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Obsessed with teaching his victims the value of life a deranged sadistic killer is abducting morally wayward people and forcing them to play horrific games for their own survival. Faced with impossible choices each victim must struggle to win back his/her life or else die trying. Studio: Lions Gate Home Ent. Release Date: 09/23/2008 Starring: Cary Elwes Monica Potter Run time: 100 minutes Rating: R

Adam (Leigh Whannell) wakes up in a dank room across from Dr. Lawrence Gordon (Cary Elwes) and the body of a guy who has blown his own brains out. Not a happy place, obviously, and it gets worse when both men realize that they've been chained and pitted against one another by an unseen but apparently omniscient maniac who's screwing with their psyches as payment for past sins. Director James Wan, who concocted this grimy distraction with screenwriter Whannell, has seen Seven and any number of other arty existential-psycho-cat-and-mouse thrillers, so he's provided Saw with a little flash, a little blood, and a lot of ways to distract you from the fact that it doesn't make a whole hell of a lot of sense. Wan and Whannell (who's not the most accomplished actor, either) pile on the plot twists, which after some initially novel ideas become increasingly juvenile. Elwes works hard but looks embarrassed, and the estimable Danny Glover suffers as the obsessed detective on the case. The denouement will probably surprise you, but it won't get you back the previous 98 minutes.--Steve Wiecking

Customer Reviews:

  • SAW
    If you haven't seen the original Saw you really should try. If you are a horror fan, and you haven't seen this, you should be smacked with a copy of this disc and shamed. Even if horror's not your thing, don't judge a book by it's cover. Yes, there are some very graphic scenes captured on film here, however the story is one of the most original. If you liked Cube and the originality and level of tone this is right up your alley. The filmmakers assembled an excellent cast that completely sell the idea. This is not the PG-13 Japanese remake after remake stuff that has over saturated the market in recent years. This is a good psychological horror film with some very graphic elements.

    The Blu Ray version of this film improves upon the DVD rather dramatically. Capturing all of the beautiful yet dirty and grimey set design. The 6.1 & 5.1 audio tracks are used to their full advantage really giving this film as much mood and dimension as the cinematography. From the annoying humming of lighting fixtures to the intense score, it is probably one of the better atmospheric creations for a surround sound experience that doesn't feature the typical action fare of gun shots and explosions continuously and exhaustingly.

    Lionsgate has been one of the original supporters and most reliable makers of Blu Ray discs to date. Their BR discs are consistently some of the finest available for picture and sound. I would love to see Cube 1 & 2 amongst others in the catalogue of similar nature on BR....more info
    This was defiantly the best of the SAW franchise, but they lacked on traps, the creativity wasn't ver great, as the SAWs go on, they get more and more creative. This is a must see for any horror movie fan....more info
  • excellent
    The previews you see for the Saw during commercial breaks on the television are misleading because Saw is *not* a typical "maniac with a saw comes out of the closet and attacks helpless horny teens" horror. This is truly a disturbing film about a smart and dangerous killer who gives two people (who are chained to the floor of a bathroom) certain strategies that need to be completed in order to succeed at the killers twisted little game. It's unreal.

    Every time the two guys think they found a way to get out of the situation, they quickly find out that the killer already found a way to trick them. The killer is always one step ahead of them.

    You will find out that the weapon of choice, the saw, is to be used in a deeply disturbing (and cleverly written) way. Throughout the movie, the killer plays these sick little games with the two guys trapped in the bathroom, and it's truly something that will disturb anyone because it shows you exactly what the sickest kind of people on earth can be capable of.

