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The Sims 2 (Mac)
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Product Description

The Sims 2 is an incredible sequel to the best-selling PC game of all-time! You'll get to direct an entire Sims' lifetime, and try to get them to reach their goals in life. Will they have a long, successful and happy life - or will they end up poor and heartbroken?

The Sims was one of the most popular games ever made. In it, players micromanage the lives of a family of virtual people, or Sims, and influence their paths toward success or something akin to a nervous breakdown. Its open-ended blend of cartoonish behavior and everyday living is unique in an art form otherwise obsessed with carnage and sports. With The Sims 2, longtime fans now have a deeper game with lots of ways to customize and share their experiences. The game will also attract first-timers because the goal-oriented gameplay and the luridly fun starter families make it easier to get into the action right out of the box.

Now Sims are born with the traits of their parents, families grow, and Sims grow old.

The People in Your Neighborhood
The game starts at the neighborhood level. Here you can create a housing development from scratch or start with one of three premade neighborhoods, each with its own theme. From there, you'll settle on a house and a family of Sims to control.

The Sims 2 body shop
Create your own Sim (above) or your own house (below) from scratch with advanced tools.
The Sims 2 house-building tools
Aside from the basic needs carried over from the previous game, Sims now have aspirations, wants, and fears. The wants and fears are the day-to-day things that occupy their minds, like wanting to see friends or get married and fearing death or being rejected for a kiss. Satisfy their wants, and they become more efficient at completing tasks you assign them. Realize their fears, and Sims become lethargic, cranky, and unresponsive to your commands. Aspirations are the big-picture things, like raising a family, becoming wealthy, and gaining knowledge. Succeed here and you'll be able to buy odd gifts for your Sim to improve his or her life, like a money tree that pays dividends or a "fountain of youth" water cooler.

What Else Is New?
Of course, you wouldn't be able to juggle all that if it weren't for the improved "Free Will" option, which makes it easier for Sims to fulfill their basic needs. The artificial intelligence of the game is noticeably improved; they won't turn on radios just as a family member is going to bed but, strangely, they do occasionally put their dishes on the floor.

Another big change in the series is the concept of the lifespan. Now Sims are born with the traits of their parents, families grow, and Sims grow old. Not only does this go hand in hand with aspirations (growing up is the first aspiration that a baby Sim will have), it provides a limited time with which your Sims can achieve their goals.

Sims in live mode
The Universal Control Panel helps you manage your Sim family.
A Family Affair
The Sims 2 not only lets you create just about any type of Sim in any type of family, build elaborate houses, and even create a neighborhood from scratch, but it also allows you to start the game in medias res, with premade households. These families all have backstories that are smart spoofs of soap-opera plots--lots of scheming, romance, ghosts, and family fighting. Parents of teens shouldn't worry, though, because nudity is tastefully blurred out and "woo-hoo" between Sims takes place completely under the covers. The ESRB has given this a Teen rating. If The Sims 2 were a film, it would likely land between PG and PG-13.

The makers have included some nice tools to help share the universe you've created. For example, you can capture in-game stills and video to show friends the private moments, family interactions, and house parties of your Sims. You can even package a household to share as a blog or an album on a special Web site.

The Sims 2 is for patient gamers. Like life itself, the game is filled with mundane details, like getting ready for work and doing dishes. The game also demands a level of creativity from its players that the run-and-gun game genres wouldn't know what to do with. But those who stick with it will be rewarded with an absorbing, amusing diversion and a virtual family history that they've created themselves. --Porter B. Hall

Set Up a Sims 2 Machinima Studio contributor Porter Hall reveals how you can make movies using the Sims as your actors. See his guide to
setting up a Sims 2 Machinima Studio.

  • Lifestyle simulation where you manage your Sim's dreams and fears over a lifetime
  • Mix Sim genes and see physical and personality traits through the generations
  • Control the camera and capture the action into mini movies
  • Generate unique Sims with the new Create-A-Sim feature
  • Build dream homes and design neighborhoods with new building options

Customer Reviews:

  • A Whole New Experience
    Once, while visiting my neighbor, I used Create-A-Character to make a Sim version of her three (now four)-year-old daughter. (I will call this girl Fifi, though it is not her real name-thank goodness!) I invited Fifi to admire all the various hairstyles and clothing available to female toddlers, then "aged" the Sim-showing Fifi how her Sim would look as she became a child, then a teen, then an adult, then an elder. As I returned the Sim to her rightful toddlerhood, Fifi exclaimed in delight, "I growed up!"

