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Smart Strip LCG3 Energy Saving Power Strip with Autoswitching Technology
List Price: $71.96

Our Price: $20.00

You Save: $51.96 (72%)


Product Description


With patented auto-switching technology that saves you money on electrical bills, the Smart Strip LCG3 Energy Saving Power Strip features 10 outlets that work in sync to efficiently power your electrical devices. This unique energy-saving power strip automatically switches devices on and off and uses less than one watt of power when fully energized. And with premium EMF/RFI filtering and 2225-joule protection to defend devices against surges, this strip keeps your valuable electronic equipment fully protected.

The Smart Strip LCG3
Energy Saving Power Strip:
  • Provides a safe, uninterrupted power supply
  • Auto-switches devices on and off to save energy
  • Uses less than one watt of power when fully energized
  • Offers an EMI/RFI filter and 15 AMP circuit breaker
  • Delivers 2225-joule and 84,000 AMP protection

Ten outlets work in sync to power and protect your electrical devices. View larger.
Protection and Power-Efficiency Save You Money and Worry
You don't want your power strip to eat up power, but you also want assurance that your equipment is safe from harsh power surges. Ideal for computer systems and home entertainment centers, the Smart Strip LCG3 employs a proprietary auto-switching technology that automatically shuts down devices that are not in use, saving you money and reducing your overall energy usage.

The Smart Strip has 10 clearly marked outlets that you plug your computer or home entertainment center peripherals into. When you power down your computer or stereo, the Smart Strip automatically shuts down the power to your computer's and entertainment's center peripherals. This unique feature not only saves you money and helps the environment, it also makes shutting down your systems fast and easy.

Unlike most power strips, the Smart Strip itself uses very little energy. It uses one watt of power when fully engaged and less than 1/4 of a watt when the automatically switched outlets are off.

Advanced Surge Protection with Superior EMI/RFI Filter
Power strips without EMI/RFI (Electromagnetic Interference/Radio Frequency Interference) run the risk of allowing waves from one electronic device to cause malfunctions or interference in another. The Smart Strip LCG3 protects you from this risk with its advanced EMI/RFI filter, backed up by a 15 AMP circuit breaker and two frequency-sensitive RC filters that eliminate false switching. Plus, a passive current sensor ensures an ultra-safe, ultra-clean switching off and on of your peripherals, giving you added peace of mind that your valuable electronics will remain safe.

The possible hazards of power surges are further prevented with 2225-joule surge protection and 84,000 AMP protection, both of which employ a three-way design to give you the ultimate protection for your valuable equipment.

Designed for Convenience and Ease of Use
The Smart Strip LCG3's widely spaced, clearly marked outlets give you the space and ease to connect all necessary equipment. The four-way wall mountable design, 45-degree space-saver plug, and heavy-duty six-foot power cord offer the versatility to place the power strip wherever it is most convenient, so it never gets in the way of your footpath or your home d¨¦cor. A lighted power switch keeps the strip visible, so you're never left fumbling in the dark.

The Smart Strip LCG3 is backed by a full two-year warranty for defects and includes a lifetime $30,000 connected equipment warranty.

What's in the Box
Smart Strip LCG3 Energy Saving Power Strip with Autoswitching Technology.

  • Superior EMI/RFI filtering
  • Up to 60db line noise reduction
  • 84,000Amp, three-way protection
  • 4 way wall mountable
  • 2875 joules three-way protection

Customer Reviews:

  • reliable and does what it says
    the only minor gripe i have is that the 'control outlet' must always be turned on in order to use any other appliance, i.e. you have home theater and you merely want to listen to the tv, the tv must be turned on if its being used as the control outlet....more info
  • Smart Strip
    If there is anything I can do to get us off Middle East and Venezuelan oil--I'm for that. This power strip works just as advertised--everything powers down when you turn off the principal device.
    We've hooked up the PC and cable boxes to main plug, and the peripherals to the slave plugs. We are saving approx 80% of the energy normally used while we are not using these devices.
    The seller did a great job!...more info
  • Wow
    Wow, I saw this item on a "green" website. It had a video clip with it. A clip of an Oprah show, I know, I am not a big Oprah fan but I watched the clip. I was sold on the item. I ordered two of the Smart Strips. I hooked one to my computer system and I can't believe how may electrical items I had hooked up until I installed this strip. Now when I power down my computer, the Smart Strip will turn off my monitor, my sub woofer/speaker system, my external heard drive, my printer and wireless print server, my shredder and electric pencil sharpener. That's 7 items that were drawing power 24/7. Now no power is being used during the overnight or periods when I am out of town. According to the manufacture and the lady on Oprah, electrical items that are plugged in will draw power even with off. This apparently blocks "phantom power" from being used. I look forward to seeing how much money I will save on my power bill each month with these two Smart Strips. ...more info
  • Works great but may not save as much $ as advertised
    We love this product and it works well.

    My issue is with the description on the box of how much money using this device can save. By their figures, the device, when used with an "average" computer system, saves 113 KWH per month; at 15 cents/kwh (about what we pay in the Philadelphia area) that would be about $203/year.

    We have a typical 3-year-old Dell Dimension desktop computer, LCD monitor, printer, sound system, and DSL modem that together consume about 14 watt hrs. in standby (I checked with a Kill-A-Watt meter). Using the LCG3 reduces the standby power draw to 1 watt hr. So, assuming 12 hrs. standby/day x 13 watts saved/hr. x 365 days x 15 cents/kwh gives an annual savings estimate of about $8.50/year (for 57 kwh/year saved), a much more realistic $ savings estimate for today's computers.