    I was truly surprised that this movie was a more creative kind of horror than what the previews seem to show us. Watch it. It's an interesting and nicely created horror film. ...more info
  • See SAW
    My corny title is not just there to be funny in a stupid way, as it is also meant to convey to horror fans who have not seen SAW, thinking it to be another HOSTEL/HILLS HAVE EYES/any "let's torture young people for fun instead of trying to be, you know, scary" movie, that it's definitely worth their time. I have not seen SAW's sequels (though I liked this one enough to see the others), but I can say that this movie is more in the SE7EN kind of vein than the torture porn flicks we've been subjected to over the last few years. Yes, it is quite often gruesome, graphic, and disturbing, but it is all accredited to a very clever and darkly interesting premise.
    We are introduced to our two protagonists (if they can be called that, as they have their vices) first, workaholic doctor Lawrence (Cary Elwes) and cocky youngster Adam (screenwriter Leigh Whannell), who awaken in a dark room resembling a larger version of a prison cell, each of them chained to pipes adjacent from each other. In the center is a dead body holding an unloaded gun with a gunshot wound to the head and a tape recorder. Adam and Lawrence each have tapes to be played on that recorder, on which a raspy voice, their captor, informs Lawrence that he must kill Adam by 6:00 that night, or he will kill Lawrence's wife and daughter. To further explain what could possibly be going on, Adam and Lawrence both tell certain stories about their past, leading to flashbacks where we are introduced to other key characters like policeman Det. David Tapp (Danny Glover) and his partner, Det. Steven Sing (Ken Leung), who are on the trail of the Jigsaw Killer, a sadistic serial killer who forces his victims to save their own lives through twisted puzzles and games. Lawrence believes this Jigsaw is their holder, and that Tapp believes Lawrence is somehow in cahoots with Jigsaw. More plot complications pile on top of each other, leading to the bloody, shocking finale, which whether you like it or not, is a doozy.
    Writer Whannell and director James Wan, both newcomers, showcase a great confidence towards filmmaking, as Whannell's writing is very fluid and engrossing (I'm not saying he's David Mamet, but for someone not much older than college age he's very talented) and Wan's direction points toward a long future in filmmaking. Elwes should have won some sort of horror acting award or at least award for best desperate screaming and wailing (something I can't quite say for Whannell, a much better writer than he is an actor, though he's more than adequate in his role). I can't tell you if the sequels are able to have a nice psychological thriller along with the blood and guts, but this one has it and more....more info
  • Saw little reason to drool over this flic
    Hype can be a dangerous thing. For a long time all I heard about this movie was how disturbing and relentlessy terrifying it was. Well i saw it finally and my expectations were not what I would say raised, but high enough to be slightly dissapointed. Don't get me wrong,I didn't hate it, it just didn't end up equaling the sum of its parts.

    The basic plot is this:two guys who seemingly have nothing to do with each other wake up in a room.They don't have any idea how they got there, they're chained by the ankle to opposite ends of the room, there's a dead body between them and to make matters even worse, they are taunted by a video moniter showing with some sort of handpuppet clown(piture Pennywise and Gonzo having a baby) who tells them this is all part of a game he's set up for them to teach them a lesson about some sort of evildoing that he knows about and they have to figure out how to escape or the consequences are going to be dire. Intercut with that are scenes of Danny Glover as an ex-cop fired for his obsession with Jigsaw(the puppet) and even after losing his job,still pursues him. In the Glover flashbacks we get treated to past victims of Jigsaw and the torments they endured.

    Overall, the movie had some nice horror sequences,some creative kills and an ending I didn't see coming, so Im really looking to give it 2 and a half stars, but i can't. the problems in the movie arise when you look at the fact that this movie is setting itself up to be a serious, disturbing look into the psyche and comes across as more B-grade than it pretends to be. Sort of an overhyped snuff film. In a serious horror movie, you're supposed to be afraid, or at least disturbed. Saw did neither of those things for me, it barely crossed th line into entertaining. Don't get me wrong, im all for senseless violence and gore, but when it tries to put on a nice dress when it really is Courtney Love morning after a bender underneath, well, she ain't foolin anybody. The perfomances as a whole take away something from the proceedings as well. Cary Elwes plays one of the men in the room and as I said before Danny Glover is the obsessed ex-cop whose investigation soon becomes intertwined with with Mr Elwes's consequence(does that even make sense?) and both men seem out of their element. Their performances are so overwrought and "tension" filled that theres never anywhere to go for them. Look, if the characters can't take you with them in a movie like this, you ain't going. Where are the levels? Both men verge on camp and they simply fall in line with everyone else in the movie, save Ronald Mcdonald on acid(aforementioned puppet).When an expressionless block with a mouth that can't do much more than move up and down can show more subtlety than you, you've got a problem. Also, alot of the fear in the movie depends on mounting tension. Part of what the men are given to help them figure out how to escape are saws(get it?) and the build-up through most of the movie is finding out who, if anybody, would be the one to give himself the lifetime 50% discount for all future Dr Scholls purchases and when that moment finally arrives, not only was it not tense, it was hysterical. Probably not what they were shooting for.

