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Seiko Men's "Black Monster" Automatic Dive Watch #SKX779K3
List Price: $350.00

Our Price: $168.95

You Save: $181.05 (52%)


Product Description

Seiko Mens Black Face Watch - Seiko SKX779

Known as the Black Monster, this 21-jewel, automatic watch winds itself with the motion of your wrist, so you'll never need to change the battery. It has a stainless steel case and features a black dial with three-hand function, easy-to-read bar markers, and an English/Spanish day/date window at the three o'clock position. Additional features include a screw-down case and crown, a scratch-resistant Hardlex crystal, and a one-way rotating bezel that safely keeps track of elapsed time. With its Lumibrite hands, markers, and bezel, this watch is easy to read in both light and dark conditions. The watch secures to a comfortable, extra-long, pressure-vented rubber strap that fastens with a buckle closure. Designed for diving, this watch is water-tested to 200 meters. It meets ISO standards and is suitable for scuba diving.

  • Quality Japanese Automatic movement; Functions without a battery; Powers automatically with the movement of your arms
  • Hardlex crystal
  • Case diameter: 47 mm
  • Stainless-steel case; Black dial; Day-and-date functions
  • Water-resistant to 660 feet (200 M)

Customer Reviews:

  • Ugly treasure!
    Really nice watch, solid and reliable. If you like the brutish design, go for it! I heard they are out of production. I love it, and it gets attention. I have both a rubber strap and a bracelet for it, but wear my rubber strap the most. Lots of good design details, like that the glass is domed, but still protected by the bezel, and wholes on the lugs mean that changing wristband is easy. ...more info
  • Awesome Watch for the price!
    I received the Seiko "Black Monster" and basically the photos don't do it justice.This is a very big and bold watch and it seems that all the reviews I've read are positive.The price is such a steal on this watch,and it's very competitive with other diver's watches costing 2 or 3 times the price tag.I picked up the one with the stainless steel bracelet (which is a work of art itself).The only complaint I have is with the time frame for the delivery...I selected the 1 day shipping feature for an additional $14.98 but it took almost 3 days to get here.It was no big deal... but it should have been more clear when I was ordering. There was a little note that stated "If ordered within the next 2 hours you get 1 day shipping"....more info
  • good review of watch
    bought this as a gift for my brother. he was impressed by the quality and feel of the watch. he wears it, so i think i did pretty good considering he's a tough person to buy something for....more info
  • Great Watch - Excellent Quality
    The 'Black Monster', as it is officially called by Seiko, is a fantastic, durable watch. Be advised that the size of it may look deceiving. It is a large watch - bulky and big. The band is large and can fit those who have a hard time with standard size watches. The face is magnified so it is very easy to read with the glow features. This watch puts any bulky Breitling or similar overpriced watches to shame, for the simple reason that the watch is a durable great looking watch and its better to save a few THOUSAND dollars.

    I like that the bezel is off center so its comfortable and doesn't get in the way of your wrist.
    Everything about this watch is durable. I never plan to wear it for scuba diving but the quality is there. It's obvious.

    The only con is that I did not buy it sooner.
    Make a smart purchase and save the money over those overpriced competitors. Get rich in 20 years putting that money away. Your Black Monster will probably still be working too.

    Good Luck!
    ...more info
  • Seiko Black Monster
    Great watch for the money and fast transaction. Its been getting more wrist time then my other watches that cost 10 times as much. There is just something about the SKX779K3!...more info
  • I love it
    I'm fairly big and most watches look dinky on me. This is big enough to look normal on me. It's of better quality than much more expensive watches, but it's cheap enough that I can do stuff in it and I won't go nuts if I wreck it.
    I've worn it every day for over a year - no scratches or dings....more info
  • The "Monster" is Great
    Let me start by stating that Amazon prices are the best for this product. I also kept the free shipping (3 - 5 days), and received the monster in three days from the purchase date.

