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Grado SR-60 Padded Headphones
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Product Description

The SR60 has gained "legendary" status. The SR60 has received rave reviews from around the world and is the most commonly recommended headphone on the market today.PRODUCT FEATURES:Vented diaphragm;Non-resonant air chamber;Standard copper voice coil wire;Standard copper connecting cord;Mini plug with 1/4" adaptor.

The Grado SR60 Headphones produce brilliant sound and offer outstanding listening comfort for a low cost. The SR60s have a flexible, soft vinyl headband. The headband and earpieces are connected by metal height adjusters, which adjust the height of your head with the center of your ear. These nifty adjusters also allow the earpiece to rotate a full 360 degrees, permitting them to lie flat on a surface perfect when packing in a suitcase. The SR60s come with earpads made of soft, porous, open-cell foam that covers the driver much more comfortably than standard foam earpads.

  • Vented diaphragm
  • Non Resonant air chamber
  • Standard copper voice coil wire with Standard copper connecting cord
  • Frequency response: 20-20
  • SPL 1mV: 98

Customer Reviews:

  • Very good headphones
    I really like the Grado SR-60 headphones they are the best sounding headpones I have ever owned including some much more expensive models. The best sound for the money that I have found.

    The sound is very crisp and vibrant and has very good bass. They are efficient enough to be quite loud with my iPhone. The fit and comfort are excellent; I have no discomfort listening to them for hours. The build quality and cables feel very solid for such light headphones. Outstanding sound quality for the money.

    The "open" nature of the headphones does not block much sound in or out so listening at high volumes might disturb others. May not be the best choice if you listen in a loud environment.
    These have a moderately large over-the-ear design so are not as portable as some....more info
  • Grado SR60 Rocks
    I really enjoy the Grado SR60 headphones. I don't find much sound leakage as others have noted, possibly because I don't listen at higher volumes. They are quite comfortable to wear and the sound and tone is amazing, as well as a nice bass reproduction. My only downloads (slight ones) are that the thickness of the cord makes it hard to keep my MP3 player in place on my desk, and the potential "dork factor" of wearing the headphones as I walk outside keeps me from using them other than indoors....more info
  • Excellent product, incredible sound!
    The SR60 is one of the best sounding set of headphones I've ever purchased. If you're into REALLY hearing all of you music, there's no better value around. True, they look kinda cheap (plastic headband and parts), but the sound quality is first rate. They do hurt my ears and get a bit hot, but I move them around enough to reduce pressure or take them off for a few minutes. I've been using the SR60s as my primary headset on very long distance flights lately, movies sound much better than the cheapies the airlines provide and block out most outside sound. This can be issue, as they are NOT noise canceling by any means. But overall I'd rate them as excellent and an outstanding value. ...more info
  • Good Punchy Bass But a Bit Breaky
    The Grado SR60 is a great headphone for its price. You get exactly what you're paying for: A decent budget set of cans. They have lovely bass response and bright highs, though the mid range can be a bit muddled with some sound sources. To get the most out of these cans you really need a decent headphone amp, since some devices (iPods, CD players) will have trouble driving the large voice cones.

    Some discerning audiophiles may dislike the rolloff of high frequencies and I've heard mention that the sound of these cans is a bit forward and bright, which can be fatiguing during extended listening, but I've never noticed this myself.

    These cans are a great budget alternative to more expensive headphones with similar sound flavor such as the Ultrasone PROline 550. While they are not so great in build quality you'd be hard pressed to find a better casual listening headphone for modern music at this price point.

    Two tips about comfort with these cans:

    1. You can get a set of replacement pads from Grado that are made of a different type of material that is more comfortable to some people.
    2. You can greatly increase the comfort of these cans by bending the headband out to adjust its fit to your head.


    * Good, solid bass response is excellent for modern compositions (pop, hip-hop, house, drum & bass).
    * Great for extended listening once adjusted.
    * 360 degree cup rotation for one-ear listening.
    * A decent budget headphone for bass heads.
    * This is a great walking headphone, as the adjustable headband stays snug on the ears and the smooth fat cable doesn't tangle easily.


