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The Happiest Baby on the Block - The New Way to Calm Crying and Help Your Baby Sleep Longer (DVD)
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Customer Reviews:

  • You will not be disappointed....
    Don't pay attention to the negative review. This is an excellent video. This guy is a pediatrian who's devoted his entire life to helping parents understand their children. Well worth the money....more info
  • BEWARE if your child has "loose" hip or dysplasia
    OUr daughter was diagnosed with "loose" hips at birth. We were told swaddling was okay as long as it wasn't tight. THIS was VERY BAD advice and may have meant her issue did not go away.

    IF your child has a suspicious first exam and/or was born breech and has risk factors for dysplasia, don't do it and go to an orthopedic pediatric specialist pronto. HOpefully someone will avoid the heartbreak of seeing their child in casts, braces, and harnesses.

    Quote from PEDIATRICS

    For infants who are already
    at increased risk for DDH because of family history or
    breech delivery, hip ultrasound screening should be performed
    as recommended by the American Academy of
    Pediatrics clinical practice guidelines11; if dysplasia is
    found, swaddling should be avoided. If the screening
    ultrasound findings are normal, then swaddling can be
    safely allowed. For all infants who are swaddled, monitoring
    of the swaddling technique to ensure that their
    hips are allowed to flex and abduct in a safe position for
    hip development may lessen the risk of DDH....more info
  • It is a "must" for parents!!!
    It is product that every parent should have, my daughter sleeps very well using these methods.

    ...more info
  • very effective method
    This baby calming method is very effective. I work in post partum and we have this video available for new families to watch and I use the techniques with babies in the nursery. So I buy this video or the book for all my friends that have babies. Best gift ever....more info
  • Not sure if it's worth it
    The video is very basic. I guess if you have never had children or were not around infants it is a good buy. But for the most part it is very basic, common sense information. I would not recommend spending $20 on this video....more info
  • Hope it works!
    My baby is on its way. My wife and I watched this video and found it to be very informative. A co-worker recommended it to us. The only reason I did not give it 5 stars is because we have not actually tried any of the techniques (no baby to practice with). I hope it works!...more info
  • highly recommended
    i would get the dvd over the book. this is a must for all new parents. ...more info
  • This video just may save your sanity!
    This video should be mandatory viewing for all new parents before they leave the hospital. The five techniques Dr. Karp demonstrates will sooth 99% of all crying children. (unless there are more serious issues going on) We used these techniques on both children and they are literally like magic. Once we went to visit a new mom and her little boy was crying and she was looking a little frazzled. I took the newborn, turned him on his side in my hand and gently shook him, as Dr. Karp described, and his crying stopped instantly. His mom was astonished.

