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Learning Resources Prepared Slides Combination Set, 48 Specimens
List Price: $21.99

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Product Description

Grades K - 6. Set contains 12 slides with a total of 48 specimens including pollens/spores, textiles, insects, tiny creatures, animals, and plants.

  • Wing of Locust, Hair of Dog... A recipe from the Elizabethan Cable Food Network? No, just a couple of samples from our collection of (48) specimens preserved for your classroom examination, with (4) well-labeled specimens on each of (12) standard-size slides.
  • You get animal, plant, insect, textile, and pollen and spore specimens, including camel hair, camellia leaf, plant louse, fruit fly, fern spore, bee wing, nylon, wool, lily pollen, bamboo shoot, goldfish scale, and three dozen more, including our homonymic favorite, hare hair.
  • Grades three and up.

Customer Reviews:

  • Learning slides review
    These are very nice, but the paper is peeling off of a couple of them already (and we just opened them yesterday. Otherwise, they are great for teaching kids....more info
  • So much fun they don't know it's educational
    This is a higher quality than expected. My 7 year old operated it with ease and excitement....more info
  • great slides
    This is a great collection of slides. My daughter got a microscope for her 8th birthday and she used her money to buy these slides and they are a great well rounded collection. She has really enjoyed them. ...more info
  • An inexpensive way to add prepared slides to your collection.
    Learning Resources Prepared Slides Combination Set, 48 Specimens provides young scientists the opportunity to view the world in a new and different way. For a reasonable cost ($16 for me...) I'm able to share something fun and interesting with my daughter which elicits "look at this Mom..." and "what do you think a 'blank' looks like under the microscope?"

    Upon close examination these are glass prepared slides. Originally I thought they weren't, but after using them a bit I noted that there is a lightweight cardboard cover over the slide to identify the specimens on each slide. Not 'excellent' slides with regards to clarity, but certainly a great starter set: easy to use, simple things to view under any magnification.

    In all you receive two boxes (set one and two) which include samples labeled as follows.

    -Animals: cat hair, canary feather, dog hair, sheep hair.
    -Pollens & Spore: tulip pollen, leaf spore, pine tree pollen, orange pollen.
    -Tiny Creatures: common red sponge, angora rabbit hair, ant, mouse fur.
    -Textile Fibers: panya, nylon, wool, handmade paper.
    -Insects: dragon-fly wing, worker-bee wing, bee antenna, bee abdomen.
    -Plants: stem of corn, leaf of nerium, onion rind, silver berry scaly hair.
    -Pollen & Spore: pollen of lily, sunflower pollen, bottle brush spore, fern spore.
    -Tiny Creature: plant louse, fruit fly, shrimp egg, silk worm larva (moth)
    -Textile Fibers: hemp fiber, silk stuff, cotton fibre, bemberg.
    -Insects: leg of butterfly, wing of butterfly, wing of locust, let of honey bee.
    -Plants: pine wood, camellia leaf section, bamboo shoot, sponge gourd.
    -Animals: goldfish scale, hare hair, camel hair, feather fowl point....more info
  • Good first slides for inquisitive youth.
    I purchased this group of slides along with a microscope for my grandson for Christmas. He is very inquisitive and this has sparked his creativity to make slides of his own. He enjoys this gift and includes his younger siblings in his discoveries....more info
  • Perfect addition to the microscope !
    The Learning Resources Prepared Slides Combination Set (48 slides) was the perfect adjunct gift to the microscope. My nieces, 5 and 7 years old, were enthralled at being able to see gold fish scales, etc. right away. Their enjoyment (and mine) would have been hampered if not for the prepared slides....more info
  • Great fun for my 7 year old!
    These slides have been thoroughly enjoyed by my 7 yr old son. He received a microscope for Christmas along with these slides, and he is still having a blast studying them now (2 months later)! The variety of specimens is plenty to keep a child this age entertained for quite a while. Great quality too!
    ...more info
  • Could be happier
    Nice assortment, nicely mounted, great price. The packaging could have been a bit better, and kid proof....more info
  • Great for Homeschooling
    I bought these slides to go with a microscope that I purchased for homeschooling. They are really great sample slides. the only thing is some of the covers on the slides may need to be taped as they want to come off very easily. But for the most part, this is a great product for the price. ...more info
  • Prepared slides
    My son really likes these. It's cool to see normal everyday things under the microscope. It's nice that these are already prepared, ready to look at....more info
  • You get what you pay for
    48 specimens for less than $[...] bucks. That's less than 50 cents a specimen. I wasn't expecting a lot for my money and I didn't get a lot either. There's a reason why these slides are in the "toy" section. They're good enough, for the price, but certain not high quality. The better your microscope (both top and bottom illumination is really necessary for the insect specimens), the better your experience....more info
  • interesting slides
    great for use with the Learning Resources Microscope, until you can make your own slides. ...more info