the multiplayer in this version is also very good. It's essentially a WWII style shooter, but with squirrels and tedeiz. Very entertaining to blow the stuffing out of a teddy. ...more info
  • Greatest RareWare Game Ever
    I am not a fan of the XBOX 360. Having to send it back to Microsoft for repeated repairs leads me to believe that it is a poorly made product. But since I own one I might as well use it. I owned the original Conker for the Nintendo 64 and loved it. To me it is the best RareWare game ever made and that says a lot when you look at some of the games that RareWare has produced. Games like Donkey Kong Country and Banjo Kazooie for the N64. Coker Live and Reloaded has been sharpened up from the original version and a few minor changes in the game play. It is still a great game to play. I should point out that it has received the M rating for a reason. This game is definitely not for kids. But if you are looking for a game that is as fun to play as it is funny to watch then this is the game for you. Playing this game reminded me once again how great RareWare was prior to moving to Microsoft. I mean look at what they have released on MS platform and compare it the older games from the Nintendo days. Viva Pi?ata and Banjo Nuts and Bolts are some of the worst games I have ever played on any platform. This game shows how great RareWare used to be and how they can still make a game for Xbox 360 that is worth playing. Why they can't make a new title that is as good as this is anyone's guess. ...more info
  • Fun and Funny
    A overall fun game although it does take sometime to get a weapon. This is NOT a game for little kids make sure to follow the matuire rating. There is plenty of cursing and interesting behavior. Overall a good fun game ...more info
  • Is it on PS2?
    I hope it's on PS2 as well. I loved BFD one and this looks even better. It just goes to show you a simple CD can create so much hope.Who couldn't like this game? I'll tell you the parents who think these M games are wrong. Those ignorant jerks can cram-it! There the ones causing all the problems in the world not paying attention to the real issues, like terrorism. Anyway BFD F***IN RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ...more info
  • this game will rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    well i havent played the full version of conker but ive played the demo by the looks of it it looks extremely fun my parents are still debating if i should get it u know because of the m rating but if i get it it will rock the online multiplayer will be awesome my friend was playin it online when i was playin halo 2 online anyways i think it will be a great game dont listen to the people who said it was just a platformer its really a platformer and shooter well if u get the chance to buy conker live & reloaded buy it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • Different Enough from the Original to Make it Worth Your While with the Same Old CBFD Goodness
    As someone who played the original CBFD (Conker's Bad Fur Day to those who don't know) until this game was released on Ye-Olde-N64, I have every single line memorized and quite frequently quote the game like a little dork. Therefore, I was able to make quick judgments about this game right away. Though very skeptical about the changes made, my overall view of this game is a good one.


    Well everyone knows the reason to get this game is the beefed up graphics from the original. I must say that they are very impressive. The poo glistens in the sunlight for crying out loud. That's some fine graphical power. I'm sure this uses the Xbox to its full potential (just like the original did for the N64) as I was able to spot the occasional slow down, never to a horrible extent mind you. However, there are some graphical errors like missing explosions or the occasional no splashing when Conker dives into the water. It kinda makes Conker's line: "Is this the testing department's day off or something" hit a little too close to home. I was also more than a little disappointed to find that characters expressions are less frequent than in the first, though the body language is more predominant. But you can't deny the beauty of this game despite its downsides.



    This was the nicest surprise for me. I couldn't believe how wonderful, crisp, and clear the voice acting was in comparison to the original. There's no little ringing in the background and there's no muffling of certain characters. Not only have the voices been fixed and the sound effects re-mastered, but the music has been changed as well. It's all still the same basic melody but with better instruments and overall quality. The lava-board racing scene has sweet rocking electric guitar music. Just look at it as a remixed soundtrack. Even the opera singer for the Great Mighty Poo is different and, oddly enough, more baritone and not able to go as high as the previous one. I really didn't have any problems with these basic changes.

    However, there are quite a few extreme changes to the censorship. For some odd reason, best known to old Billy the Microsoft King, this game is more censored than the original. There are now no S-words or TW-words left uncensored. This completely changes many things, such as the Great Mighty Poo Song. It is censored with farting noises, which is really cheap and quite stupid. Also, I don't get why they didn't censor the British pronunciation of the S-word, rhymes with "mite." Oh well, it's not too terrible, but it and sometimes too soft music did lower the overall score of what is otherwise terrific sound. The added voice acting was really apparent and stood out from the original Conker's lines and Gregg's original lines for that matter too.