    One of our children did not respond as consistently to these techniques as we expected. It turned out that he had gastro issues that only medicine would relieve. But they still applied most of the time. I can't recommend this video highly enough.
    ...more info
  • Greatest baby video on the market!
    This DVD was suggested to me right after my first son was born. I bought the DVD, but it sat on the shelf until my son was 5 weeks old. We just felt we didn't need to watch it... my son was a fabulous baby. He was never "fussy." Rather, he was very easy to pacify until one day when we were out shopping. THEN I couldn't do ANYTHING to stop it. That afternoon, I got out the DVD and started watching. I started to do the techniques, and instantly my son was happy. I used the techniques until my son was about 2 months old, at which point he just grew out of the "swaddling" phase. He was never really a fussy baby thanks to Dr. Karp's techniques. This is now my standard baby gift. I give it to all my new moms. Those that have chosen to use it have thanked me immensely for "saving their marriages." Those that didn't use the video insisted they had non-fussy babies, but it was a nice thought... well, I still stand by the gift. They have it, just in case baby #2 or #3 IS "fussy." :-)...more info
  • it works!
    As a childbirth educator, I am often asked for advice about caring for infants, particularly in the areas of calming techniques and strategies for getting babies to sleep. I consistently recommend this DVD (and even show it in my classes) because IT WORKS. It is fun to watch and easy to learn the techniques (Dads really seem to enjoy the DVD!!) The feedback that I have received from new parents who use the techniques demonstrated in the DVD has been consistently positive. This is the PERFECT baby shower gift!!!!...more info
  • good tips
    I avoided swaddling my daughter until I saw this DVD. I had previously thought it was torturous. I believe it helped a lot with getting her to sleep longer during the night....more info
  • I would recommend this to a friend....
    The tips on this DVD do work! With a new baby, I don't have time to read the book, so I was happy when my friend told me about this DVD. My baby doesn't have colic, but she does get fussy, like most babies do and she is our first. We already had a series of things to do when fussy time hits, but now we have 5 more tricks. Anything helps when you are trying to make your little angel happy! ...more info
    I give this DVD to every sister/friend who as a baby bc it is that good. The book is also available but there are so many books to read before birth, that I found it easy to watch this in a shorter amount of time PLUS it is a bonus to SEE how Dr. Karp handles upset babies. I honestly feel that the techniques shown in this DVD were the reason my son was so calm and relaxed as an infant and was sleeping through the night by 3 months!...more info
  • not worth all the hype
    everyone told me i needed to get this dvd it works wonders, but when my husband and i watched it, we were pretty disapointed. everything on the dvd we had alread been doing with our child, kinda like instinct i guess. also the extra sounds on there, were not really impressive. maybe the cd would of been etter to buy, because i think there are more and you cant really have your dvd player going all night. the lady in the babystore roped me into spending the extra money. not worth it. the best investment for white moise is the Sleep Sheep. I love that thing, my husband and I fall asleep to it as well, since baby sleeps in our room....more info
  • I have bought this for all my new parent friends
    When we brought our new baby boy home we didn't think he was crying that much...we just figured that's what babies do. When our nurse came over to show us the happiest baby techniques it was like a magic show! He was a little fussy at the time, probably because he was ready for one of his many naps, and she performed the shoosh, shake, swaddle, and side calming method and he was out like a light in the few minutes it took her to just chit chat with us. As a gift she left us the DVD and CD. Life savers! My son is now 3 months old, pushing 4 and the techniques still work! The swaddling was a life saver! He startles in his sleep which invariably wakes him up. If it weren't for the swaddle neither of us would get any sleep! I've given this DVD to my sister who is due any day and my cousin who just had her baby boy last night!! I wish everyone knew about these methods, they would be so much happier!!...more info
  • Excellent Aid for Fussy Babies
    The Happiest Baby on the Block DVD combines a slew of old folk remedies for fussy babies into a calming method that not only makes sense, but works. My mother-in-law and I watched it as we took turns pacing around with my crying, colicky baby. We watched the doc calming babies like magic and just stared at each other, awed. But it really works! These techniques help the baby calm so both you and she get a respite. I actually bought a copy and donated it to the local library and have given it twice as a baby shower gift. A really useful product!...more info
    Buy this DVD for yourself and anyone else you know who has a baby or is pregnant!! Dr. Karp is amazing! I went from feeling like an overwhelmed, unprepared new mom to a mom who could handle having a newborn. It was a wonderful feeling to actually have a way to quiet my baby.

    My husband and I started this when our baby was about 5 weeks and it was a miracle!! He actually went down for naps and nighttime sleep with minimal frustration. This is seriously a lifesaving DVD. I have made this my gift for all baby showers. I give a copy of "Happiest Baby", The First Years swaddling blankets and a pack of Soothies pacifiers....the best sleep kit ever!!...more info
  • OMG!!!
    This DVD is wonderful and I suggest it over the paperback version. The instruction is much easier to follow and can be quickly applied to your little one. First time using the method it worked and then over the next few weeks used variations of the methods. Shushing and swaddling in combination are still winners!...more info
  • Dr Karp is a genius
    This video saved us many a sleepless night with the simple tips from Dr Karp. We used the "burrito" wrap successfully with our baby girl and will be ever grateful for it! We've already bought numerous copies for new parents and, three years later, recommend to everyone with new borns....more info
  • A toolbox for calming your infant in addition to feed/change/burp
    Useful tools particularly for new parents. Dr. Harvey Karp steps through 5 techniques that can be used singly or in combinations to help calm your child. Karp's brand of Swaddling works most consistently for us particularly for at least one sleep period per night. Alternating this with the use of a Grobag ( has proved successful in keeping our little guy asleep until he needs to eat.
    Grit your teeth an ignore the cheesy music. It's worth trying these, or combinations of these, to comfort your wee one. Is she hungry? Does he need changing? Does she have gas? Yes or No, try the 5 S's where appropriate.
    ...more info
  • a must have
    We purchased the book, but watched the DVD in our pre-labor class at the hospital. The book provides more detailed information than the DVD, but I really did need to see it on the DVD to understand how all five steps worked together. THIS PROCESS REALLY DOES WORK!!! It will amaze you!...more info
  • A MUST HAVE it WORKS and saves your sanity
    It works!!! It is truly a very good book and DVD, the book having more info than the DVD.It has allowed my daughter to sleep through the night using the techniques, some are forgotten things, like swaddling, and some are new twists on the old ways that worked then and work nOW. One friend had been swaddling but she was always "tied " to her baby,having totry to appease him...the day she got a swing(3 weeks ago) she is still rejoicing and celebrating the freedom to watch her son swing to the CD while swaddled and sleeping happily as she fINALLY can make meals and clean house for more than 5minutes at a time and both babies are happier and perkier...they are getting more deep sleep and so is MOM !!!This is a loving soothing method
    So, if you follow the 5 "S" in the dvd and book you will see a real change in your baby's contentment.I do reccomend the both highly.
    This does not get into medical issues per se as that is whole different story if a baby has a medical issue a doctor needs to be seen. If not, these techniques work and all are happier and healthier for it.
    All of the new moms in my area are buying and sharing the DVD and book.
    The DVD is more my style since I like to see what is actually done rather than read and look at illustrations....more info
  • It works!
    White noise really works on the most of human being. Think about the time you go to bathroom; fan noise or water noise makes you more relax and poop better than the time you can hear other people's voice....more info
    The dvd only takes an hour to watch and shows you the skills to calm your baby down. It truly is worth every dollar. Sleep is priceless! This may be the new gift I will give to new parents....more info
  • It may work for other babies....
    The techniques in this video may work for some babies but not for ours, at least not permanently. When applying the techniques, the baby is initially relaxed and quiet, but then after about 30 seconds, he's off and yelling again. We were looking for a technique that actually soothes him, not just temporarily quiets him....more info
  • Best tool for new parents
    This DVD saved my life. My husband and I were trying to manage the challenges of breast feeding, schedules, and everything else new parents have to get used to in addition to calming our 3 week old daughter. Our daughter is now 9 weeks old and life couldn't be any better. She sleeps at nights for 5-6 hour stretches. She's swaddled for most naps and is primarily placed on her side so she can release her trapped burps on her own. Dr. Karp's theory is so basic and elementary that it's overlooked. Once you start to replicate the womb you assist in the transition between fetus and baby. I strongly recommend this DVD to any new parent. I also purchased the book but understandably have not had a whole lot of time to read.
    Congratulations and good luck....more info
  • What a wonderful video
    This video is the best! We were having trouble settling down our twins and this video helped so much!...more info
  • Happiest Baby on the Block....makes happiest parents on the block
    This is one of the best gifts to give to a new parent. The information in this video really works. It is a life saver....really it is a sleep saver, maybe even a marriage saver and a sanity saver....more info
  • excellent
    THIS DVD is a 'MUST HAVE'...

