Targus AWE01US Notebook ChillHub
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Product Description

Targus Notebook ChillHub is an extension to the current product line, following on the popularity of the Targus Notebook Chill Mat. In addition to the two-fan cooling system, the ChillHub incorporates 4 USB 2.0 ports to expand the capabilities of the product. By incorporating two products into one, users can save space on their desk. It also includes an AC Adapter to power the 2.0 USB ports, as well as the two fans.

  • Exterior Dimensions - 11.75 x 9 x 0.8
  • Weight - 2 lbs 5 oz
  • Warranty - One Year Warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • incredible
    I got this for my husband who would put empty boxes or folded clothes under his laptop so he could work with it on his lap. It's been 3 weeks that he's been using the ChillHub, and still exclaims how wonderful and amazing it is every time he uses it - which is almost every day. He worked from home one day that he couldn't get to the office, and for 8 hours sat on the sofa with it on his lap. He couldn't get over the fact that he felt no heat from the computer after being on all day.
    Doesn't use the AC adaptor it came with, has it plugged into his laptop, and has his laptop plugged in....more info
  • Works well but not sure about how effective it is
    I have been using the Targus chillpad for about a year now and I must say that it works really well but unfortunatley I cannot vouch for its effectiveness in keeping my laptop cool. I use a program called Everest to monitor the temperature of my latop and there is really no difference between the temperature with the chillpad on or the chillpad off. The laptop is noticeably cooler to touch on the underside but the fans still kick on all the time and the temperature readings are still the same. I give this 4 stars because the product is well designed and works well but because there is no measurable difference in internal temperature I cannot give it 5 stars. It might work better for you if you constantly use your laptop on a bed or similar surface or if you actually use it on your lap.

    *** Plus points of the chillpad include: ****

    - very quiet fans that move out air to the back
    - a handy on/off switch so you can turn it off without unplugging it from your USB
    - very nicely located USB ports that can be powered with the included ac wall plug (useful for high power usb devices).

    **** Negative points include: ***

    - slightly small size that may not work effectively for larger laptops
    - fans do not turn off with the laptop if you leave the ac adapter plugged in (although this won't be an issue for the non USB hub model)
    - you have to be careful about positioning your laptop if you have fans underneath so that the chillpad's fans do not interfere with the laptop's fans
    - the ac adapter seems a little on the cheap side

    ...more info
  • Works; but very LOUD and may not last...
    This chill pad works as advertised. I used it for months on a laptop running Windows Vista when it had no business running Windows Vista. It would overheat and shutdown constantly. When I starting using this chill pad, my overheating issues ended. And as such, the product works as advertised.

    I really like that this works as a USB hub, however it may not justify the increase in price. The PA248U model (without the hub capability) is powered by the laptop's USB connection and this model requires an AC adapter (the big, plug/brick kind that eats three spots on your power strip). It may be cheaper to buy that model and a separate USB hub.

    This thing is LOUD. And I mean very, very loud. If you're in any way concerned about a noisy solution to your laptop's heating problems, this is the wrong place. The fans in this thing are like an F-16 taking off from an aircraft carrier. I lived with it for a while because I'd just throw on some headphones while I worked, but if you're concerned about noise, that should probably deter you from this.

    I rarely turned mine off; I'd even just let it run even when my laptop wasn't on it even though there is an on/off switch. Perhaps because of this, after about 6 months of use the fans started to sound like they were hitting the top of the pad in their housing. This made an unbearable noise and I'd have to stick my fingers in there to make the fans stop and hope they'd line up so it wouldn't make that plastic-on-plastic whacking sound over and over.

    If you're just looking for a quick and easy cooling solution, this product works although I would probably recommend the PA248U model for it's lower price and USB-powered capability at the expense of the USB hub. If you're concerned about noise, you might want to look into one of the aluminum fanless models.

    Note: This pad will not work properly if used with a laptop this is connected to a conventional docking station that raises it off the desk. ...more info
  • Great!
    I bought this item for myself. This was a life saver. I am in the military, stationed overseas, and it tends to get a little warm here at times, especially with no AC anywhere to be found! This item worked like a charm, keeps my laptop running great, and the fact that it is also a USB hub makes it worth every penny.
    ...more info
  • A Failure!
    The twin fans died after only 5 months of use. When it did work, the fans had a pronounced noise. Not really designed with my 17 inch widescreen Dell in mind...too small. The notebook would shift around on the base. The integrated USB hub is a nice feature, which still functions properly. If not for the extra USB ports, I would have rated this 1 star. Just ordered the "Griffin Technology iCurve Laptop Stand" from Amazon, which probably will cool just as well, without all the noise, and reliability issues....more info
  • Sucks
    OK, this product is great for the reviewer who said "exclaims how wonderful and amazing it is every time he uses it" Somehow I think that person works for the manufacturer.