    Just like the original, there are two major parts to this that will earn their own scores.

    -Single Player-

    To tell the truth, there are these little bursts of new content that pop up not very frequently. The rest of the game is almost identical to the first. I will try not to ruin anything when describing the differences. Right off the bat of playing, you'll find that there are more monsters around after an extremely modified training level. Then, not so much is different for a long time. Then during the last part of the game, everything changes and is very different, followed by familiar material only to be replaced with surprising Tediz encounters.

    To be completely honest, most of the new changes work but parts of the game were made easier, like the cows. Now the cows all only take one hit. I don't why they made these changes but I think it hurt the constant raise of difficulty that you went through in the original. This means that for a portion of the game, everything is equally as difficult, or easy depending on how you look at it, and then all of a sudden, The Great Mighty Poo doesn't just take one hit. Whoa, where did he come from! I only had to feed him three sweet corns instead of six! So that's definitely a problem.

    However, like I said before, many more monsters roam the land and add new challenges to you mastering your combo attack. That's right, you don't just swing a frying pan by pressing B. And some things like being able to move while peeing and crosshairs for throwing knives are almost essential changes. Personally, the ability to move the camera with the right analog stick won it all for me. These are good changes. Personally, I think they could have gotten by without changing any of the gameplay and just giving us camera controls and better graphics. I think the score might have been higher if that were the case.



    So much that is different is still so similar and the reason to buy the original is the same reason to buy this one. That reason is the multiplayer. All the original favorites are not here. No Weasels and no Cavemen. However, there is a very intense and very fun series of battles between the Squirrels and Tediz. One brand spankin' new feature is the class system, which I adore... utterly... You pick between Grunts, Demolishers, Longrangers, Sky Jockeys, Sneekers, and Thermophiles. Each have their own series of weapons, grenades, and specialties. They also have various other differences like vehicles, upgrades, and Special Ordinance devices (like turrents or mines). Despite what most people say, mainly the people being killed, I believe that each class is fair and can be stopped by the right kind of teamwork. Because Sky Jockeys are the only class that can fly, most people don't allow them in a game. But they can easily be taken down by a Demolisher with upgraded guided missiles. You see, strategy and teamwork are the key.

    Can't stand the presence of others or don't have Xbox Live? No problem, mon frere. The Conker Bots are back, called Dumbots. They only have three levels of difficulty but their gameplay will seem familiar, that is, Einstein is back. By playing Chapter X, the multiplayer storyline, you can unlock various niceties. But most things that are unlockable are for Live and can therefore only be attained by online play. I do imagine that Chapter X would get boring more quickly than the original's multiplayer games, so beware if you don't have Xbox Live that multiplayer might be disappointing if you played the original.

    I love multiplayer and I think it's intense and when you finally get everything straight, it only gets better.


    -Overall Conclusion-

    So the changes made are good sometimes and bad other times. There are even un-ignorable bads like the soccer-mom-censorship. But I still stand by the fact that though it may not be a better game than CBFD, it is still a great game with really fun multiplayer that will keep you busy until Xbox360 at least. So don't go in with too high of an expectation, CBFD fanboys, because it is not what you will play. Keep that in mind, and you'll have a ball playing an above and beyond decent remake of one of your favorite games.

    8/10Conker: Live & Reloaded...more info
  • Multiplayer is sorta weak, buy it anyway
    If you had a Nintendo 64, you probably heard of Conker's Bad Fur Day. Now that Rare signed to Microsoft, they released Conker Live And Reloaded. Most people thought this was a sequel, however it really is a re-make of the single player mode, and an all-new War mode, which is the only Multiplayer function.

    The War mode is set up in classes, which is a nice touch to Deathmatches, since it makes it different, however occasionally, the Demolisher can just destroy everybody, which gives him an unfair advantage, but if you're skilled enough you can get him. You can play online with this function, and also with "Bots" which are computer controlled characters. The gameplay is up to 4 Players. For maximum fun value you need 4 people.