    * The metal headband can be a bit harsh on the head/hair.
    * I've had two pairs of these and I've found that the cables' solder points come loose inside the ear cups after they've been used for a while resulting in crackling noise when you move, then eventually the sound drops out altogether.
    * The stock ear pads tend to fade and break down after a while, leaving the hard plastic cups to press right against your ears (ouch).
    * The metal posts that hold the cups bend easily out of shape and are difficult to bend back straight.
    * The caps on the metal posts tend to fall off and get lost leaving harsh metal points to get caught on things and poke your hands....more info
  • The best at this price
    If you don't have a problem with annoying other people in the office this is for you. It has open air design so anybody can hear what u r listening to. However, the sound is clear over the whole range. Fantastic....more info
    The best end result of my Koss PRO-AAA'S breaking (after 20 years!) was my purchase of these headphones. They're the least expensive Grado model, but I love their sound. (Plus - if anything should wear out - Grado's repair service has been excellent.) ...more info
  • Former Sennheiser PX100 Fan
    Don't get me wrong, the Sennheiser PX100 served me well, nearly three years now; I even wrote a review for them. However, I'm sitting here, listening to Matisyahu's "King Without a Crown" and I'm hearing things which I have not heard before... absolute clarity from every instrument. This is the CHEAPEST Grado! I can't imagine what I would get from the SR80s, 125s, etc, but this is definitely ALL that I need.

    What finally doomed my PX100 was the thin wire, which over time started to degrade, to the point where I had to play with it to get the best contact. The Grados feature a wire perhaps five times as thick as the Senns and a heavy duty splitter; this is what they must mean when they say "military grade"... Now Matisyahu's "Lord Raise Me Up"... BEAUTIFUL!

    I don't know why people say the headphones are uncomfortable... the cups are large and fit my ears well - they actually cover my ears completely, which is a nice change from the PX100. The headband is not pressing on my head. There is JUST enough tightness to the band that the headphones hug my ears, rather than just slipping off at every opportunity the way the Senns did. I haven't been listening for that long, but comfort doesn't seem like an issue.

    I'm not putting down the Senns, but let's get real here. Even a mediocre audiophile like I knows quality when he sees it. I got my Grados from headphone dot com for $72 including FedEx Shipping which delivered in 2 days...more info
  • Stellar for the price!
    These cost 3 times as much as any other pair I had tried, but they are worth every penny. With my Sansa Fuze and Sansa Clips, they are the first headphone where no equalizer setting is necessary. The highs, mids and lows are perfectly balanced. They are also efficient enough to run off most any portable player, although they're not suited to be "portable".

    Being open 'phones means they do not isolate you from the world, or the world from your if you wear them in loud surroundings, you'll crank them up louder. This , of course, isn't the best thing for your ears...especially considering that these don't distort when you crank them...I have to remember to turn them back down after a favorite song, because they sound so good loud!

    The only slight nit-pick I have is that if your hair is short, you may wish the headband was padded a bit more...the "padded" refers to what sits on your ears, not on top of your head. But it is easily remedied, and not anything to alter my full five star rating. Highly recommended!...more info
  • Great Sound; But they leak a lot
    I would only suggest you assess your headphone needs before buying these. I was given these for free by a friend that did not like how much sound leaked out. For flights/train rides or other commutes, I would not suggest these for anyone wanting to listen to mp3 players in crowded areas as you will undoubtedly annoy people around you. This is the only reason why I could not give this product 5 stars. I was particularly looking for a decent gaming set of headphones for when I'm up late at night and do not want to disturb others. For this purpose, the fact that a lot of sound leaks out makes very little difference to me as it is still less sound than what my Logitech Z-2300 speakers and sub would be kicking out.

    Conclusion: Great sound (as you've even seen from many other reviews these rival some other very expensive sets). Just be aware of the sound leak. ...more info
  • What have you got to lose?
    I've been using computers and portal music players for as long as I can remember. With those, I've always used the cheapest headphones I can afford.

    "What's the point of a 100 $ headphones", I would ask myself.

    Well, my friends. If you are like I was -- and never indulged into the wonderful world of Audiophile headphones, then you're in for a treat.

    These headphones shocked me ... I was amazed at how much better they were than the various ones I've used over the years. These are "Entry Level" audiophile headphones. The best quality for the best price. Be warned, though, after I experienced that "wow" moment at the sound quality -- I got addicted and began actively seeking to recreate that feeling by progressively purchasing better and better headphones.

    You know the best thing about Audiophile headphones? You'll rediscover your music library.

    -- The "Open" design leaks a lot of sound. Which means you can't enjoy high volumes when your at work or in a public place where you don't want people hearing you listen to Celine Dion.

