Canon - USA VC-C50I CABLE KIT ( 9779A003AA )
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Canon VC-C50i Communication Camera with Infrared, Pan, Tilt, and Zoom
Designed to meet the specialized needs for the security industry, the VC-C50i delivers high quality video from far distances and under the dimmest lighting conditions. Building on Canon's long-standing tradition as a leader in optics, it offers great flexibility in the most demanding environments. The VC-C50i is perfect for professional installations, providing a secure and sturdyconnection interface. Capturing images beyond thescope of the naked eye, it breathes new life intothe world of security and surveillance monitoring. This is the conventional, upright mount version of the camera. There is a reverse-mount version, the VC-C50iR that is designed to be mounted upside down.
Beyond the Human Eye: The VC-C50i security camera as the ability to peer into the darkness and capture good quality video with its infrared transmitter. The camera takes the reflected infrared signals, invisible to the nakedeye, and outputs black and white video from its high resolution 1/4-inch CCD. The infrared transmitter is effective up to 9 feet from the camera.
Pan, Tilt, and Zoom: The VC-C50i has a 26 timesoptical zoom lens (3.5-91mm) made by a premier manufacturer of industrial and professional lenses- Canon. There is also a digital zoom function that extends the distance of image capture. Additionally, the camera moves from side to side and upward and downward controlled via RS-232C. The unit will pan side to side 170 degrees from forward in both directions. And the camera will tilt 90 degrees upward and a 10 degrees downward from horizontal.
Application: Education, Security
Image Device: 1/4-Inch CCD
Signal System: NTSC
Lens: 3.5mm to 91mm (26 x Optical Zoom), f/1.8-4.0
12 times Digital Zoom
Numberof Pixels: 340,000 Pixels
Horizontal Resolution: 400 TV Lines
Minimum Illumination: 1 Lux at 1/30 second shutter