    This product is large enough for almost any laptop, and yes, it probably cools them off if you actually hold your laptop on your lap (who really does that? come on, really now)

    But I have a Dell XPS (generation 1) which runs HOT. It runs so hot, that it repeatedly shuts down. Blue Screen. Dell even replaced my heatsink, fans, and taught me how to keep it dust free (better airflow).

    This product only delayed the inevitable crash though, and here's the major flaw. The fans SUCK from the bottom, and EXHAUST at the back. Dells also SUCK air at the bottom, so this did pull heat away and spit it out the back (Dell also spits out the back) but by sucking from the bottom IT MADE THE DELL FANS COMPETE FOR AIRFLOW.

    If you play Warcraft III or other older game, do not buy a Dell, and no amount of cooling fans will save you (perma-save you). Gaming is just too much for most laptops. Unless you work in the artic, then you won't need extra cooling fans anyway.

    What they need to do is allow the fans in the cooling pad to be reversible and speed-control. There should be a HIGH setting, or HIGHER and the fans should pop out and be reversible. Plain and simple. To avoid taking air in the back (where the laptops spit it out) the intake should be from the sides, or controlable.


    ...more info
  • Worthless
    This product only worked for a few months. I thought it cooled the laptop very well so I purchased two more to replace it and they have all stopped working. The fans won't spin anymore....more info
  • not very durable
    This product did not last that long. within just a month of using it one of the fans broke down. It started working again only this time the fan sounds like a helicopter is in the room. So i had to tape down one of the fans so at least half of my laptop would stay cool. The usb works great and frees up space however. However you could just buy a cheaper cooler and a separate usb hub. I would totally pass on this and would not recommend this product or brand to anyone else. I'm going to buy the Antec cooler now, hopefully it'll last longer. ...more info
  • Review Of Targus Chill Hub
    The Fans work fine and so does the USB 2.0 Hub. The Part to watch out for is the connector in Chillhub for the ower witch becomes loose.

    Targus AWE01US Notebook ChillHub
    ...more info
  • Everything I Needed
    This thing works great: the channels in the top help with airflow, little rubber feet on the top lift the laptop above the surface, and the fans are extremely quiet. The USB hub works just fine and the unit can be powered by its own AC adapter, but I typically just let the USB cable power it. Because it's a bit smaller than my Dell Inspiron 8200 (15.4" screen), it packs neatly into my laptop backpack. The cable is short, easy to stow, and easy to connect/disconnect. Last, I've had it for a year now, and although it gets crushed every time I pack it away, it hasn't had any problems continuing to run. Highly recommended for anyone with a laptop that has a 15" screen (anything bigger and you might want a larger size cooler)...more info
  • The extra features aren't worth it
    I got this for the extra features, but it's very impractical to use as a laptop docking station. It's better to buy a separate device for that. The feet on the stand leave streaks on my desk. The cord is bulky and short, meaning I have to sit within three feat of an outlet and still have a plug to trip over. I like the Belkin notebook stand better since it lifts up the laptop. I gave it a three because the cooling part does work well and even when not plugged in, it was practical to use while watching TV on the sofa....more info
  • This was a waste of money
    This product has been absolutely useless.. totally not happy with its performance. I give this product an F- for a grade...more info
  • Works well
    I'm only giving this 4 stars because these things are just too damn expensive, otherwise it would be 5 stars. Without this my 17" Dell Inspiron 9300 can cook eggs. This draws the heat away and keeps the bottom cool, which is what it's supposed to do. I haven't tried the USB ports, my laptop has 6 already. I recommend this product for anyone with a portable heater for a laptop. ...more info
  • Keep your cool
    The Targus ChillHub works as advertised, I use it with a MacBook Pro 15" with the cover closed and can notice a decrease in the temp with the unit on, not very scientific but you can still tell the difference. Very quiet unit, you can tell its running if the room is quiet but with any ambient noise at all and you can't hear it. And the USB hub is an added bonus.
    Overall a very good product at a reasonable price....more info
  • Works, with a few kinks
    Good buy, it worked really well the first 2 odd weeks I had it and then the fans started making a lot of noise (hitting the casing) and its really hard to remedy that - you have to mess around with it for 15 minutes till they stop making the noise and then not move it to make sure they stay like that. Other than that, it blows air AT your laptop, not away from like I expected it to, but maybe thats just what I thought it would do.

    All in all the USB hub is really a nice feature to have in here - makes this thing like a dock, just way cheaper. Buy it if you will, but make sure you get some order of warranty or be prepared to send it back soon if the fans start making any noise....more info