    However, we bought this smart strip to help reduce electricity demand and greenhouse gases from power plants, so perhaps the most important benefits aren't strictly financial. And electricity prices have nowhere to go but up.

    ...more info
  • Let's see
    Does what it says on the box. Just waiting to see the $avings on my Electric bill until then I'll give it a few months before my next review....more info
  • buy it you'll like it
    Very easy set up and what is even better is that it works exactly as advertized. :)

    ...more info
  • Easy to use, one problem i had.
    It was easy enough to use, does what it says and shuts off the electricity to your devices when you power them off. One thing though, is the lights on the power strip are always on. Does that power usage outweigh the power saved by using this smart switch? Has anyone done the calculation to see how much electricity is saved? Or how many devices you have to plug into it in order to off set how much is used by the power strip? ...more info
  • A surge protector that pays for itself?
    I set up (follow the directions--simple, but must be done right) and used this item for only a day but so far it could be my best, wisest purchase. Everything attached to my PC and Mac that is not needed when my host computer shuts down--is automatically turned off with it. All those transformers and blinking lights are off till needed. Only regret: I did not know of this product sooner and already purchased standard surge protectors for the rest of the house. Time will tell...but we like it so much already! If all goes well, this product will replace all other surge protectors. ...more info
  • Power strip
    The service was great, the installation was fast, and most importantly, it works. Worth the investment....more info
  • Halfed my electic bill in 1 month
    Bought three of these for 2 computers and one entertainment center. My electric bill went from 650 kilowatts to 291 in one month....more info
  • Smart Strip
    If there is anything I can do to get us off Middle East and Venezuelan oil--I'm for that. This power strip works just as advertised--everything powers down when you turn off the principal device.
    We've hooked up the PC and cable boxes to main plug, and the peripherals to the slave plugs. We are saving approx 80% of the energy normally used while we are not using these devices.
    The seller did a great job!...more info
  • Great Product !!!
    The product works like a charm !!
    I have Direct TV HD/DVR so that needs to stay powered up and the BluRay and VHS / DVD players are turned off with the TV.
    Great way to save some electric usuage and reduce the hours on the equipment...more info
  • Money Saver
    Once you get the power strip set up, it will save you money on your power bill. Mine paid for themselves in three months....more info
  • Great Product
    Great Product. Automatically switches off your peripherals when you switch off the contolled item. I plugged in my speakers and printers to the controlled outlets, my computer to the constant power and my monitor to the control outlet. Now I just turn off the monitor and the peripherals go off too....more info
  • Works great.
    I use it on my entertainment center, using the receiver as the control. Works just like the description says. I didn't have to adjust the sensitivity either. The default setting worked great. Great product...more info
  • Power saving Power strip
    It works as advertised. Not sure how much energy I'm saving but I know that the other devices cannot power up....more info
  • Very cool power strip
    I ordered a couple of these power strips, along with the Kill-A-Watt device, and have been very happy with the function and value!

    I used one on my entertainment center. The Kill-A-Watt helped me identify my DVD carousel player was vamping about 4-5W in "off" mode. Plus some other devices.. 1W here, 1W there. My sub was already plugged into my switched outlet on the receiver so that wasn't an issue. Although I previously had it in the wall.. But you may have a similar situation.

    So now I've got my receiver plugged into the control port, everything else is in the switched. Works great.

    With the other unit I had planned to plug my laptop into it.. and while my laptop draws anywhere from 24-40 watts, it didn't seem to be enough to actually "switch" the unit. So I'm back to my regular power strip there. Now I just turn it off when the laptop is off. It seems this might be the same problem reported by the previous "iMac" user. Seems if the device doesn't draw enough power it won't switch the switch. And yes I tried the adjustment knob maxed both ways.

    All in all very satisfied with the unit. Works for my entertainment center and that's what I was most concerned with. And the payback will be < 1 year....more info
  • Good idea, but may not be for me
    I gave this product 5 stars since I haven't purchased or used it yet so I didn't want to give a negative score. When I first heard about these energy saving strips, I figured that they would automatically detect that a device is not in use and turn it off. After reading the reviews and the specs, I see that it cuts off appliances based on when the "controlled" outlet that the main appliance is plugged into.

    A good idea, however in my case that wouldn't work since most of my electronics have to always be on, or sometimes I need to cut something on for a second such as my Paper Shredder and cell phone charger. So that would mean I would have to cut on my PC/Monitor just to get the paper shredder to work, so for me this product would not be convenient (or energy saving if I have to leave another appliance on for another to work).

    If they ever have the idea to automatically shut off something if not in use for a while, and you could click a button to turn it on then that may be cool....more info
  • Green value
    My husband and I love the Smart Strip. Not only is it a good value, but it allows us yet another opportunity to go green in our home. We'll probably purchase more!...more info
  • Smart Strip Energy Saver
    I purchased the smart strip so my peripherals would shut down when my PC was turned off. I had 6 hard drives, a printer, monitor, etc which all drew energy. The smart strip has performed flawlessly since I installed it.

    I no longer have to go back after the PC has done its shutdown routine and manually shut off everything. When I turn the power to the PC on, the peripherals are turned on automatically. ...more info
  • Swanky
    This power strip is a little pricy, but it's way cool.
    Excellent way to save the environment, and help save you money!...more info
  • smart power strip
    Easy to install just follow instuctions. I am sure we are saving lost of wasted electricial power. Takes little longer for t.v. and other accessories to start up but no problem....more info