    Fans of the original Sims will be delighted to discover that the game they knew has, in Fifi's words, "growed up" into the Sims 2. You'll recognize many of the features that you loved in Sims 1 and its many expansion packs, but you'll also be happy to find how the game has been improved by various new features. One of the biggest additions is the aspiration system: just like real people, Sims now have wants and fears. By fulfilling their wants, you can drive your Sims to new heights of productivity and happiness; by fulfilling their fears, you can drive them to nervous breakdowns!

    Perhaps even more fantastic than gameplay enhancements like the aspiration system are the aesthetic improvements found in the Sims 2. When I design a Sim now, she actually looks like the person she's SUPPOSED to look like, rather than the closest possible approximation that the designers have come up with. What's more, I can view my Sims in a fully three-dimensional world, and even "get close" to them. This allows me to better see my Sims' faces as they actually speak, smile, frown, cry, and cheer-a far cry from the impassive masks that were the faces of the Sims 1. In fact, the Sims 2 exhibits an overall lifelikeness that I never could have anticipated from playing Sims 1.

    Still, it's not just the differences between the new and the old games that will win you over, it's also the similarities. As with the Sims 1, it's the little things that will endear you to the new game. I love the way my parents dance to the stereo in their underwear just after I've left for school (they're surprisingly limber for people in their early 50s), the way I close my eyes in an expression of musical bliss as I play on the family piano, the way my dad goes to work in a noisy helicopter (he's a business Tycoon) and my mom wears a silver robot hand as part of her work uniform (she works nights as Mad Scientist), the way the Grim Reaper takes out a cellular phone and calls up to verify his claim over a freshly-dead corpse...all in all, a winning package.

    I feel obligated to address the way the game runs on my system. I run Mac OS X 10.4.3 on a G4 Powerbook. I have a CPU speed of 1 GHz (which is less than the requirement of 1.2 GHz given by Amazon) and 512 MB of memory, and I meet all the minimum video requirements. Notice that my system hardly meets the exacting standards many reviewers claim are required to play the game. In spite of this, the only real "bugs" I've noticed are somewhat slow loading times and some choppiness each time the "camera" pans across the neighborhood I've just uploaded. More recently, I've experienced some very severe bugs that have made gameplay impossible, but these are most definitely caused by the horrible scratches that have accumulated on the game disc-my fault, not the distributor's. I expect that the University expansion pack I ordered will fix these issues. Anyway, I'd take race_of_doom's advice and run the Aspyr Game Agent before you make the decision to buy this....more info
  • fun game, but won't work
    I bought this game a couple of months ago, and it was just as fun, if not more fun than the original sims games that I remember playing years ago. But then while studying for test and things I didn't have a chance to play it for about a month. When I went to play it again it just wouldn't open. The icon would bounce in the dock and then do nothing. So I tried to reinstall it and nothing happened. I still have no idea what do about it and having finally just given up. $40 wasted because EA games has yet to successfully put their games on macs....more info
  • sims 2 for mac
    The game works beautifully. My only complaint is that it is more costly than the pc version....more info
  • Awesome!
    I recently bought a macbook, so none of my old sims disks would work on my mac. I couldn't stand not playing the game, because it's the greatest game of all I had to at least order the first disk of the sims 2 for the mac platform.

    I received the item promptly and undamaged. A+ service!...more info
  • Doesn't Run Well on iMac
    Video is choppy and floating control frequently disappears, not playable on anything but the latest hardware.
    Aspyr Tech support doesn't respond to e-mails.... I can't recommend this game....more info
  • Beats Barbie
    My 13 year old plays this game and has now taken an interest in learning photoshop and illustrator so she can design the clothes. This is much cheaper than shopping and provides the same fix. Our favorite part is the Martha Stewart TV show where Martha burns down the house.

    This game is a perfect fit for the GW Bush era. All the Sims are blathering idiots. I would like to know what cultural critics around the world think of this game....more info
  • Slow on 1.5GHz w/ 1.25GbRam
    I've got a 12'' PowerPC PowerBook with 1.5GHz cpu, 1.25Gb of ram, and 64mb graphic card. And the game is very choppy and laggy. This definitely detracts a lot from the game play.