    Anyway, Its not horrible, I don't know that I would even call it bad, but it wasn't what it was cracked up to be. you could say that I never SAW what all the hype was about(HHAHAHAHAHAHA). If you really want to see a gory disturbing snuff film that doesn't pretend to be anything else, go find 10,000 maniacs somewhere and lugh youself over a barrel....more info
  • SAW
  • 2 stars out of 4
    The Bottom Line:

    Saw begins promisingly by thrusting the viewer into a dirty basement with the two main characters, but quickly builds up so many plot holes that a good deal of the sequels' running lengths are devoted to clearing them up; if you like your horror leavened awful acting and nonsensical plotting, by all means check out Saw. ...more info
  • No Gore
    I heard this was a good film through some friends and considering it was the week of halloween I thought celebrate with a good scary movie. I don't really care for movies that have a gotcha or someones going to getcha theme. This really played into the mind I figured out almost right away who the guy was but I really liked it any way. In fact the point of the movie is to make you appreciate your life. I got out of it what I needed a little scared but not grossed out by blood. ...more info
  • This movie is for retards.
    I expected to be entertained, frightened, and disturbed by this film.

    Instead, I was bored, disappointed, and disgusted.

    You can get better violence in any action movie; you can get a better psychological thrill from 'Silence of the Lambs' or even a cheesy sci-fi like 'Event Horizon'; you get more plausibility out of 'Lord of the Rings'. At least Lord of the Rings doesn't pretend to be reality.

    In 'Saw', the film's apparently omiscient, omnipotent, and short sightedly self-righteous 'Jigsaw Killer' sets ridiculously contrived and unnecessary traps for his victims. That's pretty much it. Maybe he's a surviving henchman from some old Bond film?

    There are a dozen points in the movie when an intelligent person says, "Wait, why would they do that?" and the movie loses all its plausibility. The characters act and interact in ways that only the most unintelligent and illogical people would; in order for the plot to progress as it does, the screenwriters throw one deus ex machina after another at you.

    I can only take so many absurd twists and revelations before realizing that I got swindled. If you were thrilled by this idiotic film... kudos, I'm glad you don't feel gypped. That makes one of us, at least....more info
  • First in the series is an absolute must
    I saw this movie a few years ago, and I remember it very well. This is actually a very impressive thriller. It contains lots of high tension, severe gore, and clever plot twists. The actors have done splendid jobs, and the writing is crisp and not too complex. Music is also fantastic, and the cinematography is to die for. I give this an A....more info
  • Dark, gritty, disturbing, gruesome; takes the best of the genre and adds a nice little twist...originality...
    When `Saw' was first released it took the nation by storm. It was the freshest thing to hit the world of horror and it still to this day has a large following. With `Saw IV' set to hit theaters this weekend the anticipation is already thick for what new and disturbing things lay in store for the general public. With the sequels though there has been an onslaught of critics for the original film as well calling it an overrated piece of trash. I feel that this is an unfair assessment. The original film was unique and thought provoking. Finally we had a detour from the abundance of prefabricated copycats, horror films that relied heavily on severed limbs and large amounts of gore to establish a fan base. This is not to say that `Saw' is lacking in the gore department, or even in the severed limbs area (just what do you think that `saw' is for) but it's smarter than that. By the closing credits the audience has been forced to really open their minds, turn on their thinkers and delve into the material presented before them. Saw is gritty, real, disturbing and most importantly stimulating.