    This time piece is awesome. I'm a avid watch collector and have had my eye on the one for a few months. A friend of mine purchased the Orange Monster and I had to have one too. I opted for the Black Monster with the rubber dive band; more my style. I can say without a doubt that I am very impressed. There are a lot of compliments to go around too. Everyone who sees it wants to check it out closer, try it on and/or ask where I bought it. Nice balance, accurate, attractive, and very, very large.

    James...more info
  • Great watch and Price
    See all over for double the price. Works great, get lots of compliments more the my more expensive watches. ...more info
  • Time As Chunk of Metal
    If memory serves me right this divers' watch is 45-46mm across. With rubber strap it still weighs a lot, being solid stainless steel. Automatic, don't need to change batteries. Weekday/day of month. Second hand. The luminous dial is that--hold it under sunlight or fluorescent light for 5 min. and big hour indices and hands will glow in the dark for six hours. Movement runs a little fast and may need to be reset once a week. No problem. People I would rather not will try to estimate it's cost. "$1000!" No. "$500!" No. I can get it at for under $200. "Wow!"

    It is an impressive chunk of metal. This is a REAL dive watch. 200 meters....more info
  • Built 4 Life
    This is the ultimate rugged built-for-life mechanical automatic watch. It truly is a Munsta! It's nice and heavy, built like a tank, still wears very well-balanced on the rubber strap provided and keeps perfect time. The hands and dial markings easily glow very bright all night long or in merky waters. A great time keeping machine! I wear it every day everywhere. [...]...more info
  • good looking watch
    this watch looks very nice but, it is heavy and it does stop in the middle of the night if you happen to take it off your wrist a little early in the evening. remember, if the watch doesn't move, it doesn't get wound up. if it was 2/3 less on the cost i would of kept it....more info
  • shake it like a can of paint
    I have had this watch for about 4 months. If you don't have a job operating a jack hammer it will probably run itself down. I am very disappointed in the watch. It was not cheap. I paid about $200. for it and I expected better. I am one of those people that never take my watch off and it still winds down and stops. I made a big deal about this watch with my wife, and now I get a lot of grief when I complain about it. It is sturdy, having hit the wall several times....more info
  • Get one while you can
    This is a rugged no frills watch that uses old school technology to do the job so they won't be around for long. ...more info
  • The Monster is outstanding
    Just recieved my Monster and its great. Excellent price. I owned a Rolex Submariner and got tired of paying alot when it needed repairs. This watch is durable and keep excellent time. Great price thru Amazon and quick delivery...more info
  • Black Monster
    Finally broke down and purchased my Black Monster after mulling it over for a few months. So far, so good. Replaced the stock rubber strap with a Seiko Z22 strap...not too difficult a feat to manage, only required some trimming and the wider strap compliments the watch much better than the tapered original. As far as accuracy is concerned, although I've only had the watch for about three days or so, there has been no "break-in" period or severe fluctuation. The watch has been running dead-on. Let me repeat that...the watch has been running dead-on. I imagine that it'll start floating after another couple of weeks or so, but suffice it to say that I'm pretty impressed with the accuracy so far. Big wrist presence, but not "bling." Just a good, substantial, solid watch....more info
  • Seiko SKX779 The Black Monster
    Living in India, I purchased this off Amazon and had it delivered within the timeframe said alongwith the watch. The watch itself reached India within 96 hours of reaching my US office.
    The watch itself is a heart-warmer... the rubber strap was a let down... and I think one should consider the original metal strap and get an after-market replacement in rubber/polyurethane...
    Anyway, am miles away from the source and am mighty kicked about owning the watch...
    It is solid and the envy of the others watching 'Nemo' with me... Looks and feels indestructible and at $149... an unbeatable price.
    I am happpppppyyyyyyyyyy.
    ...more info
  • Great Watch
    This is a very well built watch. Make sure to calibrate it right at the beginning. Overall I am happy with my purchase....more info