    The recommended specs are not accurate....more info
  • joy of joys
    I've played The Sims 2 on the PC and, as a fan of The Sims and a Mac user, I must say that The Sims 2 for MacOS has certainly met if not exceeded my expectations.
    I was a bit concerned about whether or not my iBook G4 would be able to handle the game (especially after reading about the problems other Mac, but even with 8 sims on a lot at once (using fairly moderate settings -- medium quality for all but the actual sims and objects), the game has yet to crash.

    My only complaint is that the custom content I import to Body Shop never seems to show up correctly......more info
  • Great Game
    Cheaper to buy it here than it is going to be at most places that carry a Mac version of the game even with priority shipping it came out to be less than the retail price of [...]...more info
  • Lots of fun but I'm all played out
    I originally had this game for my PC, but I got the Mac version after I got my laptop to continue the play. It's still a very fun game, and quite consuming. I particularly like building houses and families. The expansion packs are also a good way to increase the fun. I got the Sims 2 University, and it was a great way to have your Sims have more job opportunities, but it can be difficult to manage more than a few at a time, especially in the dorm environment. But, I digress. The Sims 2 is an awesome game....more info
  • Sims 2 for Mac
    Well, it still didn't work well with the mac. I've removed it from the computer. It would freeze and some characters, after a while, I'd lose the ability to move them no matter what I'd do. ...more info
  • I love it!
    I really really like this game...-as you guys said- there is lots of fun in it,with lots of options!it's a really cool game with (i think)very good graphic engine...the most thing i like in this game is that; you can make your own Sims(you can make eyebrows for it,and you can increase the cheek size ect.)and the greates thing of it is that your caracter can die like when it reaches the age of death it dies(whith cheat code it can't...but i'm not sure if they have cheats for it)'s really cool...
    i hope this game will run on this computer('cause this the first time i have games for mac..and i played this game at my friends house): iMac 24 inch,Intel Core 2 Duo 2.16GHZ, 2GB 667 MHZ DDR 2 SDRAM, nVidia GeForce 7600 GT 256 MB...

    Bye...more info
  • Pretty Cool
    Overall, I'm enjoying this game. Some reviewers have complained of sluggish performance, and I can attest that -- this game is a hardware hog. I'm running a 20" iMac G5 with 2GB of RAM and 64MB Video -- performance is okay with the lower-texture/less lighting settings. My husband is running Sims 2 for PC on his fancy new Dual Core Dell with 2GB RAM/256MB Video -- the game is like butter with all the textures and effects set to high.

    On the game-play side, the new interactions are neat, but if you had a lot of the expansion packs installed on Sims 1, you'll find yourself soon wanting to purchase all the expansions for Sims 2 to cure the boredom of these provincial little neighborhoods.

    I have found myself longing for some of the simplicity (no pun intended) of the earlier game, and I think some of the more humorous aspects of Sims 1 were lost on this version. But that aside, this is a vastly expanded game, and well worth shelling out some cash for....more info
  • Very Fun
    Sims is a very fun and addicting game that offers unlimited game play hours. I heartily recommend getting this game and it's expansions. If you liked the first Sims or any free form open game play games, then this is for you. Also this game has a very active custom content creation community (Quadruple C's) so you can constantly change your game play and even make things of your own if your good enough....more info
  • Mac version works perfectly.
    If you like the sims 1. You will love this, nothing about it is dissapointing. It works flawlessly on my computer regardless of how many sims are on the screen....more info
  • So fun
    The game is great. While it does take a decent system to run well, it is well worth owning if your computer is more up to date.

