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Sunforce 50022 5 Watt Solar Battery Trickle Charger
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Our Price: $54.06

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Product Description

Solar Power Chargers for your 12V batteries and accessories. Power-up anywhere, affordably! These Solar Power devices grab free "juice" from the sun! They extend the life of your 12V batteries, maintain the charge and allow you to run various electronics (deer feeders, landscaping pumps, etc.) from your batteries. Clean, silent operation... with both cigarette lighter adapter and battery clamps. Thin-film silicon cells work in all light conditions and are maintenance free for years. Compact and efficient, with bright LED charge indicator, and built-in blocking diodes to prevent discharge at night. Get wired now! Order ONLINE Today! AVAILABLE SEPARATELY: 1.8W Solar Battery Maintainer, 15W Solar Battery Charger Panel or 7-amp Charge Controller - word search in our Store for 'Solar Power Chargers'. 5W Solar Battery Trickle Charger... Larger-capacity model that's completely weatherproof. 4 pre-drilled holes and screws for permanent mounting. Self-regulating to prevent overcharge. 14 x 13 x 3/4", 4 lbs.

  • 5-watt solar charger plugs into your vehicle's 12-volt lighter socket
  • Works with automobile, all terrain vehicle (ATV), personal water craft (PWC), and boat batteries
  • Made of durable ABS plastic and amorphous solar cells
  • Includes alligator clips for direct connection to a battery
  • Measures 14 x 0.75 x 13 inches (WxHxD) and weighs 4 pounds

Customer Reviews:

  • Perfect for my campsite
    I live on a river and built a campsite on an island across from my house (the dog loves it). I bought a deep-cycle marine battery but am getting too old to lug it in and out of the canoe for charging. So I got this little panel and, so far, have not run out of juice. And it's cheap enough so if someone steals it it's no big tragedy. I run a laptop, TV, fluorescent light and charge my cell phone. I even have a 12v car-vac to clean the sand out of the tent.

    Of course, I'm not there 95% of the time so 5 watts is probably adequate. And I don't have to worry about overcharging. I screwed it to a big log in pretty open sun. So far, it has survived, even some small hail.

    BTW, I use the power cord from an old vacuum cleaner and a 4-way 12v splitter to distribute power from the battery....more info
  • Great product, new cars defeat it
    The product itself is great. I own several. They used to work wonderfully, but my newer cars disconnect the lighter socket when they are not running. Therefore, the charger doesn't do anything. Yes, I could get the lighter socket rewired. The thing I loved about this was how easy it was. Taking my car in to be rewired to use it is not what I consider easy.

    Great Product. Lousy new cars.
    ...more info
  • solar panel
    works great. weak link is the cable connection, which pulled out under gale force winds at my winter yard in Maine. I fixed it, and am reapplying the technology....more info
  • Excellent Time Saver For My Boat
    I bought one of these to charge my cranking battery in my bass boat. A month later I bought another one to charge my trolling motor battery. They work excellently, slow charging the batteries within 48 hours. I keep my boat at a storage facility, so I used to have to lug each of the heavy batteries out of the boat and to my house to charge in preparation for my next trip. Now I just hook up the solar chargers with alligator clips (included) right at the storage facility and next time I have fully charged batteries. Best $100 Ive spent in a long time.
    ...more info
  • Works As Advertised!!!
    The Sunforce 50022 does what it is suppose to and that is trickle charge. I hooked my multimeter to it in full sunlight and got a constant 24v charge. I bought this to trickle charge a UTV at my ranch because there are long periods of no use, and often times it is cold starting. As for the solar charger it is extremely well built and solid. It comes with quick change neg/pos clamps and cigarette lighter adapters and mounting screws. ...more info
  • Completely drained my new battery
    I have a 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser, the factory outlets are off when the ignition is off. I have added my own outlets that are always on, like most American branded vehicles. I installed this device into my 12v outlet, left my FJ for 5 days (as usual) and it completely drained my new battery. The battery was so depleted that the dome lights and the power locks did not work; this battery was only 1 month old and working great. I don't know if this was a defective unit or an issue with my vehicle, the manufacture did not return my voice mail, nor did they answer the phone. I have returned this product and currently waiting for my refund from Amazon....more info
  • Working good so far.....
    Bought this solar charger to keep my deep cell battery in my Ford Expedition charged. I have an alarm that would drain my battery in about a month and a half if I don't drive it; With the price if gas I only drive if I have something big to move or am taken a trip to the mountains so most the time it sits out in front of the house not being used. It's been a month so far and it looks like it works very well, I've set my charger in the back window facing the sun and have plugged it into a D.C. outlet in the rear storage area. So far so good........more info
  • Good product, good price.
    I took this on my one month trip to the Colorado mountains and used it daily. It kept my batteries charged that I use to run my pop up, and they never did run down. After 10 days of using one I switched to another battery just because I wanted to, but the one I was using was still working fine. I wasn't using a lot of power, but at the same rate of use I've never gotten more than four days out of charged battery before without a solar charger. This works very well at a great price. I got it soaked several times with no problem. I'd recommend it highly. ...more info
  • =
    I have a 22' motor home with a Ford 350 V8 engine, and keep forgetting to disconnect the battery when I store it, so it's always dead when I go retrieve it from the storage lot in the spring. So, I decided to buy this to keep the battery from dying. However, when I received it and went to install it in my RV in the middle of April, the battery was dead, dead, dead! Not even a murmur when I tried to start it, couldn't even turn on the lights. Absolutely nothing.

