Seiko Men's "Black Monster" Automatic Dive Resin Strap Watch #SKX779
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Product Description

This 21-jewel, automatic watch winds itself with the motion of your wrist, so you'll never need to change the battery. It has a stainless steel case and features a black dial with three-hand function, easy-to-read bar markers, and an English/Spanish day/date window at the three o'clock position. Additional features include a screw-down case and crown, a scratch-resistant Hardlex crystal, and a one-way rotating bezel that keeps track of elapsed time. With its Lumibrite hands, markers, and bezel, this watch is easy to read in both light and dark conditions. The watch secures to a durable, stainless-steel bracelet band. Designed for diving, this watch is water-tested to 200 meters. It meets ISO standards and is suitable for scuba diving.

  • Movement - 21 Jewel Self Winding Automatic Movement
  • Water Resistant - 200Meters(660 feet) Water Resistant
  • Case Diameter - 46 MM
  • Crystal - Hardlex Crystal

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Watch
    Its an amazing watch. I just wish it had a dual-directional bezzel. Other than that, its a great watch...more info
  • Don't think twice!
    I really enjoy this watch. The value,look, and nuance is unbelievable. It just gives that impression that you can side with legendary watches out there....more info
  • great watch but somehow hard to adjust the time
    It's a great watch. My boyfriend loves it. It looks fabulous and tough. But somehow it is hard to adjust. But anyway, it's a one time work, so we make it work. It worthes the money. ...more info
  • Great looking watch!
    This is everything I wanted in a watch - great looking and so far keeps great time....more info
  • vendor price too good to be true-beware
    if price is too good to be true, it most often is - even from an amazon listed vendor's deal offering this watch at $23.97. if an item is priced & listed here & order isn't fulfilled by an affiliate vendor, amazon should require them to make good on the price. regardless, if a vendor cancels an order, amazon should allow account members to make vendor comments. vendor comments are not an option to choose if the order doesn't fulfill! order wasn't canceled by the mister company(trying not to name them here) until 5 days after placed & i suspected the price as a leader/come on. i ordered it anyhow & am disappointed not to receive this watch nor an offer from the company to make it right. ...more info
  • great watch
    terrific watch - and every watch i own is more expensive. the quality is terrific, and it is heavy and tough. i love it....more info
  • 1 1/2 lb of polished stainless
    The Black Monster is a great, big watch. During the dark months it is easy to read the big glowing hands. Getting started and setting couldn't be easier. This compares favorably to the frequently nonintuitive programming for electronic movements. I couldn't be happier with the purchase. If it said "Swiss" instead of "Seiko" it would cost 10X....more info
    Looks cool. Stopped working after 3 months.
    Amazon said we'll ship you a new one,
    then said you gotta ship it to us, then said it's off
    our warranty.
    Buyer beware.
    ...more info
  • No problems, Solid watch
    Has a nice weight to it, and once you figure out how to set it the first time, its never a problem again. The recessed face, and domed glass, adds great depth to it. No matter what, some part of the watch will catch the light, making it really stand out well. Heavy, definitely but I prefer the weight to a plastic feeling Ti watch myself. Solidly built, I've had it for a few months now and there's only one scratch on the face (which is totally my fault) the offset crown is more convenient and easy to use. Overall a simple nice looking, durable watch for any occasion!...more info
  • Disappointing Seiko
    My Seiko Black Monster purchased through Amazon has been the single most disappointing Seiko product that I have ever owned. It will not keep time accurately and will run down within one hour if not worn constantly. Sent to Seiko for repair. They sent it back "fixed." It still doesn't work as advertised. Save your money, or go Kinetic, or Eco-Drive....more info
  • Nice bargain in a big automatic diver
    Anyone not familiar with the issues of inexpensive automatic watches should pay careful attention to the reviews and do some research. Mine gains about 2 minutes a week, but I don't mind setting the time every once in a while. Practical enough to wear every day....more info
  • Seiko Black Monster
    I have owned my black monster for 1 month now. I am completely statisfied with the operation and comfort of the watch. As others have stated, with proper sizing; the bracelet is very comfortable considering the fact that this is a rather large watch. The power reserve is between 28 and 32 hours as i have observed. Overall, I would purchase this item again. ...more info
  • Great watch for a great price...
    I don't collect watches but tend to find one that I want to wear for a long time. The inexpensive watch associated with a Swiss cutlery company that I had died and I wanted a better, more rugged watch that would look good and live through what I would throw at it. I decided to go back to Seiko Divers watches, fell for this one and am VERY happpy. I am a large framed person so the size of the watch isn't too much on my wrist and I know that this one will last me a long time.
    ...more info
  • a must buy for anyone in need of an indestructable watch
    simply the best dive watch you can buy in this price bracket. the bracelet is my favorite part of the watch, and it is made better than many more expensive watches. the lume on the face is also one of the best, i can still see it when i wake up! the automatic winding works great if worn daily and the watch keeps really good time out of the box. the bezel rotates with ease and the screw down crown easily engages its threads. all in all the monster is one of the best seiko divers you can get....more info
  • Massively Impressive!
    This is an incredible deal for the money! The Seiko Massive Dive Watch is tough, dependable, and well designed. Automatic, so it never needs batteries, this watch is a "massive" chunk of steel, which may take little while getting used to wearing. The face and hands are extremely well designed for easy readablity... day, night, underwater, on dry land, skydiving, whatever. The large luminous markers and fat luminous hands make for very quick reading. The domed mineral crystal prevents the "mirror effect" that many dive watches experience underwater. The sweep second offers a nice "touch of class", and day (in English or Spanish) and date are quite legible.