    Because, to be honest, after a hard day at work or a miserable day at school, there's nothing better than to go home and torture digital people. Because setting an entire family on fire and watching then run around and scream in panic and terror is a great stress relief, and daves a person from having to replace broken items around their original house. :lol:...more info
  • Hours of fun
    Sims 2 is a great game and for the first few days I was addicted and spent as much time as I could playing!...more info
  • I loved this game
    We have both the Mac version and Playstation versions of this game. I love them both. We have gotten hours of entertainment from them. Highly recommended....more info
    ths game sux!!, the first time i played it was laggy and next time it wouldnt even let me play i do not think anyone should waste 50 well earned dollars on it. i PASSED the RECOMENDED requirements! do not waste your money! JUST BECAUSE I AM A KID DOES NOT MEAN I DO NOT KNOW WHAT I AM DOING!!!!!!!...more info
  • Sim happy
    What a game!
    That's my main point, but I'll go more in depth for you incredulous SOBs.
    If you don't know the Sims premise, here it is: I'm a deity, lets mess around with people's lives.
    Being the evil, domineering, and downright cruel person that I am, the Sims is my greatest fantasy. You don't have to share my personality to have this game cater to your desires; if you like RPGs, simulations, life and style games, career games, or all of the above, the Sims is what you want, nay, what you NEED.
    For anyone who has ever played the original Sims and thought: "Man, I wish there was..." or "Wouldn't it be cool if..." say no more, Sims 2 has got your back.
    Game-Play is wonderful: the Sims are very customizable, their lives are manageable, the game is lovable, nuf said. Asypr did let some glitches slide though, there are a few problems with changing households, but they don't subtract too-much from the game.
    I have a decent fast computer, a 13 inch 2.4 Ghz MacBook with 2 GB RAM, and Sims 2 runs like a dream. I only wish I had a better graphics card to improve the frame rate on the 1200x800 screen setting; whatever.
    Finally, the service was great. I got my package in 2 days with expedited shipping. If you can't stand waiting 5 or 6 days, cough up the extra 3 bones: its worth it.
    If you haven't guessed by my review, I rated the whole thing 5 stars. If this game interests you even a little, buy it....more info
  • hours days, months.. spent... on this game
    so i got a new mac laptop, and i needed a lil somethin somethin to keep things fun... so of course, i bought a copy of the sims to play.. the only dissapointment i've had so far, is that when i go to download something that someone has designed and put in a zip file, they expect me to use winzip to unzip it, and there are mac programs to unzip files, but not THESe files (i've tried) i tried every mac file.. so i can't have my special patched hair and angel wings and whatnot *sniffle sniffle*... also a lot of the other things i've loaded from the sims website aren't showing up (from lack of patches).. and i don't have the patches because they're all zipped up with winzip..

    i'm highly against anything windows so that is definately not the solution.. the solution is for me to ask these programmer dudes to make the extra patch fun stuff and zip it in stuff that us mackians can unzip as well.. so exhausting though.

    but overall?? sims 2 ROCKS, because the people/sims in it can get pregnant, they can AGE.. they can actually DIE of old age.. the programmers are genius. they truly understand the essence of life.. and the more you play the more you are reprogrammed in a way.. you learn how IMPORTANT it is to communicate with people.. if the sims/people/characters don't talk to eachother in the game, they become very depressed.. little things like that. now sometimes when i'm relating to life situations with my mom i say things like "yeah, my social meter is low, i need to hit the talk button more".. she completely understands because she plays sims more than i do. it's just impressive the extent that the programmers were willing to go to get this game to simulate life. it's hilarious to set up a house replica like your own with sims just like you and your housemates and watch different scenarios play out.. because the programming is so impeccable the sims actually tend to do what the actual people would have done in certain situations in the program.. it's hilarious.. then you get to tell these people, your housemates, what their sim character did.. they usually get a kick out of it. hehehe...

    anyway, i'm bummed out because i can't create an identical sims character to myself because i can't download the dreadlock patch... *pout*.. silly zip file.. ...more info
  • motorolla yes, intel no
    An amazingly detailed update of the original sims game, with mind-blowingly customizable sims, and much more flexible building and dressing options. Gameplay is also more interesting and varied than the original: where sims used to have basic needs, now they also have personality-inspired aspirations.

    For a motorolla-based mac, sims2 is a great buy, five stars.

    For an intel-based mac, buyer beware. Especially under leopard (10.5.1), the game is extremely unstable, liable to freeze at unpredictable moments, to the extent to which the game is virtually unplayable. Aspyr's "universal binary" patch simply does not work to address these issues: as of the end of June 2008, the game is still inconsistently functional. Not recommended for intel macs and/or leopard....more info
  • Most Awesome Game Ever!!!
    This game is amazingly addicting and fun! The only thing that makes it better are the expansion packs!! :)...more info
  • Simple Sim...
    It's okay... This was my first Sims purchase -- I take that back! This was my 2nd Sims purchase; I HAD to buy it because I purchased another Sims product that wouldn't work without having this one installed first! After installing this one and then installing the 2nd one, I'm unable to use this one... It's like the 2nd one wrote over the 1st one. I assumed that having both installed, I'd have access to both (?).......more info
  • Frustratingly Slow!!!
    Grr...I have a Mac Mini. 512 ram, and 60 GB hard drive space. Sims 2 ran sooooo slow..and my computer often froze during the game.

    The game itself has great potential and can be quite entertaining if you like detailed architecture and like interior design. However, the Mac Mini just doesn't have the speed to support the game to it's full potential.