    The graphics are probably the best graphics in a normal Xbox game when it was released. A major improvement over the original, which had the best graphics for a Nintendo 64 game, gives it a major run for it's money. However, not all of this is great, you get annoying load times ocasionally.

    You can get upgrades to your weapons after you play online for quite a while, which is also a nice touch, making extra replay value if you play without friends online....more info
  • Wipe those drops of blood off your screen before continuing
    I can't understand why anyone would want to say 'If you had Bad Fur Day on N64, don't bother with this' If you had Bad Fur Day,
    DO bother with this. This is Bad Fur Day times 10! Live & Reloaded is one of the best examples out there to showcase the potential XBOX has for truly great graphics. Next only to maybe Chronicles of Riddick and the Doom 3 games, Conker is the best looking game out there. All that is lost between the 64 version and this one is the offensive punch it provided when it came out. Nowadays, what with games like GTA: San Andreas using the f-word more times than N.W.A. and Al Pacino in Scarface, and redicluous amounts of gore in games like Manhunt, Conker is actually what would be described as a TONED-DOWN M-rated game!
    But that doesn't mean this game isn't still fun! Bad Fur Day is included in full on this package, so if you have an Xbox and aren't big into the whole Live thing, the great platform/third person shooter that was Bad Fur Day on N64, is better looking, easier to control and just as fun!...more info
  • Conker Does it Again
    I don't know what to say. This game is EXTREMELY fun on XBL. The single player is the funniest game I have ever played. But let me talk about the new stuff, Multiplayer.You get to choose the way you fight the battle. Choose from Sneeker (sword-master),Long Ranger(Sniper and my best),Demolisher(Rocket Guy),Grunt(Average Fighter),Thermophile(Crazy Flamethrower guy),Sky Jockey(Air Pilot). Each has their own special skills.On LIVE you get medals for doing some thing. Like example getting 1000 kills with long ranger. And when you get a medal something changes. Like when you get the 1000 kills, your aim is better and you reload faster.What is cool is that there is a multiplayer with a story to each level. There is deathmatch so don't worry. Now don't take my word try it for yourself! And if you have LIVE, I'll play send a friend request to XPurplePhoenixX....more info
  • childish
    well looking at the cover, this game looked awsome. I expected violence, drinking, drugs, uncencored swearing, and bloody. nope nope nop3 nope nope nop3. I read alot of reviews mostly looking at the ones that liking it said to people who had bad reviews to screw themselves. I knew this was a remake, but it just seems like a kids game rated e without the stuff.
    Multiplayer was a little hard and stuff, not really fun cuz i dont have live.
    dont be like me, consider this BUT we all have oppinions. some games are fun with people but witho others, hated it. So im not sure what you should do. but you shouldn't get it if you got bad fur day and you should probably rent it.
    im the group that thought it was pretty good
    graphics are good though...more info
  • Excellent mix of genres
    This review is only for the single player portion of the game. I haven't had enough time clocked into the Multiplayer yet to give it a score.

    When Conker's Bad Fur Day came out on the N64 back in 01, it had the unfortunate luck to come out toward the end of game development. Nintendo had started promoting their next console, the Gamecube and this fact, coupled with the fact that Conker was retailing for an ungodly $70+ made many people miss this game. What a treasure it was to be missed.

    It is the first game that meshed the genre of platforming with third person shooting. It also introduced context sensitive situations where, at the push of a button, different things would happen. Both of these have become old hat now, especially the mixing of genres. You can look at Jak and Daxter for the PS2 to find that. On top of revolutions of gameplay, this was the funniest game I have ever played.

    And so it's out again on the Xbox, bearing beautiful graphics, re-recorded dialogue and some shifting of difficulties. The graphics in this game are probably some of the best, if not the best, seen in an Xbox game to date. This doesn't surprise me, though, given that Rare creates beautiful games. What did surprise me was how they toned the game down as far as difficulty goes. The original game was hard, downright frustrating in some parts. Now, Rare either tamed down the difficulty (as in the Saving Private Ryan level) or completely cut out a section (as in a sequence involving underwater travel and an electric eel used to power different generators). Both sections were insanely difficult and not forgiving in the least.