    The film opens with two men waking up in a room alone with a corpse. The two men are chained to opposite sides of the room, the corpse lying between them just out of reach. The two men are Adam, a student, and Lawrence, a doctor. Soon after awakening the two men are informed that they only have a short period of time before they are to be killed. They have been left clues in order to lead them to survival but they must find and follow them. Before long it becomes apparent that they are being toyed with by a mastermind bent on making them atone for past indiscretions. As their sanity begins to fray they uncover that they are linked in more ways than their current situation.

    As far as acting is concerned, this is far from a showcase that's for sure. Cary Elwes is somewhat all over the place here and Leigh Whannell (who co-wrote the film with director James Wan) is very amateur. Danny Glover is decent as is Monica Porter but really the only effective actor is Tobin Bell and he's rarely seen, only heard.

    What `Saw' lacks in acting it makes up for in originality and sheer eeriness. In fact this is one of the only films that have kept me on the edge of my seat from start to finish. It has been compared to `Se7en', which is a nice compliment (`Se7en' is the better film), but `Saw' really is a film all its own. Aside from the scare tactics there really is no similarity between the two films. The subsequent sequels have been less effective than this original and it's a shame that Hollywood rushes these things because of that `it' factor, embracing a hot commodity to the effect of tarnishing a good thing. If only a little more time and effort had been placed into creating sequels with the same originality and gritty flare as this original film then maybe we would have a complete set of worthy horror films. Sure `Saw' has its flaws (mostly found within the acting) but it works hard within the script and plot to make up for its flaws and deliver one disturbing, horrific and gruesome good time....more info
  • I was too scared NOT to see this movie.
    I am absolutely NOT a fan of the horror genre - on more than one Halloween outing with friends I have run, sobbing, out of a haunted house; my brother gets a kick out of jumping out from behind things to hear me scream; and at night, I still jump into bed from 3 feet away...just in case something's under there. Yet Saw has made it onto the list of my all-time favorite films.

    Saw's psychological "damned-if-you-do, damned-if-you-don't" concept intrigued me, so I rented it on DVD one night. I shut and locked my bedroom door, turned on every light in the room, and barricaded myself with blankets to see if the product lived up to the hype...and it did.

    On one hand, I was terrified (afterward, I watched TV for a while to ward off the nightmares)...but I was awed by the film's brilliance. Solid acting, creative cinematography, and the most disturbing and mind-blowing plot twists imaginable.

    I was so impressed, I saw each sequel on its opening day...from the seat in the rear corner of the theater. No one can sneak up on you from there....more info
  • Question
    Not a review but a question. Does this work on UK Playstations as only SAW III is available on Region B for some reason? ...more info
  • gave me the creeps
    This movie was creepy, shocking, and finally, gross. It was ok..However, although there are other SAWs out there, for me, one was enough....more info
  • Poor Quality
    I agree with the first poster, the quality is not much better than a standard DVD. Its very grainy is many spots too....more info
  • Not As Scary As I Expected...
    I mean, it was pretty whacky and freaky and bizarre, but I mean, I was misled by the reviews, because people said it was the "scariest thing ever." It's certainly not the scariest thing ever, but it's pretty chilling. ...more info
  • 0 [........] Star's
    Wow, what [.....] and [....] what a piece of[....], this [.....]poor, [.......]. Everything [.....] this [....]movie is so [.....] lame!!!!! and the [.....]story of [....]bad, and a[......] little corny puppet???? This pop-horror [....],what kind of[.......]stupid[....], and[...] a saw??,[...] old guy and ,[.....],[...] a with [...]tape recorder!!! Hollywood can [...]a fat[....] ,it's[....] stink's and[....]corny!!!!! Bad acting [....] .and [...] mainstream , but[....]a room [.....] ,just[.....] boring!!!!!!! I didn't like it....more info
  • Saw Rocks!
    One of the more inventive, original, and creative (albeit gory) horror movies in years. The thrilling suspense is also incredible. I give it an A....more info
  • Genius!
    This movie is absolutely pure genius! Not your typical slasher/horror flick. There's plenty of blood and gore, but that's not what carries the movie. The killer is brilliant and creative. It left me guessing who did it all the way to the very end, and then it will leave you with your mouth hanging open in amazement. Very satisfying suspense movie....more info
  • A film for those with the wrong priorities?
    There, is that better? A little less harsh than "a film for the mentally ill?"

