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CliC Adjustable Front Connect Reader, 1.25 Strength
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Product Description

CliC magnetic readers are a new advance in eyewear with substantial improvements over the traditional solution to reading only glasses. The most innovative feature is the patented magnetic closure. This allows CliC readers to use a combined adjustable headband and neck strap which means not only do CliC readers stay in place while you are wearing them but also hang comfortably when not in use. Please note that this Black frame color has a slightly longer retainer to fit any larger-than-average neck size

  • Unique, patented, ergonomic, reading glasses
  • patented magnetic closure
  • optical quality frame
  • scratch resistant lens
  • Free Domestic US shipping

Customer Reviews:

  • Clic reading glasses
    I have 2 pairs of these type of reading glasses but I never thought I would have to return a pair. I got a pair for my husband and they fit too snug. I never thought to check his size before I ordered them.

    If they can make a size wider they would be a perfect fit. Otherwise they are great.CliC Adjustable Front Connect Reader, 1.50 Strength, Tortoise Frame...more info
  • Wish to enjoy them someday
    I wish Clic could design one for larger forehead person. I remembered seeing an auntie here in Thailand using them one day. I felt in love with the design at first sight and non-stop searching where to buy them. I finally found in the website and showed the design to my sisters and in-laws who just said to go ahead and ordered them. We have 5 of them now. I could not use them but seeing my sisters and in-laws enjoy wearing them so much make me feel really good. A bit envy of them though. I still wish to be able to enjoy the Clic glass reader someday. ...more info
  • Nerdy, but practical
    I bought these for my husband, who works at an outlet store where he needs to lift large TVs and other products into peoples' cars. The eyeglass case in his pocket kept getting crushed. Chains were not an option, as the glasses would swing out when bending over, and again be in danger of getting crushed. These turned out to be just the thing.

    These glasses, when not it use, stay out of the way. They rest snuggly around the neck and snap together easily when needed. My husband has a large head, so the frames look a little small on his face, but fit fine once he pulled out the extensions. He loves the funky blue. Another convenience is that they come in strengths from 1.25 to 3.0, making them functional for most people.

    I have tried them and found them a little uncomfortable. They're not as practical for women with longer hair, as the hair gets in the way of the glasses resting over the ear. Also, the frames look a little large for my smaller face. I guess you need to expect that when you have a unisex product.

    Overall, these have turned out to be convenient for my husband's needs and may be just what your looking for, especially if you're sick of constantly fumbling around for those misplaced reading glasses....more info
  • Not comfortable Clic glasses
    I do not have much trouble finding them but they are a pain to wear. I can never figure out if they should be above my hair or below. They are too snug they pinch my nose closed or if I make them longer, they balance an inch off my face and reading is a pain. I think the standard glasses chain with reading glasses is a better idea....more info
  • clicks
    The concept of the clics reading glasses is great!! The only problem is that they are designed for someone with a large head. I bought them for my partner for Christmas and they are not adjustable enough to fit his head!!...more info
  • Just Perfect!
    I love this glasses, and I'm abput to get another one. there are so nice and trendy....more info
  • These things HURT!
    The reviews are mixed... some say they don't fit, others say that they're adjustable and those with problems just don't know how to adjust them. I trusted the latter half and decided to try them, since those that liked them really liked them.

    I'm 5'9" and have an average-sized head. These barely adjust far enough that the neck loop doesn't cause them to pull against my nose _much_. (And I know how to adjust them.) I have to be very careful when snapping the magnets together, because I have so little clearance that I get pinched by them if I'm not.

    But the glasses touch my nose only on the bridge at one narrow point... the sides don't touch my nose at all, and after about ten minutes, my nose started to get sore. I need my reading glasses (I had stepped on my last pair), so I kept wearing them until they gave me a headache, and my nose was still sore the next morning.

    I bought nose pads to cushion the bridge and they're still uncomfortable... the band doesn't let them slide down past the bridge of my nose where the sides can rest on my nose, even with the additional thickness of the pads. They're very heavy compared to any other glasses I've owned, too, which adds to the discomfort.

    These glasses were a total waste of money. The problem isn't that some people can't figure out how to adjust them, the problem is that they were made only for people with small heads....more info
  • Magnetic reading glasses
    We first found and used the "BluBlocker" sun glasses. They work so great that we went looking for reading glasses like them These are wonderful . They don't "bug" the back on one's neck like a cord does and the nose clip is so easy to use and very sturdy.
    We have 6 or 8 pairs just so we have them handy wherever we are. Although one could just leave them around one's neck....more info
  • Not lost yet
    I bought these glasses for my boyfriend who is always losing reading glasses.
    He has used these for 10 months and he just loves them. He does not set them down too often since they hang around his neck. The magnet is still strong and they are such a conversation piece in public when he breaks his glasses in half. It is also difficult to find glasses that fit his head but these expand to a larger size so they fit perfect....more info
  • jlm
    Bought this for my husband who forgets where he puts things. He thinks the clic glasses are fantastic. May have to have a second pair.clic glasses...more info
  • Specs for the new millenium
    Fantastic, just what this old fogey needs, so I can still wear my glasses around my neck and not have them swaying in the breeze and getting in the way,
    ...more info
  • The Updated Version of What Old Folks Know
    If you're over 40, and your arms are getting shorter (or you are starting to collect readers when you go to Rite Aid) this is the product for you. They look functional. They work great. But their real value is that they are always around your neck when you need them. What really makes them work is they are on a short enough length that they are always out of the way -- especially from falling food. If you are active, and don't need glasses to do 99% of what you do in life, these will always be close at hand. I own one regular low power, for computer and reading stuff and one higher power for tying on dry flies. Suck it up. Spend the money. Always have your sight close at hand -- and best of all, don't look like your grandmother....more info
  • Just Perfect!
    I love this glasses, and I'm abput to get another one. there are so nice and trendy....more info
  • Clic readers.
    Excellent readers. The only problem I had is I have a 7 3/4 hat size and they were to small. Clic does sell a larger size which I subsequently purchased online elsewhere. Would recommend. ...more info
  • Clic Adjustable Glasses
    I have seen and spoken to other people with this type of glasses who just loved them. I thought they would be the answer to the problem I have with constantly looking for my glasses. Due to the fact that I have long hair the glasses do not work as well for me. The strap is too short when not on my face which makes them a little too tight around my neck. If the strap were longer it would be too messy with my hair. I wear them under my hair so the longer strap would not work. I still would recommend these glasses for men or short haired women. ...more info
  • clic too small
    Clic glasses good in some aspects but for people with a little larger head the adjustable frames could use about an inch more, they are too tight on the head. People with a lot of hair or thick hair will experience the same problem, will not order any more until they adjust properly...more info
  • Clic glasses
    I love these glasses I am going to order more I no Longer search for my glasses they are attached to my neck and I can read and see the slot machine without digging into my bag...more info