    -- They (ARE) uncomfortable at first. However, keep in mind these are the most comfortable Grado headphones. After a while, I found that I can wear them for hours on end and not even notice them!
    To stretch the headband, I put them over a basketball for a few days when I wasn't using them.

    -- You WILL be addicted and actively seek better and better headphones after you discover the audiophile in you.

    -- I noticed that I no longer preferred 128 KBPS mp3's (which I didn't mind before) I began almost exclusively listening to 320 KBPS mp3's and FLAC files -- this had a toll on my hard-drive as I now have 350 GB of music.

    You won't regret it, what have you got to lose?...more info
  • Great cans for the money!
    After seeing many positive reviews on this product, I decided to grab a pair.

    Sound: The sound is excellent. Lows are subtle but accurate. Mids do not sound tinny at all, and they have excellent highs. Tuning the EQ on your portable device or stereo is a must to get the most amazing sound (as with any phones), so experiment a bit. Expect a lot of sound leakage due to the open design, so these would not work well for listening to metal in a quiet library, or classical in a loud subway.

    Build: The build quality is simplistic, but still quite good. Highly adaptable to any size noggin thanks to the 2 way pivoting earpieces. Styling is very retro, which I like. Materials seem to be of very good quality. I actually fell asleep with these on, and when I woke up I was laying on top of them! They are still as good as new.

    Comfort: I find the original pads to be comfortable, but they seem to want to "fall off" my ears due to the thick pads and pivoting earpieces. I also bought a pair of SR80 pads to try, and I like them so much more than the originals. They provide clearer highs, and more accurate bass on account of the unobstructed driver being closer to your ear. The drawback of the SR80 pads is that the mesh covering the driver touches your ear, which can cause discomfort for users with smaller ears. If this happens, placing a very thin headphone pad underneath the SR80 pads makes them much more wearable for longer periods.

    Portability: The cord that these comes with is quite long, so expect it to be about a foot from the ground if you carry your mp3 player at your side (I'm 5'11" for reference). However, you can easily recable your phones to make them shorter (if that's your thing).
    These take only 32 ohms to drive, so it's very easy for portable devices to power these headphones (my Cowon D2 uses about half power for comfortable listening).

    Buy these if you need the best price/performance, you won't be disappointed....more info
  • The best thing $70 can buy (if you like music at all)
    I have owned a pair of these for about a year now. For starters, thats about 10 times as long as any headphones have lasted me before breaking. Besides sounding astoundingly clear and lifelike, they take a beating for sure. I've sat on them, and thrown them in a backpack many times, and the construction of them permits very easy fixes.
    The so-called "retro" look to them is merely a result of sound quality taking priority over styling. (form follows function)
    I happen to like the open design. It opens up the sound. Also, with an iPod, if turned up all the way, they can almost substitute for speakers in a small room. Or if you're like me, subject others to my choice of music, at places like airports, or the train.
    If you're looking to get headphones, get these.
    I see y'all out there with your white ipod freebie headphones, upgrade so you can actually listen to your music....more info
  • Great sound for cheap.
    These headphones are great. The headphone market is more competitive than it used to be so these aren't necessarily the only headphones to look at for under $100. However, I don't think anyone who buys these will be disappointed. These headphones have good bass and don't need an amplifier to sound good. The best thing I can say about these headphones is that the detail is incredible. The only bad thing I've noticed about these headphones is that they aren't great for long listening periods (greater than 1.5 hours) without taking a break because they tend to hurt your ears after a while. Overall highly recommended....more info
  • Rich's reveiw
    Headphones sound is excellant.The only problem is they are not as confortable on my ears as i would like....more info
  • Grado SR 60s
    What a revelation; this is considered an "entry level" audiophile product but definitely outperforms its competition. After trying wireless alternatives and experiencing very poor performance, I returned to wired with complete satisfaction. This product deserves all its accolades and, unless you have an extreme system to match much more expensive cans, these are a delight. They may not be as comfortable has more expensive units but I do not tend to listen for "hours" at a time. ...more info
  • The Best for the Money
    Industrial looking? Yes. Noticeable to others? You bet. The best sounding headphones under $100? Absolutely! Grado Labs SR60 phones have restored my faith in high fidelity...close-up, warm and precise. You can't find better headphones for the money (around $70.00). The highs are crisp, embodied with texture and substance. The bass is there, right where it's supposed to be, supporting the entire structure of the music. These phones are sure to put a smile on your face....more info
  • Awesome Headphones
    I bought these because I wanted something a bit better than my Sony MDR-V150s. All I can say is that they sound just about as good as I can imagine a pair of headphones sounding. It's hard to describe, but they sound alive and have a bit of a kick to them.