    Part of the problem of the first game was the pacing at the beginning. Some reviewers here are misinformed when they say the game is not a "shooter" that it is a "platformer." The beginning levels are very platform heavy, true, but give it some time. It isn't until later stages where you are facing zombies and tediz that the gameplay focus switches to a shooter type from platforming. I enjoy both parts but it would have been nice to have a better mixing of the two genres. However, since this is basically a port of that game I'm glad they didn't change it.

    Along with awesome graphics, the audio portion of the game has been completely redone. The dialogue has been re-recorded (using the same people), and the music has been redone to perfection. All of this in Dolby Digital surround.

    Basically, my biggest recommendation for the single player comes in the form of what is in this game. Where else, for instance, can you fight the operatic Great Mighty Poo, hit a boiler plant in his brass balls, ride a raptor, bite a caveman in the ass with said raptor, lava surf, be a bat, ride in a tank, have bullet time, hit on a cavewoman, jump on a female flower's "petals," shoot zombies, meet Death, get drunk, urinate on Fire Imps and partake in many movie parodies? Honestly, the list can go on and on.

    Then, on top of this wonderful single player game, a game I have played over and over on the N64 and will probably play over and over on the Xbox, is the Live portion.

    I haven't played the Live portion too much but I think people will be divided on it. Especially the console gamers used to games like Halo 2. There are six classes that range from the bazooka carrying demolitionists to the airplane flying sky jockeys. Each character has their own weapon set complete with upgrades and special abilities. All of this in an arena that is objective based instead of simply death match based. This involves large arenas to play CTF and other games similar to this. But there's strategy involved not only in how to get the flag from point A to point B but also in the classes which opens up a variety of ways to accomplish your tasks.

    For instance, do you have your sky jockey transport troops into the thick of things and provide cover fire? Do you have your Sneeker troops sneak in with their up close and personal melee weapons? Or do you rain devastation with your bazookas? There's so many choices for tactical strategy. Conversely, there's a lot of room for things to go sour. I think the quality of the people playing, not only in how they play but also in personality, will determine whether this Live experience will be a fun one or a horrible one.

    The Live portion seems to be more in line with PC online games, like Counter Strike, where there's a little more strategy involved. Don't get me wrong, Halo 2 has strategy but if you play Counter Strike the way most Live people play Halo 2, you wouldn't last very long. And I think that same type of strategy will carry over into Conker's Live portion. I could be wrong. I hope it's very successful because Rare put a lot of time and effort into fine tuning it. We'll see.

    Anyway, I look forward to seeing you online and I hope you pick up this game because the quality inside it shines. Look to Rare to lead the way into Xbox 360. Not only with Conker but in the games they have ready for X360 Launch. Thanks, Rare, for bringing Conker to a new generation of players who probably missed out of the game the first go around. ...more info
  • Conker: Live & Reload
    Conker: Live & Reload is going to be a REALLY TOTAL AWESOME game to play

    I give it a 5 Stars "Highly Recommended" REALLY TOTAL WORTH IT TO BUY and play it on the Xbox game system

    This is a MUST HAVE GAME TO BUY AND PLAY it on the Xbox

    This game got a E3 AWARDS from 2004 & also 2005
    ...more info
    Yeah the title says it all. Even though it's the same story, it's still a lot of fun. The xbox live is a whole new experience of online gaming! Tediz and Squirrles? THATS F***N great. lol. its really worth the money here on amazon or gamestop, or any place who still has it!!!! ...more info
  • Just plain fun
    Conker: Live and Reloaded is a remake of the classic Nintendo 64 game Conker's Bad Fur Day. Bad Fur Day came out towards the end of the N64's life, right about the time Nintendo was starting up the Gamecube hype machine. So it would be understandable if you have never heard of the game. Not learning from their previous mistake, Rare released Live & Reloaded at a similar time in the Xbox's life when everyone's attention was on the Xbox 360. So once again it was overlooked by most, which is unfortunate considering that Conker: Live & Reloaded is not only one of the finest platformers ever created, but it is also quite possibly the funniest game ever made.

    You play as the entire game as Conker, a small red squirrel with an alcohol addiction. After a night of partying and heavy drinking, he tries to stumble his way home to his girlfriend, but wakes up to find himself lost. He sets off to find his way home, but can't seem to get anywhere without getting in a bunch of trouble. You won't believe what happens to him all in the span of one day.

