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MIU Stainless-Steel Professional Mandoline Slicer
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Product Description

This professional deluxe mandoline is made of heavy 18/10 stainless steel, rubber grip handle and rubber grip legs. This favorite in professional kitchens, shred, slices, waffle-cuts, and juliennes vegetables with precision and speed. The stainless steel safety food holder protects your fingers and firmly holds food in place while gliding over the cutting / slicing blade. Our mandoline includes 3 juliene blades, cutting blade and waffle blade.

Unlike food processors, MIU¡¯s mandoline allows precise control over the texture and size of every cut, producing attractive, uniform vegetable and fruit slices. Constructed from durable, heavy-gauge, 18/10 stainless steel, this French-made tool creates attractive pommes Anna or paper-thin slices of cuke in record time thanks to five, versatile blade attachments. Three julienne blades cut in 3-, 5-, and 10-millimeter widths for French fries or slender carrot strips. The smooth blade creates straight, even slices of potatoes or radishes, while a serrated blade makes attractive crinkle or waffle cuts. Each attachment slides into a side opening, and locks into place for secure slicing and easy blade changes.

An enclosed safety holder grips and pushes food, protecting hands from sharp blades. It has an easy-grip, stainless steel knob. Rubber grips on the holder¡¯s base add to the tool¡¯s stability. This mandoline is dishwasher-safe, measures 14-2/5 inches long by 4-1/2 inches wide, and arrives with a plastic storage case for the blades. --Mary Park

  • Creates precise, uniform slices of fruit or vegetables
  • Durable; dishwasher-safe; 18/10 stainless steel construction
  • Includes 5 blade attachments for straight, waffle, or julienne cuts
  • Safety holder's easy-grip knob protects fingers from blades
  • Measures 14-2/5 inches long by 4-1/2 inches wide; lifetime warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • great product in some ways, but not all
    If you've used a plastic mandoline, you will appreciate the step up to this rugged steel model. It has sharp blades, and does an excellent job on most items.

    I'm not sure why others thought that the blades were dull, but there are a few issues with the blades. The plastic holders for them are a bit too flexible. Cheaper mandolines often give just the blade portion, which can be much more awkward to change. This model could have had more metal and less plastic here, to give the best of both worlds. Since mandoline blades use a chopping motion, not a slicing motion, sharpness is not always enough.

    It's a big item, and not something you can just pull out of a drawer when needed. It's not easy to clean, at least by hand, but it's dishwasher safe. It would have been nicer to have a storage case for the entire mandoline, not just the blades, and have storage for all the blades. I guess they expect that you will keep one blade in the unit and store the unused ones.

    If you want an everyday item for your counter, this might be it. But if you want something for occasional use, this may not be for you. There are cheaper models that are more highly rated, which might serve you better in the short run. This one is built to last....more info
  • Mediocre at Best
    Very sturdy, compact to store, and easy to load blades, but...I shredded one carrot and the plastic had peeled away from the blade! The French may know a lot about gourmet cuisine, but stick to German brands when it comes to knives and slicers....more info
  • Blades don't cut. Period.
    Title say it all. Blades are also pretty much impossible to sharpen by hand. I tried with sharpening stones, even with a Dremel and could not get these things to cut. Add the two hours wasted in sharpening time to the 80 bucks wasted for the mandolin and you can see why I wish that I bought a piece of crap for [...] bucks rather than a piece of crap for [...] bucks. In fact the old $[...] mandolin cut much better than this.

    Oh yeah, don't read the French name and think the mandolin is French made. It's Chinese garbage just like everything else that comes out of that country. Bottom line... if you want a nice mandolin, look elsewhere.
    ...more info
  • Dangerous to use
    The Product is designed very well... Except the one area that is most important. The cutting edge. It is made of bad quality metal. The blades dull very verry fast, making it difficult to cut with. My attempts to sharpen the blades show the blades are not made to sharpen. The metal is too soft. When using dull cutting blades user can get more hurt than sharp blades. When using dull cutting blades, more pressure must be applied to cut things resulting in an uncontrolled jerk movement then the item finally cuts which could result in user getting cut.
    It is amazing this item was not forced to be recalled. I guess not many stores will carry this item because of danger...more info
  • As good as I was expecting
    The product is just like I was expecting, it's not as really professional tool but does a good work. The blades are not very sharp, I had some trouble slicing onions with them, but they are perfect for carrots, potatoes, cheese, ect. I think it worths the value I paid for it (less than 100 bucks), I wasn't expecting a professional tool for this value....more info
  • Works like a charm!
    I am skeptical of fancy kitchen tools because I tend to be a kitchen purist who believes that with a good set of knives and some skills a wanna-be-chef can slice paper-thin potatoes, onions, or anything that comes along the way. So, when this mandoline was brought home, I was ready to find faults.