    I'm no audiophile, but today I put on my V150s just for the hell of it and was surprised by the difference. Of course, a $70 set should sound a lot better than a $20 set, but it's startling how much better the SR60s really are.

    Some things to consider:

    -I normally use these plugged into my computer, but a few days ago I bought an iPod. I didn't see this coming, but there was a difference. The sound from the iPod sounded better, with even more clarity. If you have these plugged into a cheap computer, go one step further and plug them into a nice MP3 player.

    -They provide little to none sound isolation and they leak sound. This is a non-issue for me, but it could be troublesome depending how you use them.

    -Be warned that after owning these, you'll never be able to enjoy those crappy earbuds included with your MP3 player and any future headphone purchases will likely be expensive. The Grado SR60s are somewhat of a "gateway drug"....more info
  • OLutstandind value and quality
    I've had the Grado SR60's for two months. They have outstanding sound for less that $75. I was looking for and open ear set of hi quality headphone that didn't cost $300. I listen to my iPod at work 8 hours a day with these on and they can easily be worn for 4 hours striaght, The quality of workmanship and sound is top notch. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a great hi quality open-ear set any time. ...more info
  • Nice headphones, go for the 80's
    Have had these for about two years, for the price they are a great value, One of the headphones broke off but it was easily fixed with some super glue. I recently upgraded to the SR-80's, and as good of a value as the 60's are I think the 80's blow it away. If you are trying to decide between the two, I say pony up the extra money because the 80's are worth it. If you just want some good headphones at a cheap price, you can't go wrong with these. ...more info
  • actual musicians prefer--
    If you are looking for a great set of reasonably-priced cans, special order a set of AKG K240 Monitor headphones. It's an old, discontinued model, but AKG will still send you a set. I'm a professional drummer and have been using this particular set of headphones for well over eight years, and they sound great with jazz, classical and even live rock recordings (Allman Brothers Filmore Concerts, Little Feat Live, etc...). They are durable, astonishingly accurate, and very comfortable for long-term listening. My iPod drives them perfectly up to reasonable listening levels. Anything louder will blow out your ears anyway. The AKG K240 Monitor model is STILL one of the most preferred cans for professional studio production, if not THE preferred cans. ...more info
  • Great Sound
    Excellent sound, I'm hearing lyrics and details in my mp3 files I didn't know were there. My mp3s sound wonderful. The sound is very smooth, balanced and clear. Way way better sound than the $25 headphones I had been using - no comparison. I find them comfortable and definately worth the price. These are fantastic for relaxing and enjoying the music but they are too big and heavy to go jogging or biking. ...more info
  • HUGE bang for the buck!
    I wanted to start off by saying I've worked in pro audio well over 20 years and have listened to more headphones than I could possibly list here. That doesn't make me an expert, but it does give me a large base from which to judge. I was very intrigued by all the glowing reviews these headphones received, so I bought a pair for myself.

    I just got my Grado SR60's and gave them a good listen. For the record, I was listening to CD's I was very familiar with and have heard hundreds of times.

    Let's just say these headphones are like nothing I've listened to before. I mean that in a good way! I've listened to phones costing hundreds of dollars and some el-cheapos as well. For the price of these Grado's, you simply can't go wrong.

    How can I describe their sound? Let's say they have a lot of "air" and clarity in their sound. Being open-air helps here, I'm sure. The bass is solid and not overdone (which I love) and the mids are clinically accurate. The highs are smooth, but a tad extended at first listen. I imagine after being burned in, they'll smooth out even more.

    I simply can't believe the price/sound ratio. You'll notice where they cut costs when you examine the headphones themselves up close. The plastic looks... cheap. The headband is... cheap. The packing materials... cheap. I don't think I'd want to be too rough with these guys. But hey, sound is what matters most and there is no going wrong there. People complaining about them being uncomfortable must have odd shaped heads. I find them extremely comfortable!

    BUY THEM NOW! (before they realize they're worth a lot more $$!)...more info