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Leonidas Belgian Chocolates: 1 lb Napolitain Sampler Ballotin - Mint, Cinnamon, Orange, Nibs, Feuilletine, 72% Pure Origin Sao Tome, Milk, White, and Dark Chocolate Squares
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Product Description

Sitting around after dinner can be so much more interesting if you serve these delicate treats with your coffee. Leonidas' Napolitain Sampler Ballotin is filled with an assortment of our newest pieces. Unwrap and sample each colorful square and choose a favorite. Orange: an exotic blend of orange and dark chocolate, Cinnamon: a dark chocolate cinnamon flavored morsel, Mint: a dark chocolate square with a hint of mint, Feuilletine: a delectable milk chocolate morsel with chunks of crispy biscuit, Nibs: dark chocolate with fragments of biscuit, 72% Pure Origin: for true chocolate afficionados.

  • An assortment of Leonidas Napolitains
  • Nine varieties means you'll never be bored
  • Includes Napolitains Dark, White, Milk, Orange, Nibs, Feuilletine, Mint, 72% Pure Origin, and Cinnamon
  • Net weight 1 lb - Approx 70 Pieces - each piece individually wrapped
  • Ideal for gifts, or simply to indulge!

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Gift- Chocolate fans will love!
    Sent one box to Maman who grew up in Brussels. She remembers these candies and enjoyed them. The other box went to family and they enjoyed them as well.

    Makes great gift. ...more info
  • Chocolate Poetry
    The crunchy chocolate squares in this box were a real surprise and I love how delicate the crunch is when encased in a burst of delicious chocolate.

    You may also enjoy the Mint chocolates. They are delicious after dinner or anytime you want to wake up your taste buds. The mint flavor bursts from these chocolates as if it was encased in little sugar crystals. It is quite perfect and refreshing.

    I also love the Cinnamon and Orange. If you have been dreaming of the most delicious orange flavored chocolates in the world, you have to try the Orange Napolitains. I love both equally, although the cinnamon flavor has me completely seduced.

    I prefer to savor each piece of chocolate with a cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate. The warmth of the beverage creates an entirely different experience than if you were to simply taste a square of chocolate on its own.

    Once your mouth is warmed, take a small bite of the chocolate square and enter Mint Chocolate Oblivion. The world stops for minutes at a time as you savor a mingling of the best cinnamon you have ever tasted with the silkiest creamiest Belgian chocolate in the world.

    My chocolates arrived fast and were as fresh as if I had purchased them in Belgium. They were carefully packaged in the famous gold boxes with signature wrapping and a ribbon. The boxes were then placed in protective Styrofoam containers to protect the chocolates during shipping. The expedited shipping is recommended from May to early September.

    ~The Rebecca Review ...more info
  • Excellent, simple, and fun.
    The Napolitains are wonderful for people who enjoy chocolate on its own. The pure chocolate pieces are great as an expression of high-quality chocolate. People who enjoy the pleasant bitterness of pure cocoa will be especially impressed by the Sao Tome. The flavored pieces stick with classic combinations and provide some nice variety and contrast. The product descripton's suggestion of offering the assortment after dinner is good, especially with coffee. I find they are very nice to set out at parties or just for everyday guests, too. It's so nice to just have a taste as I run out the door. The best part is that none of these disappoint because they're all chocolate with no mystery fillings.

    Leonidas' packaging for shipping will protect the box and ensure it arrives safely. You should get them in 3 days and eat them fresh, although the Napolitains store well, too. They're best if enjoyed at room temperature....more info
  • my review
    this made a great gift
    and i got to try a piece and i must say they are delicious
    and well worth the price....more info
  • The best chocolate!
    I ordered this for my mother's Mothers' Day gift. She loves good chocolate, and shares my disillusionment with Godiva. This chocolate is wonderful! I tried the milk chocolate, and found it to have a full chocolate flavor with the slight creaminess I love in milk chocolate. My mother tried the Sao Tome, and pronounced it "excellent". We will buy this again....more info
  • Fantastic gift!
    Bought these chocolates as a gift and have been repeatedly thanked and told over and over how fantastic they are.
    Delivery was super fast and the boxes were well protected. All in all most satisfactory product and service....more info