    My first impression was that this was a larger mandoline than I had seen before; it's really more of a professional size and demands some counter space. Setup is simple: expand the two "feet" which are covered with non-slip rubber and the mandoline sets up on the counter at an appropriate angle. Six blades also come in a handy plastic box. One thing that was a tad strange was that the box seems to hold only five blades; so the sixth one hangs homeless! However, the blades are very easy to slide into or out of the mandoline.

    The piece that you hold your vegetables with looks serious but operates quite simply. You put your vegetable on one side and push it into the 'pins' which dig into it. This also pushes out holding end. The trick is to keep a steady pressure on this holding end and slice on the blade. You can adjust thickness of the cut using a small lever underneath the cutting surface that angles the resting surface-- a simple and elegant design. I see some reviewers have talked about half of the vegetable getting caught in the blade. Two words of advice: one, you have to learn to push veggies into the food-holder so that the pins can grip on and not slide off. Two, keep constant pressure on the food-holder--it takes about a minute to get used to.

    Let's talk about the actual food that comes out of this device. Depending on which blade you use, you can get julienne, waffle, or sliced cuts. I found that after a couple of potatoes, I started getting very even waffle cuts straight to the last slice! Something that even the sharpest knives and months of practice will not do!

    - Very well-constructed.
    - Matches with professional stainless steel kitchen appliances and tools.
    - Handy blade-set holder.
    - Non-slip feet.
    - Easy to adjust thickness of cuts.
    - Dishwasher safe.

    - The manual does not recommend how to place food in the food holder.
    ...more info
  • MIU does not stand behind their product.
    I got this and was very impressed by the look and feel of it. I didn't get around to actually trying it out for a while, however. Like many others, I found when I did try to use it that the blades themselves were dull and of very poor quality. It tears the food instead of cutting it. Unfortunately it was past the 30 day return period and MIU has ignored my emails. I would not buy another of their products....more info
  • works great
    I bought this slicer from a restaurant supply store and, like many other people, got dull blades with it. I wrote en email to the company and they sent me replacement blades (two) at no charge and no questions asked. Now it works like a charm. I love it. It is built right and slicing is a joy....more info
  • Dreadful quality
    I'm sending this thing right back. The blades aren't sharp enough to slice anything well, they pop out even when you've popped them into place...this is just a piece of garbage. ...more info
  • Very Nice
    Very sturdy construction. Shipping/packaging left the mandoline's container cracked and one blade (handle) slightly damaged. Other than that, I'm quite pleased with its use and ease of cleanup. Use it and toss it into the dishwasher! All high quality stainless steel, and no worries about rust....more info
  • A Great Price for Quality product
    This is a quality product for an excellent price. Easy to use, clean, and maintain. Works very well, and my only caution is to keep your finger tips on the top side of the safety slider. Love it!!...more info
  • Wonderful - Professional, well-designed and easy to clean
    Had never used a mandoline before, and now use it for most at-home meals. Very solid; blades are very sharp, so wouldn't recommend it for anyone who can't be very careful. Is important to fully insert (until they click) each blade.

    I use it mostly for cucumbers and potatoes, and vegetables of similar density. ...more info
  • Definite Buy
    I have owned a few plastic mandolines and even had something called a waffle fry cutter that I attempted to use one time and threw away along with the mangled potatoes.

    Though I haven't mastered waffle cuts with this mandoline, the potatoes glide across the blade into perfect crinkle cuts. The mandoline is 18/10 stainless steel and is very sturdy. It doesn't wobble around or bend as it's being used so there is a feeling of security that it won't give way under pressure as some of the plastic ones tend to do.

    I like the storage case for the blades, they can be stored neatly and safely when they are not being used. All of the blades are really sharp. I have used all of them except the largest julienne blade.

    The 1/8" blade is perfect for cutting zucchini for zucchini fries. The thickness can be adjusted with a lever that is located on the bottom. I sliced onions that were really thin to ones that were nice and plump.