    Alright. I am going to disappoint you.

    I do not come on here to write reviews merely to make people angry. I come on here to tell the truth. So here it is.

    "Saw" and its kith and kin of successors and imitators are the lowest of the low in my book. Coming from a reviewer with taste and class (that's me), I can vehemently say that these "Saw" series of films are disgusting, low-brow, trashy, worthless, and utterly horrible films. It boggles the mind why anyone would want to watch these films unless they get off on pain and suffering.

    As I told my husband out loud in Blockbuster one evening, this is NOT a horror film, and neither are its sequels!

    Coming from a person who loves horror films and has seen (and read) virtually everything that can be classified as horror, I can assure you once more -- THIS IS NOT HORROR. Add to that my studies in psychology, and I can also assure you without a doubt that if you *love* the "Saw" series, you need professional help. These are films for sick people, and people who have something mentally askew. A healthy, normal person does not want to watch people being tortured in the most sick and vile ways imaginable. I'm not sure that registers, but allow me to say this again: well-balanced people don't seek out this sort of garbage. There is enough horrific violence in the world as it is....more info
  • A Fun Little Date Movie
    The dialogue is bad, the budget is low ($1.2 million), the acting is wooden, and the gore is off the charts. All of which makes for a fun b-movie from writer/actor Leigh Whannell, who plays "Adam." There are two editions--rated and unrated--although the difference is minimal (8 seconds of additional footage)....more info
  • Excellente!
    This is a superb horror film. Spawning multiple sequels, the original is still the best. Horror films are often over looked by award givers in part to the genre in general- most "award" films are more drama films.
    This isn't some European horror trip leaving you confused, and searching for the meaning to the film. And it isn't the squirting blood fest that many "horror" films are. This is a well thought out film- relying on plot and acting, rather than CGI or over the top gore.
    Excellent film- rent it first if you like, but buy it too. Five stars all the way. -If you like Se7en, Hostel, Jaws, or Zodiac, check this film out. ...more info
  • Fast Service!
    I got the 2-disc DVD within a few days. It was packaged well and I had no problems whatsoever with anything. Thank you!...more info
  • Best of the 3 Movies...
    "Saw" is by far the best of the 3 "Saw" movies. It has suspense, was very unpredictable, and had creative murder sequences. They should have stopped with this one though because Saw II and Saw III are horrible....more info
  • Let the Games Begin...
    Horror films are definitely a mixed bag when it comes to quality. There are some horror films that are really good, meaning they have a solid story, genuine thrills, and leave you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. Examples of good horror films are "Final Destination", the `Scream' trilogy, and the classic "Halloween". But for every really solid effort in the horror genre there are about 10 terrible entries that give the genre a bad name, most of these inferior entries consist of sequels to average or above average horror movies that are made for nothing more than cashing in on the original film's success and hopefully making a little money before fading quickly from the public's memory. In 2004, amidst a crop of forgettable horror releases, one horror movie caught audiences completely by surprise with its in-your-face brand of terror that hadn't been seen in most horror films, with a surprisingly strong story that was full of twists and turns that would make any mystery fan happy, and a fairly solid cast of actors that didn't consist of fresh-faced teenagers that barely have any acting experience. The movie I'm referring to was the smash hit "Saw" from director James Wan ("Death Sentence"), and starring Danny Glover (`Lethal Weapon' series), Cary Elwes ("Robin Hood: Men in Tights"), and Monica Potter ("Along Came a Spider").

    "Saw" focuses on a deranged serial killer who feels that it is his mission in life to teach those who take life for granted a lesson by capturing them and forcing them to choose between fighting for their lives by surviving horrifying circumstances or giving up and dying. His latest victims are a successful doctor (Cary Elwes) and a young photographer (Leigh Whannell, who also wrote the screenplay). These two unwitting participants in the killer's twisted game must try to work together to solve the mystery of why they are being held captive, while determining the means of their escape from certain death. Meanwhile, a former detective (Danny Glover) is trying to put the pieces together regarding the last case he was working when he left the force, which unbeknownst to him is directly linked to the two captives who may soon become the latest victims of this methodical killer, with a simple message of, "Live or die, make your choice."

