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Dome 600 Bookkeeping record, weekly, 11 x 8-1/2, wirebound, 128 pages, brown cover
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Product Description

A simple-to-keep, accurate record of Cash Received and Paid Out. Contains payroll section, calendar of tax forms, completed specimen page, list of 276 deductions allowed by law and many more exclusive features. Lexhide cover. Wirebound. No refills. Good for a full year. Not dated, so it can be used at any time.

  • Bookkeeping Records. Record of Cash Received and Paid Out. Includes Net Profit, Net Worth, Payroll.
  • Record of Cash Received and Paid Out.
  • Includes Net Profit, Net Worth, Payroll.
  • Undatedstart anytime.
  • 128 pages, wirebound.

Customer Reviews:

  • Dome book
    I love these weekly records. They are just the right size for me and help me stay on track with my expenses/income on a weekly basis. They also help me know how much to record for my year-end office expense/tax report. Since Quicken and all the other bookkeeping software takes too much of my time for setting up and learning, I prefer the old-fashioned bookkeeping.
    ...more info
  • Dome weekly bookkeeping record
    I have found Dome bookkeeping records meet my business accounting needs. I have used the weekly bookkeeping record for many years. The simple plan they contain for recording expenses, receipts, and payroll is perfect for my small business. Thank you for a consistently great product....more info
  • Bookkeeping Workbook
    This workbook id easy to use and keep track of daily expenditures. I would recommend to all startup businesses....more info
  • weekly Bookeeping book
    Weekly bookeeping book,is the only way to go with booking,like it very much. Thank you weekly bookeeping book....more info
  • Thorough record keeping for the small business
    I absolutely love this accounting book. It provides much needed space for my deductions.

    I don't need left column so I use it to record my mileage. There is planty of space to enter 3 groups of mileage which makes it much easier to calculate.

    You can edit acct# to your need.

    Overall this is a best bookkeeping system yet. ...more info