    The directions that come with the mandoline are basic and have a few typos but there isn't anything complicated about using it and it's easy to figure out. This is a good buy for the price. ...more info
  • However you slice it
    Mandoline seems well made and designed, although I would think an angled blade design would be better. Have used it to slice cabbage for slaw and it functioned well. Printed instructions leave much to be desired. I have no comparative experience with mandolines. I am satisfied but not thrilled!...more info
  • Mandoline
    Wonderful - I just love it and it is extremely sharp, I did notice if my vegetables were not real fresh I was better off not to use the guard - but beware - you could cut yourself BAD. I use it almost every day for something - I would buy this again...more info
  • Overrated and not as good as cheaper models
    I have a cheap plastic mandoline that I have used for a while, and thought I would step up to a "pro" model. So far I have had nothing but disappointment with this mandoline. The hand guard has broken or malfunctioned twice, and it tends to make a mess of slicing, say, zucchini. While it looks great in theory, it's not as good (or as easy to use (as the $13 plastic one I bought at a grocery store. Save your money....more info
  • Quality control problems
    I agree with other reviewers that this mandoline is poorly designed. I think there must also be quality-control problems at the factory. That is the only explanation I can come up with for the range of comments about this product. I was able to use the waffle blade just fine, but not the straight blade. The waffle blade should be technically harder to use, so I don't think user error can explain away all the problems reported.

    The saying that a sharp knife is safer than a dull one seems like a contradiction. We know however that when you have to use excessive force to cut something bad things happen. The unit I received came with a dull straight blade made of metal that is difficult to sharpen by hand and doesn't fit in my knife sharpening station. Because I had to use a lot of force to try to get potatoes through the blade area the plastic around the blade is now coming apart.

    I suggest buying a V-slicer instead....more info
  • Having Fun in the kitchen!
    Purchased this Mandoline as a birthday gift for my boyfriend. Blades were sharp, metal stand is sturdy, and blade case is really handy for keeping the blades clean and undamaged.

    He is having a great time learning how to make waffle fries, and many other great food designs.

    He loves it!...more info
  • Beautiful.
    I bought this from Amazon a while ago and it is used a lot. The cutters are a nice touch with shape ones. VERY SHARP!!It makes a big difference with any good cook.Easy clean up and of course stainless steel.Just great....more info
  • Great quality, fast shipping, nice gift wrap
    Great quality product. Gave as gift, but am considering buying one for myself. Product is built so sturdy and easy to clean. Fast shipping, great price!...more info
  • Poor Product, Poor Amazon Customer Service
    My husband purchased this mandoline for me for Christmas, unfortunately he bought it in mid December and when I used it for the first time we had passed Amazon's "30 day return" rule. This item does not work well; it makes mush out of softer foods and shreds more sturdy foods. It is worthless to me; I can slice things better with a cheap knife. I have tried to use it 2 or 3 times and the cap of the food pusher has already fallen apart - the cap fell off. I am very disappointed with this product and even more disappointed in Amazon's customer service. They would not let me return this defective item. They suggested that I try to sell it on their web site! I could not in good conscience sell this to anyone. Once you pass the 30 day rule Amazon does not stand by the products they sell...more info
  • Looks impressive but cutting is another matter entirely.
    After a long struggle with this mandoline I finally decided to return it to Amazon for a refund. I was in love with this stainless steel mandoline and even watched the how-to videos on the MIU web site and YouTube. It seemed so easy to use and the results were just what I was looking for so I decided to go against many reviewers' advice and buy it. I should have listened. The blades are extremely sharp to the touch but something is wrong with the way they work in the mandoline. No matter how I tried, everything I sliced got mangled or stuck half way through the slice. You are very tempted to put the safety holder aside and push the food across with your bare hands. In a word, DON'T! Like other reviewers I have used cheap plastic mandolines in the past and expected at least as much cutting ease as I had with those. To my great disappointment, this is far worse than the cheapie one I gave away. It's worth noting that if you view the MIU how-to videos that they use an additional sliding attachment, the "Deluxe Food Pusher" to hold the food steady as it's being sliced. This attachment is a $10 accessory and not included with the mandoline. You only receive the safety holder which I thought would be stainless like the mandoline but it actually is plastic painted to look like metal (another disappointment). The Deluxe Food Pusher doesn't appear to be readily available or I would have tried using it to see if it made any improvement to the performance of the mandoline. It's a real shame because the unit is beautifully constructed, folds down for easy storage and has a nice storage case for the blades. If I had to guess I would say they tried to cut costs on the blades and safety holder - an unforgivable mistake in a mandoline slicer....more info
  • MIU does not stand behind their product.
    I got this and was very impressed by the look and feel of it. I didn't get around to actually trying it out for a while, however. Like many others, I found when I did try to use it that the blades themselves were dull and of very poor quality. It tears the food instead of cutting it. Unfortunately it was past the 30 day return period and MIU has ignored my emails. I would not buy another of their products....more info
  • Disappointed
    I found the cutting blade to be too dull to be effective. I wrote the company to complain, but got no response. I think a good knife works a whole lot better than messing with the mandoline...more info