    I would recommend getting the game for a PS2 or an Imac G5.

    I spent 50 dollars on this game, and it's pretty much useless, unless I buy a faster Mac. ...more info
  • Kids love it
    We had the PC version and the kids loved it then we purchased an Imac. Bought this version and they like it even more. Runs well, graphics are good and they have a ball trying different simulations....more info
  • .
    Does anybody with a powerbook own this game? Because I have a powerbook and I want to see if this game works on it before I buy it because I do NOT want to waste 50 dollars on the Sims 2 and find out that this game I've been wanting doesn't work! =P...more info
  • Not a game for a laptop. It does not run well, and therefore is not as fun as the original Sims.
    My computer can run Maya (a 3-D modeling and animation software), and Final Cut Pro so in theory it should run the Sims 2 with no problem. There are long wait times, and the game play is choppy.

    I have a 1.5 Ghz PowerPC 1.1 (Powerbook) G4 with 512 MB DDR DDRAM (RAM), (ATI) Radeon 9700, GeForce (not sure), and VRam 64 MB. Everything is over the minimum requirements.

    In addition to this problem the game is not fun without Expansion Packs. My Mother has the Sims 1: Complete edition for a PC, and I find myself this playing game when I go home instead of my Sims 2. In the Sims 2 Navigation is difficult because the response to is so slow. This is not a designed to be used without a desk and computer chair, but with my Wacom tablet I manage in a lazy boy chair.

    Overall, if you want to enjoy the Sims 2 get a PC. The game is much smoother on a PC, and than you don't have to wait for the expansion packs to be converted. ...more info
  • The Sims 2 Rocks!!
    I love the Sims 2 and all of it's expansion packs. I have purchased every one! The game is fun because you are like the controller of all of your sims. You can make you Sims look however you want. You can even make their clothes! I think The Sims 2 is well worth the $50 and I would suggest it to anyone....more info
  • Sims
    The game is fun, additional game extensions would make it more fun, such as purchasing the Sims Dating or any other one, which I am planning to do. ...more info
  • Enjoyable game
    I have always been a fan of The Sims games. I have been looking frantically for one that is compatible with my macbook. The game now has better graphic and new interplay making it even more addicting than the original! If you like to control your own world it is the perfect game!...more info
  • Fun for those that like to design people, houses, and lives.
    Sims 2 is a game where you can actually create a life!

    You design people, choosing their personality,clothes, complete facial features [with limitless options] their wants and aspirations, and their family.

    You completey design houses for your sims you create to live in. You choose if it is a Contemporary Mansion, a Royal Castle, a small Ranch House, a Beach House, even an Archetecture Masterpiece! When you are done with the design, you can go into the house and completey create the interior the way you want with hundreds, if not thousands, of options.

    You can also create stores, parks, spas, officies, etc.

    The best part, is that you are in control of their lives! All their aspects, like daily needs, romance, friends, school, jobs, everything. You tell them exactly what to do, or let them do whatever they want. You can make them work out, dance a solo to a sound system, watch t.v., read a book, study, kiss, hug, shop, everything.

    The thing is, you have to wait a while for it to load to go to different stores and saving takes a bit more then a typical game.

    Either way, I am sure that anyone with a passion to design or live virtual lives will love this game.

    ...more info
  • Should run on Intel Macs
    I feel compelled to write a review because while researching the specs for this game, I found that none of the reviews here had my exact hardware/system software combo. While I ran the Aspyr Game Agent and passed the specs, I still saw that some people here had done the same and yet could not run the game. One review even distinctly tells Intel Macs owners to beware, especially those with Leopard 10.5, which is exactly what I have.

    So I was apprehensive, but ultimately trusted the Game Agent, bit my tongue and bought it. And now, I am SO GLAD I DID!! I can say this much, the game is awesome, but more importantly, it works very well on my system. I also downloaded the Universal Binary patch from and noticed a marked improvement in performance. Animation is consistently smooth and loading times are reasonable. In short, I am impressed, but perhaps only because these reviews lowered my expectations. I don't even have to quit other applications for it to run well.

