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Cables Unlimited USB1510 USB Acc, USB To Irda Adapter
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Product Description

Add wireless capability to your desktop or laptop with this premium USB to Infrared adapter from Cables Unlimited. This plug and play adapter instantly allows a wireless connection with IRDA capable cell phones, PDAs, keyboards and printers allowing you to send and receive important information.

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Customer Reviews:

  • Oops! Software didn't install and user's guide is horrible, but it works. :-)
    In my previous review, I listed some problems with the IrDA device. Everything I said in my previous review is true, except I was able to sync my P/PC with the computer via IR. I just needed to look at the directions more carefully. So my new bottom line: If you want something that works well for really cheap, but don't mind not having their software installed and don't care about ill-written user's guides, then definitely go for this.
    I would have given 3.5 stars overall, so I'm kinda averaging it out with 4 stars....more info
  • Worked as Advertised
    The built-in Windows XP drivers were completely sufficient for me to make full use of this device to interact with my Polar heart rate monitor....more info
  • Works excellent
    No problems with the drivers etc. I use it to connect my Polar heart rate monitor....more info
  • Satisfied customer after some troubleshooting
    I have to admit, I was frustrated getting this device to work at first. I contemplated returning it thinking it was not compatible with my computer and Heart Rate Monitor (HRM). With a little patience I was able to get the driver installed and after a few tries the Infrared adapter was able to sync my HRM with my computer.

    I use Vista 32-bit and a Polar S725X. One tip I have is to make sure you plug the IrDA adapter into the USB cord provided. It didn't make sense to plug one USB adapter into another USB cord before plugging it into my computer. This made a difference, and allowed my computer to automatically search and download the driver for me.

    Overall, this device did everything I wanted it to do and for less than 1/3 he price for the Polar counterpart. ...more info
  • Pleased despite installation glitches
    I received this adaptor in less than a week. It was packaged as seen (blister wrap). You have to be careful when opening the package as the mini CD is right behind the paper . I ended up installing from the software on my Dell Inspiron 1505 laptop as instructed but kept getting a windows error indicating there was a "problem with installation" and the "hardware may not work properly". With that, the windows "found new hardware" window appeared. I went through the windows process of installing from the CD (as well) with the IR adapter plugged into the computer and the adapter now works great. I do have to plug the adapter into the same USB port on my computer that I did the set-up on. Overall I am pleased with the product despite the installation glitches....more info
  • Purchased this instead of the Polar version
    I needed and Ir to USB adapter to work with a Polar watch, this was much less expensive and gets the job done just fine. I have a MacBook Pro and although Polar software won't work with the Mac, this product works great when running Windows via Parallels (didn't try any other way)....more info
  • Works
    Seems like most people consider this product as a cheaper alternative to the Polar IrDA. I use it with the s625x. It works, and unlike a few others, I had no trouble with installation on my Windows XP machine....more info