    The gameplay is similar to some of the other great platformers like Donkey Kong 64 or Rare's Banjo-Kazooie. As you would expect, you will be jumping, smashing, shooting, and solving puzzles for all of the games 12 or so hours of gameplay. The game also makes good use of context sensitive action, something the original game was one of the first to do. You basically walk over certain pads and press a button to do any number of certain things. A few of the boss battles make good use of that mechanic, requiring you to use them to win. It seems pretty basic now but when the game came out it was pretty new. The third person shooting action controls great and some of the later stages of the game feel as if you are playing a 3rd person shooter.

    There are a few negative things that you could say about the gameplay though. For a good part of the game, your only weapon that you have is a baseball bat. So combat will basically boil down to running up to an opponent, whacking them, and then jumping out of the way to dodge their counter attack. But then again, the game doesn't focus much on this type of combat. The only people you will be whacking are those that are walking around the environment that are in your way while you are going about your business. The main focus of the game is solving puzzles, jumping around, and boss battles. And when you get to the later portion of the game, you will have weapons and even vehicles which will make this a non-issue. Also, there are one or two sections of the game that are pretty difficult, such as a race over some lava while dodging dinosaurs that will probably take you 5 or so attempts to finish. But overall, these are just minor complaints that should not hinder your enjoyment of the game much.

    The world of Conker is great. Instead of feeling like a bunch of separate self contained levels, all of the areas of the game are connected and you can usually pick the order in which you want to do things. The massive graphical upgrade the game got really helps make the world feel alive. The environments are very detailed, and the fur on the characters looks awesome. Conker: Live & Reloaded is easily one of the best looking games on the Xbox. The graphical style of the game is similar to that of Kameo for the Xbox 360 with lots of lush settings and cute characters that cover up some pretty brutal and mature gameplay.

    What sets the game apart from other platformers is its great sense of humor. Some of its humor comes in the form of crude jokes, but most of it comes from parody. For example, there are a few sequences in the game that parody movies like The Matrix or Saving Private Ryan. Surprisingly, these sequences are still pretty funny even though those movies came out quite a while ago. Other parts of the game, like the entire sequence when you battle the Mightypoo, are so outrageous and crude that you can't help but laugh. The dialog in the game is also well written with a lot of humor, but obviously intended for a mature audience.

    After you finish the game's excellent single player campaign, there is a whole new online component that Rare created. The multiplayer games are large scale class based battles with vehicles. Matches pit the Tediz against the Squirrels in a variety of scenarios. If you can imagine a smaller but more action packed Battlefield 2 then you should have a good idea about how it plays. Some of the matches are set to a World War 2 theme where the Squirrels play as the Allies and the Tediz play as the Nazis, while other matches are set in the future. All of them are a blast to play, making the online extremely addicting.

    Overall, Conker: Live & Reloaded is an extremely fun game. If you never played the single player game before, Conker will offer some of the best platforming gameplay out there. If you have played the old game before, the updated graphics and the whole new addicting multiplayer component makes the game worth buying over again. Every Xbox (and Xbox 360) owner that enjoys platforming games should check out Conker: Live & Reloaded....more info
  • Adult Style Platformer
    Conker looks like a cute little forest creature - but this game is DEFINITELY mature with its violence, sexual innuendo and swearing.

    The basic game is the N64 version of Conker with updated graphics, and then you get a "pseudo live" version with robots, plus the XBox Live version where you can take your mayhem online.

    The game fools you at first. It looks like a cute Banjo Kazooie type of game with fluffy squirrels, flowing waterfalls and hapy music. You begin to imagine that you can play this with the little kids and have fun for hours.

    Then you get into the game. The main story - a remake of the N64 "Conker's Bad Fur Day" has all its built in nastiness and fun. It's a game adults can enjoy for hours and hours.

    The graphics are rather impressive, in their cartoony way. If it's raining out, the raindrops cascade down the monitor screen. The HUD is easy to read iwthout interfering with your shots. The maps provide a cartoony visual interest while being fun to play in.

    The sounds are pretty straightforward for a platformer. In fact, when you're doing multiplayer type capture-the-flag sorts of games, they bleep out some of the swears so you're being shielded from some of the nasiness.

