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Waterloo Sit Or Stand Capable Arm, Keyboard Tray & Mouse Tray Package Featuring Lift-N-Lock Adjustability Black
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Product Description

Articulating Arm (Waterloo Economy Keyboard Arm Teflon Slide) Features: Storable slide action. Ball bearing slide. Install length: 21". Out: hold or lock. Load: 100 lbs. Tray support: Tilts: 30 Degrees (15 Degrees forward, 15 Degrees back). Rotates: 360 Degrees. Adjustable height: 12". Knob adjustment. Color: Black. Tray (Waterloo Basic Keyboard With Mouse Tray Black) Features: Molded polymer keyboard tray with sliding MDF mouse tray. Outside tray dimensions 21" x 10 1/2". Non-handed mouse tray slides left or right (9" x 8 1/2"). Mouse tray stores under keyboard tray. Reinforced with metal inserts. Accessories available: Search: Waterloo Molded Foam Pad Palm Rest With Steel Insert Black.

  • Look at description for Arm & Tray Features
  • A great sit to stand combination with Lift-N-Lock adjustability
  • Includes: Waterloo Sit-To-Stand Keyboard Arm Teflon Slide Black &
  • Waterloo Basic Keyboard With Mouse Tray Black

Customer Reviews:

  • Great quality product
    This is a high quality product. The only gripe I have is I wish there was a lever to raise and lower the arm instead of pushing against the spring. It adjusts every which way possible. The mouse tray is about 3/4" thick and solid. I would suggest adding a few extra screws to the tray mount, as it takes a fair amount of force to lower the arm. I also ordered the wrist rest with mine. It attaches permanently to the tray and offers a fair amount of comfort....more info
  • Waterloo Keyboard tray
    Works great, easy to install. One little issue that bothers me - the slideout mouse rest rattles if not extended fully. There is a little vertical play when extended. Otherwise very sturdy. Would buy again....more info
  • Well made!
    This keyboard tray came just as described. It is very durable and the option of using it while standing is great. As mentioned by others, the instructions do leave a lot to be desired.

    You have to start by installing the bracket to the bottom of your desk first. Then the arm, and the keyboard tray last. It was worth the frustration now that it is installed. It is solid, and doesn't move when typing. Good overall value....more info
  • Too bulky and heavy
    This product is too bulky and heavy. It does not even mention how heavy it is. Perhaps okay for office but not for home....more info
  • Sturdy and very versatile!
    Bought one for my assistant. Installed it on her desk return, so the depth required some minor carpentry adjustments, but well worth the extra effort. Like it so much that I'm considering getting me one to replace the one that came with my desk....more info
  • Great keyboard and mouse tray
    Very strong. Moves up and down, in and out easily. I am extremely pleased with this product. It was worth the money....more info
  • What an awesome product
    To anyone that is interested in getting a sit/stand articulating keyboard arm, this is a REALLY NICE product. I've purchased millions of dollars of systems furniture and with it... a few thousand keyboard arms, of varying manufactures. This one is of steel construction (track, arm, and tray structure)the actual tray is plastic but well built and the High Density Plastic slide mouse (left and right) is of great quality. The articulating arm has a vertical articulation of 12" with a tilt/lift function. The slope is a gear screw that loosens and tightens with a high quality lever arm. As an ergonomic specialist... I highly recommend this product!!!!! The installation is easy (and obviously I've installed a "FEW"). The mouse has a lower platform, typical of a slide tray. For those that have RPMD (repetitive motion disorder) the mouse is as importat as the keyboard, which is as important as the arm. buy a vertical mouse and/or keyboard from comfort at (I'm not the owner or an employee, but a user) info
  • works well
    The tray offers a lot of flexibility to position as needed. The fact that the mouse tray can be pushed inside makes it easy to fit the keyboard tray under my desk when not in use. The mouse tray can slide all the way across to the other side, so that right-handed and left-handed users can share the tray....more info
  • Too heavy and bulky
    I ended up returning this product (which the company seems to be doing without a problem) due to it's overall size and weight. It is very bulky and not really what I was hoping for....more info
  • Excellent
    I kept hoping Amazon would ask me to review this product; however, today I found I could do it on my own initiative. Absolutely the best office product I have ever purchased. Manufactured by our cousins to the North, it is made to last generations. It is well worth the price. As far as the schematics, they aren't worth a darn. I do have 2 semesters of drafting behind me, so I was able to assemble the product in approximately 2 to 3 hours. The bent arm part slides off completely of the flat plate section. Use the holes in the flat plate as your template to mark and drill, then put in your screws, slide the arm back on, and attach the tray. The most difficult part will be making sure the width of the tray (approximately 21 inches w/o the mouse pad extended) fits the width of your pencil drawer or keyboard tray on your desk. Yes, even a woman can assemble this!