    For those with Intel Macs & Leopard, do some research into your graphics card, but on the whole you should be fine. I have a MacBook Pro, running OS X 10.5.4, 2 Ghz Intel Core Duo, with 1.5GB SDRAM and as said before, the game runs very well. I would download, use and trust the Aspyr Game Agent. Good luck!...more info
  • Help!
    I am so in love with this game! but my only problem is that the area that you control your sims with on my computer it never stays solid. You have to guess where buttons are to control your sims life! I'm sure there is some way to fix this and it's probably my computer (powerbook g4)! i really recommened this game but it's addicting!!! have fun with it it's totally improved from the first sims! If anyone knows how to fix my problem let me know! thank you!...more info
  • Enjoyable game
    I have always been a fan of The Sims games. I have been looking frantically for one that is compatible with my macbook. The game now has better graphic and new interplay making it even more addicting than the original! If you like to control your own world it is the perfect game!...more info
  • Sim Fun
    I bought this game recently and I must say it's very addictive and I highly recommend the Mac version to anyone who's thinking about it.

    Make sure your system can handle it because it is a very memory and graphics intensive program....more info
  • Though killer requirements, GREAT GAME!
    Ive had this game since June, but today i had enough spare time to just type a review. This game was great! It was all I aspired it to be and more. Though I sometimes wonder why basically playing with a virtual doll house is soo much fun. Sadly, no expansion packs have been released. Though, December 5 will be the release date for the much aspired Sims 2 University. YEAH! But any of you people out there that couldn't wait, and had to go buy a pc, to bad for you. The PC version has lots of bug and glitches. That includes the original, university, and nightlife, While the MAC version is PURE^^. This game was absolutley amazing, though, the killer requirements does bring the fun down, i still give it 5 stars....more info
  • Mac Games? In stores??
    I don't have this game, but I have the original sims. But I really want the Sims 2! I love the idea of the aging process, and whenever I don't want them to age anymore, i can just enter a cheat. But... I was wondering why stores don't sell Mac games? Because whenever I want a game for Mac's, I have to buy it over the internet. And usually, it's more expensive. But I could be wrong. I can't wait till Christmas to have this!! =P So i wanted to buy it at Best Buy or Circuit City. Does anybody know if they sell this game for macs there? They might have the PS2 one, but I would much rather have the game for my computer. =)...more info
  • Better than PC
    I've had PCs my whole life and during my PC era, I purchased every single Sims game and expansion pack. They worked well enough, i liked them, i was addicted, etc. Then i made the switch to a mac. I read reviews that the games wouldn't work on my G4 iBook, etc, so i went to the Aspyer website and downloaded the widget that tells you if your game will run or not, based on what your specs are. Aspyer gave me the green light so i bought Sims 2 for my Mac.

    I was shocked, not only did it run smoother than before, but now the game actually does what the opening credits and commercials show. I am completely in love. I will never go back to my PC for the sims again.

    By the way, I have a 12" g4 iBook with 1g of ram... this may have helped, i'm not sure. ...more info
  • I Love playing sims 2
    I love playing Sims 2. It is so much fun. You get to build your own house and family. You can also create your own town if you want. You can hop from place to place and play with Sims that have been created already. There is so much you can do with your Sims it is almost never ending. This is a great game to get....more info
  • Sims 2 is phenomenal
    I bought this game for my husband and it is extremely fun and addictive to both of us. The only thing is I need more memory then 256, mainly because my husband uses the cheats and basically fills a home with every expensive piece of furnture available, lol. If you are on a mac, beef up your ram. It will just run slow at times if you start adding on more things.
    However, as far as the game goes, new aspects added make this game seem almost like these sims have a life of their own, we have been surprised many times by spontaneous actions never expected, I don't know how they did it but they did. There are now many more variables attached to a sims qualities, like neatness or outgoing, this will determine who the will like are if you are going to be able to get them ahead, I like the variance in personalities, there seems to be more differences now.
    Also, I enjoy being able to get close in on the sims and see their faces, great improvement from sims 1. My husband and I always build us in the game so it is fun to see how much our characters DO act like us. Course it is always fun to build in friends and relatives and any undesirables (boss) and eventually make their lives miserable. Great catharsis.
    This is an excellent game, my cudos to the developers and team, you amaze me....more info
  • love it
    I've been playing this game since Sims 1 without any of the expansion packs. I spent my saved up birthday money on Sims 2 once it came out and have gotten a new copy every time I've gotten a new computer (3 since Sims 2.)

    With an up to date computer this game is fun and addictive, if your computer has poor graphic quality or what not.... it's gonna be a little slow. I played on my family computer for some time and I actually went and got a book to read while it was loading between families and neighborhoods.

    But with my newest computer the game is pretty fast. I play with Seasons and Nightlife and I can and have played it for hours.

    Ha, it's like Barbies for older kids....more info