960 Hour Real Time VCR
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Product Description

Record 24 hours of real-time video with audio, or 960 hours of time-lapse images Connect it to your security system for instant recording when an alarm signal is received VCR automatically switches from time-lapse to real-time mode during alarm activation Adjust the unit to meet your needs with its 15 selectable recording speeds Displays a horizontal resolution of 300 lines (color) or 350 lines (black & white) Tired of constantly replacing video cassettes in your surveillance system VCR? You'll only have to replace tapes every 40 days with this affordable Real-Time/ Time-Lapse VCR. Unlike standard VCRs, which record only a maximum of 6 or 8 hours, depending on the size tape you use, the Real-Time/ Time-Lapse VCR offers 15 selectable recording speeds ranging from 2 to 960 hours. Record up to 24 hours of real-time video with audio or up to 960 hours of time-lapse video images on a single tape! This affordable, high-quality unit displays a horizontal resolution of 300 lines for color surveillance monitoring, or 350 lines for black & white surveillance monitoring. It can record either manually, with a press of the record button on the front panel, or it can be programmed to record at specific days and times. You can even connect it to your security system to begin instant recording when your alarm is triggered! Other selectable features include a repositionable time/date stamp (or no time/date stamp at all), and an auto-repeat recording mode which rewinds the tape to the beginning and resumes recording when the end of the tape is reached. The unit can play back tapes at the same speeds in which they were recorded, or can be set for slow-motion or accelerated playback just by using a different playback speed. The Real-Time/ Time-Lapse VCR comes with a full-featured remote control.

  • Maximum 960 hours time lapse recording on a standard 120-minutes VHS format video cassette
  • 11 different time lapse recording/playback modes are available
  • Audio recording and playback in L6H, L18H, L30H Real Time modes are available
  • Four-head double azimuth system (EP 4 Head System)
  • Security lock function for preventing video cassette theft