    This is one of those movies that I was a little mixed in my opinion of. The first time I watched "Saw" I didn't really care for it all that much, I thought that it was a better than average entry into the horror genre, but was trying too hard to cross genres with being a horror film and also a thriller in the vein of "Se7en". But after watching "Saw" for a second time, I feel it was a much better horror movie than I initially believed it to be, and was also an adequate mystery thriller that set itself apart from most horror films by actually having a decent story and not relying on some supernatural killer, that for some unknown reason audiences are intrigued by, to propel the movie forward. In fact, you barely even see the killer in this movie, which is even more surprising for a horror film these days, having a modern horror film that actually leaves its killer shrouded in mystery is unheard of, and was very much appreciated here.

    Now, some of you may be wondering where I came up with the comparison of "Saw" and "Se7en", well here it is. Both movies feature villains who feel it is their sole purpose in life to teach others a lesson about what they've done wrong in their lives. Both villains are patient, smart, and incredibly deranged in their view of the world, and feel completely justified in the pain they inflict upon their victims. I also feel that director James Wan was aware of this comparison, and purposely paid homage to "Se7en" with the use of the exact same type of notebooks that were used by the killer in the movie "Se7en" spread all over Danny Glover's apartment in this movie. With all the various types of notebooks out there why choose that same exact one, unless you were meaning for people to recognize it, and therefore draw comparisons. Now, James Wan and writer Leigh Whannell may not have intended for there to be as much comparison between the two films as I have seen, but the similarities are there all the same. With all that being said, I don't feel that "Saw" as a film, suffers from its similarity to "Se7en" (granted its not as strong of a mystery thriller as the latter, but it's adequate), the two films are different enough in their execution (no pun intended) that the similarity is nothing more than an obvious influence for their story.

    The actors were of a much higher caliber than one normally expects from horror films these days. Generally the cast of horror films consists of some of the newest actors Hollywood has to offer, and generally will focus heavily on talk of sex and feature plenty of nudity from its attractive leading ladies, thus ensuring plenty of teenagers (especially guys) will give the movie a generous box office return and maybe even repeat business. But, "Saw" went a different route by casting veteran actors such as Danny Glover and Cary Elwes, along with the not as well known Monica Potter to bring their characters to life. Most of the cast were very effective in their roles, even screenwriter Leigh Whannell as the other man trapped with Cary Elwes, was surprisingly good as an actor. But the weakest link in the acting chain was Cary Elwes. For an actor who has been around as long as he has, it's kind of a surprise that he's never managed to elevate his craft from anything more than that of an average actor who has a tendency to overact in his dramatic parts, but excels when it comes to comedy which is probably why "Robin Hood: Men in Tights" and "The Princess Bride" are the two biggest movies of his career. The decision to give Cary top-billing for this movie seemed odd, since he's not that big of a name, and from a talent perspective, I figured they would have given that honor to Danny Glover, but I'm not the one making those decisions.

    One more thing regarding this movie that also further set it apart from most movies of this genre is the lack of blood and gore that was actually seen in the film. Most horror films opt for putting as much blood and gore on the screen as they possibly can, leaving nothing to the imagination, and frankly most audiences are numb to it at this point. But "Saw" went with the approach of implied gore; yes, there were moments of bloodshed on the screen but not much more than what is shown in an all-out action movie. Although the blood and gore were implied, the film still delivers on the horror, by forcing the audience to envision in their heads what could have taken place onscreen. However, in place of actual blood and gore, the director and writer included plenty of disturbing traps and images, along with creepy music and quick, frantic editing, that gave the audience the impression that the film was much more violent and gory than it actually was which may cause some viewers to dislike the film due to an implied sense of an overabundance of gratuitous graphic violence.

    "Saw" is without a doubt a very creepy horror film that delivers plenty of chills, but also gives audiences a solid story that will keep them guessing what will happen next. A word to parents, this is one horror film that's rating should definitely be heeded, as I don't feel that viewers under the age of 17 should see this movie without parental approval.