    You have to give these guys some credit. With the graphics and sound work, they could easily have made a simple kid-friendly game that families would have bought up and played. We could have had yet another standard platforming game with "furry creature" and including a multiplayer aspect to it. However, these developers aimed for something different. They created a platformer that was directly aimed towards adults. They created a multiplayer world that involved furry rodents. So this isn't the normal audience for platformers - and it isn't the normal way that combat-oriented multiplayer guys want to play either. Still, the game is fun and it draws both groups in.

    I'm always very much for games that help to stretch the boundaries, and this game is definitely one of those. Again - not for kids - but it can be great fun for adults who are willing to give it a try....more info
  • w00t w00ty w00t
    Yes! After 3 years of them postponing this game it is out in a month and a half! After Microsoft bought out RareWare it was their top priority and now it is out! Sorry PS2 owners, but unfortionately for you, there will be no Live and Reloaded for you, because it is produced by MICROSOFT. However, you CAN play it if you want... well you can play the Nintendo 64 version. AHAHAHAHA! The demo kicks ass, but i hate the people who are calling it a WWII game, just because the demo level is the Saving Private Ryan level. Get a life and play the original before you make any assumptions. Awesome game and it will be mine, oh yes, it will be mine!!!!...more info
  • This game is hilarious!
    This is probably the best platform type video game for the Xbox. The graphics are detailed enough with all the different colors and textures and displays in 480p. Conker is a cute looking character with his bushy tail, little sweater, and nasally voice. My only gripe about this game and it's not a huge deal or anything is the fact that it loads frequently. Everywhere you go from one section of a level to another, if you die... there is a load screen with about a 10-15 second wait. Other than the load times I would recommend this game to you because the jokes are funny and some of the characters are outrageous....more info
  • Funny, cute, and fuzzy critters; gratuitous violence, and lots of chocolate.
    It's an excellent port game from its original N64 version. The controls are vastly improved(epecialy for anyone familiar with third person shooters). It's loaded with crude humor, "questionable" puzzles, and some neat movie cameos. Just remember, the game's rated "M" for a reason; but if you dont take it to seriously its actually quite a fun and hallarious game. ...more info
  • One of the best games of all time
    Conker's Bad Fur Day is one of the best games of all time. Up there with Halo. I remember when XBox game out and N64 was outdated, people would continue getting n64s simply to be able to play Conker. Now it's available on XBox. I haven't played it on Xbox yet. I am ordering it now. Multiplayer is the best, you get to shoot your opponents with snipers and you get to throw bombs at them and you get to cut them in half with a chainsaw. This is definitely not for kids. If you write a bad review for this game just cause you didnt read the "Mature" warning and gave it to a kid, don't blame Rare or Microsoft. This game is for adults the same way Grand Theft Auto is only for adults....more info
  • Return Of The Drunken Master
    The Xbox remake of Rae's N64 cult classic Conker's Bad Fur Day has been a long time coming. In thats time, what I expect from my games has changed a lot, and it's more than improved graphics. A lot of the charm in the new Xbox exclusive Conker: Live And Reloaded is in showing the system's powerful specs with those amazing graphics. But platformers have changed a lot too, espically those of the cutesy-cum-cheeky humor kind that owe a lot of their of their inspiration to the original Conker. Sly, Jak, Ratchet, in your PS2 homes - I'm looking at all of you.
    But those games have only built on the genre; the revival of Conker's entire original single-player mode feels like it's been unfrozen from the ice it was encased in back in 2001. That's eons in videogame terms, and the Bad Fur Day gameplay seems about as up-to-date as a wooly mammoth. It plays upon (and plays with) platformers convections of the day that have been bettered by those more recent games. Confusing direction, unintuitive puzzles, rote enemies and bosses, and annoying jumping puzzles plague Conker at every turn. It might have felt more groundbreaking then, but times have moved on.
    But if you're played enough games to get past the stupid idiosyncrasies, you'll find Conker's bawdy, definitely adult humor and style still refeshingly funny. The old characters Birdy, the Poo Monster, and the Tediz all still provide a lot of inspired chuckles to get yourself from one badly designed level to the next nonsensical boss or impossible to see button or trigger. It's still totally worth playing through though, if just to see all the clever movie and cultural references as well as self-referential jokes that only a serious gamer would get. Still, you might want to bring along a walkthrough.
    But here's where i feel I almost have to start a second review. The multiplayer experience is completely original and unlike the single-player portion. Not platform-oriented at all, but instead it's really rock' em stock' em team-based shooter with character classes, vehicles, all kinds of cool weapons and devices, and objective-based maps in addition to more standard capture the flag types. Kind of like Battlefield with cute, furry, critters that look like huggable stuffed animals.
    Multiplayer mode sports so many options thats it's kind of dizzying. Every map pits the evil Tediz verus the good guy Squirrles, or SHC (Squirrel High Command). In the WWII-themed levels they play as quasi-Germans and Americans, respectively, and in the futuristic levels, well, both teams are all future-y. You can choose between six differnt character classes, each with unique weapons and speical abilities. The maps are peppered with gun emplacements you can man and stations that build vehicles that are all character specific too. Mission objective range from basic capture the flag to variations on holding control points. They're all loads of fun with a full server of players, and the ability to play offline with the bots is great too.
    It's really a tale (tail?) of two games. One, the polished-up version of a creatively inspired yet functionally faulty single-player storyline. The other, an excellent multiplayer game that should inspire some long, long nights on Xbox Live. It's a package of really fun times interspersed by some really annoying parts that will have you jumping in your car to go run over the first squirrel you see.

