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Belkin F5D8010 Wireless Pre-N 802.11x Pre-N Notebook PC Card Adapter
List Price: $92.22

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Product Description

The Belkin Wireless Pre-N Notebook Network Card connects your notebook computer to your wireless network with new Belkin Pre-N technology. It lets you share your broadband Internet connection farther and faster than ever. Featuring smart antenna technology, the Pre-N design helps combat distortion and interference so the Network Card can send its data streams greater distances, more reliably.With a Belkin Wireless Pre-N Router as the central connection point of your network, your computers can share your high-speed Internet account as well as files, printers, and hard drives. While on the road, you can use the Belkin Wireless Pre-N Network Notebook Card to connect to any of the increasingly available public wireless hotspots found in airports, coffee shops and hotels. (For these connections, you do not need a wireless router).Belkin's Pre-N technology offers backward compatibility with existing 802.11g and 802.11b products, to provide seamless integration into existing wireless networks. In fact, its advanced technology enables Belkin Pre-N products to significantly improve the performance of standard 802.11g and 802.11b devices in the mixed network environment.

  • Note - increased speeds require a Belkin Pre-N router or access point
  • With increased Pre-N speeds & coverage, you can more easily transfer large files!
  • Improved resistance to wireless interference - the adapter will sense potential interference and dynamically shift to the clearest wireless channel available
  • If a standard 802.11g or 802.11b networking product is introduced into the Pre-N network, the Pre-N adapter will not drop to the lowest networking speed.
  • When used with 802.11g & 802.11b devices, the Pre-N adapter improves their wireless coverage by up to 20%!

Customer Reviews:

  • great wireless card with some restrictions
    this is a great wireless card with the best range/speed performance i have seen for a card without an external antenna. the only problem i have encountered so far is it will not operate on batteries in my fujitsu p series lifebook. it looks like the card simply pulls too much power and will lock up the notebook when i switch to batteries. combined with the pre n router this is a great combination for situations where it is difficult to get a good wireless signal. i live in a concrete house and was using a linksys with a repeater to get to the dead spots. the belkin pre n has allowed me to eliminate the repeater and actually get better throughput....more info
  • card didn't work - poor customer service
    I bought this card and the Belkin Pre-N wireless router in Nov. 2006 at a BestBuy store during Thanksgiving sale. The router worked but the card did not. I called Belkin many times. Everytime they asked me to re-install the drivers and software for the card but the card never worked. I wasted more than 4 hours on phone and re-installing drivers again and again. Then finally Belkin asked me to ship them the defective card to get a replacement. I pointed out that I should not have to bear the shipping costs because the card never worked to begin with but Belkin was not ready to cover the shipping costs. I have shipped them the defective card today and am awaiting a replacement to arrive....more info
  • Excellent
    This is a great wireless card. Installation and use are very intuitive and the transfer rates are fairly fast, especially for the price (the Amazon seller I bought it from was about 50% off MSRP)....more info
  • Great Hardware Poor Software
    Works as advertised. Going from "G" to "Pre-N" increased my range by at least 30 feet but more importantly the signal was able to get through walls that that the "G" signal could not penetrate. The drivers work fine but the configuration software supplied with the card does not work very well. Use the Microsoft operating system configuration wizard for best results. ...more info
  • Forget about Linksys SRX, go with Belkin Pre-N!
    I had originally purchased a Linksys WRT54GX router along with the companion SRX wireless PC card because: 1) I wanted to replace an 802.11b wireless network in my 2-story home for better coverage (I was having to use a Linksys wireless access point in repeater mode to get "complete coverage" with the old setup); and 2) I wanted a faster wireless network.

    I quickly became frustrated with the new Linksys SRX wireless setup, primarily because my laptop (a 2004 HP model) wouldn't always detect the wireless card after powering up from sleep mode, and often there would be dropouts in my wireless internet connection, even when my laptop remained stationary. In addition, even though the wireless icon in the task bar would constantly indicate a connection speed of 108.0 Mbps, it was obvious that my new wireless internet connection was often far slower than even my old 11.0 Mbps wireless network connection! This problem was especially obvious with websites rich in photo-quality graphic images, like

    So, I contacted Linksys tech support and, with the help of a friendly tech support agent, reprogrammed several parameters on the router. The problem improved, but only temporarily. Frustrated, I returned both the wireless router and the PC card and immediately ordered the Belkin Pre-N router and PC card (based on Cnet reviews, which rated the Belkin system higher anyway).

    Both the Belkin wireless router and PC card installed quite easily with the accompanying installation CD's and my system has been up and running without a hitch--so far. One other thing I have liked about the Belkin system is that (using the included Belkin Wireless Client) it displays realtime send and receive speeds of the wireless card, which are often slower than the 108.0 Mbps the wireless icon in the taskbar is constantly pegged at; but at least I know the "true" speed of my wireless network at any given point in time (the measured speeds that are displayed are constantly changing and fluctuate mainly according to distance from the router).

    Needless to say, I have been impressed with my early experience with this Belkin system and won't hesitate to highly recommend it to others considering a future home wireless network upgrade. Oh, and did I mention that the Belkin system was cheaper than Linksys'?!!...more info
  • Noticeably Faster!
    Just installed it following the directions from a previous review on this site...THANKS. Its fast! The card DOES SUPPORT WPA ENCRYPTION, just don't install or use the Belkin connection utility. Only install the drivers then cancel and let XP handle the connection. You plug your encryption key back into windows network connection manager when you connect and you are good to go. Have used several newer and supposedly fast adapters and this one smokes them on speed and range. Belkins website says that they were out of stock due to popularity of the product so you would think that they would get the message, pump out more of these and upgrade their software to take advantage of the higher security encryption....more info
  • Wowie-Zowie
    I was looking for the advertised 20% increase in g-range, but ended up with MUCH more than I expected. I'm very impressed with this card's range. The Belkin software's another story. Don't bother installing Belkin's client software if you don't have to....more info
  • Great PC card with very good range
    I use two of these cards. I bought one for my neighbor to utilize my wireless Belkin network and have had no problems or dropped connections....more info
  • Worked better than the newer Linksys N
    I picked up a much newer Linksys N router and Notebook adapter and promptly took them back. The Belkin Pre-N Access Point and Pre-N Card had a more stable signal and seemed to be just as fast.

    I am able to stream recored HDTV from my Media Center PC to my laptop with this setup without a problem.

    The only knock is that these units won't be flashable up to the N standard, but since the performace is already there, it's no big deal to me. ...more info
  • Works pretty good!

    The build in G card on my laptop run regular G band card, and it works fine, but occentionaly it "choke" a little bit when I was watching TV using Sling and surfing on my laptop at the same time, but it runs flawless by using this card. Previously I can download file from my network hard drive at 1 mb/second, now I can download file at 2.x mb/second. I' m getting another one for my other laptop.
    The only thing I'm unhappy with it is that I had difficulities setting it up with wpa/aes security mode with my belkin pre-n router. I ended up have to change to 128bit WEP mode instead. If anyone who make it work use wpa/aes, let me know....more info
    Note: This is not an actual review of the product because I cannot install it.

    Although it is not indicated on the Amazon website, this wireless card only works in a Cardbus slot, not a PCMCIA slot. Also, it will only work with Windows XP and Windows 2000. So I'll be sending this one back...

    On the other hand, I recently installed a Pre-N router and use it with some 802.11b wireless devices, and it works great--noticeable boost in both range and throughput.

    TMR...more info