    "Saw" is available in both rated R and unrated editions both contain violence and language....more info
  • Been to long waiting for a good film
    All I have to say going to say, is it was the first film to make me cringe in a long while, from something other then wondering whos' rear hollywood has it's head stuck in. Gory it's true but with a method to the madness, and a twisting plaot that only a fewe have mentioned they figured out before the film had finnished. I loved it....more info
  • Did you see what I saw?
    I have just watched this movie for the first time and it is, as well, the first time I have watched a blu-ray movie. I am using a Sony XBR3 46', Samsung BD P1000 Blu-Ray Player, Harmon Kardon AVR 745(in video bypass mode for 1080p)and Mirage 5.1 Omni Speakers with 2 Klipsch Surrounds for 7.1. I say all of that so you can compare your configuration with mine. I would say that the video quality is better and anyone who says that it is not is just being negative. I understand this negativity because honestly if you own Saw on DVD, I do not, I would guess that it looks nearly as good especially 1080i with Faroudja. However I have to say that the sound difference was stunning. I may be alone on this but I am as much a sound guy as I am a video guy and the uncompressed PCM in 7.1 was insane. I turned the volume nearly off and it still was unbelievable. I am no techno whiz but I would suspect that original DVDs have a more severe compression on the audio than on the video and once both are uncompressed, although there are great improvements in both the audio really stands out. ...more info
  • Looks like a made-for-tv movie
    I saw this movie for the first time on the SciFi channel. It is so poorly filmed that it could've been a made-for-tv movie. They must have had a very low budget to make it. ...more info
  • First Chapter Of One Of The Best Horror Sagas
    One of the best new horror sagas to launch in the last fifteen years - and maybe one of the best horror sagas of all time - begins here, as "Saw" introduces the world to Jigsaw, one of the most original and deadly serial killers in movie history.

    Unseen for most of the movie and known only through electronically-distorted voice recordings, or through videotapes in which a disturbing little puppet speaks for him, Jigsaw kills no one directly, instead capturing his victims in brutal death-traps where they're challenged to figure out clues and ways to escape their fate - and to be able to survive the arduous tests and obstacles in their way. In the case of the main victims in this first chapter of the series, two men slowly come to conciousness chained to sturdy metal pipes inside a run-down lavatory, to meet with the encouraging sight of a bloodied corpse lying face-down on the floor between them. There are small cassette players within easy reach, and these have messages on them leading the men to their first and most obvious (though certainly not the most preferable) means of possible escape - a small handsaw that's insufficient to cut the chains but may be capable of slicing through other substances.

    Jigsaw is ingenious and ruthless, preying on his victims's paranoias, their guilts, suspicions about one another (in cases where more than one person occupies the same trap) and fears about their loved ones on the outside. The angle of Jigsaw preying on those who he considers flawed and unappreciative of life, in order to teach them the value of being alive, is well-known; without commenting here on how this thread develops through the further entries, I found that in this opening chapter, that scenario rang hollow. It is certainly Jigsaw's rationale, but it seemed only to be an excuse for the character to engage in his fiendish games. And, oddly enough, it worked out to the betterment - the killer who's found the moral justification, at least in his own mind, to rid himself of any mercies or compassion and to engage in as much sadism as suits him. This is just one viewer's interpretation, and only of what we see in this first movie; but here it makes Jigsaw very disturbing, very scary, and frighteningly believable.

    As the conclusion approaches, the twists begin to turn, culminating in a bloodchillingly shocking final realization. An excellent beginning for a series that's, so far, providing one of the year's top movies each October. A horror must-see....more info
  • Caution!! you might have to think to understand this movie.
    This movie is a great mind games horror movie.
    You have to have creativity to understand this movie.
    Plus it's not the same old slasher movie.
    I got to say slasher horror movies are old,
    to me this was a good change of pace.
    If you think this is stupid you haven't
    seen "The Grudge 1 & 2"!!
    I rate this DVD a 9 from 1to10!!...more info