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FREE 10 extra Buttons ! (As seen on the picture) FREE Electronic Travel Case is included as seen on the picture (this case alone is sold about $30) The World's Smallest Color Pinhole Camera built-with this Button . When put this normal button with your clothes lets you record exactly what you are looking at. The Button Cam cleverly conceals a quality color video camera inside an everyday garment button. Body worn applications are made simple with this sleek black common looking button - hidden camera. Simply attach the camera directly with MP4 ,no external power needed for the camera.The Button Cam incorporates a lens which is preferred for tight angle applications. Low lux rating allows our Button Cam to perform well with only minimal illumination, undercover assignments can now be carried out with ease! And we will supply 10 extra buttons Features: Smallest size of audio video record only 90X60X18.2mm. Smallest Covert Pinhole Camera built with button. Connect Directly to MP4 player / Recorder for hidden recording. Great for surveillance or FUN. Great for Law enforcement agencies. No Installation just plug and play. Mp4 AV Recorder Recordable complete functions Mp4 Player 2.5" LCD screen Features: 512Mb Memory Support SD/MMC card up to 2GB 2.5" Big Screen LCD High Quality Video Picture quality with resolution 480X234 pixels Real time recording with date and time stamping Built in Speaker and set of fashionable stereo earphone Buitl In Rechargeable Nokia 3310 battery Play and Record Mp4 movies Play and Record Mp3 Music Song Browse of photograph format is : JPEG format Output connector : It can connect to TV Input connnector Audio Video cables USB Cables AC Adapter Tool Sofware CD

Customer Reviews:

  • Good spy kit, but could be better.
    This is one of the best spy camera kits I have ever used. While there are problems, (read on), you basically have everything you need to start spying right out of the box (and it comes with it's own box).

    The Camera.
    First off, you will notice that the camera requires no power connector, just plug it into the AV In connection and go. Not really sure how it gets it's power, but it works. Other spy cameras require a separate power connection, battery or A/C, and really limit where and how you can use the camera. With this camera, your free to roam, as long as your DVR (digital video recorder) has power.

    The video quality of the camera is good, actually better than I expected for a camera this small. At 320x240 you won't be going full screen with the video, but it's large enough to see what's going on. You can clearly make out people's faces, and record documents, so there appears to be some quality to the lens of the camera. On the downside, and this is a big one, the camera is rated at 2 LUX, so a very well lighted area is required. This is extremely disappointing, since your probably not going to be doing any spying outside in the bright sunshine. While most indoor lighting is acceptable, the video will always seem a little too dark. The camera also seems to take on a bad color cast, depending on the lighting, florescent lights turn the video green, and in incandescent a yellow tint. So obviously the camera has no "auto white balance" features. But since your doing spying, and not making a movie, this would seem acceptable. (Some video editing software, like Adobe Premiere, can take out a lot of the color cast.)

    The look of the camera is, hmmm how should I say this, it doesn't look like a camera. It's basically a black box with a button on it. The idea here is that you use the button on the camera, instead of one of the buttons on your shirt. This works quite well, and unless you might get frisked, it's completely undetectable. Actually the camera, which doesn't look like a camera, can be just hanging out in the open, unless you come across a really paranoid person, I haven't found anyone who thought it was a camera. On the downside, all the buttons that come with the camera are black, and all my shirts have white buttons. I guess I'm going to have to start wearing a tuxedo when I do my spying.

    The DVR (Digital Video Recorder).
    This DVR, unlike others I have used, is geared for spying. While I'm not going to go though all the menus and how to all works, It does the job and is not hard to use. What sets this DVR apart from all the others are two slide switches on the bottom of the unit. One turns off the LCD display, and the other turns off all the buttons. So you can hit record, turn off the LCD (increase battery time), turn off all the buttons (when you stuff the DVR in your pocket you don't have to worry about accidentally pushing a button and turning off the recording), and go.

    Video Format.
    The DVR records the video in a MP4 format. This is a very high compressed streaming format that has acceptable quality. With the internal memory of the DVR, (you can install SD cards in the DVR if needed), and a full charge, you should be able to get 2+ hours of video spying.

    This video format does not appear to work with Windows Vista's media player and Movie Maker, while my XP box media player had no problems with the format. As for Vista, I found 3rd party programs, like Real Player, worked just fine with the format.

    While the MP4 format is great for recording, and viewing, don't even think about using it for any video editing. The highly compressed streaming format had my video editors playing "catch up" all the time, basically impossible to edit. You will need to convert to another format, MPG or AVI, if you need to edit these videos.

    Bottom Line:
    If you can tolerate the high 2 LUX camera, no auto white balance, and pesky video format, I would have to say this kit is worth the money. If you want to do some real spying, I can't find anything out there better than this. I'm sure real spies have better gadgets, but for us "armature sleuths" this is pretty cool stuff.
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