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Swann Night Hawk 2.4 GHz Wireless Outdoor Security System
List Price: $149.95

Our Price: $48.53

You Save: $101.42 (68%)


Product Description

Wireless / 12 Infrared LED enhance low-light images / Connects to VCR, TV, DVR, PC Capture Card / Includes Battery and AC adapter

  • Home, office, retail and factory
  • LED's automatically switch on providing invisible light at night
  • Sharp & clear color video images
  • Included receiver can be easily connected to DVR, VCR, TV or PC (with Capture Card)
  • No cables required

Customer Reviews:

  • Very Good Budget Solution
    I have 4 cameras and the receiver set to loop. The receiver cycles each camera in a loop for ~5 seconds, or you can manually select a single camera. Each camera has a 60 degree viewing angle. I put 3 of the cameras in a cluster with one pointing left, one center and one pointing right so I have a 180 degree view (The 4th to a different location). Otherwise, the 60 degree view is not very wide and a lot will be missed. The video is so-so. The audio is, well, worthless. But, for the cost vs a commercial high end camera system, it's about a 4th of the cost. The video is not really too bad in a well lighted area without interference and close to the receiver. The interference from a PC router (2.4GHz), a microwave (completely messes it up), a cordless phone running 2.4GHz or anything else seems to interfear with these cameras quite easily. Still again, for a budget security solution, it's not too bad. The warranty is only for 1 year. The camera features say it is for outdoor use. Hmmm,,, Well the cameras are not for direct sunlight (no hood), direct rain or snow (maybe ok for a drop or two). It needs to be under a cover. Oh, and the cameras will run on a provided 9 volt battery. Why did the manufacture waste the time? Sure it will run on the battery for 30 minutes. Com'on. The cameras come each with an AC adapter to provide power. The AC adapter has a line about 6 feet long. So think about how you will get power to the AC adpaters and then about 6 feet to reach the camera. The receiver is capable of seeing 4 cameras one-at-a-time. It is selectable for one-at-a-time (1,2,3 or 4) or it will loop through all four (all four whether there are one or four). The 5 second cycle seems like a long time from camera 1 to camera 4. That's a 15 second blackout. I went outside, walked to the truck and back in and the cameras never saw me because it musta been in the 15 second blackout period. The nighttime feature using the infrared is ok for a closeup. Sony makes an infrared day/night camera with 48 LEDs. It can see 100 feet in total darkness. But.... it cost 4-6 times as much. So, if you need something for security and something on a budget, these are not bad. I think they would make good indoor nanny cams (local viewing, no IP from the cams themselves). The indoor picture was not bad at all. Also, I am recording everyhing to a PC via a video PCI card. I have a WD external 320GB hard drive running through high speed USB for storage. The hard drive comes with a FAT32 filesystem. You'll need to reformat the hard drive to NTFS which takes about 5 hours depending upon your PC, the disk and the I/O. The recording video file (MPEG) is set to (Hmmm,, was it either standard play or long play? I don't rember.) eats up about 1.5 Giga Bytes per hour of disk space. So a 320GB hard drive will last about 9 days acording to the software b4 cycling. Also, I noticed many heavy duty intensive software programs like games, will cause the recording to stop. Probably due to the PC's inability to receive and process video, record the video and run the intensive app all at the same time (Pentium IV 2.8). One more note. If you plan on using the video for security and plan on using captured video for court, the cops say there are certain minimum video qualities you must meet. ...more info
  • Not the best option.
    +Easy to setup, only took 2 minutes.
    +Compact size

    -Poor picture quality.
    -Very poor sound.
    -Interference from everything - even after diabling the wireless network, unplugging the cordless phones, and shutting off the baby monitor, we still had a jumping lines and static.

    If you live in a remote area without neighbors, have no microwave, cordless phone, or wireless network, then this is the camera for you; otherwise, search elsewhere....more info
  • Not a bad system
    Nice system. The cameras are small enough not to be noticed. Be warned that the "battery operation" of the camera is for testing only. The manual states that the cameras are not designed to work long term on the battery (9 Volt). The power cable supplied is size "h" and not terribly long. Be sure to consider where you can run power from when you install. Also, the Swan AV/power cords sold through Amazon are not compatible. This is a major headache if you do not plan for it. Finally, here in Florida, we have concrete walls. This limits the working range to about 30- 40 feet. Overall the cameras are nice but for my particular situation they are not up to the job....more info
  • Don't bother
    This product isn't good at any distance. I had it as close as 2 feet from the receiver, and it still wasn't worth it. Don't try to have it extend out any further than 10' without expecting serious degradation of quality. We got this camera with the intent of watching our 2 year old son at night. He likes to get out of bed and play with things at night, so we needed a way to observe from our room. Our bedroom is about 75' from his room. The frame rate was way too slow and the picture quality left a lot to be desired. I'm not sure of your planned use for the device, but it would be a waste for anything outside of watching a turtle crawl in the brightest room available. Then, and only then, you might be able to tell what you are watching....more info