    I assure you that it'll make your life a million times better when you can finally calm your screaming baby....more info
  • Somewhat helpful at the time
    This dvd is easy to understand and makes a lot of sense. It may work great for you, and is well worth checking into. It helped a little for us, although we didn't realize it the first few days that our poor little guy was not getting enough milk. I hope this is the answer for most others. I think it's way better than the Dunstan method, which was a complete failure for us. ...more info
  • Excellent Seller
    Product arrived in excellent condition and in short time. Buy from this seller. 5 stars!...more info
  • Parents especially need these strategies for challenging infants.
    This product was extremely helpful for my infant grandson and his parents. When he was fussy and difficult to get to sleep they swaddled him and went through the steps. It worked to calm him and gave his parent some peace, too. The video is most helpful because you can watch the strategies being implemented. Every parent should have these skills in their "tool kit". I also highly recommend this product for other infant caregivers. ...more info
    This is a must have for any new parent. My daughter is 8 weeks old and already sleeps through the night thanks to the 5 S's. I even swaddle her for her daytime naps and turn the white noise on. To wake her all I have to do is turn the white noise off. Thank you Dr Karp for letting us all sleep! I will buy this for anyone who has a baby shower from now on....more info
  • The Happies Baby on the Block DVD
    We have been giving this product as gifts for 5 years. It is wonderful and so worth the money. The methods used in this video are amazing....more info
  • Didn't work for us
    I read this book fully and was really on board with the concept of the fourth trimester. In fact, I still believe in it, but the methods just didn't work for us. Part of the problem may be that my baby didn't like swaddling. It didn't matter who did it, how well it was done. She didn't like being restrained by the blanket at all and she would fight until she got out of it. I got the impression from the book that all babies do like it, they just don't realize it. Well, I'll just have to agree to disagree on that. And shushing didn't always work either. But since swaddling was out of the question, and it was the biggest step, this could be why the rest failed for us.

    In the end, the only thing my baby really wants is to nurse 24/7, even while she sleeps. This is not unnatural, so I go with the flow....more info
  • A Great Book
    As a first time mom I tried to read everything I could about newborns. This book was given to me as a gift, and it could possibly be the best gift I received. My baby was not colicky but did have trouble sleeping through the night and calming down from crying fits. The 5 S solutions were invaluable. He loves to be swaddled, but at 4 1/2 months and 17 lbs he has become to large to even fit in the "swaddle me" wraps. Making the shushing sound when he cries still works and he seems to forget why he was even crying in the first place. A great book when you don't know how to calm your fussy baby and just want a few hours of sleep!...more info
  • very good natuarl soothing method
    very good soothing method, natural, fast and easy. The pediatrician looks like a very competent physician with experience and good common sense. Our baby does not cry a lot, so we actutally could not experiment the method much, but the few times we did, it worked quiet well, even though we are beginners, and might not be applying it perfectly....more info