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Thera-Band Exercise Balls - SDS Anti-Burst Exercise Balls
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Product Description

The Thera-Band SDS (Slow Deflate System) Exercise Ball is made from a specially formulated compound that enables the ball to resist the tendency to burst when punctured. Included exercise guide illustrates correct positions for 24 exercises designed to increase flexibility, improve coordination and strengthen the abdomen, back, chest, arms, thighs, legs and buttocks. Uses for the Thera-Band Ball include: exercise, gym, balance, fitness, yoga, pilates, resistance and stability. Clinic packaging (in polybag). Pump not included.

  • A new full-color, instruction guide with the most up-to-date exercise positions is included
  • Gradual deflation time of 8-10 minutes when punctured under a constant load of 250 lbs
  • Provides an extra margin of safety for users such as pregnant women and the eldery
  • Available in four sizes to accommodate users from 4' 7" to 6' 8" tall
  • Clinic packaging (in polybag, not retail box). Pumps sold separately.

Customer Reviews:

  • too small
    I ordered the 65 cm ball. I wanted the exact one I was using in Physical Therapy, which was a 65cm theraband ball. This one is the smaller size ball, marked 65cm.???...more info
  • Very well made
    I liked the "anti-burst" feature of this item. I followed the instructions and added the air, then let it sit over night and added more air. I have then used it for six months and just now am noticing that it could use a little bit more air.

    A friend of mine bought an exercise ball at Meijers and it lasted barely a week without needing more air. It leaks constantly so that her son (who she bought it for) ends up using it partially deflated which defeats much of its purpose. I was hesitant to want to deal with that hassle, but this is a much stronger rubber material that is clearly better made then the Meijers one that cost barely half the price as this one.

    The color is not however "Red". It is very clearly orange. I really dislike the color. I wish I could have gotten this same ball in white or blue....more info
  • My ball got a leak after 4 mos!!!
    I bought the Pro Series 65cm ball from TheraBand in October of '08. I keep the ball in one space (my office) on a smooth floor. Although this ball did not burst as I had a previous non "Pro" ball do - it now has a leak and is completely useless, loosing air after only an hour. I am not a large person and my office is completely free of debris on the floor etc. When I called the co to inquire about a replacement as it was quite expensive, they told me that once it is inflated it looses the warranty!!! They were completely unwilling to even offer a discount! They were not very understanding and even told me that they do not recommend using these balls in an office, as a staple could puncture them!!!! The whole point of purchase was to INFLATE the ball and use it to relieve pressure on my lower back while IN THE OFFICE!!!! I highly suggest a different brand as my light usage of the ball resulted in leakage after less than 6 mos. ...more info
  • Thera-Band Exercise Ball
    I am thrilled with my purchase of the Thera Band Exercise Ball. The quality far surpasses other brands. I ordered it December 16th and thought I would not receive it in time for Christmas, but Christmas Eve it arrived!...more info
  • The best one
    The ball is great. No problem w/leaks. Very sturdy. If you are over weight get the next size up. I did. Fits right. This is the real therapy ball....more info
  • Durable, high quality, but stiff initially
    The Theraband exercise ball is the highest quality ball I have purchased. The only negative is the initial stiffness of the ball. After inflating the ball, it was pretty hard for the first few weeks, making crunches somewhat uncomfortable. In the long run, however, once completely broken in, I think this ball will prove its worth....more info
  • Excellent!
    Exact same quality as my gym! The inflation process is multiple steps, so be prepapred to wait a day or two to use it though....more info