    Graphics: Shows off the full power of the Xbox just in time to get ignored by gamers wanting an Xbox 360.

    Immersion: Conker makes a point of taking itself out of the game context and into the real world. It's better when it's intentional though.

    Sound: The voices are hit and miss (someone get that guy a lozenge), but the music rules (espeically the Caveman Race parody)

    Design: Mulitplayer design: top notch. Single-Player: not so much.

    + That oh so pettable tail
    + Squirrels are cuter when drunk

    -Poo is gross
    -Confusing directions around levels

    ?It took them how long to get this game out?

    Note: I'm not under 13. I'm 16...more info
  • Nice xbox game.
    Conker live & reloaded is a remake of Conker's Bad Fur Day.But it's still good.Even the multiplayer is very good.The graphics is really amazing.This game have some diffrent things and Conker uses a diffrent weapon.This game seems to be less cartoonish and more realistic.The charcters in this game have a better design.

    Good graphics
    Online play is fun
    Easy controls
    Awsome weapons & vehicles
    Better music
    More enemies

    Alot of glitches in the multiplayer
    More censored curse word
    There are some removed parts in the single player

    ...more info
  • blows
    the "live" is way to fast paced, its very confusing, nothing like the first multiplayer....more info
  • Very fun, good gameplay, but unbalanced multiplayer.
    As you play through the campaign in this game, you will laugh and laugh and cry and laugh some more. As the game goes on it gets funnier. I cant say the same about the multiplayer though. Its pretty unbalanced and is only really fun if you are playing balanced teams where there are equal number of classes. Overall, tohugh i find this very fun.

    Very fun single player.
    Many multiplayer maps/modes/options.
    Wonderful graphics.
    LIVE Play
    Lots of variety in games

    Unbalanced multiplayer
    CAnt hear people talking very well in multiplayer when voices are routed through tv speakers.
    Lots of cussing in Live play.
    The single player is pretty hard for the logically-challenged....more info
  • Poorly documented and long levels
    This could be an excellent game, and it really is, except for two things.

    First, the game is very poorly documented. If you're a hardcore gamer, you'll figure most of it out. But the one thing that I couldn't figure out is how to get to a point where I can actually save my progress. Either there's something I couldn't figure out, or the there is way too much to do between game save points. In either case, I got tired of having to do the same things over and over and over and over and over again just to get to the next part of the game....more info
  • Eh
    It was ok, the 64 version definatly better though. It's not bad they kinda screwed with the good parts though. And are you kidding with the graphics thing?! The teddiz are not as souless and evil as they were in the first game (that's what made them fun to kill!) Now they have faces and kind of look like lions. And the Fur effect ruined the darn thing! It's terrible, If they would have just said no to that discusting fur effect it would have been a little better. But other then that and the teddiz that are not nearly as evil and scary as they once were, it's an ok game, mulitplayer is fun....more info
  • conkr rules
    conker is kick ass conker rocks go conker i'm geting tanked tonight conker live and realoaded rocks yeah conker rocks i love bad fur day i'm a conker fan...more info