    ...more info
  • You get what you pay for
    Simply the best keyboard tray on the market. Easy to install, stable, sturdy and comfortable. This will adjust just about any way you want it to. very happy with it and very high quality. Make sure to have some extra screws as they include 6 or 8 but the unit is pretty heavy and it takes a fair amount of pressure to adjust it. I've got it installed on a pretty cheap pressed wood desk and haven't had any issues but made sure to make sure it was firmly attached.

    ...more info
  • I love it.This is
    This is such a great item. I mounted it under my desktop and enables me to use the keyboard in a wide variety of positions depending on how I'm sitting. It goes up and down, right and left, in and out, and a nice mouse tray too. Very sturdy, worth the price....more info
  • Rocket Scientist Required

    This a well-made,sturdy tray; however, the slide rack was much too long to fit my standard-sized desk. I also found the instructions were seriously inadequate. The biggest problem was the adjustability of the height -- I could never get it down to a comfortable level. This would be a good tray for very large desks and for those who need the tray to be at a higher level, but I do not recommend this for anyone with a U-shaped desk or anyone who likes a tray height that does not stress the shoulders. ...more info
  • Quality product.
    The build quality of the product is excellent. I bought 2 of these. One for myself and one for my brother. Combined with an adjustable height chair, the ergonomic adjustments that are possible are phenomenal.

    Some dimension specs you probably won't find in any literature which might help in the pre-planning stage should you choose to purchase this product.

    Length of arm mounting glide track under desk: 22"
    Width of arm mounting glide track under desk: 6"
    Depth of arm mounting glide track under desk: 5/8"

    Width of tray arm: 4"
    Depth of tray arm: 8 3/8" Max(in lowest position below desk)
    Max height of tray arm: 3 1/2" (in highest position above desk)

    Max forward extension of tray arm from end of desk: 5 1/2"

    Keyboard surface: 21" wide x 8 1/2" deep. (Keyboards that are deeper than this may fit if they rise over the 4mm back lip.)


    That said, you'll want a desk that is no less than 23" deep (from front to back). And since the unit is sort of heavy, you'll want to mount this on a desk whose top is no less than 1" thick and has a closed back. Otherwise the weight of the unit will cause the center of the table to sag a bit.

    Other notes:

    1. There is some wobble each time you initially rest your hands on the keyboard tray as the tray settles the spring. None while typing. Lift your hand off and the tray rises 2mm-3mm back to where it was before you rested your hands on it.

    2. The mouse tray is 1/2" below the keyboard tray top. And like the keyboard tray, there is initial wobble when you rest you hand on it. It settles almost immediately when you use the mouse but in no way affects mouse use.

    3. A nice feature whether intended or not is that if you use a mouse pad, be it round or rectangular, there is enough of a gap between the mouse tray and keyboard tray, that the mouse tray it will slide under the keyboard tray with the mouse pad still on it.

    4. Recommend a mouse pad because the surface of the Mouse tray is too coarse for mousing. Keyboard tray dimensions are as follows: max extension is 9" while the depth is 8 1/2".

    5. Have no fear of knees hitting the arm under the desk. You can't sit close enough for that to happen. Neither would one have to worry about clothing or skin getting snagged by hardware under the tray. The nuts used to attach the tray to the arm have rounded caps.


    Very satisfied with the high quality of the unit and with the seller's prompt shipment. Highly recommend it.
    ...more info
  • Great keyboard tray, with only a couple small items keeping it from perfection
    Great keyboard tray. Extremely solid with quality workmanship seldom seen these days. Miles better than the many other trays out there that I've seen and tried out.

    A couple things keeping it from being perfect:

    1. The slide out mouse tray doesn't lock in place (it's just a nice plastic board that slides underneath to the left or right of the keyboard as necessary) so it can start rattling when typing and move in and out. It would be much preferable to have the mouse tray bolt on to either side, and actually wrap to the front to make it closer to hand. I'm thinking of putting together something myself to do so on both sides.

    2. I have such long arms that any tray/desk I use must be as skinny as possible. This tray is over one inch thick (especially due to the the mouse tray receptacle all the way along the bottom). As such, it is extremely solid in construction, but definitely takes up too much room (especially with a large natural keyboard, space is at a premium under and in front of the desk).

    3. And last, just a very small issue that warrants mentioning: the boom that makes it so you can sit or stand with it juts down - I've banged my leg on it a couple times. Having said this, I don't see how it could be designed any differently considering the fact that the boom has to go somewhere.

    All in all, very pleased with my purchase....more info
  • heavy, strong, issue with directions
    This is a strong keyboard tray and really heavy and stable. The directions consisted of two different sheets of directions (not so good) and I also had leftover screws that didn't fit anything. A good deal except for the directions....more info
  • Great Product!!
    Been using this keyboard/mouse tray about a month--VERY solid, sturdy, and well-designed unit.
    My wife says it helps greatly because, with her fibromyalgia, sitting at the computer for
    any extended period is very painful.
    She can now adjust the keyboard instantly to allow a standing position!
    Bought this with an articulating height-adjustable monitor arm to complete the home ergonomic office!
    This is a QUALITY product--I highly recommend without reservation.

    Dave K

    York, PA...more info