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Belkin FireWire 6-Port Hub (F5U526-APL)
List Price: $56.63

Our Price: $39.32

You Save: $17.31 (31%)


Product Description

Transfer data at incredible FireWire speeds up to 400Mbps / Holds up to 6 Firewire IEEE1394 Devices

  • Data Transfer Rate - 100, 200, 400 Mbps
  • Network Ports Qty - 6 Ports
  • Compliant Standards - N/A
  • System Requirements - N/A
  • Connectivity Technology - N/A

Customer Reviews:

  • Works as expected
    I have purchased two of these Firewire hubs. They have worked fine with several Western Digital 500GB MyBooks and LaCie 250GB and 500GB Porsche drives connected to an Intel Mac mini, a Mac PowerPC G4, and a Mac Dual PowerPC G5. All computers were running Mac OS X Tiger.

    I could not see any performance drop-off when using the hub with one device. (Duplication of a 500-MB blank disc image file on a 250GB LaCie Porsche drive took 30 sec whether the cable was connected directly or indirectly via the Belkin hub to an Intel duo-core Mac mini.)

    One warning though: do not connect or disconnect a cable to any Firewire port while burning a DVD on an external Firewire optical drive. You will abort the process with an "unstable interface" error and get a disc only suitable as a coaster!...more info
  • Save your money
    I read good, neutral and bad reviews about this FireWire Hub. Griffin sells very good products so I bought one. This is a bad review, don't waste your money. Daisy chain your stuff and let go of you hub fixation....more info
  • Second one works like a charm
    The first hub I received turned off my computer when I plugged it in. The second one works fine. ...more info
  • Small & Compact, XLNT Performance, Belkin Liftime Warranty=5-Stars****
    There are literally only a couple of choices for a product like this if you're a Mac owner, so, in spite of all the negative reviews of the product I decided to take a chance and buy it anyway considering the fact that I have several other Belkin components, and use their new UPS's on 3 of my Macs, so at worst I'd have to return it. Upon opening the new box, I was amazed at the size: it's TINY! 6-ports (really 5 because one is for your Mac's FireWire cable to connect the device) in a powered FireWire hub that's only 3"x2"x3/4" plus there's a power supply connector on it also. Amazing design! I'm using it with a Dual Core G5 PowerMac that's my main production machine in my studio, so it connects these FireWire devices: 2 external hard drives, an external DVD+/-RW optical drive, my PC110 Sony HandyCam, and my Epson FireWire scanner. I've never used all 5 items at the same time, and wouldn't recommend doing anything like that anyway, but using 2 or 3 of them at the same time presents no issues...everything works nominally without a degraded FireWire bus/performance. I have the hub sitting on top of the G5, and the power source for the hub is connected to my Belkin 1500VA UPS, just in case there's a power outage and I'm in the middle of something important using the FireWire devices. After using the hub for about 6 months, I can't find anything negative to comment about it. And like most Belkin products, it has the Lifetime Warranty, so I have no worries should it fail at some point: they'll replace it if that happens. So here's a 5-Stars***** [...]: I highly recommend the FireWire 6-Port Hub to Mac owners, and have found, over a long period of use with multiple devices, that it works better than I expected. And if you appreciate great design, it's a tiny device that won't clutter up your workspace. Like all the Belkin products that I own, this one works fantastic, and you're assured of product satisfaction with their LifeTime Warranty on the hub and power supply. Way to go Belkin, and thanks for making such a great product!...more info
  • Careful what you wish for
    I bought both the 7-port USB hub and the 6-port Firewire hub to work with my iBook. Needed more ports. No problem with the USB hub. I attached the Firewire hub, then attached my new Iomega external hard drive, and had a near-disaster which took me a full day to recover from. Turns out my new hard drive is not supposed to be plugged into a hub. No warning from Belkin about that possibility, and a warning from Iomega deep in the CD that came with the drive. So, MAKE SURE YOUR COMPONENTS ARE HUB-COMPATIBLE. That's the little lesson I learned....more info
  • An excellent solution when you have too many periperals
    I wanted to add a firewire disk drive but the single firewire port on my MacBook was already in use. This solved the problem. Every bit as easy as adding a USB hub....more info
  • Belkin FireWire Hub
    Works just like advertised. Using it with three external hard drives, one of which derives its power through the hub....more info
  • As Advertised
    Works as it should. It's enough for my needs and handles simultaneous activity on all ports well. Not an unbearable dropoff in performance while say, transferring huge files to an external hard drive, while burning a DVD, and fiddling with the iPod. If you're like me and you need your laptop to do a little more without adding to desk clutter uneccesarily, this should suit you fine....more info
  • 6 Port Hub
    The Belkin FIreWire 6-Port Hub is exactly what I needed to connect all other firewire items to my Mac. You would never even know that it is involved in guiding info to the Mac. Quick, smooth and easy to attach. Great product for the need....more info
    I bought this hub less than 2 months ago. It has stopped working! If I plug it in, it is no longer powered.

    DO NOT BUY THIS P.O.S.!!...more info