Motion Detector Camera - Color Wireless w/High Power 2.4GHz Transmitter
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Product Description

ST-103 Motion Detector Camera A perfect covert solution. Fully functioning or non-functioning motion detector with a CCD Camera. Pivoting mounting bracket allows for ample room coverage. Wired motion detector will also control event recorder, alarm system, lamp, etc. Can be added to an existing alarm system (fully functioning version). Includes: All 2.4 GHz transmitters come with a 2.4 GHz receiver. All necessary power supplies and battery packs are included. Options: High Power is available with most 2.4 GHz transmitters and delivers unbelievable range. X-Vision allows viewing in almost complete darkness, .003 Lux. Only available in black & white cameras. Full Function Motion Detector Available Black & White ST-103W Wired Camera with Plug & Play ST-103W-X Wired Camera with Plug & Play and X-Vision ST-103W-X-FF Full Function Wired Camera with Plug & Play and X-Vision ST-103W-FF Full Function Wired Camera with Plug & Play ST-103G Wireless Camera with 2.4 GHz Transmitter ST-103G-HP Wireless Camera with High Power 2.4 GHz Transmitter ST-103G-HP-X Wireless Camera with High Power/X-Vision 2.4 GHz Transmitter Color ST-103WC Wired Camera with Plug & Play ST-103WC-FF Full Function Wired Camera with Plug & Play ST-103GC Wireless Camera with 2.4 GHz Transmitter ST-103GC-HP Wireless Camera with High Power 2.4 GHz Transmitter Specs Image Sensor=1/3" Sony CCD (B/W) 1/4" CCD (Color) Resolution=400 Lines(B/W) 380 Lines(Color) Min. Illumination=.05 LUX (B/W) 1 LUX(Color) Lens=3.7MM Wide Angle Pixels=270,000 Sync. Type=Internal Shutter Speed (NTSC)=1/60 ~ 1/100,000 sec S to N Ratio=45DB Power Required=12 Volts Current Consumption=150mA Max

Customer Reviews:
  • No manual
    I admit, I do not own this product.
    I found it while searching for motion controlled cameras
    and tried to compare it's features with other cameras, like X10.
    Unfortunately, this ST-103 thing is a kind of undocumented mystery.
    They mention few features, like "Wired Camera with Plug & Play",
    "Full Function", "Wireless Camera", etc, but nowhere they
    describe what does this mean. What kind of wire? Will it connect
    to my PC (as term Plug & Play suggest), what is the
    "Full Function" and how it compares with half-full (or half-empty)
    function? What the "Wireless Camera" is compatible with?
    Do I need a PC or VCR to record video or does the camera have a
    flash card?
    I tried to contact the vendor to get a manual describing these
    features, but, after few E-Mail iterations, they lost interest
    and stopped responding.
    I guess there must be something really wrong with this product,
    otherwise why would they be hiding information and refuse
    to provide the manual? X10 camera, on the other hand,
    has a manual on their web site with all needed explanations.

    It is really annoying when customers are treated like fools,
    who are supposed to buy a product just by looking at a pretty picture....more info