Eagletron PowerPod - Camcorder computer-controlled pan/tilt/zoom base - black
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Product Description

The Eagletron PowerPod is a computer-controlled pan/tilt/zoom (ptz) base for camcorders. After mounting your camcorder on a PowerPod (any standard DV camcorder works), you can turn the camcorder up, down, left, and right under the control of your PC. You can even control the optical zoom of compatible camcorders. PowerPod comes with the same sophisticated control software as the TrackerPod, giving you features like Internet remote control, programmable video capture, and motion detection.

  • pan, tilt, and zoom your camcorder with your PC computer
  • optical zoom with certain camcorders (eg. Canon ZR series)
  • Note: for Sony or LANC camcorders, get MotorPod-LANC instead
  • attaches to a regular tripod, works with any camcorder under 2 lbs.
  • connects to computer via USB