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Tune Belt Open View Armband - Arm pack for digital player - neoprene - iPod classic, iPod touch
List Price: $17.99

Our Price: $14.95

You Save: $3.04 (17%)


Product Description

Tune Belt is the original and passionate creator of neoprene carriers for portable electronic devices. Tune Belt doesn't just make holders - it offers innovative carrier solutions that provide unmatched comfort, convenience and security.

  • Fits iPod touch, iPod classic, all iPod generations
  • iPod fits right side up or upside down so screen is easier to read when on arm
  • Full navigational control through clear, protective window cover
  • Securely stores and manages earphone cord
  • Armband size is easily adjustable with one hand up to 18"

Customer Reviews:

  • Ipod arm band
    I use the arm band daily during my workout. My only problem with this product is the closer are strap. Although comfortable, it tightens on a kind of a slide. I didn't like that feature so I sewed on velcro and now I like much better. I have washed it in the washing machine and it came through just fine. Just remember to air dry it! ...more info
  • Great Product
    I love this Tune Belt. It does get the back of my Touch iPod a little damp when working out, but I don't think it will hurt anything. It doesn't slip around, and it is doesn't bother me when I am working out. You can't charge the Touch iPod while it is in the case because the hole at the bottom isn't wide enough. It was also a resonable price for what it is. Love it!...more info
  • great buy
    This armband is great. The velcro for your ear phone cord is awesome at holding the "excess" while your working out; I usually got tangled in my old one. And the opening for the ipod is a tight hold and I put my school ID in there while I work out....more info
  • Waist of time and money
    This product has such a bad quality that I just could not even look at it. Based on the price (USD 18 almost - not too cheap), I would expect a minimum quality level ..... however, I realized it was made in Taiwan and based on the quality it should not cost more tha 1 USD to be made.

    Waste of time and money. Forget it!
    .... Try another product....more info
  • Pleased
    This is a simple, yet well designed product. It is essential for running with a video ipod. Great value....more info
  • Frustrated that it wasn't clear to me what size device it was for
    In the product advertisement, it wasn't clear to me that it just fits the iPOD nano (rather than the traditional iPOD). It's the wrong size....more info
  • Tune belt armband
    I've been using this areband for a coule of years now and it's still going srong. I take it everywhere. Excellent for walking and other outdoors activities....more info
  • Good concept, bad material
    THIS ARMBAND BROKE IN 4 DAYS!! The armband is a really good design with a great neopreme pocket flap to help keep your Ipod dry but the huge problem with the carrier is the feaux leather/vinyl. From the moment I bought the carrier, I knew this would be a problem. The vinyl is extremely brittle and easily torn. I thought that if I was careful with the carrier it would last (It was cheap enough for a few months of good use, which was fine for me)...I thought wrong. The design issue is that they used this terrible vinyl in the loop that holds the armband to itself. That is the point that gets the most stress during use!The first time I tried to adjust it during a jog, it was history. I was not putting undo pressure, stress, or abusing it in anyway. Do not buy this carrier. Spend more and get something that will work. ...more info
  • Cool
    I like the carrier, however it lacks an explanation of the design so I can know where to plug things through. Otherwise its grrrrreat.

    ...more info
  • Great deal
    I recieved the item right on time and just the way the seller said it would be. Would definitely buy fom seller in the future....more info
  • Average
    It does the job and stays on your arm but it probably works better for the iPod classic or iPod video than the touch. If you just want something cheap its pretty good I guess. Thats what I was looking for anyway....more info