    I have more expensive watches (Swiss Army Men's Maverick II Chrono watch #24144 for example) and "classier" watches (Citizen Men's Calibre 8651 Gold-Tone Watch #AP1022-51A for example) and "cooler" watches (Black Ops, Khaki Dial, Black PU Strap and Technomarine Men's Marvel Comics The Punisher Black Rubber Watch #TSMVP for example), but the Massive "Black Monster" Dive watch is my everyday "go to" watch.
    ...more info
  • Best watch I have ever owned
    Great watch! Hands down the best watch I have ever owned. I love the fact that I never have to buy a battery - ever again! Keeps great time and is really comfortable on my wrist. I was worried when I ordered it, it would be to large (I have smaller wrists) but it looks great and fits perfectly (I had to remove a couple of links ). Can't comment on using it with scuba gear - yet but have had it on a couple times in the shower without any problem.

    Overall I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS WATCH!...more info
  • Great Watch, very pleased
    I decided to purchase this watch as a daily type watch and to reduce wear and tear on my Tag Heuer Aquaracer automatic chronograph. I did extensive research on this watch, reading reviews on both and After reading these reviews, I was pretty sure I knew what I was getting.

    I ordered the product from through the amazon portal. The shipping was prompt. As has been mentioned in several reviews, the packaging from worldofwatches was suspect. The watch was delivered in both and inner and outer box. There was no padding in between the two, and the inner box was free to rattle around the much larger, outside box. Also, the plastic box in which the watch is contained was cracked. A simple sponge was inserted to protect the watch face.

    Despite all of the above, the watch itself was delivered in perfect condition. I have been wearing it for approximately 1 month now and love it. It has a very unique design, and is an iconic Seiko watch. It should be noted that the movement is not windable or hackable. So far, my watch runs about 15 seconds fast per day, which is accurate enough for my needs. The bracelet is very comfortable, and balances the watch nicely. Also, despite the name "black monster", the watch is not as big as I thought, and much smaller and lighter than my Tag.

    Overall, I am very pleased with the watch and have since ordered the "orange monster". Only reason this gets 4 stars instead of 5 is because of the suspect packaging. ...more info
  • Great Watch that stopped after 6 months
    My husband loves this watch. He never takes a watch off so this is perfect. A nice weighty watch that not only works great but looks fantastic. Being a sea captain, the watch has really been put to the test and has passed with flying colors!! It has kept perfect time! Don't hesitate!

    I should have waited a while before I posted the above review. If I had known, I would have given it 1 star!! It stopped working after 6 months - not as sturdy as it looks. Oh well, live and learn. I'm going back to the Citizen Eco-drive watches!!!!...more info
    Love the watch. It came in perfect condition. I look forward in doing business with you again. Love the comments, keep em up....more info
  • Seiko Black Monster Review
    I took delivery of a Seiko Black Monster January 14th ordered and shipped from Amazon. I was happy to see the package delivered as promised on time by UPS. I was nervous when I heard the rather large box make a rattle from inside when turned from side to side. The packaging could have used a couple more air pillows, and allowed side to side movement of the watch box inside. The watch was brand new, never worn, and started right up when activated as directed. The quality is amazing, the watch is heavy and well finished. It keeps great time for me, (I am not one to worry about seconds lost or gained), and is more than I expected. I would definetly order from Amazon again, having no issues with them with this or any past order I made with them....more info