    So, just for kicks, I decided to see just what it could do, even though the FAQ on the manufacturer's site says

    "A35: This solar panel is ideal for trickle charging all types of vehicle batteries and power packs. If the battery or power pack is completely drained, use a larger Solar Power Panel (11-1881-0 or 11-1882-8). "

    I plugged it into one of the 12v outlets and placed it on the dashboard facing south (I live in the mostly overcast Pacific Northwest). A couple of weeks later when I checked, there was enough juice in the battery to turn on the lights, but not start the engine. Today (end of May), I went to get the RV, assuming I'd have to jump start it from my car. I was pretty amazed when I turned the key and the engine started right up.

    Needless to say, I am 100% thrilled with this item.

    (And, of course, not everyone may have the same experience as me.)...more info
  • Good electric output but fragile / bad packaging
    I recently ordered one of these panels (June 2007). The first one arrived shattered - the manufacturer packaging does not protect the panel much and it was inadequately packaged in the shipping box by Amazon. The replacement unit was also badly packaged for shipment.

    I tested the electrical output in full sunlight and got 20V out into a 100 ohm load -> 4 watts which is pretty good.

    One thing to consider though is that this product is not very rugged. The solar panel has a plastic frame but the middle is unprotected on the back (and front). So unless you handle it very carefully it is likely to break.

    Someone using this on a car dashboard would need some sort of protective carrier (like those insulated pizza boxes) to protect the unit when it was not being used.

    ------------ Update Dec 2007 ----------------

    Panel stopped producing electricity in November. Had to send it in to Sunforce at my expense for warrantee replacement. They promptly tested it and sent me a replacement. One thing I did notice is that the plastic housing on the unit that I returned had developed some small cracks. I am using the unit on my car dashboard to keep my battery charged.
    ...more info
  • Love my Sunforce 50022
    I have had this product a little over 1 month. I bought it for my RV which sits idle most of the time. Previously, when going out to start it after only a few days sitting, my husband would have to jump it with his car. The dealer suggested a trickle charger so I bought the Sunforce. Now, I no longer have to use my car to start my RV. One turn of the key and it starts right up. I wish someone had told me about trickle chargers a long time ago....more info
  • Might be okay for small batteries
    I bought this Sunforce 5 watt solar charger to keep my RV battery "topped off" and it MIGHT do ok if the sun shined 24/7...but it doesn't. If you're looking for something to help keep, say, a gate opener battery charged up it might work fine. There is no light as claimed to indicate it's charging so I checked the output with a voltmeter with full sun and it puts out about 25v and that's a good thing. The downside is you might be disappointed if you buy this to keep a normal size deep cycle battery charged. Hindsight tells me I should have gone with a MINIMUM of 10 watts (and that might be cutting it to close)....more info